More Comments on the Genetics of Filipinos

The question involves whether or not Filipinos have some Negrito genes. The Negritos are the original Australoid peoples of the Philippines. The Filipinos are the modern, SE Asian Mongoloid types that we all familiar with.

SE Asian Australoids are people like Papuans, Melanesians and Negritos.

It is possible to be part this or that in your background, but it won’t show up in genes or in skulls. I think we are all aware that SE Asians in general are a mix of a Mongoloid type with more primitive Australoid types = Negrito or Melanesian types, that were already living there. But when we look at skulls, we see nothing. SE Asian skulls do not look Australoid, other than Negritos and the Senoi.

Classic SE Asian appearance in a young Filipina with relatively dark skin, an adaptation to the tropical climate. She also somewhat resembles a Taiwanese aborigine.

When we go looking for Australoid genes, we can’t seem to find much of those either. Just a few here and there along the coast of Vietnam, in Malaysia and in Indonesia. Though there are a lot more in Eastern Indonesia.

So, yeah, Filipinos may well be part Melanesian/Negrito going way back when (Heck, all SE Asians are) but there’s little to nothing obvious left of the Australoid presence, other than maybe some vague look in the faces won’t plot on a chart (Filipino skulls won’t plot with Australoid skulls on charts).

Emilio Aguinaldo, a famous Filipino independence fighter. This look, often said to be Australoid, actually shows resemblances to the Taiwanese Ami.

The analogy with Amerindians is a good one. Amerindians in the US have quite a bit of White genes. Most are only part Amerindian anymore. But Whites do not have a lot of Amerindian genes. Sure, we have some (I am 1/3000 Amerindian as I am related to Pocohontas), and perhaps a majority of Americans have Amerindian genes, but they only have small amounts of them.

Vast amounts of White genes went into the Amerindian population. Few Amerindian genes went into the White population. Both via genocide and genetic swamping effects.

A similar situation may have existed in the Philippines. Aeta genes now look Filipino, but Filipinos seem to have few Negrito genes that I am aware of.

Wilma, a Filipina girl from Siteo Pader, Angeles City. This Filipina girl has a classic Filipina look to her. She is much closer to a Taiwanese Ami than to a Negrito, as you can see.

The Negritos were simply genetically swamped out. Vast amounts of Filipino genes went into the Negritos, but few Negrito genes went into the Filipinos.

A Negrito woman from the Philippines. Do Filipinos look like this? No. Hence, don't have many Negrito genes.

All of this is complicated by the fact that the original Austronesians may well have been Australoid types. At 5000 YBP, the Taiwanese aborigine Ami, the source of the Filipino population, are Australoid.

An Ami girl from Taiwan. The Ami, Taiwanese aborigines, are the source population of most of the Philippines and the closest relatives of Filipinos.

They transition to Mongoloid over the next 3000 years. Probably a similar transition occurred in the Philippines, as the Ami in the Philippines slowly turned into Mongoloids along with the rest of SE Asia.

A chart showing the near-perfect relationship between the Taiwanese Ami and the Filipinos. The relationship is clear and unmistakable. Note that other Taiwanese populations could not have been the source.

It is true that there are Bornean genes from Borneo in the South of the Philippines, that is, the South Filipinos of Mindanao are part Bornean.

The heavily-Austronesian (Ami) people of Sabah. People from Sabah went up into the Southern Philippines (Mindanao) at some point in the past. P.S. The lady in the middle is a cutie. Same with 3rd one on the top and 3rd one on the left.

The proto-Daic genes from 15,000 YBP that make up 80% of the Indonesians were from an Australoid people. Proto-Daics (the ancestors of the present day Dai people of Yunnan in South China) 15,000 YBP were Australoids. I am not sure what they looked like. Maybe something like an Aborigine or a Melanesian. The Indonesians then transitioned to Mongoloid types over the next 13,000 years or so.

An Indonesian with a strong Australoid appearance. Quite a few Indonesians retain some Australoid features.

The Anuids or Ainu types probably passed through the Philippines two times.

An Ainu woman with quite a bit of Japanese in her. Most Ainus are now heavily Japanese. By the way, she's a hottie.

The first time, going from Thailand as the Ainuid Jomonese to Japan on boats to form the Japanese Jomonese 16,000 YBP.

An Ainu chief showing the typical Ainu appearance before Japanese gene flow.

Possibly the same migration brought the Jomonese to Australia as the Ainuid Murrayans, a formative element in the Aborigines.

Typical Aboriginal women.

