Situational Bisexuality in Women, or Experimenting?

A female commenter suggested that women sometimes get situational, apparently with other women, if there are no men around.

Not so sure about that in the US, but I understand that there is epidemic situational lesbianism in girls’ schools in Saudi Arabia. It causes endless problems with all the drama, the fights, the breakups and the bullshit. Also the women in the Saudi Royal Family (there are thousands of them) are known for engaging in lesbianism. I guess affairs with men are banned, so they do it with women.

That’s where these Islamic morons mess up – if you ban non-marital heterosexual sex because it’s un-Islamic, guess what you get instead? Epidemics of situational homosexuality. Way to go, idiots.

I don’t think bisexual behavior in women is done out of desperation. It’s more of an experimenting type of thing. Plus a lot of women have bisexual feelings. It’s quite common, more common than in men. But a lot of them don’t want to act on them. I’ve known some straight women who had strong bisexual fantasies about women, but they just did not feel like acting on them. They were really into guys too, so it was no big deal. Women don’t seem to freak out about this stuff like guys do.

I’ve known a number of women, and even had some girlfriends, who have done this sort of thing. Mostly just a time or two, but sometimes more than that.

It’s common for bisexual women to complain that relationships with women are Hell due to all the neverending drama. Men would echo that.

I knew one woman who did it with women, but did not identify as bi, since she did not have relationships with women, only brief flings. She said women were too insane in relationships. One woman in a relationship is bad enough. But two women? Now you have two crazy people in a relationship with no sane person = man to straighten things out.

I’ve also known of notorious male womanizers who finally called it quits, hung up their boots and got married because of all the incessant drama from the endless parade of women. Too much trouble!

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12 thoughts on “Situational Bisexuality in Women, or Experimenting?”

  1. Perhaps this is why no-one will get intimate with you. If you think all women are insane, they’re not going to take that very kindly! Or take kindly to you! I’m the opposite. I like women, far too much. I like the way their minds work, so different from me. Lesbians I usually end up fancying. I wrote love letters in French to one in Paris. Her partner took me on one side and said “You have feelings for Annie…why not make a play for her…it’s ok with me…” And of course I’m a great fan of the female bosom, but who isn’t? We started out life at the breast, all of us guys…why shouldn’t be enthusiastic lol… And women like me. If there’s a gender I have a problem with, its’ my own… LOL…but that has got much better in recent years. I’ve actually got some male friends now. Cool. They’re a bit lazy about friendship, though.

    1. Who says no one will get intimate with me? What planet are you on?

      I love women, but clearly they are nutty. I don’t hate crazy people though. In fact, I’m rather crazy myself.

      I know quite a few guys who are not wild about women. Some are even more or less misogynists. Actually, my opinion is that most men don’t really like women all that much. They’d rather be with their own sex. I’d rather hang around women than hang around men. The better behaved women are quite tolerable, generally, if you are just in a friendship with them, but once you get into the love and sex thing, that’s when they start going nuts. Other females are so nuts that even friendship is impossible, and others have nuttiness issues even in friendship.

      I’m a calculating, controlled, masculine guy. I don’t really enjoy the whacky and mercurial nature of the female emotional pendulum.

      I tell these misogynists to quit hating women. Of course they both fear and hate them. I tell them that there is little to fear in women, and nothing to hate. Women aren’t evil, they’re just nuts. They’re also like children. Fearing women is like fearing children. Hating women is like hating children. I figure women, like children, are not responsible for their nutty behavior. They really can’t help it.

      1. You say it Robert. You say that you can’t get a woman to go to bed with you. I meant sexually intimate, sorry, not emotionally intimate; that’s one easy. The sex is the hard part.

        1. LOL when did I say that? Must have been one of my dry spells.

          Well, sometimes I have my dry spells, but it’s nothing permanent of lifetime in nature or anything like that.

          There’s dry spells, then there’s a woman or two drifting in and out my life. Life goes on.

  2. Actually the only person who drives me completely insane with the occasional irrational outburst is my girlfriend lol

  3. “of the hell hath no fury type…” Me too. My ex, LOL
    well it wasn’t funny at the time. It was war. Guerilla warfare, or is that gorilla?

  4. A female commenter suggested that women sometimes get situational, apparently with other women, if there are no men around.

    There can be plenty of men around and women will still do it. Heck on the East Coast we have tons and I do mean tons of blk lesbians. They walk around in public showing affection the same way male-females couples do. They even make out in public. No one bothers them much but old women who will sometimes give them dirty looks.

    So when people say the blk community hates gays… I wonder. Maybe it’s blk gay men that they hate cause most people seem to indifferent to lesbians. Except men who get their girlfriends taken by another woman or who are jealous cause their girlfriend isn’t as good-looking as the lesbians girlfriend.

  5. What’s the problem here? It’s not like situational clam-licking gets you stuck with an unwanted bastard, or leads to a roissyite dystopia. Why should anybody care what Saudi girls do with each other after lights out?

  6. i’d like to see some video of this to verify the accuracy…

    my current gf is a black girl who previously had a 6 year relationship with another woman. she said to me that it was easier with women because the communication is much better.

    i see no mention of this in your post, i think it’s a significant motivation. i should also probably get a different gf, this one doesn’t seem to put out at all.

  7. women that have to experiment with other women, are such losers in the first place. gee oh well, i guess they cannot make it with a man. such a waste of humanity.

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