The Problem with “White Countries for Everyone”

In the comments section for the Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, Latin America for Latin Americans, White Countries for Everyone! post, Erranter, a new commenter who is one of my smartest commenter, writes:

So, what can you do?

I really doubt my Numbers USA faxes have had much effect.

In fact, I’m beginning to accept the fact that “diversity is the future”. It won’t be all that bad. I look around at kids and see all colors playing together like never before. Sure, the multiculturalist philosophy has infiltrated our schools and brought a great deal of mediocrity, but without the myth of racial equality, wouldn’t there just be continuous conflict?

It seems necessary at this point, especially in CA where over half our population is non-white. I mean, you can’t tell 12 yr old that certain ones of them have higher IQs. And I’m not about to start deporting people en mass. I’d just like to see a drastic decrease in immigration, and mostly for population stabilization and not white preservation.

Sure, the average might go down a little bit but I never had much in common with the average and there will still be smart people here and there. Might be a little bit rarer, but oh well. We don’t breed. It’s our fault. It’s not like they’re doing anything wrong by being dumb. They can still be moral, helpful people, so long as they’re educated.

I mainly fear that the tribe will take over and all smart people will be taken out of positions of power due to excessive affirmative action in govt. Now that would be a disaster. As long as we have wise leadership we can get by. Human history is just getting by anyway. There’s always new problems.

Also, white American culture has shot itself in the foot because it readily has given up its culture and heritage for the sake of materialism and money. It’s not like people are listening to Bach and Beethoven and discussing Schopenhauer and Descartes in these little all-white towns. They might be quainter and cleaner than New York, but they tend to be culturally bankrupt and prefer it that way. Urbanity is hypocritical but it offers you a wider view of life.

This is probably just a typical liberal argument. Suffice it to say I still get pissed off driving through Oakland, Stockton, Richmond . . . (I could go on) and any other urban hellhole brought about by stupid, unrealistic policy.

As far as deporting people, the illegals have to go. I’m not interested in deporting anyone else.

The reason for the title is the hypocrisy of it all. The White elites, and of course, the rest of the world, have decided that White countries, and only White countries, need to be mass-invaded by non-Whites for a variety of reasons. Diversity, anti-racism, bla bla. But it’s only White countries that need to be mass-invaded by non-Whites in the name of diversity and anti-racism. Nowhere else on Earth is this invasion necessary. Only in White countries. What’s up with that?

The tipping point in Detroit was 20% Black. All the way up to 20% Black, things were quite manageable in Detroit. The crime rate only increased a bit at 10% Black. Even at 20% Black, it was not much higher. But after 20% Black, the crime rate simply exploded exponentially. It’s reasonable to assume that Detroit had a carrying capacity of 20% Black and not much more.

This goes along with my philosophy of, “A Black a block. Spread em out and civilize em!” Mass concentrations of large numbers of Blacks in the US do not seem to be a good idea either for Blacks or for anyone else. Black culture in all its worst aspects takes over and the place goes to shit.

I don’t mind a little diversity. After all, I grew up in a California that was 20-30% non-White. To me, that was “normal.” It was not objectionable in any way. But now I live in a California that is 58% non-White. Whole new ballgame, and I don’t like it. A simple doubling of that minority % made all the difference in the world. Further, I enjoyed being a majority. Going from a majority to a minority is one Hell of a shitty feeling. It’s understandable that any humans would resist that.

Right now, I drive through town after town that looks and feels like it is a part of Mexico. There is a part of Los Angeles stretching for miles that looks and feels like San Salvador. In the San Gabriel Valley, you can drive for what seems like 10-20 miles through what looks like Taipei or Hong Kong. Most places in the world that look like downtown L.A. require a passport to get into them.

Here in California, we’ve always had immigration. The Mexicans, Blacks, Latin Americans, Samoans, East Indians, Filipinos, and Chinese are an integral part of this state. They’ve been here from the very start, or maybe 20-70 years afterwards. They’re part of the neighborhood. But for most of my lifetime, the immigration did not come in floods. I could go back to 300-400,000 legal immigrants a year no problem.

On the other hand, mass immigration to California, legal and illegal, has quite simply gone insane. It feels like we’ve been hit by a non-White foreigner tidal wave here. We never voted on this. No one ever asked our opinion on whether we wanted to be Foreigner Tsunamied or not. If put to a vote, most of us would have voted against it. We California Whites got race-replaced in our own homeland. Try it sometime. It doesn’t feel so good. Not only that, but the race replacement of California Whites has not led to a better California. Instead, it’s fucked up the whole state.

Many Blacks speak out in favor of turning the US into the United Nations. I’d like to ask them, “What exactly is in this for you?” How are you benefitting from the US being turned into a living zoo of Homo Sapiens? And I’d like to point out that we US Whites have been better to you Blacks than any of these immigrants replacing us will be.

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20 thoughts on “The Problem with “White Countries for Everyone””

    1. I was wondering the same, Alpha. Anyway, it’s a little late. CA has already been turned into the United Nations. The cats long been out of the bag on that way.

      1. @ Tulio

        Good point Tulio. Unless California deports millions of illegal Hispanics and their anchor babies, then California will continue to be the belly of the multiracial beast.

        All I know is that California used to be more spacious and prosperous, and now it’s getting more crowded, poorer, and less educated.

