Men, Race, Masculinity Scales and Women’s Sexual Choices

In the comments section, people are arguing about whether Asian men are masculine or not. It all depends on your perspective, and masculinity ain’t all it’s cracked up to be anyway.

All other things being equal, the society with the most masculinized males will be seriously violent, unfair and uncivilized.

The society with the less masculinized males (within reason) will get along very smoothly, function very well, have high levels of wealth, trust and empathy, place emphasis on fairness, have low rates of crime and social pathology: in short, these will be the most civilized societies on Earth.

But a woman is a Cavewoman, and when looking for mates, she’s not necessarily looking for Mr. Civilization.

Let’s get real here for a second. Now, in my 20’s, I spent a lot of time with Asians at USC in the teaching program, then teaching in schools in Gardena, Koreatown and Orange Country, so I know them very well. The older generation of Japanese and Korean men always struck me as very macho.

Don’t know about the younger guys. They aren’t exactly wimpy. More like nerdy. But they aren’t feminine or effeminate. They’re just these somewhat uptight/nerdy squares. One thing I can tell you is Japanese guys seriously hate queers! They really, really, really hate them.

I had a best friend who was Japanese, and he had problems with women. Mostly he was shy. His older brother could not get laid if God himself decreed it. He would go to these bars in LA where you pay the chicks a lot of money just so they will dance with you and talk to you. That’s how hard up he was.

Even in Gardena, I noticed that the older Japanese men were super macho, but the younger guys were these nerdy office worker types. I would go out to eat in all-Japanese restaurants and some of the Japanese women in there would do the Stepford Wives hypnotized look thing. I still don’t understand what it is with Asian women and White guys. The best of us have some kind of power of them.

All that aside, let’s get real. Let’s line the 3 races of men together here in the US:

1. Asian men. 2. White men. 3. Black men.

1. Least masculine. 2. In between. 3. Most masculine.*

*The scale is exactly the opposite for females and femininity, but that’s another post. Think about it.

Now, not saying that low masculinity is all that bad, I mean I got a Master’s Degree and I’m a hermit / egghead who sits around and reads books all the time. On top of that, lots of people think I’m gay or bi. So no offense Asian guys.

Asian men’s quite decent and civilized behavior is due to lower masculinity.

Black men’s extremely uncivilized and indecent behavior is due to their extreme masculinity. Look at the imprisonment/woman abuse, etc. rates.

However, women are Cavewomen when it comes to sex. She will choose a guy who seems more masculine. Hence, White women go for Black men and call us pussies, wimps and fags. Asian women in a society with White and Black men will see Asian men as too feminine and go for White guys instead. Black men will be so masculine that most Asian women will see them as some kind of animals from a jungle, totally uncivilized beasts.

A woman wants a man who is *somewhat* more masculine, but not so much that he’s a fuckin’ animal. A White man is perfect for an Asian woman. Somewhat more masculine than Asian guys, treats them better, yet low enough in masculinity as to be quite civilized.

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27 thoughts on “Men, Race, Masculinity Scales and Women’s Sexual Choices”

  1. Is there anyone who’s been reading your blog for, oh, more than about a month who didn’t already know this (or at least know that it’s your opinion)?

    1. I’m thinking about it. I mean, in this town, if you won’t date fatties, you’ll never get laid. Come to think of it, at my age (52), it’s the same thing.

      I seriously need to get over this fattie hangup. Plus I can’t get the hottest young babes anymore. At one time I could. Oh yeah! Nowadays, forget it. And the hot older women are being fought over by armies of guys my age, and they all want $ real bad. They pretty much charge by the minute.

      I need to start lowering my standards.

      1. robert Come to think of it, at my age (52), it’s the same thing.

        the way you talk about being old, I though you were older. You pic looks about 45 but again you make yourself seem older. You’ve kept your weight down, congrats on that. Now If you want to get a bigger woman, get one with some type of shape to her still. not

        I mean, in this town, if you won’t date fatties, you’ll never get laid.

        well there is another group who you can date who won’t want much from you. The over 70+ ladies. Now don’t go crazy on me. There are some real benefits to dating from this group:

        1. they usually don’t want to get married again. Been, there done that, and got the t-shirt to prove it.

