Why Are We So Damned Funny?

Because we’re so damned smart, that’s why.

However, because I don’t want to discriminate against dumb people, I must admit that many idiots are extremely funny, often intentionally so. Especially when they are young and dumb.

There are problems with this theory.

Black people are way funnier than Whites, and they are way dumber. Mexicans are funnier than Whites, and they’re dumber too. And Mexicans are a bit smarter than Blacks, but not quite as funny. Asians don’t seem to be very funny at all, and they’re extremely smart.

Dumb tribal people are always laughing. I’m not sure what they are laughing about, because I can’t understand their languages, but something must be funny. Maybe it’s because they’re always naked or near-naked? I mean, look around you at all these fat Americans. If we were always naked or nearly so, would that be a riot or what? ROTF.

There is some support for the theory. Jews are as funny as a fart in a sleeping bag, and they’re so smart that their heads are often in danger of exploding. Guys are a bit smarter than than chicks, and we are way funnier. Or maybe chicks just don’t dig our sense of humor? Chicks are not that funny, but they do laugh at our jokes, which is nice of them. Sometimes women are funny, like when we seduce them against their will and they get mad afterwards. That’s damned hilarious!

Lots of people of all races, from brilliant to moronic, are extremely funny, but frequently not intentionally so.

Clearly this matter calls for further research!

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46 thoughts on “Why Are We So Damned Funny?”

  1. Dumb tribal people are always laughing. I’m not sure what they are laughing about, because I can’t understand their languages, -RL-

    heg: Of course you can, all you need to do is say: Muttafucker, that will crack up any black.

    1. Here is the namechanging JEW. The jews started the first communist international. Then jew did what the jew ALWAYS do, change their names, to the 2 communist international. That commie int. told all the jews in Soviet to change their names to russian sounding names.

      “The Encyclopedia Judaica on page 793 then goes on to reveal that the Communist International actually instructed Jews to change their names so as “not confirm right-wing propaganda that presented Communism as an alien, Jewish conspiracy.” (above).”

      Mid page.


      What did the jew Abiezer Coppe do some days ago? What the jew always do – change his name. Why? To HIDE that they are jews.


      1. Hag:

        Thx for these intelligence reports on the fucking Jews. I really think that this Abiezer Coppe is one of those Jew bastards. He sure is sneaky like one.

        Hag, I need some help on Jews. I think some Jews are sneaking around my place and peeking in the windows and shit. Plus they are somehow keeping me from getting laid. I’m not sure about the last one, but things are really suspicious. I mean normally I can get laid, but lately I can’t. Since it couldn’t possibly be me or anything, I think these fucking Jew pricks are keeping me from getting laid. Probably turning all the women in the world against me with their Jew media or something.

        Anyway, thx for the intel. It’s much needed, and I’m going to start a file on these fuckers. Of course, I will always keep you confidential as a source so the Jews won’t find out and completely ruin your halfway ruined life.

        Thx bro!

  2. You’ve been acting real strange lately, I get these somewhat hostile vibes from you, even though I’ve never attacked or insulted you in anyway.

    1. anon:

      A little advice about blogs. Blogs are like parties or conversations or anything else. They are social gatherings.

      When you’re a commenter on a blog, try to figure out what the blog is all about, what the commenters are like, what the author is like, etc. Try to figure it out like this:

      1. What’s going to go over well?
      2. What’s not going to go over well?

      Then tailor your comments to #1. Because if you do #2, people are just going to jump all over you.

      For instance, this is an anti-racist blog. Anti-racism is one of the components of Liberal Race Realism. So clearly, racial slurs and whatnot and endless rants about omnipotent Jews are not going to go over very well. There are plenty of sites where you can let loose like that, like RealJewNews. But if you do it here, people are just going to beat you up.

      More stuff:

      1. Be paranoid.
      2. Try not to reveal too much of yourself such that you open yourself up to ridicule and attacks. Lie if you have to. If you open yourself up to attacks, that’s like painting a big bullseye on your forehead. Revealing too many painful details about yourself and your life is like running down the street without your clothes on. Be guarded and careful.

      You come across like a really angry and unhappy guy. Ok, fine, been there, done that, got the tshirt. But this is kind of a funloving blog here, a bunch of human otters sliding down mud runways into the stream, diving underwater, and then biting each other on the ass all the time. If you seem miserable and rant all the time, people are going to get annoyed and more or less tell you to STFU at some point.

      You’re a very intelligent guy. All this stuff is pretty easy to figure out. Think about it.

