Filipino Culture as a Computer Program

Kind of a little “Hello World” type code here, though I’m not much of a programmer.

public String determinStatus(String filipino) { String result = “”;

if(filipino == “Light skinned”) { result = “Superior”; } else if(filipino == “Dark skinned”) { result = “Inferior”; }

return result; }

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6 thoughts on “Filipino Culture as a Computer Program”

  1. despite, we have a long series in Philippine colonial history of strong colonial influences as our outlook decent were been praised as long you have measurable onto our skin colors the lighter the skin the more better to been praises the more darker, was the more on a despisable in outlooks somewhat known in aesthetic world at the Philippines (even today) were the measures of height; the more taller the more superior rather than the short one, an the most infamous cases here were about the facial features the more western look, the more respected and praised, whilst the others if you often like an eastern hemisphere they will rejected and the worst, despisable.

    “so i have my own infamous cases here at the Philippines i was been rejected because my looks seems neither a like more Westerns! so i’ve deserve with my own inferiority.”

    sorry about that


    1. I can’t stand being in any nation that’s so phony, that everything is based on appearance. But I don’t want to be a hypocrite here. The USA was once like that also, or maybe it still is.

  2. This situation doesn’t differ from the rest of Asia. However, it isn’t always this way. For instance, a lot of Filipinos call darker skinned Filipinas “Black Beauties”. It’s odd that a lot of Asians resent colonialism, yet behave in an imperialist fashion towards people darker than themselves. If you bring this up, especially with Koreans, they look at your some punk ass maggot, or douche. However, it’s the truth.

    I wonder who darker skinned people resent?. The only ones left are homosexuals, and looking at attitudes in Africa towards them, the future doesn’t look good.

    1. Actually I never brought this subject up with Koreans. I did mention they worshiped the west, yet hate Americans, and got a”punk ass maggot” comment and look cause of that (from a young Korean teacher). I said what hypocrites they are to want to learn English, yet despise the US.

      But then again I wasn’t the best teacher, if I was it wouldn’t have been so easy for that guy to go off on me. I wonder what a huge put down from someone in a position of strength would have done.

  3. A lot of Filipinos like reggae and Che Guevara, yet I guess are racially prejudiced against darker people. Here is another case of hypocrisy. How about how Koreans dig hip hop, yet hate blacks?

    1. Lol its the same with all Asian people Jason. Some Chinese despise Whites, yet would trade their left testicle to become White. Likewise, some Indians would sacrifice their third daughter for the chance to be White. This White phenomena existed before colonialism and was increased afterwards.

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