        2. they may change the will and leave you something. Only thing a young one can leave you with is a persistent itch.

        3. They can cook and by cook I mean from scratch. None of that box stuff.

        4. they’ll spoil you rotten.

        5. pension, Medicare, social security and a few hours a week greeting and checking receipts at Wallmart . Recession… what recession Mabel’s bills are paid.

        6. no child support.

        7. she can remove her teeth 😉

      2. Why don’t you just get an escort?

        Case in point.

        Like, it takes about a month to get a chick to sleep with me, trying to play my cards right. If I push much faster, it gets blown.

        However, a month is way to fucking long, when all I care about is sex. So, escorts save me a month of time.

        Wa la. No need for fatties.

        1. Yeah, it’s ok. You’ve been 52 before, right? Let’s just say that sex is finally down there on my list of agendas, after a lifetime of being # 1 with no contenders within binoculars view.

        2. hell yeah. you can bang some HOT young pussy if you go that route. for me the key is to go with the black girls. i’m not rich, the price difference is about 2x..white girls go for about $300/hr.

          for $225 i can fuck a black porn star. actual porn star. for thirty minutes.

          for $125 i can fuck a 19 year old black girl. some of them are very hot. some are very not hot. plenty of times they bring a bad attitude and once or twice they proved to be larcenous. just hide your shit.

  2. And how exactly do white guys treat Asian women better Robert? It seems to be self-congratulatory BS with no empirical backing.

    1. Dude! That’s what your own women say. Go to the Modelminority site. They quote your women on why they go for White guys.

      Look at Asian countries. Women got any rights? Don’t think so. You think these Asian immigrant males give that shit up the minute they are FOB. You’re kidding.

      1. Frankly, I believe we’re too soft with our women. Muslims sure know how to keep their females in line.

      2. Yeah but that’s coming only from a very limited perspective because in many measures Asian men treat women better than white men in their day to day intimate relationships. Believe me there are so many non Asian women who are with Asian men and they say they are treated better by them than white men.

  3. I think it’s more about strategies than more or less masculine. (Though it depends on what you mean by masculine – you could just say “more masculine = what women want”.) Asian guys are masculine in a MacGuyver way in that they’re good with tools and they’re masculine in a stand-up guy dad kind of way and the older generation are definitely masculine in a “dominates women and is extremely concerned with social dominance kind of way”. But they may not be so manly in an adventurous or peacockish loud and showy way or a sleeping around and neglecting children kind of way or a “I’m Bond” kind of way.

  4. Lol, being an asian male myself, I found that article 100% funny as fuck! So real it’s funny beyond any comedian I’ve ever heard! Nice!

  5. Just no pal. Masculine != aggressive and unfair. This is bullshit to an extreme degree.

    Also, blacks manlier? Have you seen the average black? Or are you confusing the elite population of top black athletes with the general population?

  6. Caucasians have more body hair than either Blacks or Asians, so I would assume they possess greater testosterone. And isn’t testosterone/masculinity the assumed reason for the predominance of male genius, particularly in math and science fields?

  7. being a mixed race person in a diverse area I can relate to this article. Blacks have the most testosterone in most cases (on average). This has been shown in many studies. Middle eastern males also tend to have high testosterone levels. Whites are for the most part closely related to many middle eastern peoples and usually have similar testosterone levels. But diet can often influence testosterone levels more then race. And also socialization can influence behavior more then just simple testosterone levels. I am socially a very easy to get along with person but my testosterone levels are very high (I had a test done), so just saying more testosterone means acting more manly is oversimplified. I rarely feel a need to act “manly” or show off and compete. But yes asains on average have lower amounts of testosterone then whites or blacks, but ive seen my share of masculine acting asians in the younger generation even though it might be rarer to see. Also in different cultures doing differnt things are considered more masculine. For some cultures holding back and controlling your impulses is considered a manly thing. In addition I see many young people who try to act masculine or tough to show off for girls etc but they are obviously just pussies, sad part is some girls buy their act and think of them as real men.

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