“Your Women Are Going to Disappoint You,” by Alpha Unit

On the fuselage of a bomber flown during World War 2 you would see an image, often, of a beautiful young woman, either naked or partially naked.

What was that beautiful young woman doing there?

Boosting morale, I hear. She was a symbol of everything they loved and held dear. She was what they were fighting for.

They would get into these aircraft and unload death and destruction on the enemy. Including his women.

War is a men’s game. So is nationalism, the matrix of wars.

Nationalist movements have a way of being disappointing to women. This makes women a disappointment to nationalists. Nationalists are always complaining about their women.

Women are indispensable to nationalist movements. The symbol of the nation is often a woman. The nation is called “Mother.” Mother Ghana. Mother India. Poland, the motherland. Mother Ireland. China, the mother (Taiwan, the child). Examples abound.

Invasion and conquest are often called “rape.” War posters portray it vividly.

Very often it’s more than a portrayal.

Women’s bodies become another battleground where opposing groups of men act out their conflicts. You want to destroy your enemy’s pride and sense of manhood? Deprive him of the ability to defend his women.

Rape the hell out of his women – in front of him, whenever possible. Force his women into prostitution. Force his women to bear your offspring.

The “Yugoslav Wars” of the 1990s brought this type of strategy to light for a lot of people, such as myself, who understood that these things happened in wars but who had never seriously contemplated them – probably because there had never before been extensive media coverage of it.

These have always been the kinds of things women go through while men battle it out for “the nation.”

Of course, women can also be drafted into the nationalist cause, fighting wars of liberation alongside men. But regardless of whether they fight actively, women assume a vital role. The nation is seen as an extended family, and women are the reproducers, the nurturers, the ones who pass along to the next generation all the cultural values of the nation.

This is their real value to nationalists. And this is why, typically, women’s freedoms are curtailed under nationalist regimes.

When the new nation drafts its Constitution, the Constitution might declare that all citizens have equal rights. But the reality is that women are often no better off than they were without Constitutional “rights.” The rights exist only on paper.

Nationalism doesn’t change traditional concepts of women’s roles, even with talk about “equality.” Far from it: nationalism strengthens the most conservative view of women’s roles. In fact, the more idealized the role of women is, the less freedom women have in actuality.

For example, Serbian nationalists, beginning in the late 1980s, became more and more alarmed at the decreasing birthrate in parts of Serbia – and the rising birthrate in Kosovo. The prime role of women as mothers of the nation took on huge importance.

Politicians were calling upon women to produce babies, for the sake of their country. The historical and symbolic figure of the bereaved Mother Yugovich, who lost all nine of her sons in battle with the Ottoman Turks, was held up as a model for women, of the mother sacrificing children in defense of the nation.

Just in case women were slow to get the point, however, measures were proposed or enacted to give them that extra push. There was a proposal to impose special taxes on unmarried people. In addition, a proposal to outlaw abortion was enacted (and later withdrawn).

Similar proposals against abortion were considered in Croatia and Slovenia.

Religious leaders, both Christian and Muslim, were weighing in, either by calling for a ban on abortion or by insisting on a minimum number of children per woman.

While nationalists see women as an integral part of the nation, they typically also see women as an internal threat to be strictly controlled. Some ethnic nationalists hold that in a future ethnostate, women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. They recognize that women’s thinking is significantly different from men’s in some ways, and that women’s concerns won’t always coincide with men’s.

And this is the problem for nationalists of all stripes. Women just don’t care about many of the same things men do. And they don’t see the appeal of nationalist movements to nearly the degree that men do.

Melanie Reid, married to a Scottish nationalist, wrote a few years go about women’s lack of interest in the Scottish Nationalist Party (which was working to overcome this problem). She surmises:

We can play armchair psychology all day, but it seems indisputable that most women don’t start wars of independence, however benign, because they’re too busy trying to run a peaceful home and bring up children in a stable environment.

Continuity, stability, freedom from conflict: these are feminine urges and always have been.

I’ve read that White Nationalists complain either that they have a hard time finding compatible women or that they have women who simply don’t share their views.

It’s self-evident: women don’t always have the same drives men do. We have our own drives. These trump what men want, and what men demand. We can be given incentives. And clearly we have been forced to go along.

But you can’t make us care more about what concerns you than about what concerns us.

Urvashi Butalia, an Indian feminist and historian, in an article about nationalism in India, opens with a quote from a woman named Ramrati, a construction worker in north India.

I don’t understand what you mean by this nation business. What does it have to do with me? All I’m concerned about is my family and where their next meal is coming from.

Why should I feel any concern for this thing you call a nation? After all, no one asked me how I felt when it was being made.

Whether you’re a feminist or not, you know exactly what she’s talking about.


Butalia, Urvashi. March 1996. “Mother India.” New Internationalist (277).

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Reid, Melanie. April 16, 2007. “Nationalism, Like Gangs and Testosterone, Is a Man Thing.” The Times Online.

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129 thoughts on ““Your Women Are Going to Disappoint You,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. I’m not sure about your reason for women rejecting nationalism. An easy life, avoidance of conflict, is certainly part of it, but that’s just because nationalism isn’t the current preference of the powers-that-be. The elites now favour supra-national institutions like the EU, the IMF, the World Bank, because these are almost totally beyond any democratic control, unlike nation states where there is still some vestige, if increasingly just ceremonial.
    When nationalism was in vogue, the women were very supportive – In WWI handing out white feathers to young men who weren’t keen to line up to be mown down by machine guns for no good reason. Women tend to go for the winning side; maybe most people do, but I read recently a very interesting proposition about why this is more pronounced in women. I’m not sure I remember this totally right, but I think it was to do with maximising the opportunity for passing on the genes – it turns out courage is a strategic asset for men, but not women. Sorry to tease you with that – I wish I’d bookmarked that piece, but I’m afraid I can’t remember the argument, so the conclusion is all you get.