        To me, these negative trends combined with increased Hispanic immigration is no coincidence.

        @ Alpha

        The Blacks on this board are in favor of turning California into the United Nations?

        Which Blacks?

        Well, many black politicians (such as the CBC) and anti-racist blacks who subscribe to this whole “people of color” (ie. let’s unite and take down whites) ideology.

        Even if Hispanic immigration doesn’t directly benefits blacks, by reducing white numbers and influence, they’re taking down their enemy.

        Of course, many flesh and blood blacks don’t like immigration too much, but they tend to be drowned out by leftist black leaders and politicians.

        1. In the end, the Black folks lose. The new majority will no longer harbor the same views as the new, rather well off minority(the whites), who are learning to cope with a new minority situation and complex. At least here in California.

          Me thinks our Latino cousins won’t be to distraught over terms such as “racist” or “nigger,” like the clueless whites were. 😀

          I guess my point is…Be careful what you wish for, in the end.

      2. Yup…And those new Americans lack “white guilt,” big time.

        It simply does not exist in their psyche, be they Hispanic or Asian, etc.

    2. I was wondering the same, Alpha. Anyway, it’s a little late. CA has already been turned into the United Nations. The cats long been out of the bag on that one.

    3. Not most Black folks I news, minus the “liberal reactionary” types.

      Of course, how many of them are left?

  1. Like Robert and I mentioned yesterday, the standard should be White Culturalism.

    Anyone who comes to America should be doing it to LIVE LIKE AN AMERICAN.

    Learn English.
    Get an education.
    Don’t have kids until you’re married.

    That’s what the good immigrants like Koreans and Indians do.

  2. Quote : “That’s what the good immigrants like Koreans and Indians do”

    That’s because the Indians that are coming to America are not the slum dwellers.

    1. Agreed. Brahmans who already speak English, generally with advanced degrees.

      Their intents are less than, shall we say, “patriotic” to the American cause.

      1. And how the hell did monkeys in space make theirs or anyone else’s lives for the better ? Nit Wit !

  3. Basically, we have to accept that we made some mistakes and do something about it. Get rid of the illegals. Cut back on all immigration and do what we can to disperse and integrate the third-world population. No killing, no Nazi-BS, just good old American pragmatism. Our theories didn’t work out. The world isn’t ruined, it’s just a lot trashier.

    But it’s all just headed toward doomsday if we don’t face the illegal immigration problem head on. No matter how many social programs you institute you can’t do much about 1 million a year coming in from Mexico. To me this is the biggest issue in the US—or rather, the whole Western world—right now. It’s amazing how strong people’s denial is. Another problem: Washington and the powerful Northeast don’t see much of it and think we here in the west are just a bunch of backward racists who aren’t do a good enough job to include them. Sure, and they’ve sure done such a great job with blacks. No, no cities split in half up there.

  4. I am wondering how the current Hispanic wave into the United States compares on a per capita basis to previous immigration waves into the United States (Irish 1850s, Eastern/Southern European early 1900s). It says on Wikipedia that the foreign born share of the US population was 20% in 1900, but only 10% in 1999 ( I’m sure the share has risen since 1999, but probably not to more than 15% or so.

    In what ways is the current immigration wave into the United States quantitatively or qualitatively different than other historic immigration waves (which also featured vast populations of linguistically and culturally different immigrants, their own vast shantytowns, etc.)? The only difference I can think of is the entrants now are primarily Mestizo rather than White, but I’m pretty sure the impoverished Italians/Jews/Russians/etc. of the early 20th century were of nearly equivalent filthiness, intelligence, and moral degeneracy to the Mexicans of today.

  5. The thing with “White countries are for everyone!” is that even if we said, okay, “So we avoid hypocrisy, all countries for everyone!” we’d still have a situation where White people would not, de facto, move to non-White countries, because a) they suck and b) because White people have a hard time dealing with the diseases they would encounter there.

    Plus, if we said “All countries for everyone!”, to the extent that White people were willing and able to go to other countries, they would enter from a position of power (through riches) and to get rich in countries where they would already be relatively rich, even if they did not do so with military force, which they would eventually accumulate to protect their ventures there (since the police forces in these nations are corrupt, they’d become de facto private).

    Thinking about it, if you combine this with these two paragraphs where the costs to enter these countries is extremely high, you’re basically creating an opportunity to recapitulate colonialism and the colonialist era to a large extent and the mainstream obviously do not like this, even in a rosy interpretation (as colonialism was presented by idealists rather than as it is). This is probably why the situation (“White Nations for All, Third World Nations for the Whatever The Local Flavour of Third Worlder Is!”) you are describing exists, because people can’t accept “All Countries For Everyone” nor “White Countries For “Us” “.

    (Plus, though this is just for the US, “White Countries For Whites” is problematic since the US is (historically) both an African and European descended country.)

  6. I can tell you this much. A steel man of a white socialist will be needed to implement “a black a block.”

  7. I’m amused to read the comments from intelligent like minded european americans. The white elite is the jewish elite and until we identify them as such we are spinning our wheels. They own mtv and the adult entertainment industry which push Interracial sex on the youth. Any educated man knows how they own congress through aipac and that is why both dem and Republicans push open borders and are scared of trump

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