What Do the Chinese Think of Blacks?

Hacienda, a Korean nationalist commenter with an anti-White grudge, posts:

“all those groups seriously hate blacks”One thing whites HAVE to stop doing:

Stop trying to be the spokespeople for other races. How the f+ck do you know that Chinese REALLY hate blacks!

I have spent a lot of time around Japanese and Koreans. They seriously hate Blacks, way, way, way, way worse than Whites do. They are like how we used to be. It’s pretty much the same with the East Indians in the US. And I know for a fact it’s true about Hispanics. It’s not that these people hate Blacks and Whites don’t, it’s just that they are vastly more racist than we are anymore. US Whites have lost a lot of their anti-Black racism lately. Things are far different than they were 30 or even 20 years ago.

I recall that during Mao’s era, the Maoist regime used to send bright Africans to college in China. The Chinese male students would chase them down the streets threatening to beat them up and calling them monkeys.

Also, a number of Blacks came to a university town in China recently. As might be expected, they were great players and were quickly cleaning up with the Chinese girls. They would throw parties in their apartments. Only Black men allowed. Only Chinese women allowed. No Chinese men allowed.

The Chinese male students at the university staged a wild, violent riot over the Blacks “stealing Chinese women.” Things got so bad that the Chinese government moved the Black students out of the city.

I also heard one Chinese guy from the Bay Area say that he and every Chinese person he knew in the Bay Area despised Blacks. Turned out that a number of them had been victims of violent crime. In every single case, the Chinese person was victimized by a Black criminal. This was the genesis of their rage.

Those anecdotes, along with the fact that Chinese racial supremacism probably mirrors the Japanese and Korean varieties, lead me to think that Chinese are not too wild about Blacks.

Heck, Chinese don’t even like other Asians. They don’t even like non-Han Asiatics who are their fellow citizens in China. I have had them tell me that Chinese means “Han.” Anyone in China who is not Han is “not Chinese.” Implication is that they are inferior. Even the Cantonese Yue are considered to be barbarians. They are somewhat off the hook as they have been Hanized, but not totally.

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249 thoughts on “What Do the Chinese Think of Blacks?”

  1. Most Chinese people doesn’t care about black people at all, in fact they blame on their government for donating huge amount of money to African countries since they can’t even take care of their own poverty in the nation. they judge blacks’ appearances because they are close-minded compare to westerners. They dislike black people only when they are doing crimes in China. Source: Chinese guy, the truth. Do not even argue about it. Advice: Just act normal, Chinese people won’t judge you.

  2. The antiblacks racism is mainly fueled by whites who are envious of Africa- Asia relations. Humans are entitled to feelings that may also be prejudiced.

  3. Racism to blacs because of by social jealousy and criminalities were being did by blacks in China,Europe, and America. Social jealousy to that countries is blacks are smart to get love from Chinese females, White girls, and hispano girls, they didn’t just get one girl but more in the night. But Enigma is not sure if the girls were not fucking girls
    Are there the rich family’s girls make love to blacks/poor blacks?
    Are there the comunist party family’s girls like blacks ,do their family allow that?
    Enigma thinks those girls were poors or harlots in China and other countries as well as in western countries.
    Enigma doesn’t encourage racism to blacks and others. Intermarry blacks to whites , chinese, Japan, Korean will result the best children that world will have.

  4. in every cpuntry always exists racism, many resson about that, other race do raping to local women,robbing bank,drug ttavellers,humam traficking,etc

  5. Why is everyone so worried about blacks anyhow? Maybe just leave them alone, they are antisocial more than all other races. So the reason no one likes blacks is because blacks don’t like anyone else. Okay?

  6. Here’s the thing.you can’t figure out someones personality by race.I’m African-american i can’t fight for my life,I hate loud people and parties and I can’t dance.I like to read books,I’ll help you in trouble,i’m quiet and educated. The point is if you meet one black person there are thousands that don’t act like the stereotypical black.

  7. Yeah racism is a part of human nature. Also Whites are hindered by White Guilt which makes them afraid to think or say certain things. It also makes them afraid to stand up to blacks. Also Chinese never went around the globe raping and killing if they wanna get mad because a bunch of black dudes that don’t like them or respect them are trying to steal their women they’re more than welcome to do so. I suggest stop being a pansy and still giving blacks the idea that they can do whatever they want to anyone anytime and anyplace.

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