Alt Left: The Epidemic of Situational Male Homosexuality in the US

First of all, I’m straight. I’m only attracted to females. I’m maximally attracted to females and minimally attracted to males, if at all. Also, I don’t do it with guys. Refuse to. And have to desire to either. In fact, I’m repelled by the notion.

From about 1979-1986, I witnessed an incredible amount of situational homosexuality among mostly young White men in Southern California. The men were generally in their 20’s, about 22-30 or so, though there were some all the way to middle age.

In terms of the situational homosexuality, I think most of them were either straight or mostly straight.

I also had to deal with endless gay and bisexual men after me, but that was another matter altogether.

I followed up on a number of these situational guys, and they later married, settled down, moved to the suburbs, got high paying jobs, had a couple of kids, and I assume gave up the gay shit altogether.

Some of these guys were truly bisexual, but truly bi guys who have strong attraction to females can always give it up. The ones I knew had very strong attractions to females. I know because they were my best friends for a long time. They also had some strong attractions to men which I noticed.

A friend of mine is stunned about the levels of this stuff that I am reporting. But it’s true, and I know it is. Why did they want me? I’m not sure. As a young man, I was said to be very good looking in a pretty boy, male model – actor kind of way. I had offers from Hollywood and modeling studios. Of course, during this period, I had females of all ages after me all the time too, so I wasn’t worried. If it was only guys, I would have started worrying.

Thing is, if these guys were going to hit on anyone, they would hit on me. Why? Not sure. Maybe strong good looks I supposedly had, maybe that lots of people back then were certain that I was gay or bi, so they thought they could get away with it without getting their asses kicked. All I know is that I lived a nightmare like this for a number of years.

You have absolutely no idea how many guys are into this stuff; I don’t know what the numbers are, but they must be incredibly high. For young men, figures ranging from 10-15% would not surprise me one bit. But as they age, a lot of them drop out and knock it off. It must diminish a lot by the 30’s.

But I also had middle aged guys, macho guys, cops after me – even officers like sergeants, married men with little kids, on and on. A lot of them, you wouldn’t think they were gay or bi at all. Because although gay men are usually effeminate, bisexual guys or situationally gay guys can act any way you can imagine. They can act like the most macho guys on Earth.

I remember once I made friends with this guy was said he was bi, but I think he was mostly gay. We were over at his place, and he hit on me. I turned him down, then he confessed to his homo or bisexuality. He whipped out this set of about 50 photos. Young White guys, 18-25, all construction workers who were working on local sites. Really tough, hard-ass working class guys. He’d sucked all their cocks. I guess you just lie back, close your eyes, and pretend it’s a woman.

The only thing you can be sure of with a really macho guy is he’s almost always not completely or even mostly gay. However, femininity and effeminacy are related to male homosexual behavior. Quite a few wimpy, girly, or faggy guys of all orientations are into gay stuff, and the more sissy they are, the more likely that they are into it. So femininity is a marker for male homosexual behavior to a strong degree. But there are also a very small number of completely straight men who act queer as the Ace of Spades.

There were other guys, well, they had some feelings that way, you could tell, but it was obvious that they did not want to act on it. Those guys aren’t gay or bi or situational or anything. I’m simply convinced that a lot of young men have a low level of attraction to other guys that they don’t wish to act on at all.

I was supposedly very good looking as a young man, and a lot of guys, not really gay at all, are attracted to very goodlooking men. That’s why straight guys hate pretty boys so much. These straight men get turned on by pretty boys, and they have a gay attraction in their makeup, however minor, and it drives them furious that they feel this way. So they see a pretty boy, think, “Look at that fag!”, and feel like beating him up.

At the time, in Southern California, in the crowd I ran in, there was nothing wrong with this situational gay stuff. I spoke out against this fagging off nonsense and was condemned as “evil” for doing that.

There was a while when I wasn’t having sex with anyone, and I wasn’t even dating that much, and I was told I was “evil” for doing that too. Truth is, I was desperate for sex, but there just wasn’t much going on for whatever reason, not my choice. So I was involuntarily celibate or incel for whatever reason for a period of up to months or possibly longer. I just wasn’t getting any for various reasons, mostly shyness.

