Taliban Kill 12 NATO Troops in One Day

In multiple attacks, too, no mean feat.

4 US troops were killed in an IED attack, 1 more was killed in a gunfight, and three were killed in a Taliban effort to overrun a US-Afghan police base in Kandahar. The last attack involved a suicide car bomb, followed by RPG and automatic weapons fire, along and many rockets fired at the base.

All Americans were killed in the South, which probably means Kandahar and Helmand.

4 more troops, all British, were killed. 3 of them were killed in in Helmand in  yet another attack by a Taliban mole posing as an Afghan soldier. Either that, or an Afghan soldier who went over to the other side. We are seeing more and more of these “traitor attacks” where Afghan troops or police open fire on NATO forces that they are working with. These are essentially suicide attacks, since the attackers are often killed, but they are often deadly. In this case, incredibly, the guy escaped, and there is a huge manhunt on for him.

I am not sure what to do about Afghanistan. It’s quite clear that we are spending almost nothing on education, health care, roads, etc. for the Afghans. If we spent more on that, would they like us more? Hard to say. I also do not believe reports about a Taliban-Al Qaeda rift. The two groups are very well integrated, especially in Pakistan. It’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. If the Taliban win in Afghanistan when we pull out (dubious but possible) they could once again turn the place over to Al Qaeda.

The Taliban’s problem is that they are an ethnic militia. They are primarily, if not exclusively Pashtun. The Taliban anymore are simply a vehicle for Pashtun nationalism. Non-Pashtuns such as Afghan Hazara, Tajiks, Uzbeks, etc. are scarce if not nonexistent in the movement. So the Afghan Hazara, Tajiks, Uzbeks, etc will never go over to the Taliban, as the Taliban are racist Pashtuns who will oppress all the other groups.

But the Afghan government is almost worthless. The cops are corrupt and evil, often kidnapping young boys for sex and shaking down residents for bribes just to drive on the roads. They do nothing to help the people. In areas outside of Taliban control, highway robbery and brigands are very common. The Taliban come in and put a stop to all of that.

I really don’t know what to do about this situation, but I am not sure “we are going to win” with the way we are going.

Mullah Omar is still alive and is probably living in Quetta.

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102 thoughts on “Taliban Kill 12 NATO Troops in One Day”

  1. Afghanistan is all about one thing, getting the jew opium dealers back in business. The opium trad has always been a jew monopoly. Just search Sassoon opium and monopoly. Before UK fought the jew wars for opium. Now it’s USA.

  2. I guess I shouldn’t expect heg to answer the hopefully feigned uncertainty of Bob.

    Cut off all aid to Israel, hence Egypt and get out of the Middle East, pushing the Jews off the West Bank and Samaria on our way out. Jihad membership ranks will decline rapidly, especially those used to attack American interests. And the oil will be sold to us at fair market prices as long as needed.

  3. And get out of Afghanistan and Iraq. That adventure has cost America more than $1 trillion dollars, increased the deficit exponentially and has cost many American lives? 4,000? How many wounded? 5 times as many? 10 times as many? And for what?
    Stoking up al Qaeda and Islamism. That’s for what.
    Brilliant. More blowback on its way…see Chalmers Johnson’s Nemesis: Last Days of the American Republic.

    1. Do you accept responsibility for the fact that these two wars and the blowback that Chalmers Johnson mentions, along with the current economic calamity, comes mainly from the works of your own tribe?

  4. You’re the Korean fascist, right? Boy oh boy we get some weird kooks on here. I’m Anglo-Saxon, ok? Celt and Briton, that’s my bloodline. Not a kike in sight. I looked those Hebrew words up. I don’t know any Hebrew, and all I know of Jewishness comes from Mr Atzmon, who has a particular take on it.
    By all means get the Ziocons out of your political parties, good idea, see what changes it will make…

    1. So whites have not been involved in meddling in middle eastern affairs? Bu the way I’m white and I’m willing to engage in honest criticism of western white people. Just look at whose flying those planes that drop the bombs on poor Afghan villages. Its Americans of a variety of different races inclusing whites.

    2. Paul Grenville
      July 15, 2010 at 12:22 PM

      I’m Anglo-Saxon, ok?


      heg: You LYING JEW POS Scumbag. That’s YOU
      Paul Grenville.

      The fake name Paul Grenville is a jew. Nobody – except a JEW would ever make any reference to Tikkum Omlat – except a jew.

      Paul Grenville is a total fraud- Just as almost all jews are.

  5. Don’t know why I should answer you but here goes…

    Atzmon? A Jew who’s “gone native”. A very understandable thing to do in the context. He left Israel around 1994. In his own words, he’s a Hebrew speaking Palestinian. Great musician. BRILLIANT composer. I have several of his albums. I really recommend Refuge. Can you get that in South Korea? The guy has PASSION, tons of it. North London Jews – that’s where he lives – HATE him.

