Making Chop Jewey Aliyah in Israel


Too weird.

“Funny, you don’t look Jewish.”

How will they handle the dietary laws? When you’re a Jew, you practically need a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a rabbi at your side to figure out what’s for dinner, and a Chinaman eats anything that moves and “has its back to the sky,” as the Chinese say.

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11 thoughts on “Making Chop Jewey Aliyah in Israel”

  1. The Chinese are by and large extremely adaptable and bright. Jeff Weintraub offers a useful bit of background here: Weintraub is clearly that increasingly rare phenomenon, A Labour Zionist.
    For someone who describes himself as a democratic socialist, his blog is disturbingly free of any disquiet about the route contemporary Israel is taking…so if a handful of Chinese arrive in the Promised Land, financed by the Jewish National Fund, suddenly it’s not colonialism anymore? These guys are so assimilated their Jewish ethnicity is on considerable doubt….same goes for the Bnei Nashe of India, and the Ethiopian Jews. Weintraub links to people I call the pro-War Left, Nick Cohen, ex-marxist Norman Geras, Christopher Hitchens and Harry’s Place among others. Is left-wing anti-zionism the “imperialism of fools” THIS is worth a look: a couple of days before the election, Gordon Brown (a well-known Labour Friend of Israel) made a speech and actually sounded as if he meant it: Now that we have vicious right wing government in power intent on dismantling the health service and tearing up the education system in the name of diversity, some of us mourn Brown, for all his many faults. The best that can be said of him is that he wasn’t Tony Blair. He was simply unelectable. New Labour is finished. Welcome the the Con-Dem-nation!

    Interesting piece here, too, on Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ: I quote: “The fact that Jesus was publicly executed by the method of crucifixion can only mean that Rome wanted him dead: Rome alone had the sovereign authority to crucify.” So much for “the Jews killed Jesus” idea, one of the staples of Jew hatred, repeated by Mr Atzmon. I haven’t seen the film, and was repelled by some of the reviews I read. Is it better than torture porn?

    1. It’s a good movie.

      The Jews did kill Jesus, but Jesus himself was a Jew and so were all of his disciples, and so where the vast majority of Christians for the next 100 years. However, it was the spiritual ancestors of present day Jewry who ordered him killed. Rome just carried out the punishment. But to blame today’s Jews for the Deicide charge is cruel and stupid. They are not responsible.

      Nevertheless, Orthodox Jewry has always said that Jesus was a Jewish heretic who was tried in a rabbinical court and executed, and that the sentence was proper punishment. Orthodox Jews often say, “We killed Jesus.” A lot of them take quite a bit of pride in it. But Reform and Conservative Jews don’t care. Anyway, Jesus was a Jew himself! So were the disciples. So you hate the ancestors of the Jews for the Deicide, why not hate Jesus too, the disciples and their spiritual ancestors, the Christians.

      Anyway, Jesus was supposed to get killed anyway as part of the plan, so we Christians should be happy that the Jews done it for us. Thank you Jews! Thanks for killing Jesus!

      1. He could’ve have lived to be eighty years old like the Buddha, who offers another version of eternal life…Groundhog day! How historical is the crucifixion, or the messiah for that matter. We have Tacitus’ report of Jesus. Who else among unaligned contemporary observers?

  2. French CP newspaper (selected articles) in English! Well I never….Found while searching for fifth columnist Jean Meslier, who spent his life serving the Catholic church as a priest in an obscure corner of France, and left to posterity a large Testament – a thorough going atheist manifesto, written I believe in 1729, just published for the first time in English:
    Good review of Michel Onfray’s Traité d’Athéologie, who has resurrected him, here: I liked the Onfray book when I read it, but I keep backsliding into some form of Christian belief.

  3. I can’t believe the kikes actually made it to China in ancient times. East Asian Jews? I wanna puke. By the way Robert, Jesus was a Judahite, not a Jew.

    1. “By the way Robert, Jesus was a Judahite, not a Jew.”

      I highly encourage you to initiate a debate on Wikipedia to alter Jesus’ ethnicity from Jew to Judahite, as well as correct the clearly bogus article on the Kingdom of Judah identifying them as Jews.

      Alas, your efforts would probably be in vain due to the disgusting and vile kike monopoly on Wikipedia. Those kikes are truly a brutal, malevolent, snake-like breed.

      1. Hey, be careful how you talk about snakes on here. I like Squamata. And no making gay jokes about that, you sick fucks! No, really, I stalk Alethinophidia all the time, searching the fields and forests for them. When I see them, I identify them, then I pounce on the fuckers! Most of them are harmless, they just put up a good show. Then I go find some really macho guy who thinks he’s all badass but truth is he’s a wussy because he’s terrified of Serpentes. I hide the snake behind my back, walk up to the big pussy, and then shove the snake right in his face and say, “Hi!” The big macho guy usually jumps three feet backwards and starts smiling and saying stupid stuff like, “Hey, that’s nice, do you think you could take that thing outside?” The Big Man is nervous and shaking. LOL! What a pussy!

        I’d even like to eat one. I see them by the road a lot, sometimes just wounded. I get out and if they are still alive, put them in my car. Then I bring them home to my cats and let them play with them.

        But I want to eat one, I really do. I need some recipes for gopher snake.

        I bet it tastes like chicken!

        Now don’t be going and comparing snakes to Jews on this blog! Snakes are nice, except the poisonous and mean ones. And they are cold-blooded, unlike Jews who need to be refrigerated in order to keep their cool otherwise they tend to blow off steam too much.

  4. What fucking traitors! They throw their glorious Chinese identity out the window in favor of filthy Talmudic psychobabble? At least China is now rid of potential crypto-Jew infiltration.

  5. Anon may have a point. I looked up Jackie Chan in the Wikiopedia, and his mother was a Russian Jew named Tuvia Friedmann.

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