This is why I have some sympathy for incels. Most single men are incel for varying periods in their lives. And I hear about more and more sexless marriages all the time, so marriage is not a guarantee of sex at all. Quite a few married men might be technically incel. We are all incels now!

At that time though, everyone had to be fucking someone 100% of the time. If you had no luck with women, then you had to go fuck some guy. Anything but the evil of celibacy. This was late 70’s through mid 80’s at the peak of the Sexual Revolution.

A friend of mine asked me if guys are desperate these days. I don’t think so.

In my Dad’s generation, there was little to no sex before marriage. Guys hardly fagged off at all. I don’t know what they did instead, maybe jack it.

In many countries, that’s still pretty much the case. If a young man wants sex, he needs to get married. Otherwise, no sex. Young guys have a tradition of buying whores in these places to lose their virginity and become men.

So young men 30 years ago in Southern California were not desperate at all historically and on a world scale. I would say that on a world scale in time, single men in Southern California 30 years ago were getting record amounts of sex from women.

But during that era, you were always supposed to be having sex. Young single guys are probably not going to be getting constant sex. If you want that, you get married. Even back then, it was common or even typical to find young guys who, while not virgins or never had a date types, had no particular woman at the time. Dry spells.

Then again, a lot of guys who came after me were married, had steady women, lived with women, etc. I assume they were getting plenty of sex, or they could have if they wanted to.

I conclude that situational homosexuality or bisexuality is a pretty significant part of a lot of a very small percentage (possibly 10-15%) of young men’s lives, and in most cases it probably fades with age. Of that 10-15%, possibly 2/3 to 3/4 are more or less straight.

It needn’t be that way. In a proper society, situational homosexuality would be minimal.

Believe me, I have utmost respect for men who are truly gay or deeply bisexual. I know they can’t help it. If guys turned me on as much as women do and women turned me on  as much as they do now, I would have a hard time turning it down. I’d probably be out screwing guys like crazy, HIV be damned. If guys turned me on as much as women do, and women not at all, I hope I would have the guts to be gay.

But situational homosexuality is just that. It’s totally elective behavior, and they can knock it off anytime they want to.

The surveys are all wrong.

New surveys are done with complete anonymity. They take you into a room with a computer, and you fill out the questionnaire. No one knows who you are, and a computer program reads it.

They are getting very high scores of male homosexual behavior, crime, even violent crime, and drug use, even hard drugs. I saw a recent survey done on computers with total anonymity that had 13% of young Canadian guys in a suburb of Ontario engaging in regular gay sex. I would guess that of that number, only 25-30% are truly gay. The rest are something else, but that something else is mostly a straight thing.

This is the thing. You really need to have strong societal prohibitions against situational male homosexuality. Either that or mandate early marriage, cheap or free prostitution, or force young women, possibly at gunpoint, to have sex with young men. None of those last three are really possible.

Hence stigma is the only thing that keeps men from doing this. If you take the prohibition off of male homosexual behavior, as modern gay rights wants to, guys will engage in tons of situational homosexuality.

The only thing stopping them is stigma.

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61 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Epidemic of Situational Male Homosexuality in the US”

  1. I agree with this piece. I am 100% attracted to women, but when I was in my early 20s and very highly sexed, I did it with a guy, a landscape painter who seduced me. That was one experience was enough really. I knew I was straight. I got off on it but there’s nothing about men’s bodies that I like. He was quite feminine, very camp. He eventually married, but remained as camp as fuck.

    Elective homosexuality in males is certainly rampant in the case of the unavailability of females, even in countries where homosexuality is illegal, in the Arab states for example. I found men trying to get off with me in Afghanistan and Turkey, too. Male homosexuality is very unlikely to be tolerated there.

    “In a proper society, situational homosexuality would be minimal.”

    Because our society sees recreational sex as a virtual necessity? Are you advocating a return to more traditional norms? A less sexualised society?
    Are you suggesting sexual energy can be turned in other, more productive directions? There’s an interesting book about the lives of Vincent Van Gogh and Gauguin, the painters. It’s about the nine weeks they spent together in Arles, Provence. I went to Arles last summer. Very beautiful place.