    There were no rape-camps in Yugoslavia. That was just part of the Nato demonisation of Serbia for resisting Nato plans. Amongst these plans was the privatisation (i.e. transfer to the likes of George Soros) of the mining complex in Kosovo which is the richest in Europe and worth trillions; and the establishment of a huge US military base, camp Bondsteel to use as a staging post for heroin from Aftghanistan. Bosnia was full of mujahedin ( great proponents of womens rights) specially imported by the USA to aid the muslim fundamentalist extremist Bosnian president Izetgebovic create an Islamic state. Remember, even still at the time of the Yugoslav wars, when the Soviet Union was more or less over, Yugoslavia was still seen as contested ground between Nato and Russian influence – the US had had good value out of the mujahedin in Afghanistan as fighters against godless ‘communism’.
    The Serbs and Milosevic for a while were the official enemy, the way muslims are now, and ultimately for much the same reasons – the US won’t tolerate any hold-out against the regime of the bankocracy.

  2. This is precisely why I detest traitorous Asian gook women marrying and dating white men. It’s nothing more than humiliating colonialism. And of course the kike media fetishizes Asian women while emasculating Asian men.

    1. anon the media fetishizes Asian women while emasculating Asian men.

      Yea, I’ve commented about this before as well. The media plays a very big part in how most people(sheeple) define themselves and others. Asian men will need to stand up and be heard. Now you may piss some people off but so be it.

        1. It’s not like they have any moral leg to stand on, considering the fucking losers can’t get their own women so they go after total foreigners.

    2. You seem to demand loyalty from your women here yet in subsequent posts you seem to express an interest in dating white girls. If you do not want to dedicate yourself to your women you have no authority to demand loyalty from them. Your hipocrisy is breathtaking. I see this too often from “angry asian men”…call an asian woman who dates white men a Sell Out or Cracker Chasing Bitch but an asian guy with a white girl…more power to the brother! Another thing I often notice from AAM is they often complain about being slandered in the media yet seem to have no trouble slandering their sexual competition (white men who date asian women) buy claiming that they have a perverted “fetish” or that they are “losers who can’t get their own women” and such. This makes your claims of being slandered by the media seem like nothing more than psychological projection and just gives you zero credibility.

      1. Well I wouldn’t date white women if there were actually Asian women available. And surely you realize there are almost zero Asian men dating white women compared to the other way around. And by the way, white guys slander Asian guys not the other way around.

        1. Anon Wrote…”And surely you realize there are almost zero Asian men dating white women compared to the other way around.”

          So what? That does not change the fact that your are a hipocrite. You can deal with the “dating disparity” without hating on asian women who date outside their race.

          Anon wrote…”And by the way, white guys slander Asian guys not the other way around”

          Nice Strawman. I did not claim that asian guys writ large slander white guys writ large. I claimed that I have observed many “Angry Asian Men” who claim to be victims of media slandering often then go on to slander white men who date asian women. You help proove my point, I mean you seem to be blaming your sexual frustration on the media and then call white men who date asian women loosers who can’t get thier own women (gee I wonder who that reminds me of?) and accuse them of having a “colonialist mentality”

          Anon wrote…”Well I wouldn’t date white women if there were actually Asian women available. ”

          In South Korea there are twice as many Korean Men married to Non-Koreans as Korean Women since many Korean Men marry Vietnamese and Filipina Women. Considering that this would create a dating/marriage disparity that harms Korean Women do you not think that they should be allowed to be with White Men? Yet you have stated that it is a shame that WM/AF pairings are tolerated in South Korea…even though you seem to think that the dating disparity in other parts of the world justify you having double standards WRT white/asian relationships.

        2. A correction to my previous post I meant to say that there are twice as many korean men married to non-korean women as there are korean women married to non-korean men.

        3. First of all Vietnamese are of the same race as Koreans, so there’s no comparison between marrying a Viet and marrying a Caucasian. Second, what about Asian men in America? What are we supposed to do exactly? Just happily accept there are no women available?

        4. If you can pursue white women due to the dating disparity in north america then why can korean women pursue white men due to the dating disparity in korea?

          Anon wrote….”What are we supposed to do exactly? Just happily accept there are no women available?”

          Again, is it understandable that Asian men want to do something WRT to the dating disparity…yes. But trying to improve your dating life DOES NOT NECESSARILY TRANSLATE INTO HAVING TO PISS ON WM/AF COUPLES OK? That is what I take issue with NOT the fact that you want to improve your dating life. You can improve your dating life by trying to get other women to be more open minded and by learning to adapt to them OR try to win asian women back (which you won’t do by hating them for dating non-asian guys that will probably only alienate them even more).

        5. I personally don’t have a problem with Asian women. But from what I’ve seen, white women simply just brush Asian guys off, and this leads to an unnatural imbalance, since they are doing so after there are no Asian women available.

  3. Alpha Unit this is beautiful, in an ideal world…and you are beautiful!..one of the signs of reaction in a state is the adoption of a natalist policy where women are expected to breed for the Fatherland. it happened in Stalin’s Russia, which reversed some of the gains for women of the Russian Revolution.

    ‘Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
    Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st,
    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
    John Keats

    Lafayette I don’t understand the breakup of Yugoslavia, although I lived through it. Where do I go for a non-neoliberal account? Misha Glenny?

