4 thoughts on “Anal Eroticism: Self-administration of an Epoxy Resin Adhesive Into the Rectum”

  1. I read reports that this was being regularly inflicted on gay men in Iraq (not Iran). Not for fun, but to punish them, kill them in fact, slowly and painfully, since there’s about no chance of them getting the right medical attention. Of course it could be just one of these made-up stories to show what animals ragheads are.

  2. Wow! What I always wonder is why do gays feels it’s necessary to put things in their ass? There’s nothing about a gay man’s anus that is any different than a straight man’s anus. We both have the same exact plumbing and nerves. So why do gays think it’s so pleasurable to put objects or penises in their asses while straight men recoil at the thought?

    Seriously, if I was gay, I’d realize that the anus wasn’t made for penetration and that nature designed it for a reason: as an EXIT ONLY tunnel. So if gays absolutely have to get down with a guy, why don’t they just give each other head or something? That doesn’t cause any damage I’m aware of. But decade after decade of ass-pounding is going to leave these guys with a prolapsed rectum. Either that or they’ll be wearing Depends by age 50.

    1. LOL, funny article huh? I don’t know what it is with queers and assholes. They’ve got a gigantic asshole fetish, that’s for sure. There’s also a subgroup of straight guys who like to stick things up their asses too.

      I don’t know what decades of asspounding does to your ass, but I would be worried about it. I’m even worried about doing it to women because I’m afraid I might hurt them. It can cause a prolapse, apparently.

      In fact, I found these website full of guys who are deliberately trying to give themselves prolapses assholes! LOL! I should make a post of out of it. It’s a trip. I even joined just so I could read all the weird shit. A lot of the guys are gay, but some of them are straight too. Some of the straights are submissive guys who want a dominant mistress to ream them out good. After their asses finally get prolapsed, they post pics of it and everyone on the board cheers. LOL! That board cracks me up man.

      You can get anal incontinence from taking it up the ass too hard, too large and too long, but I don’t know how often that happens.

      There’s a subgroup of queers that doesn’t do anal. They just suck cocks and stuff. I think like 70-80% do it up the ass though.

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