The World of a Bully Is a Funny Place

All haters and mean people are like this. Think about it. They expect to be able to shower the world with hate, and no one is going to say anything back at you. They actually get their feelings hurt if you hate them back.

Most haters are like this too, but it’s because they don’t think they are mean. They think they are nice. Their feelings are deeply hurt that you are fighting back against them. I have a sibling and had a father like this. I have two friends who dished at me hurricane force all the time, but flipped out and acted shocked if I fought back. Who me?

Haters and bullies are frankly not very healthy people, and it’s not a healthy mindset. The main thing is, “I get to kick you ass 24-7 but you have to act nice back at me.” Except I’m not kicking your ass. I’m nice. You’re imagining all this stuff. And you’re evil when you fight back. And unfair. And mean. And I’m going to go to my therapist and complain about you and cry. My therapist will tell me to keep the meanies who fight back at a distance so I don’t get my feelings hurt.

Angry people are truly spun. They think they are nice. They can’t possibly be pissing you off. And if they are, too bad, fuck you, I’m going off to find a new victim. Except wait, I’m always the victim and my victims are always the aggressors. The world is mean and unfair, and I’m crying. Everyone beats up on me. All I’m trying to do is be nice! They’re all lying and saying I’m mean. They’re evil, lying, mentally ill haters (but really they’re my victims and I’m the bully).

The world of the bully is a strange place. He’s on another Goddamned planet for sure, and in some ways, he’s out and out delusional.

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10 thoughts on “The World of a Bully Is a Funny Place”

  1. That’s sounds like Jewish mentality. They can swindle you, enslave you, corrupt your society, murder you a la early Soviet Union, yet if you resist, or even object to being fucked over in this manner, you are a vicious “anti-Semite.”

    1. Not really, it’s just that Jews can be bullies too, like all humans. It’s just an aspect of being human, but a real shitty one. I try not to get into it myself. I’m generally a victim, BTW. I don’t want to be mean to anyone. Well, maybe a few people. But most folks, I just want to get along. It’s really the best way to be. Bullying innocent people is seriously fucked up. It’s so 8th grade. If you are an adult, seriously, it ought to be beneath you.

        1. I don’t think it’s innate (ie. biological).

          The one thing about Jews that annoys me is how they get to exercise disproportionate control as only 3% of the population and still get to play the holocaust victim card.

          Although I think all human groups, not just Jews, have a similar mentality.

        2. I think they really are just opportunistic and if given a chance some other group or consortium might be doing the very same thing that they are doing now.

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