    1. !..one of the signs of reaction in a state is the adoption of a natalist policy where women are expected to breed for the Fatherland

      This happened in Iran(exit shah/enter kohmeni) as well. The problem is when you have so many young people and so few opportunities. Another revolution is under way.

      1. True. Sort of.

        Ayatollah Khomeini demanded more “young,” and got it. Iran’s population nearly doubled within a decade and a half. Cannon fodder, I suppose.

        I would argue that that his nationalism was not for Iran or Iranians. On some level, all of his ideological kind detest Iranians. They refer to themselves as “Sayyids,” and fashion themselves of and fantasize their being as descendants of Mohammad and his tribe, aka Arabs.

        Rather, his nationalism was for “Islam.” He, like most religious fanatics, saw the world purely though that prism. He wanted to rename the Persian Gulf the “Islamic Gulf,” and one of his henchman nearly succeeded in bulldozing the remains of the Persepolis. The ultimate symbol of that ancient culture’s identity.

        Fortunately, Khomeni’s successors were much more practical, and Iran’s birth rate plunged to nearly European levels within less than a decade after is his death. They realized that their time would be cut short through an eventual “children’s revolt,” and thus enacted perhaps the most effective birth control program in human history.

        Kind of ironic.

  4. Funny things happen on occasion when natalist policies aren’t adopted. Like one generation being unable to care for another. Like another nation running roughshod over those who neglected to breed.

    1. It’s to expensive to breed. In the West, you must give women incentives if you want them to breed large families. Two plus children and a woman’s life is offically over for 30 years- i.e., she misses out on her best years to take care of other people. Exception are those women who have the help of an extended family.

      After reaching a certain level of wealth or/and in countries where women become educated. the desire to breed large number of children decreses.

    2. I don’t agree with this nonsense, Ken.

      Show me one single state anywhere on Earth in recent times where a low birth date led to such catastrophes. I dare you.

      As a Deep Ecologist, of course I hate natalism with a passion. I suppose if a state is actually going extinct in terms of its population, maybe it makes sense to adopt such a policy.

  5. Abiezer –

    Misha Glenny is crap, though he’s not bad on the past history of Yugoslavia.

    Start with Michael Parenti’s short but thorough ‘ To Kill a Nation: the Nato Attack on Yugoslavia’.

    Kate Hudson’s ‘Killing the South Slav Dream’ is more detailed and also excellent.

    But the killer is the brilliant Diana Johnstone’s ‘Fool’s Crusade’, which is a very thorough dissection of the propaganda war against the Serbs. Don’t start with Fool’s Crusade though – if you haven’t got the rough story of the complicated wars you won’t understand it.

    Also essential is Edward S. Herman and David Peterson’s ‘The Dismantling of Yugoslavia’ which took up the whole of Monthly Review vol 59 no 5 October 2007, which you should be able to read free online at the Monthly review site, or order for them.

    Essential too is Herman’s new book ‘the Politics of Genocide’ which also discusses Rwanda.

    Maybe Ed Herman’s most essential contribution is the essay ‘the Politics of the Srebrenica Massacre’ available online at http://www.srebrenica-report.com/politics.htm

    which is at the Srebrenica Research Group site ‘ Srebrenica and the Politics of War Crimes’ at http://www.srebrenica-report.com/index.htm
    where there are many other excellent essays by various authors.

    Also worth reading is the collection of essays edited by Herman ‘Degraded Capability: the Media and the Kosovo Crisis’.

    Also the collection of essays edited by Tariq Ali, ‘Masters of the Universe’

    Susan L. Woodward’s ‘ Balkan Tragedy’ has some good background but shows distinct NATO anti-Serb propaganda tendencies.

    As does Silber and Little’s ‘the Fall of Yugoslavia’ which leans heavily on a BBC film and the interviews it contains for its sources – this film has been exposed for mistranslating and general dishonesty. The book is NATO propaganda, but it is a coherent and detailed narrative account of the Bosnian wars, except that it misses out the biggest ethnic cleansing of the lot – the expulsion of the Serbs from Croatian Krajina.


    1. These people are just Leftists who reflexively supported the fascist “Communist” Milosevic because he was the leader of a “Communist” party. One of the worst CP’s in history, one which adopted a strongly fascist politics straight from Hitler, Mussolini and the rest. True, the Croatian leader, Tudjman, was also a fascist dog, but at least he did not pretend to be a Communist. He more or less admitted to being a fascist worm.

      About 350 Serbs were killed in Krajina, much fewer than the Serb genocide. And there were indeed rape camps and other concentration camps all over Mladic’s conquered lands.

      In fact, there were many concentration camps in Serbia proper. Who was put there? Like good Nazis, I mean good Serbs (Excuse me!), they were full of all of the many nationalities in Serbia who were not Serbs. Hungarians, etc. Also, in true Nazi style, the liberal opponents of Serbian fascism.

      The leadership of Bosnia was much better.

      The leadership of Macedonia was worms, I mean Serbs, basically pro-Milosevic fascists.

      It’s true that the Albanians acted bad after they won in Kosova (and became fascists themselves), but the Serbs started the war with their fascist aggression against them.

      The fact that NATO had a capitalist and imperialist agenda in dismantling the Communist state of Serbia, privatizing its assets and neoliberalizing its economy should not gloss over Serbian fascism.

      1. Who WAS in these concentration camps in Serbia proper? Serbia proper is the only part of Yugoslavia where there was NO ethnic cleansing. Thousands of Muslims fled for safety to Serbia from Bosnia. Muslims, Croats, Slovenes, Gypsies all live peacefully still in Serbia.
        There were NO extermination camps, concentration camps, rape camps. There were temporary holding camps run by all sides, none much worse than the other.