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95 thoughts on “More Comments on the Genetics of Filipinos”

  1. I’m Korean, in other words as Mongoloid as it gets, and I just don’t consider Filipinos, Indonesians etc. as the same race as myself. Vietnamese, however, I feel an affinity with.

        1. Where is the boundary between NE Asian and SE Asian? I thought SE Asian started with countries below China?

      1. You’re not the same race. NE Asian and SE Asian are two completely different races. You Koreans are closer genetically to Whites than to SE Asians. No kidding.

        Why are Koreans genetically closer to whites?


        1. You are actually Negritos with a some admixture from Australoids and some inbreeding. Inbreeding is what gives those wonderful (or not so wonderful depending on who you ask) Caucasoidal features like straight hair, supraorbital brow ridges, and light skin. The more Caucasoidal features you have the more simian you will look because your essentially triggering junk hominid genes left over from previous generations.

          Mr. Lindsay knows this but is afraid to delve into it because it would devastate everything he has conjured up about his race: the Caucasians. White skin and blue eyes have no advantage over brown eyes and black skin in any environment.

        2. Bob Goldman, I just wanted to let you know that the characteristics of the color of the skin and eyes gives some advantages or disadvantages depending on the environment.
          Light colored eyes and white skin are advantages in areas where the incidence of ultraviolet light from the sun and is not very high, as Light colored eyes have a higher photosensitivity than brown eyes, and white skin is more prone to have skin problems such as burns and even skin cancer. While people with dark skin and eyes castahos not have this problem.

        3. Mr bob.on this site i’m one of the idiots. But I can tell you that my light skin and eyes are a real problem in environments that are sunny. My size would also de a problem in a arid desert climate. it only makes sense for isolated populations of animals to get features that are beneficial for their environment. The neaderthal had specifics to its colder climate. large nose. red hair and lots of hair. a larger body helps cold weather animals stay warm.

      2. Saying closer to White is a meaningless comment, more political than anything. The term White has no biological meaning whatsoever.

        1. Hey we’re all learning so it’s all good.
          Robert, howabout looking again in the mirror. What do you see. I don’t want to offend anybody but there was a US document that said there were 10 to 20 million Jews, mostly from Eastern Europe in the USA a century ago. From genetic studies, what do you think is that number right now. My guess is a very big chunk of the US population has Jewish genetics. Believe it or not, i have a bit of it. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong about being a Jew.

      3. Smoking something good there, mate? Those light skin color Viet have some “Yue” and Khmer/native SEA, and far less “Han”. Cantonese have more “Han”. You’re stupid enough to listen to those dumb ass Viets that do not understand evolution and the “birth of ethnicity”.

    1. sorry to break it to you but Filipinos are as far as I know are mix of all Asians and of people of Spain. because I know mostly about the Philippines and its origins from my Filipino side of the family I don’t really know the actual facts other than what I have stated.

    2. You’re not Korean. You’re a Vietnamese who is a Korean wannabe, who hates on darker Asians with Malay blood. Viets have always been East Asian wannabes.

  2. In fact, if someone were to lump in Koreans in the same category as Filipinos, Indonesians, etc., I would be offended. Similar to how some Nordicists don’t like the greasy dagos.

        1. In fact, the Han Chinese are the leading and most accomplished of the Mongoloid peoples. They put the other Asians to shame, cuz they don’t bow down and take orders from anybody, unlike the Japs, South Koreans, Filipinos, etc.

    1. I would be offended if my Austronesian Brothers and Sisters would be lumped in the same category as your people….. Ewwww. Your people who in all it’s glory only managed to influence a very tiny portion of the world with it’s language and culture. On the other hand, my seafaring Austronesian ancestors managed to spread its culture and language half way around the world before the Europeans started colonising parts of Asia. Get over yourself.

  3. “They transition to Mongoloid over the next 3000 years. Probably a similar transition occurred in the Philippines, as the Ami in the Philippines slowly turned into Mongoloids along with the rest of SE Asia.”

    Interesting, hey Robert has this kind of ” Transition” ever happened anywhere else in the world around the same period of time ?

  4. Where do these gorgeous Ami women hang out? South Philipinnes you say? Right, I’m off…:)

    1. To Chic Noir:

      The woman in the first pic is very pretty. Her skin is as smooth as silk. I wonder if it’s been photoshopped?

      It doesn’t look like it. Even if the photo had been photoshopped it is quite easy to find Filipinos and Thais with excellent skin. Much more so in the middle and upper classes where they can afford good nutrition and skin care products.

