War World to Man World

A commenter talks about males and blood lust:

You know Alpha, I agree that women are outwardly not physically violent like men are. They tend to only kill for a just reward, like money, revenge, power.Ego never plays a part in it. They don’t kill for pleasure like men do. At least some men at any rate. When I went into the Army at age seventeen, I was looking to kill. It was all ego. Nobody had to convince me to like the idea. It was primal fun. A lot of men lust for it.

Boys live in War World. War World is prep for Man World. When we were boys, we played endless sorts of army type games where we would attack the other boys’ armies with various weapons. Often we would pretend to die when shot or hit.

We also collected GI Joes, fake toy weapons, plastic army men, etc. We used to mutilate our army men, cut their limbs off, lash scars all over them, cover them with dog crap and bury them in some place we called “The Graveyard.” The destroyed army men were called “The Spooks,” and we were all scared of them.

Then we made plastic reptiles out of Plastigoop and had wars with them. Some of them lost limbs in battle. The leader of my army was a red spider named Tim with missing limbs he had lost in a war. We used to send them on huge “army marches” all over the house. My Mom thought it was insane.

We also spent much of our boyhood fighting in various ways, teasing and tormenting other boys, etc. We used to play a game called “Kill the Man on the Hoppityhop” or “Smear the Queer.” One guy would ride the Hoppityhop, and the others would all jump all over him and try to massacre him. Whoever stayed on longest and endured the massacre won.

Boyhood was one endless war. Our mothers were always breaking it up, but then it would just start up again the next day. My late Dad was a dipshit about this, insisting that we were pure evil, since he and his angelic brothers never fought for one second. I guess they were a bunch of fags? Anyway, I don’t believe that.

Boyhood is training for manhood. It’s boot camp for manhood. Mostly, it’s about creating a straight and masculine male. I don’t think that gay boys (future gay men) go through this sort of thing. I’m not sure what their boyhood is like, but I don’t think it is like ours. I suspect they are inside with Mom baking muffins instead.

Guys who tried to hang out but were babies or effeminate were totally destroyed. One guy was a friend of mine, Dave. He was a wuss who was always crying for no reason. Every time we saw him crying, we called him a fag and beat him up!

It was the right thing to do!* Yeah! Not only that, but it was fun! Hell yeah!

He eventually got the message and turned into a normal guy. In fact, he was one of the most incredible womanizers I have ever met. However, he also had a bisexual side which he finally gave in to when he was 22 years old. He stayed with that for some time, and then I lost track of him.

One time, in 1981, I went up to visit him in West Hollywood where he was living with some very annoying queer named Raul. I didn’t know he had gone bi at that time.

We went to the Lingerie Club in LA and tried to pick up chicks. We ended up at a table with these two knockouts dressed to the nines who looked like actresses or models. They were sitting at a table with two empty seats across from them. I walked up and asked if we could sit down. The one hottie, Reyna, said, “Ok, for now.”

They kept reminding us for a long time that we were “temporary” because supposedly these two hot guys who they were with were going to show up. When they said this, Dave and I turned to each other and said, “Yeah right! Temporary! Their boyfriends are coming later! Sure!” We burned the chicks. But the dates never did show up. Later we made fun of the chicks by pointing out that their hottie dates never showed up.

My friend Dave was wearing leather pants, which in LA, often means you’re queer, but maybe not always. Reyna pointed out, insultingly and in an outraged tone of voice, that he was wearing leather pants. What she meant by that was, “You’re a faggot!” Dave and I shrugged our shoulders and said, “So what? So he’s wearing leather pants? What about it? You got a problem with that?” Then we turned around and laughed at the chicks.

In the middle of the show, some guy was eating a chick’s pussy on the dance floor near me. Or at least I think he was. I pointed it out to Reyna, and said, “Is that weird?” She looked over at the scene, shrugged her shoulders, and said, “No, that’s not weird.”

Dave went out to car, snuck a bottle of Tanqueray gin in, and we started pouring free drinks for ourselves. At first the hotties insisted that they didn’t want any. Dave and I gave each other high-fives and said, “Cool! More for us! Haha!” and gave the chicks snarky looks.

After a while, of course, the hotties started asking for gin themselves and we gave them some. At first they only wanted a tiny bit, but then of course, they kept asking for more and more. The waitress was Texeira, a singer in a punk band. She saw that we snuck the bottle in, but she didn’t care.

Later Dave said, “This band sucks.”

I said, “Fine! Go sit in the car!”

We struck out anyway with the chicks, and Dave stole my car.

He and Raul came and picked me up afterwards, and we went back there. I slept on the couch. I woke up in the middle of the night and I could tell they were fucking in the bedroom. My best friend, getting fucked in the ass by a guy! Damn!

Somehow I went back to sleep and woke up in the morning. Dave had this arrogant, “So I fagged off, what about it?” attitude, and Raul was very annoying. Raul of course spent most of the morning trying to seduce me, and he laid this weird trip on me the whole morning like this:

“Bob! Admit it! You’re gay! You’re living a lie! You say you’re straight, but you’re not! You’re gay just like me! You can try to get women your whole life, but it will never work, because you’re gay gay gay gay! You’re a sad case. I pity you, a closeted gay.”

That’s a Hell of a thing to say to a young, 23 yr old single guy!