    I can’t remember which one it was, I think it was Gauguin. Gauguin had an uncomplicated relationship to sex; Van Gogh’s was more troubled.
    Both men regarded sex as a kind of “hygiene”, but if Gauguin was starting a new a new painting, he would knock off sex entirely while he was at work.

    Van Gogh had a dream of an artist’s community in Arles, but his impending madness put paid to that. Not even Gauguin could live with him for long.

    Of the two painters, I prefer Van Gogh. Gauguin became a kind of primitivist, his Pacific island women lack a certain individuality, but Van Gogh is a modern, self taught and in ten years poured out an amazing number of paintings and drawings. He worked non-stop, as he knew his time was short. I think he was 37 when he died.

    I wonder if his madness was not in part tertiary syphilis. I think he contracted it from a very early contact with a prostitute. Treponema Pallidium is insidious. It can lie in wait for years and then totally destroy you. I went to an huge exhibition of Van Gogh’s last year in London. It was a revelation. An overused term, but Van Gogh was a genius. Well, now I’ve wondered off the point. If you want to be highly creative, cut the sex!

    My dad however trained as a painter in the 1930s, and he was so highly sexed his nickname was “the goat”. My mum still has a few of his paintings. He could have been good, but he gave it up in 1944 and became a silversmith instead. And he was very good at that.

    1. Van Gogh painted many prostitutes to survive because IIRC his “real” work didn’t do so well. so certainly may have had “relations” with some of them.

    2. I can understand some of the things you are saying in this piece of text, but you are portraying some very dangerous ideas. Some of the things you are saying are the very same ideals the nazis used to torture and murder thousands of homosexuals during the years of the holocaust. You need to be careful the way you are portraying these kinds of things, unless you actually believe that mass murder is a reasonably decent thing for mankind to participate in. In any case, I hope that you will become more mindful of the way you are using your thoughts to influence the world, or else you may unwittingly become an active participant in the next horrific world atrocity.

    3. You people are all incredibly ignorant. Yes, I agree that situational homosexuality is not needed and, in many cases, are not done on a consensual basis; such as in jails. But all this stuff about gay men always being feminine and ‘sissy’ is ridiculous. I am gay and I constantly get confused as straight, and am consequentially hit on my women all the time. I am not at all ‘sissy’ or ‘effeminate’ – I’m a total guy – as is my boyfriend. And I’m pretty much a total bottom. If you’re against gays, then just say it. Don’t say you “have the utmost respect for men who are truly gay” then turn around and say we’re all ‘sissy’ and feminine. Secondly, there are a high number of straight guys that I’ve slept with and while I could tell that most of them were actually straight, two weren’t … and one of them is probably the most masculine guy I’ve ever met without being a complete trashy douchebag redneck. I ended up falling in love with him and he me. But, thanks to people like you constantly saying we’re wrong and most people who engage in gay sex aren’t gay, he was determined to be straight, even though he wasn’t. As such, I lost the guy I loved, and still love to a degree, thanks to prejudice people like you. And taking the societal prohibition off of homosexuality will only allow people to be themselves. It’s not our fault that you’re scared of us, although I do agree with your comment about macho guys hating pretty boys. Keeping, or reinstating, societal homosexual prohibition, will only make truly gay men hate themselves and thus, refuse to be open and actually have a chance to be happy and have a loving relationship. In fact, creating a prohibition would only increase situational homosexuality while reducing the number of true gay men that are willing to come out. People like you disgust me.

  2. Because our society sees recreational sex as a virtual necessity? Are you advocating a return to more traditional norms? A less sexualised society?

    Not necessarily, but I think if you seriously proscribe homosexuality, there will not be much elective homosexuality going around. My father didn’t marry until he was 35, and he said that there was little of this going around. One time when he was teaching, some other male teacher invited him over. He went over there, the guy tried to seduce him, my Dad said I’m out of here. That was once. You got the feeling that most single guys back then did not do that sort of thing.