      1. There are some pure Filipinos with fairer skin than most of the population. You can find them in the Cordillera mountains of Luzon.

  5. The Philippines should be renamed Austronesia. Since Filipinos are actually Austronesian peoples it makes perfect sense. The current name has too much stigma attached to it and the country needs to erase the colonial legacy left from spain. Get rid of the Church and destroy the ‘semi-feudal’ system.

    Our nation needs a CLEAN SLATE more than anything else. I also support most of R Lindsay’s views such as equitable distribution of national wealth, universal healthcare, zero population growth, along with other socialist endeavours.

    I want change for my country and I want it NOW.

    1. Socialism would just give the people in power even more power to abuse you. Socialism ultimately depends on violence and violence only creates more violence.

  6. anon They put the other Asians to shame, cuz they don’t bow down and take orders from anybody, unlike the Japs, South Koreans, Filipinos, etc.

    Well, the Japanesse were smart enough to hold onto to

    1. “Well, the Japanesse were smart enough to hold onto to

      Did the really hang on to it through the will of the populace? From what I understand, Buddhism had been making major inroads for centuries until the xenophobic Meiji restoration which cracked down on buddhism.

    2. Action speak louder than words. Buddha is suppose to look like East Indian but you turned all Buddhas in China to look Chinese. Liars.

  7. Anon:
    In fact, the Han Chinese are the leading and most accomplished of the Mongoloid peoples. They put the other Asians to shame, cuz they don’t bow down and take orders from anybody, unlike the Japs, South Koreans, Filipinos, etc.

    Sorry to say this but this was not so when the Japanese controlled much of China in the 1900’s


        1. Well, sorry to correct you, but China was rules for MOST of its history by foreign people (Liao Dynasty: Khitan: 907-1125; Jin Dynasty: Jurchen: 1115–1234; Yuan: Mongol: 1271-1368; Qing: Jurchen: 1644 to 1912 ). The Ming were the exception – otherwise you have to go back to the Song or Tang to find Chinese rulers that were Han Chinese…
          So much to the not bowing to others…..

  8. Robert,

    Do you have a link to the other similar article that you and I were having a chat on — The one where I claimed that East Asians are mostly cold-adapted Negritos?

  9. Robert, do the Northern Han Chinese also belong in the NE Asian race? And if so, how can they be that different from Southern Han Chinese if they both belong to the same y-chromosome haplogroup?

  10. Okay well Im a Malukan,and I know most of us have a very blatant Australoid mixed look,but arent we half SE Asian half Austroloid/Melanesian?Who do the Malukans and Timorese cluster with

  11. wow. the topic is ethnicity and genetics. and this anon ass made it a racial superiority thing. what a jack ass. your korean? didn’t the “japs” own your asses til after world war 2? just a question..

  12. there´s no effin´ thing, such as race…. we are all human beings, and to clasiffy a group as primitive or genes as primitive is sooo anti scientific. Are you still in 18 th century? Don´t you effin´ read?

  13. Mr Lindsay,
    with all due respect, your blog on ‘negritos’ is just as offensive as your circa 1972 eyeglasses. you know, the ‘classic’, ‘look’ of the paedophile ‘types’.

  14. Please note above person who claimed to be Anon is not Korean, he’s Japanese or Taiwanese national posing as Korean here. I’ve checked his postings at other forums and he’s definitely not Korean. There’s no such ethnic group called Northern Han Chinese, because Northern Han is just admix of Mongol and Southern Han.

  15. um Sir can you link me the sites of where you got your information from cause most of this is false. i also had a comment on your “filipinos are so dark” site and i dont want to reiterate my views of the filipinos. let me say again as i said in your other article that the Ami came from the philippines not the other way around. this is close to being a fact, a late study started in 2008 will prove this. Oh fyi Aguinaldo is half chinese every filipino knows that.

    1. It is absolute crap. The original Austronesian languages were spoken by the Taiwanese aborigines. The Ami were one of the tribes that left Taiwan long ago to populate the Philippines. Filipinos genetically look very much like the Ami tribe of Taiwan, more than any other people. Genetically, they do not much resemble the Indonesians and Malays. The Ami themselves are also close to the Han of Hong Kong. The pre-Ami probably came to Taiwan from the mainland area around Hong Kong long ago.