        It’s funny that even the NATO kangaroo court in the Hague couldn’t come up with any evidence of Milosevic’s involvement in war crimes, inciting racial hatred or ANYTHING else.

        ” Just leftists who reflexively support the leader of a communist party ” ? Pull the other one. Virtually all ‘leftists’ reflexively OPPOSE any really existing communist party – obviously the Trots, but even the official communist parties are effectively Trots now.
        None of these writers I referred to have anything to do with the pseudo-Marxist left. Most have impeccable track records – if you don’t respect Ed Herman, you have nothing to do with ‘the left’.
        But the point is that the evidence supports their view, and doesn’t support the Nato slanders.

  6. I take it you don’t value the Grey Falcon blogspot and Serge Trikovic brand of pro-Serb commentary?

    Nebojsa Malic?

  7. If that’s addressed to me Ken I’ve never heard of Grey Falcon, but I shall have a look. Blimey Lafayette, you sound well up on it. Thanks for all the links. I’ll start with the Monthly Review essay. I’m surprised you say Glenny is crap, i.e. not worth reading at all.

    Would you like to enlarge on that? He wrote a pretty big and thorough history of the Balkans 1804-1999, which is certainly on my “to read” list. Apparently he is unsparing of every single ethnic and national group in the whole region. Parenti is usually reliable. I sent Gilad Atzmon a copy of his “Blackshirts and Reds” and he sent it straight back
    with a “not needed” note. Lack of curiosity? Anti-Communism more likely. Not curable!

    Did you see the recent BBC documentary on Tito? It focussed on the dark side, as these things do, and I learned a few things, but it didn’t really change my positive evaluation of Tito, despite the usual personality cult and his claimed complicity in the murder of non-Communist Partisans. Tito equalled 40 years of relative peace for Yugoslavia. Even if the national aspirations were suppressed rather than resolved.

    I met a 40 year woman on one of my courses who was proud to refer to herself as Yugoslavian. She would have no truck with Croatian, Bosnian or Serb (today, if she lived there, she’d be Croatian).

  8. I don’t know anything about Grey Falcon etc, but I’ve got a feeling I know what I’d find there. There ARE some extreme Serb nationalists floating around the webosphere.

    Abiezer/PG(I suspect) Glenny’s the Balkans is a fairly uncontroversial history of the Balkans from the dawn of time, with only the last short chapter on the current events.
    But ‘the Fall of Yugoslavia’ is hopelessly biased. He DOES express reservations about NATO’s interference in the region, but he is hopelessly biased against the Serbs – he constantly refers to Serbia as ‘the Land of Mordor’ (that’s where the Evil One resided in Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings) – I mean, you can’t take that seriously. I heard somewhere that he’s of Croatian descent and had family ties there, but I couldn’t swear to it. I think he works for MI6 – he just got too much media attention, for his limited qualification and experience.

  9. Yeah yeah Lafay Minette (how’s your French?) this is still PG. I’m Going Underground, like in the song by The Jam.

  10. Women don’t seem to get the same joy from killing that men do. Now we may engage in fist fighting but most of us don’t really want to kill our opponent. I think it has something to do with how women carry babies for 9 months and raise them for 12-18 years after that which makes us value life so much more than men.

    I think men have deep seated urge to kill and harm things for no reason other than they can. You men are espeically like this and are dangerous when allowed to give into their natural urges.

    1. Female = low testosterone = low urge to kill.

      We don’t want to do it because we can. You don’t understand the male mind at all. We want to do it because it’s FUN! Got it?

      1. Yea it’s fun to you.

        We don’t want to do it because we can
        Well because of the strength differences you can, with your bare hands. I can’t.

        1. I have trained women to use firearms, and have had personal acquaintances with female attack helicopter pilots. Physical strength has nothing to do with it anymore.

          You would be shocked at the joy many a girl gets at shooting a 9mm pistol or M-16 for the first time. They love the power, and I am convinced that the have no problem using such power in that said environment.


          Woman can kill, and like it, when the odds are right. They just approach the problem form a rather different emotional angle. Their needs in killing are a little different. Sort of like their needs in sex. 🙂

    2. Well, giving birth does pacify the female. The Shining Path had many female guerrillas in its ranks – about 40%. They said that they liked to get them when they were still young women and had yet given birth. The young women who had not yet given birth were said to have been the meanest Senderistas of all – just cold-blooded killers. But after they had a kid, they would go soft and leave the organization.

      1. True. I always noticed that when one has a female boss, it is much better for you if the woman has had children.

        Nothing is scarier to me than a middle-aged woman who has never had kids. They tend to be vicious… 🙂

  11. It seems the kikes want Asians to continue being the silent, obedient little twits who go along with their women being taken and their image shitted on in the media, well FUCK THAT! It’s not like white guys would be happy campers if they were in our shoes.

    1. It’s not like white guys would be happy campers if they were in our shoes.

      There not and most men are possesive of “their women” even when they date “other” women. It’s like, I can have your sister but you better not touch mine.

      1. Even in our own countries, for some reason we let it pass, even though we are the majority in, say, South Korea. Pathetic.

        1. Yea, I’ve read as much in the blogs of ESL teachers in Korea and Japan.

          You may need to date out if you can’t find a woman from your background who appreciates you.

          From my horn of Africa grandparent…fish with a rod, catch one fish. Fish with a net catch a lot of fish…
          and maybe a sharks & probably a couple of crabs too but you get the idea.

          Life is short for other folks BS. Just because a person looks like you, doesn’t mean he/she is “for” you.