    I live with a bunch of Mexicans right now and they really, really, really hate homosexuality. As a result, from what I can tell, there is little elective homosexuality. They act like they would rather die than do that. The down side is they are idiotically homophobic, but I can tolerate that.

    Male homosexuality is rampant in Turkey and especially in Afghanistan. It is hardly proscribed at all in either place, and in both places, it is heavily bisexual or situational. A lot of the Arab world is the same way. There is lots of homosexuality in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Egypt. A lot of it seems to be situational or bisexual.

    1. Yup. They do it with each other, but at the same time hate homosexuals. It will probably pass, as some of those countries become more like the European Mediterranean countries.

      There is a reason for the slang term “going Greek.”

        1. Nope. Only new posts made when the account is logged.

          I am going to rectify this situation, though. Maybe set up my own blog or something. Just for shits and giggles.

    2. Iran has a good number of gays also. I read that the Iranian government was now giving gays gender reassignment surgery so they could marry their SOs.

      1. No, those are transsexuals, not gays. Iran hates gays. But Khomeini said that trannies were created by God, so that was ok. One of their top mullahs is a tranny that turned from a man to a woman, and some other mullah married him.

        1. robert One of their top mullahs is a tranny that turned from a man to a woman, and some other mullah married him.

          STFU Robert 😯

          Oh I so need a link please.

          But Khomeini said that trannies were created by God, so that was ok

          That’s what the article that I read said and that the people having the operation weren’t gernder confused. They were gay and just wanted to be with their SOs and live in peace.

        2. The double irony is that all of those Shia “Mullahs” are gay wiping boys in their youth spent at those Madressas.

          In is a very similar situation in many ways to that of Catholic priests, and Orthodox Christian clergy.

        3. Yup, and very similar like to all those cultures of the Mediterranean, it is all kept on the “down low.”

          A nation wide case of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

  3. By situational it sounds like you mean desperational. IS there an epidemic? I notice that this crops up more and more in films and tv shows – guy desperate for sex, can’t get no female satisfaction, ends up doing it with a guy – as if this was normal hetero behaviour. It isn’t. If it’s a woman you want, a guy won’t do; if a guy will do – at a pinch – you’re at least bi. Nothing wrong with that. Why do you want to ban it? I don’t have a problem with guys having sex with each other. I don’t have a problem with the media promoting homosexuality as just part of the variety of humanity, which it is. But I admit I do have a bit of a problem with this insidious jew communist NWO media propaganda promotion of desperational homosexuality as a normal part of every young man’s growing up experience. It isn’t, and that’s just sneaky and dishonest, and probably just gets up a lot of straight guys noses, rather than encouraging tolerance.
    I think it’s as a hard for a straight man to have gay friends as it is for him to have women as ‘just friends’. It doesn’t work. Me, I have some enduring friendships with lesbians – not part of my day to day life for long, but women I continue to like and spend time with occasionally over the long term. I’ve known a lot of gay guys who were perfectly nice, and so I feel I’m cheapening myself if I ever fall into macho gay-bashing talk, but it’s hard to really spend time with them, because there’s always something else going on for them that isn’t going on for me. I had a friend for a while – just lost touch – who used to come round and have spliff, sort of just easy to have around, but every so often I’d turn around and he’d have his cock out. I know you’re supposed to feel sick or want to kill them, but all I’d feel was ” furthest from my mind, I wish you hadn’t done that…” Depresses me a bit to be honest. And it’s bound to be like that – the gay guy will get bored, and the straight guy would rather go out chasing women or just read a book or have a wank. Doesn’t work. But live and let live, eh?

      1. Kinsey’s 1948 book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male outlines, among many other things, his finding that 46% of his male subjects had reacted sexually to persons of both sexes in the course of their adult lives, and 37% had at least one homosexual experience (and this was in the 1940s).

        This, in combination with other data he collected, is what led Kinsey to develop the “Kinsey Scale” as a purely behavioral characterization of a person’s sexuality (ranging from exclusive heterosexuality at 0 to exclusive homosexuality at 6).