Apparently this was one of his queer lines he used to seduce straight guys because he did the exact same number to a friend of mine, Deron.

One reason I dislike queers is because they move Heaven and Earth to try to seduce straight guys and convert them to queerdom.

In fact, my friend Dave had been converted to queerdom. He had moved in with Raul as a roommate (Bad idea!), and then Dave got fired from his job and ran out of money. After a while, Raul said, “Your ass or I throw you out on the street.” Dave came back and lived with me in my apartment for a few days, and then he left. I was told he went back to live with Raul.

I strongly urge all straight guys to not make friends with gay or bi men. My experience has been that they will never stop trying to seduce you, and friendship with these idiots is simply not possible.

*However, I certainly do not agree with raping other boys or men to shame them for their lack of masculinity. That’s just evil, and the guy is possibly screwed up for a long time afterward into adulthood, or maybe permanently, as a result.

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10 thoughts on “War World to Man World”

  1. It was the right thing to do
    I think this is why the heard or lost boy
    thing is a big part of male culture. I hear grown men worried about having their firends tease them. I’m like WTF, you’re an adult.
    Women don’t suffer from heard mentality in the same way.

    Darn Robert you’ve had some life experiences. You’re a good story teller too.

    In the middle of the show, some guy was eating a chick’s pussy on the dance floor near me

    You must take me to that club when I visit Cali one day.

    Prince is the only str8 man who can wear leather pants. I’m “friends” with a number of drag queens and they have their own version of the marine story -i.e. str8 men who like “favors”

  2. “Women don’t suffer from heard mentality in the same way.”

    Hmm… maybe not in the same way, but having worked in several majority-female environments I can say that you all do(generally) in your own way.

    I agree about gay friends being too pushy, usually. Though I have an old friend who came out of the closet and he’s not that way because we already had an established friendship.

  3. Although your comment about not making friends with gays or bis is accurate for queer guys on average, I fail to understand what reasonably distinguishes it from the following sentiment:

    “I strongly urge all white guys to not make friends with black men. My experience in the United States has been that they on average have a considerably lower IQ and more violent disposition, and friendship with these idiots is simply not possible.”

    This statement, like yours, is also accurate in a purely statistical manner.

    1. A lot of Black guys are cool. They’re nonviolent and many are quite intelligent. There are literally millions of these men in the US.

      Your chances, as a straight male, of a rewarding friendship with a gay or bi male, based on my experiences?

      Basically ZERO. They will never stop trying to fuck you, they never take no for an answer, and they will try every single devious, evil and maybe even illegal trick in the book to try to get in your pants. I believe it is impossible for straight men to have close friends who are gay or bi. It’s simply not possible. Your mileage may vary!

      1. Your experiences with gays are due solely to the fact that you are physically attractive. It is likewise practically impossible for extremely attractive females to be close friends with straight men. I personally happen to fall around the bottom .1 percentile or so in terms of physical attractiveness, and as such as a straight male have had no problem forming meaningful friendships with gay males.

        Also, I’m not sure if you have noticed or not, but your “hellish existence” of being constantly harassed, hit on, and stalked by unwanted men in the street is pretty much just basic normality for attractive women in most places of the world (and many places in the United States). My roommate of several years was an extremely attractive lesbian (exclusively homosexual) who was aggressively harassed and stalked in the street an average of around 10 to 15 times a day by heterosexual males. As such, she tended to exhibit the intense misandry characteristic of your typical Cultural Marxist Feminist.

        This is merely the human breeding drive, nothing special at work here. I think that your aggressive anti-queer posture based on personal experience is just as unreasonable as my former roommate’s aggressive anti-male posture.

        1. I think you are right.

          I met a guy recently downtown who was begging money. I bought him some food instead. He was homeless. An Hispanic guy, about 30 years old, and boy was he good looking! He seemed like the best looking guy on Earth. Guys like that bring out the queer even in guys who are basically straight. He told me how he had been walking to the store with a Mexican guy just a few minutes before and the guy suddenly grabbed his cock or something and asked him to have sex. That’s a really weird thing for a Mexican guy to do, but then I realized that it was because the guy was so damned handsome. He probably has to deal with this shit all the time.

          Hell, I almost thought he was attractive myself, and I’m hardly attracted to guys at all.

          I don’t have an aggressive anti-queer stance. I support their legislative agenda nearly 100%. I participate in a lot of their political campaigns, mostly on the Net. I totally support guys who are truly gay or deeply bi in living out their sex lives to the fullest. I just don’t particularly want them very near to my world, that’s wall.

          Separate universes please. Them in theirs, me in mine.

        2. Hey, if you can somehow be friends with these guys while they leave you alone sexually, then by all means go for it.

          When I was younger, I used to fantasize about being nonsexual friends with gay guys. Then I realized that there was no way in my world that that would ever work.

        3. I find that amusing to read, because in my youth I used to harbor precisely the opposite fantasy: that one of my gay guy friends would hit on me, thereby validating my (alas, nonexistent) physical attractiveness.

          In my world, this is exactly as likely as gay guys NOT hitting on you is in your world.

  4. women are FAR more cattle in the herd.

    personality variation among women is not nearly as diverse as it is amongst men. this is even the case across other species.

    it is what makes women boring. their pussies make them interesting. sorry to break it to you chic.

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