Why White Supremacists Are Not So Supremacist After All

Bay Area Guy, a White nationalist commenter, is all upset about what some useless overeducated Black women said on some pointless Black Screed Blog. His comments are in italics. Mine are below.

Reading one of Ankhesen Mie’s comments yesterday over at Abagond rubbed me the wrong way, and put me in a unusually angry and nasty racial mood.

Yeah I just read that dumb bitch’s comment. Excuse me, that dumb Black bitch’s comment. She hates me too, so don’t worry. Just like all those Blacks over at Abagond, she hates all Whites. These people are the enemy, but ultimately, they are not important. It’s as if a bunch of the neighborhood 7 year old’s just declared war on you.

Big deal. She’s a dumb cunt. Dumb cunts are dime a dozen. Hell, just driving around town for a day, you probably see hundreds of them. LOL!

Maybe I just need to ignore black anti-racists and radicals.

I do, pretty much. But then, I guess I’m a real White supremacist. Most of them aren’t real, they’re fakes. They don’t really feel superior, otherwise they would not get so enraged about the enemies all the time. Their White self-esteem is fragile and fake, like that of the narcissist. You see, I don’t think most White nationalists and White supremacists really feel superior. They’re just scared little boys and girls, shitting their pants at the big bad non-Whites. LOL!

Me? I’m not worried, at least not at the moment.

A secure person can take criticism. A secure person doesn’t go around worrying about his idiot enemies and critics all day. A secure person doesn’t have to pound his rivals to bring them down to his level. A secure person knows he’s better. Got it?

Who knows? Perhaps flesh and blood black people aren’t really like that.

LOL, they’re probably worse. But really, who cares what these silly bourgeois Blacks think? These are privileged Blacks who sit around all day stewing about how YT is “holding them down” and “keeping them back.” Their project is a beef with the White bourgeois on the grounds that the White bourgeois is not splitting up enough of the loot with the non-White bourgeois. It’s totally irrelevant to the rest of us, and all these Blacks like that are a bunch of tools.

See, when I read Ankieson Mie, Abagond and all those other silly bourgeois Blacks over there, I laugh at them. When they insult me, I nearly fall out of my chair. I mean, I’ve just been insulted by an inferior! Like I said, I am an actual White Supremacist. Normally, it’s in the background 99% of the time, but when any non-White of any type tries to insult me, I usually nearly die laughing. I’m always suddenly being insulted by an inferior.

Real working class Blacks are often pretty cool people. They’re too busy working and trying to survive to fret too much about YT. This Critical Race Theory/Political Correctness crap is a bourgeois indulgence for overeducated minorities who spent too much time studying nonsense theory in college.

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32 thoughts on “Why White Supremacists Are Not So Supremacist After All”

        1. To Rob:

          Damn you’re smart Unc. Did you go to school or something? How do you know all this stuff?

          Thanks, I went to the Passaic school of mixology and graduated 14th in my class., also I am proud graduate of charm school. I have mad skills.

  1. To Robert:

    Yeah I just read that dumb bitch’s comment. Excuse me, that dumb Black bitch’s comment.

    Whoa.. spoiling for a fight I guess.

    1. Whoa.. spoiling for a fight I guess.

      Oooh, what’s big bad Ank Mie gonna do? Call us “drapto?” Regurgitate overused afrocentric and Critical Race Theorist rhetoric?

      Fuck her.

      And besides, she won’t fight. As she once said, she just ignores so-called “draptos.”

    2. Yeah Robert, I noticed you posted this entry over at Abagond.

      I guess you are looking for a fight!

      May the best blogger win! 🙂

  2. You know what, Robert?

    Your point is well taken. Instead of being a pseudo-white nationalist, I’m going to try and be a real white supremacist like you! 🙂

    Black radicals, CRT’s, anti-racists? Fuck em!

    Though this may sound like an empty promise and it may be tough to keep, I’m now going to cultivate a sense of real white superiority.

    To hell with all those black anti-racists and their wimpy white allies!

    I’ll try to be a Robert Lindsay style white supremacist from now on!

    1. WTF, man, at the point where these silly Blacks, other non-Whites, self-hating White dickbrains, etc. really start doing some damage to my life, I might start getting pissed. ATM, they don’t do shit to me. The only other reason to hate them is if you’re worried that they might be better than you or a threat to you in some way or if their insults are true.

      1. Their insults are not truthful.
      2. LOL! They are *not* better than me.
      3. They are not a threat to me ATM.

      An insecure White man is a worried White man. Are you telling me that you are actually worried that these silly non-Whites are better than you are, or are some kind of a threat to you? Seriously?

      Think about it. You are a *Great White Man*. They are ants, insects, peons. They are nothing. You are everything. Brush them aside like buzzing mosquitoes.

      OTOH, I did not get my ass kicked by Blacks growing up. I think effected you psychologically.

      1. Well Robert, as I’ve said, I am going to try to cultivate a new identity.

        And yes, my middle school and subsequent wigger days did have a lasting impact on me psychologically.

        Trying to undo that impact one day at a time.

        1. Yes I did, and though I am ashamed of my adolescent past, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

          Intimately experiencing diversity and being an ex-wigger (mainly because of my exposure to blacks in middle school) is what lead me to become the pseudo-white nationalist that I am now.

          Although, as I pointed out on Robert’s post about me, I’m going to try to morph into a true white supremacist, one who doesn’t care what blacks or others think, and is completely confident and secure.

        2. @ Tulio

          Yes, but that’s not all of it.

          Based on my exposure to ghetto black kids during middle school, I began to talk ghetto, dress ghetto/hip hop (wear clothing such as Sean John, Roca Wear, etc).