      2. There is a probably a genetic reason for this.

        Protect your tribes’ women at all cost from competing tribes who seek to breed with them and thereby breed your tribe out.

        Make forays into the enemy’s territories, steal his women and inseminate them and force them to bear your children, that way increasing your tribe and driving his tribe to extinction.

        Tribes are like any organism, even a virus. It seeks to survive, pass on its genes, and not go extinct. Where the tribe is in competition with other tribes, they try not only keep the other tribes from extincting them, but they try to drive the other tribes extinct. They try to retain their population and even expand it if possible.

        A basic resource competition view of human genetics.

        1. Tribes are like any organism, even a virus. It seeks to survive, pass on its genes, and not go extinct. Where the tribe is in competition with other tribes, they try not only keep the other tribes from extincting them, but they try to drive the other tribes extinct. They try to retain their population and even expand it if possible.

          This is the ultimate reason why Communism and Marxist-Socialism is an unworkable and deceiving joke on Humanity. (And why it always fails.)

  12. @anon- I’m not going after the people you dislike so much. I just think Asian men should speak out more about the misjustices in the media.

    One Asian alpha dude was the husband in lost.

    Yikes… That guy was tough.

  13. Lafayette after a trawl I’ve turned up 2 other titles on
    the region that look to be of interest: 1. Tito and the Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia, by Richard West, and 2.
    From Tito to Milosevic: Yugoslavia, the Lost Country, by Michael Barratt Brown. ciao & thanks.

  14. You know Alpha, I agree that women are outwardly not physically violent like men are. They tend to only kill for a just reward, like money, revenge, power.

    Ego never plays a part in it. They don’t kill for pleasure like men do. At least some men at any rate. When I went into the Army at age seventeen, I was looking to kill. It was all ego. Nobody had to convnve me to like the idea. It was primal fun. A lot of men lust for it. That is why we have things in the civlian world like Professional Football and MMA matches.

    1. cyrus That is why we have things in the civlian world like Professional Football and MMA matches

      Well Cyrus, you’re more knowledgeable than I am. Maybe you can help me out here.

      I recall reading that sort of where professional football and the like came about. It was to give factory workers(male) a place where they could let out their inner aggresion that they were forced to bottle up inside.

      I suppose the “feminist?” Temperance movement didn’t help any when it came to men finding a release for anger and agression.

      1. Well, I think you are looking at this from a very American historical perspective, as well as perhaps a sociological one. I am no exert on the history of football, so I warn you in advance.

        Football replaced baseball. Men played both. One is very violent, the other is leisurely. Most men can’t play football, in all fairness. It requires to much, especially psychologically.

        Anyone can play baseball. Women included.

        In fact, football is controlled war. It is practice for war. It is played on a field. A battlefield. There are lines between armies. Zones of control. Strategy. The coach is the general. The captain of the team his master or arms. The purpose is to take the other side’s land. People get hurt. Occasionally even killed.

        It is as much a cultural thing, as anything else. Football is a uniquely American sport of the 20th century. The popular boys in high school played it. The got to fuck the cheerleaders as a reward. Their Mother’s pushed them to be football stars. Their girlfriends wanted to go to the prom with a “football hero.”

        Our society nourished this male aggression in many ways. Much more than others in the western world, at least since WWII. Women were as responsible for this as men were. Maybe more so. They wanted their men to be like that. After all, what is the worst thing a woman can say to a straight man in our society?…You are acting like a “woman.”

        As for the temperance movement, well…I know it is taught that early 20th century that feminists pushed for it, but I cannot get the stench of religious fanaticism out of my mind when I think of that time period, so…

        Not sure if I even addressed your question here. Not sure I really can.

        1. that’s good enough cyrus. and your right Temperance movement was mangaggled with religion.

          I have another question for both you and our great and tolerant host Robert or anyone who can answer it.

          It is as much a cultural thing, as anything else. Football is a uniquely American sport of the 20th century.

          Isn’t ruggby very similar to American football? I mean besides the lack of protective gear.

        2. Sort of. Rugby, American/Canadian Football, Australian Football, and yes, soccer all came from the same game.

          Rugby is not as linear. You “huddle” in that game. It is more akin to soccer, but you instead hold the ball, and are allowed to physical take your opponent down. Low class soccer, if you will.

          In American Football, both sides line up against one another, like an 19th century Napoleonic Army, and precede to directly attack into one another. Their is also much more room for complex planning and plays, as well as a much greater need for equipment. Without pads in football, the game is practically unplayable.

          In other words, we took a British game here in the States, and Americanized into something else.

        3. Well, I am not sure what you were asking, there?

          I mean one of the arguments during the temperance movement by women of the time, was that men would drink, come home, and beat the shit out of their wife and kids. Alcohol was the cause of that, they argued.

          I don’t doubt that it was. Not for a second.

          I do not see though, a connection between that, and say a male desire to play a rather aggressive game. Most men can’t even play those games, but all are more than happen to drink.

          HHHhhhmmm…Fightclub comes to mind.


      2. Wait, Chic Noir!

        Did you just say I was “more knowledgeable” than you?

        Either I being manipulated, or hell is about to freeze over.

      1. Anon, make a lot of money. Dress nice. Walk and talk self-confident. Be in damn good shape.

        Both Asian and white women will spread their legs so fast for you, you’ll think you are on the set of a 70’s porn flick.

        1. That’s the thing, among minorities, we are the highest-income, most well-educated people in this country. Hell, we even surpass whites in family and personal income.