        This book, as well as his 1953 book Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, are fascinating reads (though obviously a bit dated at this point), and I would recommend both of them.

        1. Kinsey’s book is wrong, I think. The % of males who have tried this sort of thing is more like 25%, IMO. The number of young guys, 15-30, doing this sort of thing may be as high as 13%, but it’s going to taper off after that. Exclusively to predominately gay men (what we think of as gay men) are 4%, not 10%. Exclusively to predominately lesbian women are 2%, not 10%. A lot wrong with his methods.

          I certainly agree that many males may react at least a little to both sexes. The meaning of “heterosexual” usually is “maximal attraction to females and minimal attraction to males.” With homosexual men, it is the opposite. Minimal attraction tends to be the norm, not zero.

        2. david and 37% had at least one homosexual experience (and this was in the 1940s).

          david & robert, this could mean many different things. Anything from a kiss, to intimate hugging, full on shag, or the mouth.

  4. I agree with most of what you have to say on a factual level, but am frankly a bit confused on an ethical level.

    What exactly is wrong with or socially destructive about guys engaging in situational homosexuality?

    Even granting that their are some socially destructive effects of homosexuality, it is not at all clear that as a whole these are worse than the overall effects of brutal and violent social stigmatization of homosexual behavior (which, as you mention, is usually not even particularly effective (as seen in Arabic culture)).

    1. No, it works. From 1973-1978, things were different. That was the hippie era. There was little homosexuality or bisexuality. You could wear a dress on Halloween, wear scarves, satin shirts velvet pants, and four inch heels, and assuming you were otherwise normal, no one would think you were a queer. It was assumed you were straight until proven otherwise.

      My father was single until he was 35. There was little to no homosexuality among his fellow men. He told me about it. I live with a bunch of Mexicans now. They seriously hate homosexuality and would rather die than do that. There is little situational homosexuality in this city, and almost no gays. The gays that may exist appear to be closeted. It was better that way!

      Stigma works great.

      I’m opposed to stigma for guys who are truly gay or seriously bi. Bi as in mostly attracted to men, not women. Those guys have some serious homosexual interests, and they will always be doing their stuff. The rest of them can take it or leave it. I think they ought to leave it.

      Why do I think this way, ethically? Because I hate it! I hate situational homosexuality, rampant bisexuality and having to ask is he gay or bi or is he not with every single guy you meet.

      I used to live in the Beverly Hills – West Hollywood – Hollywood area and “hip bisexuality” was simply everywhere. It was almost the norm.

      On top of that, there were epidemic levels of homosexuality that were totally open. Driving to work, scores of guys would aggressively cruise me. I was dodging guys all day long, and if I went out at night, all night too. It was a nightmare, and I starting to hate those guys after a while. And the prospect of making male friends is really weird and scary cuz you never know where the guy is coming from.

      I think it sucks! My opinion!

      1. Hey Brandon, you’re right even the dogs and pig would hate to do this arch racist punkass. A real sexy nigga down here… fuck you homophobic idiot. no one would come near you… Even the fishes deep down the water would puke at your intense stench dog..

      1. It’s true. I have been told that in South Africa, many of the Black men are getting HIV when they are away from home for long periods working in the mines. While there, they live in dorms, and homosexuality is utterly rampant, including tons of anal sex. They get HIV this way, then they go home and give it to their Black wives by regular sex.

        This seems to be how HIV is being transmitted in South Africa. I have heard that almost no non-gay Whites are getting HIV. So these poor African Black women are getting creamed by HIV from these guys.

        1. Robert do you have a link?

          I’ve always read that mine workers picked up HIV from prostitutes. Recently it’s been reported that circumcision is also a contributing factor with the spread of HIV in South Africa.

  5. The Arabic culture thing/homosexual is interesting. It goes way way back. Must have been something they picked up from the ancient Greeks and just hid and hid forever. Even in Don Quijote there were faint references to the Moors having a preference for pederasty. Also reminds me of good old William Burroughs and his boys in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. And Gide seemed to like his boys down there. Lot of faggy writers in North Africa I guess. I saw some stupid video on youtube about the tons and tons of gays in Turkey and even Saudi Arabia (sic) despite the rules against it. Society must just completely look the other way. I’d wager almost 50% of men there engage in it like the ancient Greeks used to.

