Water is the Enemy of Wood

Your commonsense housekeeping lesson for today.

From? My Mom. Who else?

Meaning: Water and wood do not play well together. Keep the water off the wood. Don’t clean wood with water, or if you do, wipe it up right away. Water rots wood.

There are some new surfaces, though, that are more or less impermeable due to such a hard finish that it’s almost like the surface has a plastic layer on it.

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2 thoughts on “Water is the Enemy of Wood”

  1. In Chinese Astrology, water and wood are very compatible – water nurtures wood like a plant needs watering to grow.

  2. Your mom was entirely right Robert.
    Wood is destroyed by fungal spores – which happen to be everywhere, alighting on the wood surface and driving their hyphae through the wood, to digest it from within.The spores can only do their destruction in the presence of moisture.
    If kept dry wood can survive indefinitely furniture from 5 to 600 years ago is still serviceable, but the merest presence of continued moisture and wetting will very rapidly rot the wood.
    Wooden boats don’t generally rot as far as I recall because of surface treatment and the the fact that the parts fully immersed lack communication with air, you see the fungi need air too.

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