        2. It’s the funny, the kikes puff up the confidence of the lowest common denominator while denigrating the two most civilized races on the planet (Caucasoid, Mongoloid)

        3. What makes you think your stereotypical Jewish guy has an easy time getting laid?

          I grew up around them. Trust me. They didn’t get much action.

        4. Well, Anon, they do degenerate Asians to an extent, but don’t let it get to you. On some level, they degenerate everyone. Even white guys. Hell, try being “Middle Eastern.” 🙂

          (I personally believe white women need to be be denigrated more in the media. They need it. It would be healthy for them.)

          I have a friend, a big six foot three white guy, who has been in more fights than I can count. He has done some time. He won’t pick a fight with Asian men. He thinks you guys are all martial arts experts, like Bruce Lee. It is the media that instilled this concept in his mind.

          Not everything about Asians is negative. I suggest you learn from Mr.Lee. He married a white girl, when it was still almost borderline illegal to do so.

        5. Even when we’re shown as kick-ass martial artists, we still don’t even get the chick in the end. Ever see Jackie Chan or Jet Li fuck on film? So even when we are not effeminate and are even hard-ass warriors, we still can’t fuck.

      2. Hey, I feel you.

        Sometimes, we white guys get the feeling that our women like black and Hispanic men more, and black and Hispanic women don’t seem to like us that much.

        (of course, our detractors will claim that it’s because we’re too creepy, arrogant, and bigoted, but that’s for another debate).

        I would argue that the whole image of the cool black and Hispanic guy is promoted by the media.

        Now, I won’t go so far as to say that Jews completely run the media, but they certainly exercise a disproportionate amount of influence in the media, and they completely control Hollywood.

        It seems that you and I both have a beef with the Jewish media!

        Personally, I think a solution to this problem is for both whites and Asians to instill in themselves a greater sense of pride. If white men and women became more confident and appreciated white beauty, this problem would end.

        Same with Asian women showing greater respect and appreciation for Asian men.

        Of course, radically changing the media and film industry would help, but I realize that’s asking for too much.

        1. Uh-oh, I said “our women.”

          The white feminists will pounce on me for that!

          I think one of the reasons white guys go for Asian women is because they see Asian women as more docile and less demanding.

          Well, that’s white women’s liberation for you.

        2. Actually BAG, I think when it comes to blacks, Hispanics, white women will see through the media hype once they come into contact with real life and not movie fantasy. Ghetto-ass Tyrone and lettuce-picker Carlos are not gonna be too attractive.

        3. No shit?

          I have Hispanic women hit on me all the time. Much more than white girls.

          White girls have a problem. Until they mature into their late 20’s and onward, they basically want other girls. Or at least men that look like girls.

          I’ve also had a lot of Black girls hit on me, to. Come to think of it, I have had that a lot. Must say, I like it.

          Then again, I am not totally “white,” so maybe that has something to do with it.

          Never any Asian girls, though. Maybe it is because I don’t show much interest in the sweet & sour?

        4. Are you sure about that Cyrus, I thought most white women wanted macho guys and the reason why they reject Asians is because we are supposedly so effeminate?

        5. . If white men and women became more confident and appreciated white beauty, this problem would end.

          not to go on a race turn but white beauty is very much appreciated in this country.

        6. @ Asian anon (is it okay if I call you that? I just think you need a name other than anon)

          Ghetto-ass Tyrone and lettuce-picker Carlos are not gonna be too attractive.


          I agree. If these white girls left their suburbs and actually spent some time walking through Oakland, their opinion of blacks and Hispanics would sour.

          Although, some white women like black and Hispanic men because of the sense of danger and excitement it gives them.

          I thought most white women wanted macho guys and the reason why they reject Asians is because we are supposedly so effeminate?

          That’s interesting. I can’t read white women’s minds, but I certainly agree that Asian men are depicted by the media as either tough martial arts masters (and even they don’t get laid in American films), or effeminate, geeky wimps.

          At the same time, it does seem that many white girls love metro, girly/preppy boys. In high school, I can’t tell you how many preppy, flip flop wearing, boyish looking white guys were adored by them.

          It seems that white girls either want tough black and Hispanic men, or girly/preppy white men.

          No room for us mature looking white and Asian men, it seems!

          @ Cyrus

          White girls have a problem. Until they mature into their late 20′s and onward, they basically want other girls. Or at least men that look like girls.


          What makes you think your stereotypical Jewish guy has an easy time getting laid?

          I grew up around them. Trust me. They didn’t get much action.

          Wow! Even with their control of Hollywood and much of the media, they still have trouble.

          Well, again, thank white women’s lib for that

        7. Oops, I meant to write “you can thank white women’s lib for that” after Cyrus’ comment on immature white girls.

        8. white beauty is very much appreciated in this country.

          True, true.

          But at the same time, this appreciation doesn’t translate into actions.

          Otherwise, white men wouldn’t be going gaga over Asian women, and white women wouldn’t be into black and Hispanic men.

          Also, black and Hispanic men are depicted as cooler and sexier than white men. That certainly was the perception among my fellow Bay Area adolescents during middle and high school.

          (although it’s a double edged sword, as they’re also depicted as more dangerous, unintelligent, and obnoxious, but that’s for another debate)

          In addition to that, black and Hispanic men are also depicted as more exotic and interesting, while whites are depicted as boring.

          (although again, that too has a non-romantic drawback).

        9. BAG, in the end most white women will marry white men. It’s us East Asians that are in deep shit in the States.

        10. BAG, in the end most white women will marry white men. It’s us East Asians that are in deep shit in the States.

          Agreed. I guess living/growing up in the Bay Area, the belly of the multiracial beast, has given me a perspective different from most whites.