          I’d say stuff like, “man, fuck dat shit.” I also said “fool” (as in “sup, fool!”) frequently.

          I wanted to hang out with as many non-white ghetto/wannabe ghetto people as possible, because I thought it would make me cool.

          I was embarrassing, to put it mildly.

          My parents were also not too pleased.

          Although, fortunately, during my second half in high school, I began to reflect on my life and snap out of it, and transition to what I am now, which is basically what you’re now seeing.

        3. BAG, why would this make you dislike Blacks though. Wiggers are Whites who love Blacks and emulate them.

          Did those Blacks in middle school use to abuse you or beat you up?

        4. Did those Blacks in middle school use to abuse you or beat you up?

          No, I never got beaten up.

          However, they did threaten to beat me up on various occasions. And I always cowered like the wimpy little white kid that I was.

          Wiggers are Whites who love Blacks and emulate them.

          No, I never loved blacks. I don’t think most wiggers truly do.

          They just think blacks are tough and cool, and try to emulate that.

          Looking back at my wigger days and all of the crap I took from blacks, in addition to being the only white guy in my high school friend group, are what mainly account for my views today.

  3. I’ve read several non-white, bourgeois bloggers who deal mostly with bourgeois white people and assume all white people are like the cold-blooded monsters they deal with in places like Wall Street or academia. Right, because all of us white people are investment bankers or academics. LOL. I’ve seen writers describe behavior as “white” that to me just reads as yuppie.

    To me their writing shows what happens when a person with a soul goes to work in a place like the Street. They’ll mangle you. I felt mangled by them too, which is why I eventually quit trying to be middle class. But they’re still trying.

    Their project is a beef with the White bourgeois on the grounds that the White bourgeois is not splitting up enough of the loot with the non-White bourgeois.

    That is my perception as well. They don’t really want to change the system, they’re just angry because it hasn’t worked completely for them in particular. I’m not saying every upper class person of color is this way, but there are plenty of them around.

    I don’t deal with these people much in real life, since I live and work in a working class area. Maybe that’s why I have had mostly good experiences with non-white people. Sometimes I’m so happy to live in an unfashionable place.

    1. Yeah, most of these Critical Race Theorist types are bourgeois blacks who are upset that they don’t have quite as much as bourgeois whites.

      It seems that most on the CRT left are more concerned with the hurt feelings of rich black celebrities than working/poor people of all races.

      It is a bourgeois and elitist ideology, in many ways.

  4. Robert, I really want to thank you for this post.

    You’ve made me think. Why am I really so upset over what some bourgeois blacks think? Why are I so obsessed with knowing the other side?

    I think I will try to change my outlook a bit. After all, as you’ve said, a real supremacist feels superior and confident.

    1. Seriously dude, stop worrying about them. Are you really inferior to those idiots? Seriously? If you think you’re inferior to them, you’ll be stroking out with rage. If you think they are beneath you, you will brush them off like fleas, flies and mosquitoes. At best a petty nuisance, easily swatted aside.

      1. Well Robert, today marks a new day.

        From now on, I, BAG, will try to transform into a confident supremacist.

        1. Why thank you!

          In addition to providing excellent and insightful commentary that you won’t get elsewhere, you have also inspired me to change my attitude.

          You’ve got a gift, my friend.

    2. Or you could just be secure in yourself and not worry about feeling superior to others. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but feeling superior seems to take a lot of effort and is in itself a sign of insecurity.

      You can accept yourself and the good things in your culture without being a supremacist.

      Just throwing that out there.

      1. Well, I guess I should have clarified.

        I should become more confident, and “supremacist,” if you will, without becoming arrogant and completely disregarding what others say.

        What I meant was that instead of caring about what those who despise me think, I should just brush them off and focus more on myself and my own positive qualities.

      2. Does that “feel secure in yourself crap” really work though? Most people go seriously nuts when you criticize them. Even adults. Aren’t most of them doing that “feel sere in yourself” or are most adults just a bunch of insecure babies deep inside?

        I try not to feel superior to others or other races. I just keep it in the background and try to play it down. Actually I often try to get underneath others because things work better that way, anyway I know it’s not true.

        But it comes out when I get attacked. Especially when non-Whites attack me as an “evil White man.” Suddenly I am transformed into the Great White Man who is being attacked by Lilliputians, and I LOL.

  5. I think someone can feel superior or believe they are superior and still worry about what other people think. It’s depends on why they care.

    If it’s because they’re insecure in their status, yes, they probably don’t really think they’re superior. But on the other hand it’s fairly normal to care about what your inferiors think and feel, because they’re human even if you’re superior and humans thinking correct thought and not error matters, even if they’re dumb, because you have compassion, you won’t want them to waste their life on nonsense, after all. Plus, while you might be convinced you’re elite, you’re probably not a solipsist – what other people think matters, even if you’re convinced you’re superior – you will get angry at seeing foolish people being misled into thinking that you aren’t the superior specimen that you are. It might even cause other superior people to waste their lives on meaningless guilt or be enslaved by their inferiors (a la Rand). It’s for these reasons that social apex groups that are utterly convinced in their eliteness still tend to be pretty prickly and concerned with status (whatever Nietzche [for example] might say about someone with true “Master morality” not avenging any slights against their honor or trying to seek slight advantage).

    But I think what you’re observing probably does tend to prove that many White nationalists and supremacists probably haven’t withdrawn utterly from believing in other races as humans and that their viewpoints matter. If you look at someone like n/a at race/history/evolution notes, who’s probably the smartest Nordicist I’ve encountered on the intertubes, he’s utterly unshakeable in his conviction on the supremacy of the Puritan founding stock of the USA and I have to wonder if some of that comes with rejecting and ignoring other viewpoints as inhuman.

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