Anti-Semitic Conspiracy of the Day

From the charming, pirouetting and self-effacing wallflowers at Stormfront:

Eventually there will be a DNA test to use the internet. If you are found to only have White DNA the system will automatically edit your posts to what the Jews deem as correct. After three corrections you will be banned from all sites except the ADL website.

Let’s evaluate this on the Jew Know Who Scale:

+5 for Jewish Evil. Take away my right to the Net, punks, and I’ll start a pogrom myself. Just try it, Jewboys! Make my day!

+3 for originality. DNA tests to use the Net! Wild, man!

+1 for humor. The last line about your only being able to use the ADL site is classic.

+0 for factual basis. I sent off  a mail to Jewish Central Control to see if they had any plans to do this, but they don’t. At least not yet. But they thanked me for the intel, hit me up for a donation, and asked me if I wanted to fill in at Headquarters on Saturdays.

Total score: +3. Anti-Semitic conspiracy is often tired and stale. Sure, Nazis and Islamofascist sandbrains eat it up, but how many of those are there? At some point, you saturate your market. The field definitely needs some fresh thinking. May a fresh breeze blow through this sour fishmarket.

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34 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic Conspiracy of the Day”

  1. >Nazis and Islamofascist sandbrains eat it up, but how many of those are there.

    You are forgetting the emasculated male Asian nationalist population segment, with their wimminz being shipped off to intermarriage concentration camps by the filthy kike mediaopoly.

    This is the true untapped Jew Theory market, IMHO.

  2. Uh, Robert, “Islamofascist” is a neocon/Zionist talking point. Are you turning into one yourself?
    And Asian nationalists are not emasculated, it is those Asians who suck up to the kikes who are emasculated.

  3. Anon is right. I’m a native American and I happen to know that all the actors who portray Native people are really kike j*ws. All the actors who portray Asians like the kike j*w jackie c(a)han are half kike j*w or crypto j*w. The kike j*ws have been victimizing my people since the kike j*ws sold liquor and blankets to Native people with smallpox in them. And they’ve taken our women too. In the 60s kike j*w marxist hippies pretended to be on our side, but then stole our women from us. So Anon, I know where you’re coming from, my brother. They did it to us first.

      1. Yes, but I officially renounced my tribe when they wanted to initiate one of the kike j*w brats from one of the mixed marriages.

        1. All the actors who portray Asians like the kike j*w jackie c(a)han are half kike j*w or crypto j*w.

          Wait, Jackie Chan is half Jewish?

          That’s news to me.

    1. So you’re saying that Wes Studi and Adam Beach are Jews ? . I really do admire the Jews they seem to get all the women.

      1. If they do its cuz of their money. Do you really think Woody Allen gets laid becuz of his looks?
        And of course they have a good media image, because, ta-dah! they own the fucking thing.

      2. I probably have some European blood, like just about all Indians do. Ward Churchill ain’t Indian at all. As for Jackie Chan, his mother was a kike j*wess named Tuvia Friedmann, but she took the Chinese name you find in wikipedia. I wrote him to ask him about it, and he just ignored me, hopes it will blow over I guess. I used to watch all those CHinese movies coz I figured at least kike j*ws weren’t involved, and they celebrated manliness and honor. Or so I thought. Take a close look at Jackie Cahan as compared to a real Asian. Those features ain’t natural. Just sharing information you can take it or leave it. But Anon, we got your back, my brother.

        1. Shit, I dunno man, I hear that male converts have to get a Bris regardless of age.

          On the other hand, you are from California, so maybe your parents already snipped you?

        2. WTF man, don’t defend that Hebe male genital mutilation bullshit.

          You’re just brainwashed by the years of kike-infiltrated media lies about the glories of the roundhead.

  4. Bay Area Guy, we call ourselves Indians when we’re together but I’m never sure if I should do it with other people. Native American is pretty awkward I like Indian better myself.