          Perhaps I just need to move to the Midwest, Oregon, Iowa, or other predominantly white areas in order to experience white appreciation.

          My dad even joked with me that one day he would take me to white enclaves in the Bay Area just so I could experience what it’s like to enjoy all white areas.

          But yes, I understand where you Asian guys are coming from.

          To be honest, if it were up to me, I would rather have white women going for educated and respectful Asian men than black and Hispanic men.

          Unfortunately for me and many Asian men, that’s not the case.

        11. Do you see any prospects for change in the future as China becomes a top dog on the global stage? For the last 200 years, it’s been west Europeans running the world, with the exception of the Soviets.

        12. Oh yes, China will certainly have an impact.

          Although they have various internal problems and their own gender/romance issues to deal with (one child policy, female infanticide/gender imbalance, etc.

        13. Actually, I once read an article that the gender imbalance was somewhat false because many families simply don’t record or register female births, to avoid abortion. And many of the internal problems of China trumpeted by the neoliberal Zionist media are either exaggerated or false. Anatoly Karlin has a great blog where he totally demolished neocon myths about Russia and China.

        14. For the love of God, people, Jewish people are white! They’re nothing more than just highly educated, well-disciplined white people….for the most part at least.

          Robert needs to write an article on this matter.

  15. Alpha, my disagreement with your article comes with the notion that women are not nationalistic per say, and that women are somehow less violent on an “intellectual” scale, simply because they give birth.

    I have meat some seriously nationalistic females over the years. Really poor ones, with many a kid to feed. Hell, I recently dated a Scottish woman who chased me around with a coat of arms baring my surname on it. She could not figure out why I didn’t give a damn about it. Her entire identity was based in being Scottish. She was not about to go kill or die for Scotland, but she was perhaps the most nationalistic person I have ever met. I know this is a subjective example, but think of say, Golda Meir? Do you think she was not a nationalistic Jew, as well as a fervent supporter of Israel? Maybe she was not keen on personally blowing away an Arab, but she had no problem sending of young men to do so.

    In fact, when women attain political power, they have shown no less a desire to send others to kill and die than their male predecessors. Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton both come to mind.

    1. In fact, when women attain political power, they have shown no less a desire to send others to kill and die than their male predecessors. Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton both come to mind

      Those are the few who are as tough as nails. I would argue, until recently women like Albright and Clinton would marry men who they could push and mold into the type of leader who they wished they could be. Of course now, women have more power so it’s possible to run for office but women are still made to play both sides of the fence.

      1. Yup. Especially Margaret Thatcher. Just look at what she did in Falklands. I heard she used to punch kittens for stress relief.

        1. It was worse than that. If she’s had a particularly bad day she would just eat the contents of the goldfish bowl.

    2. It’s not my contention in this article that women can’t be nationalistic.

      And it’s not at all my contention that they can’t be violent!

  16. anon Are you sure about that Cyrus, I thought most white women wanted macho guys and the reason why they reject Asians is because we are supposedly so effeminate?

    people want what they think will may them look cool to other people.

  17. @ anon,

    stop hating on blk,jewish, and hispanic men. This does not make you look good. Women don’t like bitter men. You should be telling me reasons why you’re a top catch, not worring about who the blk guy across the room is trying to pull.

    1. I wasn’t trying to come off negative. I just don’t see that many black and Hispanic guys with white women, and I’ve lived in NYC for 4 years. And I guess its cuz of socioecnomic and other social issues.

      1. Anon, at the end of the day, those white women still want security, money, and someone adaptable to their extended family.

        Sex and marriage rarely go hand in hand.

        Is that bitter enough for you, Chic! 😀

          1. Marriage without sex is supposed to be the norm? Where did that idea come from?

        1. What are you talking about Alpha? I’ve slept with plenty of married women.

          The sex was a great experience!

  18. Like Robert DeNiro once said, “I know a thing or two about a thing or two” when it comes to the kosher media pissing on Asian guys, while fetishizing Asian women.

    1. Look, East Asian folks have an interesting world view. Many times, especially in the younger generation growing up here in the United States, they find themselves utilizing the notions instilled in them from the parents. There is nothing wrong with that.

      It does give many a very interesting perspective on racial matters, though. Rather unique.

        1. Then get back at them the best way possible.

          Only date non-Asians. Don’t even talk to them, or even show the slightest interest. Hell, be like John Mayer. Make your love snake and honorary member of the Klu Klux Klan.

          If the Asian girls ask, tell them that you want to only be seen with pretty girls. Girls who have class and style. You want upward mobility. That Asian girls are just way to “F.O.B” for you taste. You want girls who have real tits and ass.

          That should piss’em off real good. 😀

  19. I also find it funny that Asian guys are portrayed as wimpy fags in the hebe media because historically, we’ve been on of the most hardcore motherfuckers around. No one fucked with Genghis and his Mongol hordes. And although the Japs lost the war, they still made Uncle Shlomo run for his money and even the Germans were shocked by the brutality and total hard-assness of Imperial Japan.

  20. At the same time, it does seem that many white girls love metro, girly/preppy boys.

    pretty girly boys is something that women across the races seem to like. A man who is very handsome but with a sweet face. Take Reggie Bush & Blair Underwood, For more mascuine looking but still pretty faced men look at Morris Chestnut and Denzel Washington.

    I don’t know a woman alive who doesn’t find Russel Wong attractive.

    1. Russel Wong, now there is an Asian guy in the American media for Anon to look up to. Like the Asian Brad Pitt.

      Shit. Get me drunk enough, I’d probably hit it.