      As far as your favorite rants, there are actually some Asian websites full of Asian guys just like you. And they rant about similar shit. I’ll see if I can find them for you. If you want to rant about that stuff, it will go over a lot better here, because I suspect folks here don’t want to hear about it too much.

      There’s nothing to social skills really. Any smart person can pick them up, and you’re one smart fucker. But you’re coming across like Kenneth Eng.

      1. What do you mean by “be paranoid”? I don’t think I revealed any personal details about myself. And I know those Asian sites you talk about, but I’m not into them at all. And if this is an “anti-racist” blog, you surely you admit that media portrayals fall into “racism” as well?

    2. The Model Minority.com forum is definitely where you want to be, my friend. Tons of AZN dudes just like you, ranting away 24-7 about all your fellow topics.

      I have nothing against ranting, and I don’t care if you rant or not. But your ranting doesn’t seem to go over well here. I think it would go over better on that board.

      That’s another aspect of social skills. Time and a place for everything. Some things are ok in one place, but not in another. Etc.

      1. What personal details have I revealed exactly? And was that a typo when you said “be paranoid”? And I don’t think you understand, ideologically those forums are Cultural Marxist PC who don’t name the Jew. I am the precise opposite of those types. Since you’re so “anti-racist” wouldn’t you agree that media portrayals can be insulting and that they should be brought to attention?

  3. ” Sometimes women are funny, like when we seduce them against their will and they get mad afterwards. That’s damned hilarious!”

    LOL!! Women are crazy like that.

    I think blacks laugh and act funnier because they have to keep a big smile on their face so that you don’t see the true sadness of
    “being black in america” in their eyes. LOL

  4. Yeah, you’re one of my favorite posters as a matter of fact.

    I love the situational girl-girl stuff. If you have photos, the email is at the top. I’m very discreet and won’t tell a soul.

  5. I think the crew on Red Eye on Fox news is hilarious!

    That Bill guy is so freakin funny!!

    They are witty, they make some good points but they still give you a few laughs, i think its great.

    1. Actually some female writers have written good comedies, in Argentina 2 popular TV series were co- written by a women ; )
      -Los exitosos Pells (Spanish for “The successful Pells”) is a 2008-2009 Argentine telenovela, The production earned 6 Martín Fierro awards for the 2008 year. The format was brought by many other countries which produced their own versions, Written by Esther Feldman (female), Alejandro Maci.
      -Lalola (” lal♂l♀ “) was an Argentine television Comedy show that aired from 28 August 2007 to 29 April 2008, The show won nine Martín Fierro Awards for 2007, and also the Gold Prize. script by Susana Cardozo (female) ,Pablo Lago ,Esther Feldman (female).

      Girl Power.

      1. I don’t think Asians are less funny, they are blessed by Buddha so, the think is they tend to think more inside the box because conformity, and that also apply to humor, the cleverest Asian TV series can be a lot funny 😉

  6. Was Benny Hill a jew? Like Ebenezer Coppe aka Grunfeld.

    “… a bunch of human otters sliding down mud runways into the stream, diving underwater, and then biting each other on the ass all the time. ”

    Oh, that’s so poetic! Nice!

    What, jews not funny? Jacky Mason, Woody Allen, Seinfeld, Larry David? Yeah, right enough now you come to mention it. Mel Brooks is another matter – must admit I’ve got a soft spot for Mel, even though he let Jacky Mason in his movies.

  7. “… about a girl drinking too many martinis and getting raped a lot ”

    Is it ” woman comes into a bar, orders 6 double martinis, drinks them all quick, passes out on the floor, darts team come in ask the bar man ” who’s that”, bar man shrugs, ” Ok if we fuck it ?”, so they do, she wakes up and goes home comes back next night, barman says ” 6 double martinis? “, she says ” no, I’ve gone off that – it gives me a sore pussy…” ?

  8. Hey, speaking of humor and different races, I’ve got a good joke.

    (Asian anon, you’ll like this one)

    An Asian and a Jew are sitting next to one another on a train, and it’s obvious that they don’t like one another.

    Eventually, both have trouble concealing their disdain for one another.

    The Jew eventually lashes out and hits the Asian guy while yelling, “this is for Pearl Harbor!”

    The Asian guy replies, “what the hell? I’m Chinese, not Japanese!”

    “Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, you’re all the same to me!”

    The Asian guy then thinks for a bit, and then smacks the Jew yelling, “this is for the Titanic!”

    “What the hell are you talking about? We Jews had nothing to do with that. It was an iceberg!”

    “Iceberg, Steinberg, Ginsberg, they’re all the same to me!”