    1. I can’t speak about all the different Arab countries, since I don’t know, but in Turkey, it is just and old cultural “habit” as far as I can tell.

      There is no shortage of whorehouses and loose women in Istanbul. It is easier for a guy to get laid by a woman in Turkey, than it is in the U.S.

      The Greeks still do it to. They just get to be more open about, being a nation that is a member of the E.U and all.

      As for Roberts’ take on Afghans, well, they are Central Asian rednecks. Our American rednecks fuck each other, and sheep, to.

      Remember Deliverance?

      After I saw this movie, I became a real fan of General William Tecumseh Sherman’s work in the South…

  6. The surveys are all wrong.

    Thank you thank you thank you for this post Robert. This is something that I know about because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

    There are a number of men who will look the other way if they can get thier hands on a pretty tranny. shucks, some trannies look better than real women.

      1. No you weren’t imagining it. Prison is another breading ground for situational homosexuality. So imates will have sexual realations with other men but will go back to women upon being released.

        For some men, it’s just a way for them to get off. There are men who will take a sloppy licking but aren’t into pen even as a top. That just crosses the line for them.

  7. “No, it works. From 1973-1978, things were different. That was the hippie era. There was little homosexuality or bisexuality. You could wear a dress on Halloween, wear scarves, satin shirts velvet pants, and four inch heels, and assuming you were otherwise normal, no one would think you were a queer. It was assumed you were straight until proven otherwise. “

    yeah, read the grotesque “ruth” comment.
    Donovan’s as straight as they come with four kids.
    Also…better than Dylan. Sorry Bob fans.

  8. Robert No, 37% had a homosexual experience to orgasm


    I forgot to add above that bording schools are another place where you can find situational homosexuality.

  9. It seems that most “straight” men who engage in situational homosexuality do not engage in anal sex or won’t suck off another man but they might occasionally let another man rub them off because they need a release. Most of the guys who would let another guy suck them off are probably at leasst bi.

  10. American white guy is the most emasculated guy in the world. Working out in a gym (what is more homo than that obligatory shower?) just ain’t gonna do it boys. That’s why we can’t win a war, even from sand monkeys who are all clearly ‘mo’s. If white boys could keep their bung holes clean like with a Fleet enema or something, I’d bugger more of them, so I am sticking to the women.

    And Robert, jefe, at the risk of getting banned and meaning no disrespect but you are not particularly good looking now and I can’t imagine you were that much better looking way back when.

    What up the preening narcissism?

    1. I know I’m old and ugly now, but way back then everyone said I was very good looking. I thought so too, but it’s nice to have a second opinion. So I guess the jury is in on that one.

      I never had a great body, always been skinny. But I had a really cute pretty boy girly boy type face, you know.

      I think I’m old and ugly now, but some women around my age or so still think I look great. Plus women and even girls check me out quite a bit. Even teenage girls. Even all the way down to 12-13 yr old girls. I don’t know if that’s looks or just the way I carry myself or what, but women always like me. I walk around like I’m King of the World, so maybe that has something to do with it. Women kind of like cocky, strutting bastards.

      People used to say I looked like Tom Hanks, Rick Springfield, etc.

      1. mm dream on and exagerrate .. tom hanks., tom cruise., di caprio none of this is true. The truth is you look like a white monkey from the planet of apes…

    2. Haven’t seen you in a long time, aah. So I made this great big fat queer post hoping to troll you in. That was some good chumming I did! Damn, you raced right over across the bay and almost jumped in the boat!

  11. No, women put both of those on me, actually.

    This is a great post. We had some girl cousins living with us for a while. They were really really into this “automatic toothbrush” thing that could serve as a great dildo. It was like their special object and it kept disappearing. They treated it like some kind of a talisman. I kept wondering what they were doing with that thing.