    I never stop reading Atzmon as he is so much less boring than marxist philosophers and his heart is in the right place. A very intense man. I didn’t dislike him, but I couldn’t be around him for long. It wasn’t relaxing. I met him a couple of times. he had incredible energy. Shit he was tiring!

    I guess he’s reactionary, as he believes in that shit called Judaeo-Bolshevism, which you probably believe in too, but he’s very endearing because he clearly loves the Palestinians, he loves Arab culture and music (try his great album Exile: it’s full of Arab influences) and he is a very funny man. What he calls Jewish ideology is simply the spirit of capitalism, nothing more.

    He often refers to Marx’s On the Jewish Question. I corresponded with him quite a lot. He’s very irascible if you don’t agree with him. He’s an intuitive, not a systematic thinker. He sees that the Left’s universalism is full of holes and hypocrisy. He sees that there is a Jewish identity politics. He believes in Jewish supremacism.

    Actually if you look into the Torah or read Israel Shahak there is a lot to back this up. Theologically Jews feel extremely entitled, chosen, superior. Zionism is a toxic mix of this old fashioned Jewish theological supremacism, and good old fashioned European colonialism.

    As he says it’s rootless, the Jewish ideology (read Yuri Slezhkin’s The Jewish Century – it’s a really interesting book. Jewish conspiracy theorists love it) but when you get 3 or 4 generations of Jews in one place in Palestine they do put down roots. Gilad’s mother is still there in Jerusalem. Gilad really believes in the blood and soil stuff.

    He agrees with Helen Thomas: all the Ashkenazi Jews should get out of Palestine and go back to Poland and Germany and Russia. Because Gilad’s into blood and soil he’s bit kinder to the Mizrahim, Jews from the Arab and North African world.

    Their culture is Arab, he says, they are potential allies for the Palestinians, ignoring the reality that they are more loyal if anything to the Jewish state than the Ashkenazim. Gilad never talks about class. He never talks about intra-Jewish discrimination in Israel. It just doesn’t interest him. He even had hopes of Shimon Perez – an Israeli premier – at one point, because of his Mizrahi origin.

    Gilad loves Heidegger, Nietzsche, he loves anything Germanic, like another Israeli I met who was really into Wagner (banned from public performance in Israel). Atzmon’s novel A Guide to the Perplexed is in love with everything Germanic. It is also quite pornographic in a fun way. I sent a copy of it in Hebrew to an Israeli. Israel is history in the novel – it collapsed in 2012. I never heard what the Israeli thought of it. Not much I guess!

    I don’t share Gilad’s Palestinian nationalism, in that if the grandchildren of the Yishuv – the Jewish invaders who stole Palestine are still there, then they constitute a nation as well. Obviously Palestinian nationalism is “objectively progressive” because they’re an oppressed people. But it doesn’t end there, in a kind of naive Third Worldism.

    Same goes for America. Stolen from the aboriginal First Peoples, who probably came from Asia thousands of years before. But America today is a nation. Same goes for the Hebrew nation. Just a bit younger that’s all

    The problem in Palestine is inequality, oppression, land theft and Jewish ethnic separatism, plus nuclear weapons which they’d like to use on Iran, plus the slow ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians. Israel Shamir thinks Palestine should be taken back to 1917, before the British conquered the land on behalf of the Jews. Gilad may agree with this, I don’t know. It’s not the politics of the possible.

    I don’t think the problem can be solved in Palestine alone. The whole of the Arab world has to be involved. Until then, despite our best efforts, things will go on getting worse for the Palestinians.

    Have you come across PEP – Progressive Except for Palestine? Have a look at this video of Gilad’s and see what you think…

    Hamas – they’re not my favourite Palestinian group. At least they’re not Zionist collaborators like Fateh.

    1. You shouldn’t contribute to Hamas in any way or you’ll get in serious trouble. You’ll be called a terrorist enabler.

      1. Anon I’m surprised we’re talking to each other. After all I called you a lizard and and a toad. I really like lizards and toads. Frogs even more. I’d like to run a frog farm, sell ’em to the French, yeah!

        Maybe in the US I’d be called a terrorist enabler, but here in the UK I’m not too worried about that. It was a couple of pounds sterling in a bucket. I think suicide bombing is tragic and a cul-de-sac and I know Hamas have backed that and supplied volunteers. Ask yourself what a terrorist is. Was the invasion and bombing of Gaza in 2009 terrorism? Was Shock and Awe over Baghdad in 2003 terrorism?

        The Israelis used terror systematically in the years 1946-1951. By 1953 they were referring to Palestinians as terrorists. A curious reversal.