    Hope you liked it! 🙂

    1. By the way, does anyone know how Gary Coleman and Whoopi Goldberg ended up with Jewish names? I’m sure that can be made into a joke somehow.

  9. Iceberg, Goldberg har har har

    Carleen – are you saying your dad told you these jokes when you were a teenager?

    1. Lafayette, is that supposed to be sarcastic?

      Guess you just don’t find that kind of humor funny.

        1. He’s Scottish. They’re basically almost another species. I guess they’re White, but if they can’t speak English, how White can they be anyway. Plus I suspect they fuck sheep when no one is looking.

          Anyway, when he says stuff like that, just think, hey, he’s Scottish, no worries.


  10. By the way Robert, I looked up who this Kenneth Eng fellow was, and I was insulted that you compared me to him. He seems to be an incoherent, mentally unbalanced attention-seeker whose writings don’t make much sense. And I wouldn’t fit in with those Asian forums you talked about because they like to blame the “white male power structure” or other Cultural Marxist claptrap. I blame the Jew and his liberal brainwashed puppet goyim. By the way, exactly what personal details have I revealed about myself? I still didn’t get that part?

    1. Blame the Jew for what? I don’t see how you could say a people that’s been kicked around and out of virtually every goyim country rules the world.

      I see Jews as being in a brinksmanship/ creative/ destructive relationship with the world. At war within themselves Jew vs. Jewess, reformed vs. orthodox, Sephardic vs. Ashkenazim, big Jew vs. little Jew, hetero Jew vs. homo Jew. Jew vs. ersatz Jew (Christians). If they share a common trait, it’s that they are almost uniformly cosmopolitan. But this isn’t something they chose to be.

      I hate Jews because they think they are the center of the world and also above the world. But this could be said of Christians and Muslims. Why are you picking on the Jews? LOL. And some of the crap Asian men receive sexual-politics wise is “deserved”. Asian men never ever had to compete for women in the sense of women as equals or at least people with respectable desires and thoughts. IOW, Asian men never had to cater to Asian women. It’s not really that big a deal and something Asians need to incorporate into the Asia-sphere. Other wise you’ll just be left screaming like the North Koreans.

        1. I’m a citizen of the Republic of California. LOL. Met SO many Kike hating Korean Jew Yorkers. I know the feeling, but not from experience. New York is a ground zero for Korean KIKE hate. LOL. When you’re surrounded by scheming baked in “KIKE IS Right” Kikettes, killer klown KIKEs like Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, the Asslicker Host from the Actors Studio etc., I GET IT. The Derivative Bank firm of GOLDBERG, KIKE, KIKE, and Shadowy Gentile SideKick. I GET IT.

          But in California, Koreans have their own KIKE problems, buddy. JUniversal Studios, KIKE XXX, etc. But the tools we have different. But we got allies in Californication against KIKE Tricks. You might want to get acquainted with THAT reality. As the Afriques Say “School Yourself, Brother.” Mexicans, Afriques, Chinese, Indians… They all know the score.

  11. No, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I thought it was so funny it deserved more than an LOL. ‘Har har har’ is next up in my gradings.

  12. didn’t say you weren’t, but are you REALLY 2 gorgeous young black chicks ? Maybe you’re really a grotesque, 400lb , 60 year old gay jew man?

    1. Maybe you’re really a grotesque, 400lb , 60 year old gay jew man?


      Man, that made my early morning!

      But yes, if they really are the two young women in that picture, then they are quite attractive.

      400 pound 60 year old gay Jewish guy! Man, you have a wicked sense of humor!

      You know, that reminds me. I once heard of this one novel that was about a teenage black girl who was really into fashion and black women’s issues, etc.

      However, it turns out that the novel was written by a 78 year old Jewish man.

      The lesson of the story (I was taking a creative writing course) was to write about issues to which you can relate.

      In other words, old Jewish guys should not be writing about young black girls.

      1. there are more Jews here where I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn than there are in Israel. and I can tell you for a fact that they are fucking a lot of poor young black girls. so they really do have some insight into that mindset. i am not at all surprised that the story was written by a 78 old Jew.

  13. “Jews are as funny as a fart in a sleeping bag”

    Really? You’re so wrong. I don’t care for those old-school Jew comedians so much, but a lot of people think Mel Brooks is hilarious.

    I’m more of a David Cross fan.

    And women are almost never funny. When they are funny, they’re acting like men. A woman’s little pea-brain is too busy summing up the social equation and scheming for the best semen for her baby-crazed mind.

    Humor is veiled aggression, and men are just better at aggression.

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