  16. Through researching books and internet resources modern Koreans are actually a mixture of Altaic Tungusics and southern Asiatics (particularly Tai-Kradai and Han Chinese people). In fact, recent genetics studies have shown that Koreans are 25% Han Chinese and lesser percentage of SE Asiatics (the rest being genes similar to modern Tungusics). Though the majority of Korean genes are similar to the Tungusics (and other Altaic Mongoloids) they are not pure Altaics. The same with the Japanese (though they have a strong Ainu/Jomonese element to).

    In regards to the SE Asiatics as a whole, they are a different race than NE Asiatics (Japanese, Koreans, Manchus, Mongols, Buryats, Yakuts, etc.). I don’t know if they are closer to Caucasoids, but they certainly lack the Negrito element found in many SE Asian ethnic groups. Even the cultures of NE Asiatics (with honorific systems and a strong hierarchical social structure) is different from the more socially casual SE Asiatics.

    1. Yes, you’re just about right.
      Koreans are 25% Han Chinese, 25% Mongolic tribes, 50% Tungusic tribes which settled in Korea during paleolithic era, Han Chinese element in Korean is more later arrivals possibly 2,000 years ago. This is why Korean mtDNA and atDNA indicates they’re far away from Han Chinese than any other East Asian. Japanese are just 50% Korean and 50% Jomons, Ainu tribes added later in 19th century.

      Filipinos are mixed between Ami tribe from Taiwan, Australoid tribes and Chinese immigrants.

  17. I still think that clumping the Ami, Nigeritos (and Andamanese), Papuans and Australian aborigines together into one group, Austronesian, and then leaving it at that does not do any justice to the diversity, both phenotypically and genetically, between those groups. To me, they look as distinct as Caucasians, Negroids and Mongoloids do from each other.

      1. Even without the Ami in the group, having all of them in the Australoid Race is a bit messy. Some of them look so distinct. Something is off with lumping the Andamanese with Australian Aborigines — phenotypically, it’s like lumping African blacks with Tamils.

  18. ah, sir i have a question… i live in SE asia, (philippines)… my grandfather looks like a japanese and i got his look.. actually, my classmates thought that my dad or mom is a chinese,korean or japanese but we dont have any japanese blood sir, whats the reason???
    i’m not saying any bad comments to any raise i mentioned. i just want my question to be answered. thank you sir

  19. Hi Robert,
    YOU’RE IN FOR A SURPRISE bro. It’s been said before that The Ami tribe of Taiwan populated the Philippines 4,000 years ago but a more diverse study shows that it’s the other way around. (link at the bottom) The brown Filipinos went to Taiwan & possibly parts of southern China 10,000 years ago. The Pinoys today look like Ami because millions of Chinese have moved there the last 400 years. Look it up. Why? The original Pinoys have big eyes & Chinese people find that beautiful. If you don’t believe it, ask an honest Chinese or better yet find out the % of Chinese in America, China, & Korea that are getting eye lid surgeries. My guess is it’s way up there, wayyy more so than any other race having other type of surgeries. Try to remember Chinese (Not Pinoys) in California in the 70′s compared to today. Before, all of them had slender eyes but now, just about all have bigger eyes. WOW !. Must be lots of clinics out there.

    1. This is just wrong. It’s the male line that comes from the Ami. And it’s the female line that is ancient SEA (Melanesian basically). It’s the male line related to the Ami from which the Filipino languages came from.

      1. ONE MORE THING. These genetic results is based on 5% of known genes. The other 95% they say is useless. No such thing as useless when you consider miliions of years of evolution. We all know it’s because the so called scientists could not figure out the remaining 95%. There’s a new thing too about genetics. It’s sort of swithing at the right condition which is like 2 genes that seem to be so closely related are actually further apart than the vice versa.

  20. Australoid genes show up in the darker skin and reduced IQ and brain size of southeast Asians compared to pure Mongoloids. It’s analogous to East Indians whose australoid genes make them darker and dumber than pure caucasoids.

    1. No.

      Some of those “pure Mongoloids” are like the Japanese. The Japanese are 1/2 Korean Mongoloid + 1/2 Ainu Australoid. They have some of the highest IQ’s on Earth.

      Vietnamese are recently evolved Mongoloids, only going full Mongoloid in the past 2000 years. They retain Australoid traits. Their IQ’s are 99.5. Recent studies show a similar group, the Thais, may be IQ’s of 99.

      Melanesian (pure Australoid) IQ is the same as Filipino and Indonesian IQ (Mongoloid with some Australoid features) and Polynesian and Micronesian (Australoid/ Mongoloid mix). All have IQ’s of 86-87.