      Well, repeatedly with a 2×4 or a lead pipe, but you what I mean.

        1. What makes you think his dad is a hebe? Wong has a straight nose and European features, non Semitic/Mediterranean features.

        2. Russell Wong is half white. Although I’m guessing his father was Asian and his mother was white, seeing as how his surname is Wong.

          By the way, Bruce Lee was a quarter white, since his mother was half Chinese and half German.

    2. Do they often worry that the guy is gay though? There seems to be this idea that pretty boy = gay or bi. I know because I was an ultra-pretty boy (and yeah, young women loved me) but then chicks were always asking if I was gay or bi. Guys too. I never could figure out why either. I still can’t figure it out. I will probably die never being able to figure it out.

      I think some people have said that I act gay, but that seems insane to me too, because I don’t see it that way at all. However, I do have a very soft voice.

        1. LOL, I think that is because I consciously try to talk really macho these days, but I’m not sure. I still don’t get this fag thing. It’s so weird man. I hate queers, LOL. No way could I ever be one. Besides, guys don’t turn me on. Only chicks do, so I’m stuck with em. I couldn’t be gay if I wanted to.

          But you know, if guys turned me on as much as chicks do, I probably would be bi. It would be really hard to resist that temptation. And if guys turned me on totally, and chicks not at all, I hope I would have the guts to be queer. But my whole life probably would have been different, I think.

          Not only do guys not turn me on, but I don’t want to fag off. A lot of guys who have no interest in other guys fag off anyway, just for the sex, just to get laid. I would never do that. To me, that just sucks. It’s horrible. If you can’t get a chick and you’re straight, just jack off. Jack off 3,000 times if you have to. Don’t disrespect yourself and fag off. If you’re straight, it’s better to jerk off than to fag off if you can’t get a chick.

          Fagging off is so disrespectful to yourself. I have no respect for that shit.

        2. Right on! I’m just surprised cuz most leftists seem to be pro-fag. The real communists in Russia and China never tolerated that crap, but it seems Western leftists are all about deviance and decadence. By the way, I don’t know where you grew up, but I’ve never heard of guys who can’t get chicks fagging off, they just jack off. I just never heard of such a bizarre phenomenon.

        3. Don’t disrespect yourself and fag off. If you’re straight, it’s better to jerk off than to fag off if you can’t get a chick.


          Hey, that’s what I do! 🙂

        4. If they truly are gay, then I respect them. I respect them completely, totally, 100%. And if they truly are bisexual, that is, guys turn them on as much as chicks do, well, I guess I can understand it. OTOH, I want nothing to do with these guys, since they won’t leave me alone.

          But there are many, many essentially straight young men who fag off if they can’t get a chick. Or maybe even if they can! I have no idea. Generally young men aged like 15-30. After 30 or so, they settle down, get married, have kids, and knock it off. Or they quit fagging off at any rate.

          I grew up in Southern California. In my early 20’s, the number of young guys and even older guys with wives and gf’s who fagged off was simply incredible. I have seen it with my eyes way too many times. Virtually none of these guys was really gay, and most of them were either straight or mostly straight. Truth is guys will just fuck anything.

          Then I moved up to Hollywood and it was truly terrifying. I would say that 1/3 of the guys were bi or gay. It was actually considered quaint to be totally straight. Like old-fashioned. I got so paranoid that I didn’t want to make friends with guys, and I would practically make guys fill out questionnaires when I befriended them. And it was nightmarish dodging queers 24-7. Really sucked.

          Hollywood is just fucking insane. I don’t know what it’s like now, but back then, it was hip to be bisexual. And of course there were full-on queers everywhere. In fact, if you’re young, hot and straight, you can totally clean up because most of the chicks are straight and they are frustrated with all the queers. Most guys are either queer or married, and most of the chicks are not lez.

  21. even the Germans were shocked by the brutality and total hard-assness of Imperial Japan.

    That’s interesting. Because when Japan was beginning to during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Germany was the western country that Japan admired/emulated the most.

    They admired the iron discipline of the German army, their simple constitution, and their centralized government.

    But yes, the Japanese were indeed badasses. Rape of Nanking, anyone?

    By the way, speaking of Asian badasses, you forgot Attila the Hun.

    1. I thought Attila was a Central Asian Asian-Caucasian mix? And I thought that Meiji Japan looked up to Britain more as they were both island naval powers?

      1. I guess Attila was more of a Eurasian mix, but I believe the Huns originated in Asia (though this part of history isn’t my area of focus).

        Meiji Japan thought Britain’s constitution and political system was too complicated. They thought the French were too weak, and the U.S too unsophisticated and boorish.

        But Germany, with its disciplined army, simple constitution, and powerful leader, was the perfect western power for a militaristic society such as Japan to emulate.

        Although they certainly admired Britain’s navy, if little else.

  22. BAG wrote…”To be honest, if it were up to me, I would rather have white women going for educated and respectful Asian men than black and Hispanic men. ”

    I have no problem with Asian Men going for White Women as long as they don’t crap on White Man/Asian Woman couples.

    1. In many White Man/Asian Woman couples, there are issues of self-hate, inferiority complex on the part of the woman, and a colonial superiority complex on the part of the guy.

        1. How is it bullshit? Is it just a coincidence that non-Asian women all prefer to stick with their own kind, but somehow Asian women don’t?

        2. In response to Anon below….

          You made the assertion that WM/AF relationships involve self-hate and colonial mentalities without offering any evidence and now you want to shift the burden of proof on me??

        3. Ever heard of balding fat white losers going to Thailand and Philippines for a little sucky sucky? Ever heard of U.S. military bases in Korea, Japan?

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