      1. They are indeed Mongoloid peoples, but genetically, they are quite distant from the rest of the Mongoloids.

        You can make several huge Mongoloid races, such as:

        1. NE Asian
        2. SE Asian
        3. Amerindian
        4. Oceanian

        Supposedly, Aborigines and Papuans are officially Mongoloids too, but I think that’s a really weird idea.

        The Amerindians are like a bridge between the NE Asians and the Caucasians. They are NE Asians moving towards Caucasoids. They are the closest race to Caucasians, closer than NE Asians. They were birthed in the area where Mongolia, Russia and China come together, and there’s long been Caucasoid blood in that region. And there seems to be some ancient link with Amerindians to the Ainu.

        12,000 YBP, Amerindians were Australoids. They looked like Ainuids. There are still some that have Australoid skulls, the Fuegians.

        9,000 YBP, they were moving from Ainuids to some Polynesian Maori type. Probably transition from Ainuid to Mongoloid.

        6-7,000 YBP, they were full Mongoloids.

        I don’t really understand it. I think they kept coming over from Asia.

        In Siberia, there are still many tribes that seem Amerindian. They look like Amerindians, practice Shamanism (including use of drugs) as a religion, worship animal Gods, even make teepees, wear animal skins. The Taiwan aborigines used to stick feathers in their air. They look just like Indians in old pics.

        1. Hard to say. Mongoloid-Caucasoid mix. They usually plot barely Mongoloid, but they are right on the border of Mongoloid and Caucasoid I think. Maybe even over the border. You almost have to toss a coin to figure out where to toss them. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

        2. You know Robert, I have noticed that myself. A lot of the ceremonial arts and crafts and folk clothing in Central Asia and Siberia for example, look a lot like the Native American stuff, at least in North America.

    1. Most of the people going around saying “Native American” and insisting that you say “Native American” tend to be PC non-Indian types.

      If I do say Native American, it’s only because I don’t want people to be confused about whether or not I’m talking about American Indians or India Indians.

      Most real flesh and blood Indians classify themselves as Indians.

      By the way, I’ve never encountered a true, full blooded Indian. The only “Indians” I’ve encountered are blonde hair, blue eyed white people who claim partial Indian ancestry.

      Many whites love to claim partial Indian ancestry, because they think it makes them more exotic. Never mind that they know nothing about what real Indian life is like.

      I know that this drives real Indians nuts.

      1. Actually whites with Indian ancestry tend to have visible Mongoloid features, from my experience at least.

      2. Yah I get tired of explaining to white people why I don’t say Native American. Actually I think it was thought up by marxist kike j*ws so whites would hate us even more lol.

    1. Not really. They are just recent mixes. The Amerindians are a vast major race, and so are the NE Asians and Caucasians. Amerindians are a proper major race that bridges 2 other major races, not just some recent mixes between two major races. In that way, they are interesting.

      It’s like saying Hispanics are a bridge between Amerindians and Caucasians. It’s silly because all they are are recent mixes.

      1. Where do West Asians fall in this continuum? Are they on the Caucasoid-Mongoloid spectrum, or the Caucasoid-Negroid spectrum?

      2. Robert what about the people who were there before the Native Americans , like kennewick man i read somewhere they looked completely different from NA and weren’t related.

        1. Kennewick Man is one of those

          “9,000 YBP, they were moving from Ainuids to some Polynesian Maori type. Probably transition from Ainuid to Mongoloid.”


          He’s not Caucasian or anything like that. He looks like a Moriori.

        2. When I took world history at college the prof said that the Turks were a lot like Indians. Could be true. I was glad that they were the only country in the world that stood up to the kike j*w isntreallys. I also happen to know that the Hopi and Navajo Shamans were in ESP contact with the priests of the old Tibetan Bon religion. Thats why the Hindus and Chinese have so many similarities to Indian culture. You might have heard about the Tibetan monks who died at Hitler’s side in 1945.

          Robert I’m not an antisemite. I have no issues with my Arab brothers. They had their land stolen by the kike j*ws too.

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