      No Australoid genes in Afghans, and they have IQ’s of only 82. Even South Asians who appear to be relatively pure Indo-European Aryan don’t have very high IQ’s. All of South Asia is depressed in terms of IQ, and no one quite knows why.

      So your theory is not working.

      1. Ok, the genealogical facts are modest, but what about the anthropological, archeological and paleontological artifacts? are there any bones of ancient/archaic less-developed pre-humans left in any specific regions? if there are any, I need some proof of evidence, please.

      2. Also about IQ.
        Measuring the IQ of all races in the USA than in their native land will yield a more accurate result. The reason why the Chinese have such a high mark in the USA is because they spend way too much time studying compared to others. Also, they work as a group – in their homework & at libraries – an ADVANTAGE THAT OTHER’S DON’T HAVE which is exactly the DEFINITION OF CHEATING. So Robert please report this to the US government to do something.
        If you’re going to measure IQ’s of Chinese in mainland China, make sure the original English version will get translated into Chinese a few minutes before the exam. Leave the government 0 tolerance for cheating. If this is enforced, Shanghai students will not be getting away with high marks. So far, they are. And it’s not a good thing.

      3. all those IQ are very controversial different study and modality and different result ….at now it is not possible be precise about QI

  21. Malaysians, Filipinos, and Indonesians are in the same racial subgroup; however, I have researched this enough to find that Filipinos have unique genetic signatures that is the same with native Taiwanese.

    If you think Asians look like East Asians, that’s a foolish stereotype. Filipinos have unique genetic makeup compared to Malaysians and Indonesians. Their genes are neither dominant or recessive to other races (dark or white). They are very versatile.

    Please learn more about genetics and DNA switching.

  22. Oh and I forgot the Denisovan Hominin disperal from Russia to South East Asia. Majority were traced in Filipino genome.

  23. lol, you’re an idiot. You pick the most East Asian-looking Filipinos but they’re not representative of Filipinos. Go there and see for yourself instead of googling images. NOBODY thinks that Emilio Aguinaldo looks Australoid. In fact, he’s part Chinese, like most of the wealthy people in the Philippines. He looks far more East Asian than most Filipinos. There are poor Filipinos all over the place who look very much Australoid

  24. “. The more Caucasoidal features you have the more simian you will look because your essentially triggering junk hominid genes left over from previous generations.” Huh? Are you playing twist the stereoptypes here, for dramatic effect? Caucasoid means, generally, a straight facial angle/;profile, a firmly molded chin, a high bridge nose and eyeballs that are not rounded out, straight, wavy or ringleted hair, and a straight spinal structure. Except for body hair, Caucasoid does not proximate with “simian” ; prognathism and flat noses tended to do that, although individuals of any race may look a bit “simian.” You jus jivin’.

  25. anon is so offensive that it’s actually funny. I don’t remember being around someone so racist that I actually just want to preserve it like a museum piece.

  26. To Robert the dummy lol. Take a chill pill.

    History of Yue People

    Basically, during the spring/autumn and warring states period times, the people that dwelled in the southern region of what’s called “Zhejiang”, “Fujian”, “Guangdong” provinces today and northern part of “Vietnam” are called “Yue” people. The Yue people are quite diverse and have many clans and tribal federation. The Yue people are considered by the civilized chinese of the central plain (中原) as uncivilized and therefore barbaric. Because of so many clans and tribes, the Yue people are also called the “Hundred Yue” (百越).

    During the Spring/Autumn period, among the Yue people, the tribes that are more advanced and civilized will have to include the “Yue” (越) clan and ” Gou Wu” (句吴) clan. During those times, they dwelled in the region of the lake Tai. The Yue clan founded the Yue state (in today’s Zhejiang province region) while the Gou Wu established the Wu state (in today’s Jiangsu province region). Later, the Wu state defeated the Yue state and the king of Yue, “Gou Jian” (勾践) had to rear horses for the king of Wu, “Fu Chai” (夫差). However, the king of Yue later gained trust from the king of Wu and he was allowed to return to Yue kingdom. Legend had it that after he returned to Yue kingdom, he worked very hard to make his kingdom strong. Finally after 10 years of hardwork, he finally defeated the Wu state. However, by the late Warring states period, the Kingdom of Yue was conquered by the Chu kingdom (one of the 7 strong states during the warring states period).

    Although the Yue kingdom was conquered by the chu kingdom, the Yue people survived. The Yue people of former yue state and Wu state intermixed with the Hua Xia people (ancestors of Han-chinese) . After the warring states period, the “hundred Yue’ term began to become popular. During the Western Han period, the people of the south were officially called “Hundred Yue”. The “Yue” (越) could also referred to another Yue “粤” (which means “cantonese”).