  12. Bob, I’m sure you know hard-core hippies, will tell you, as will pop historians, you missed the real hippie era. I missed most of it, being younger than one could be and live it.

    That is to say, hippiedom’s glory era “peaced out”
    from 1966 to 1970, though Donovan says it span thru 1973, doubtlessly because his last hit before his popularity faded dramatically, was “Cosmic Wheels” in 1973.

    Madson Avenue bought off and prolonged an artifical hippie fad through the 1970s but the core
    was exhausted, many say by 1971. The history of Haight Asbury with pot being replaced by more dangerous drugs sold by non-hippies kind of serves as an analogue.

  13. Sure there are a scattering of hippies around, just as there are a scattering of those who still would choose “beatnik” to self-describe. There are others who live a similar lifestyle as the 1967 prototype who don’t even call themselves “hippie.”

  14. reason: he had been sucking all three dicks for a year, and they suddenly realized that he was gay. beating him up was proof that they weren’t gay, i guess

    talk about looking(beating) a gift horse in the mouth.

  15. Umm, closeted gay teenagers from the Midwest travel to the coasts (East and West) so that they can live as “out” gay men and women. Living in *Southern California* and complaining/noticing that there seem to be a lot of openly gay men in your environment is as sensible as researchers in the antarctic complaining/noticing the amount of penguins in the local environs or seamen/sailors complaining/noticing the amount of whales that they spot in deep Atlantic waters.

  16. This post is ridiculous! I’m sorry you got picked on as a kid, obviously you still have some trauma from the experience that has transformed into this kind of obsessive homophobic talk.

    Here’s my two cents: All sexuality is beautiful. All of it. You know, there are recorded instances of all sorts of sexual behavior throughout human history. None of it’s wrong, and a lot of it isn’t heterosexual. In fact, the idea of heterosexuality as we see it now hasn’t even existed for that long!

    My story is that I grew up in the deep south and as a young gay kid, I hated myself for who I was, and I didn’t feel safe being out, so I moved as far away as I could. It’s this kind of talk, this kind of culture that made me feel unsafe. It’s men feeling un-manly or scared of being identified as gay that makes them bully, act out, engage in violence, and become alcoholics. It’s this kind of culture that causes suicides among gay, bisexual and transgender teens. Even effeminate, but straight people.

    Sex between men doesn’t suck. It’s actually pretty fun. You know, and even if a guy doesn’t want to be gay and still has sex with men, what’s the big deal? Sex is fun, and lord knows men need love. They got to hold it all inside so that other men don’t think they’re fags.

    1. I realize that this means nothing to you, but I support gay rights 100%. In fact, I am on the mailing lists for some gay rights organizations and I support their campaigns with letters and whatnot.

      I am just not wild about gay men is all.

  17. “This is the thing. You really need to have strong societal prohibitions against situational male homosexuality. Either that or mandate early marriage, cheap or free prostitution or force young women, possibly at gunpoint, to have sex with young men. None of those last three are really possible.

    If you take the prohibition off of male homosexual behavior, as modern gay rights wants to, guys will engage in tons of situational homosexuality.

    The only thing stopping them is stigma.”

    SO WHAT IF GUYS WANT TO MESS AROUND WITH OTHER GUYS? Why is that your concern? Why do you want to stigmatize something that is obviously bringing pleasure to someone else? Why do you want to interfere with someone else’s pleasure? Why are you that way? Why isn’t it enough for you to just go on with your own life and not have sex with men? Why do you feel the need to stop other men from doing it?

    Society does not need prohibitions against situational homosexuality. Society needs people to mind their own business and stop trying to run other people’s lives.

    1. I don’t want to live in a society where straight males are engaging in tons of situational homosexuality. For one thing, if I was a young man, they would not leave me alone. It was bad enough as a young man already.

      1. First of all, you’re not a young man, so you’re probably in the clear.
        Secondly, if the offending behavior is “unwanted attention”, women are victimized by that way more than the likes of you ever have been. Where’s their remedy? Who’s looking out for them? Certainly not you. You’d just as soon see women raped just to avoid being hit on yourself. Right? Who, besides you, wants to live in that kind of society?

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