    During the early Han dynasty period, the “Hundred Yue” were divided into “Eastern Ou” (东瓯), “Min Yue” (闽越), “Southern Yue” (南越), “Western Ou” (西瓯), “Luo Yue” (骆越) etc, main groups.

    1. “Eastern Ou” (东瓯) – also known as “Ou Yue” (瓯越). They dwelled in the region of previous Yue and Wu state. (today’s Zhejiang Wenzhou region)

    2. “Min Yue” (闽越) – also within the region of previous Yue state (today’s Fujiang province) – these were the ancestors of the “Min” chinese people today (who speaks Hokkien dialect)

    3. “Southern Yue” (南越) – within the region of today’s Guangdong province, later developed into the region of Guangxi province and its south part. They were the ancestors of cantonese today.

    4. “Western Ou” (西瓯) – within the region of today’s western part of Guangdong province and southern part of Guangxi province

    5. “Luo Yue” (骆越) – today’s north Vietnam region. The ancient Luo Yue people were the direct ancestors of today’s Vietnamese. Today’s vietnam in chinese is called “Yue Nan” (越南), which means south of Yue.

    The above Yue people were all conquered by Emperor Han Wudi during his military expansion campaign of the south (I’ll narrate this campaign in my next posts) and after that, these regions in the south became part of the Han provinces. After this conquest, the term “Hundred Yue” disappeared from the history records of the chinese. Some of the Yue people were sinificised and mixed with the Han-chinese. Some of the Yue people became the ancestors of today’s “Gao Shan” ethnic
    (高山族) in Taiwan. Another Yue faction became today’s “Dai” ethnic (傣族) in southern China. Others became today’s “Zhuang” ethnic (壮族), “Bu Yi” ethnic (布依族), “Tong” ethnic (侗族), “Shui” ethnic (水族) in Southern China.

    Basically, today’s “Zhuang” ethnic (壮族) and “Tong” ethnic (侗族) in South China were related to the polynesian people in south-east asia.

    It is thus important to note that Yue was a generic term to referred to barbarian people of the south during warring states. The Southern Yue tribes/people were the ancestors of today’s cantonese.

  27. interesting topic, I was the one borneo / Dayak Kahayan, which makes me wonder why until now I am more hairy than the Dayak people in general who were white and fewer feathers and I was somewhat aquiline nose of most Dayaks, the question arises in me, lest not only race austroloid, Melanesia and mengoloid affect our genes, perhaps there is a gene from the middle east or europe, genes that influence the Dayak people, please enlightenment thanks

    1. Dayaks are very archaic. Ancient Australoids from that part of the world sometimes had phenotypes that appeared “Caucasoid.” The aquiline nose is a noted feature of one of these groups. Compare the Ainu in Japan to see what I am talking about. Some of these people were possibly Ainuids.

  28. Was it really the Ainuids that migrated from southeast Asia through Taiwan and up the Ryukyus? Sundadontic remains have been found in the Ryukyus and southern Japan proper, and that trait persists to this day in southeast Asia. I’m wondering if the Jomon peoples weren’t admixtures of southern sundadonts and northern Ainuids who took the Hokkaido route out of Siberia. Maybe the admixture accounts for Japanese teeth.

    During the Paleolithic settlement, there were land bridges extending from the mainland to Taiwan and beyond. Even if the land bridges weren’t complete up the Ryukyus, a sea fishing culture could migrate up the dense archipelago pretty easily.

    1. The pre-Jomon were in Thailand, then they moved up to Japan somehow 16,000 YBP. Along the way, they appear to have stopped in Australia and the Philippines. In Australia, this group at 15,000 YBP is called Murrayans. I forget what they were called in the Philippines. But anyway, the original Jomon 16,000 YBP in Thailand and Japan looked like Ainuid types. At one Ainuid types were widespread throughout SE and NE Asia.

  29. It amazes me how many guys think asians are hotties when, to me, they are a bit above homely, but then I’m very picky.

  30. I might just take exception to one statement in your article: ‘Whites do not have a lot of Amerindian genes.’ That is not the case in the city of Medellin in Colombia, where the majority (96%) of people consider themselves White but have a considerable amount of Amerindian ancestry. It is easy to see why they would identify more as White: they resemble their White ancestors in terms of language, culture, religion, etc. than they do their Amerindian ancestors, but the latter’s genes remain.

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