        The PLO wasn’t even founded until the 1960s, yet Palestinians were already terrorists. Black September came later. Palestinians didn’t start blowing themselves up as suicide bombers until the 1990s. I think late 1993 was the first time – after the Baruch Goldstein terror attack in the West Bank.

        1. I’m pretty contributing to such groups could lead to imprisonment, torture in Guantanamo etc. I’m surprised the UK govt. didn’t try to hunt you down, considering that UK is a US/Zionist puppet state.

      2. He is in the UK. It may well be legal to do such things there for all we know. It used to be legal in the US. From 1987-1990, I used to contribute to the FMLN in El Salvador. You go to the McArthur Park District, full of 100,000’s of Salvadorans, and you meet this shady guy in a bar, and hand him cash. Later they gave me some weird institution you could write checks to. The money went to the weapons fund for the revolution – I specifically wanted the money to go to guns. I believe it was legal then. Now it’s like 10 years in prison. I was in contact with a Colombian guy with a group called the ELN a few years back. They are an armed group fighting the Colombian state. I was going to do some translation for them, but the more I thought about it, it’s some bullshit “providing material support to a terrorist group” and that’s illegal now – 10 yrs – under the new laws.

        I’d love to give $ to some armed groups* for revolution, but nowadays, I am really afraid of doing that.

        *FARC, ELN, Sendero Luminoso, NPA, ETA, PFLP, PKK, Indian Maoists for starters. Screw the armed Islamists. They won’t get one thin dime from me.

        1. That is freaking crazy Robert! You must have some serious passion, welding to a pair of titanium nads!

          My hat is off to you!

        1. Is that why you say your tribe, because you’re Asiatic, not white? Do you mean the tribe of whites?

  6. “I’m surprised the UK govt. didn’t try to hunt you down, considering that UK is a US/Zionist puppet state.”

    Whoa anon, that is so paranoid! Confirms my thesis that if you really believe the Jews have it all sewn up, you feel completely powerless. My counsel: Act as though you are free until you are not. Do you allow fear to control you.

    1. I don’t let fear control me. But I do try to be cautious because the Jews are trying to turn this country into an Orwellian police state. I’m sure you’ve heard about all the surveillance tech, the Patriot Act and other freedom-destroying laws passed in America since 2001.

      1. Yah, but a lot of Jewish-Americans folks are actively fighting against it. Very passionately, I might add. Depends on the Jew. 🙂

  7. Hey Robert, do you know how close Georgians cluster to Ashkenazis? They are right above Anatolia, and from the pics I’ve seen, they look rather similar.

    1. Many of those groups in the Caucasus are extremely different from each other and from the rest of Caucasian. They are as far apart as some full races are. Georgians and the rest of the Caucasus is very far apart from Jews (Anatolians).

        1. Who knows? People can look a lot alike but be radically different genetically. There’s probably more genetic distance between 2 African tribes in Nigeria 25 miles apart than there is between an Englishman and an Aborigine.

    2. I had a biology professor in college mention that Tay-Sachs syndrome was a genetic mutation acquired in the need to survive against malaria. According to her, that attribute came from the Jewish peoples time in Georgia, which is an almost tropical environment, on their eventual way to Europe.

      Don’t know how true that is, though.

  8. Robert, in an earlier post about whether Ashkenazis are Khazar, you wrote that they were closest to Levantine Arabs. But more recently you claim they are closest to Anatolian Turks and Kurds. Which is it?

      1. You know Robert, I read that some years back. That Jews and Kurds supposedly had a “thing” going in the DNA spectrum. At first, I thought it was a politically driven hoax. Now that I know more about Kurds, and how a “mixed” bunch of folks they are, I a wondering how true that is? Not to mention how close Anatolian Turks and Kurds must be, as well. The irony must really piss off those “Grey Wolf” types. 😀

        Any thoughts on that?

        Also, do you know how close Armenians are to Anatolian Turks and Greeks? Having grown up in the LA area, I new plenty of Armenians, and they all had this affinity thing going with the Greeks in LA. Is that more of a cultural thing, or are they really cousins?

        1. There is an “Anatolian” genetic component that looks something like Armenian – Turkish – Kurdish. They are all sort of coming from a similar stock. And this is the stock that the Jews are coming from. They have originated from, say, Iraqi Kurdistan. If you read in the Bible, it says the forefather of the Jews came from Iraq, you know.

          Greek genes are really really far from Armenians. But if you were around a lot of Armenians, isn’t it weird how much they look and even act like Ashkenazi Jews?

        2. Interesting. That is not a particularity large geographic area, now that you mention it. The Kurds, like the Turkish, may speak a language of a certain group(Iranic and Turkic, respectively), but that must have more do to with cultural influence in the end, than anything. Kind of like how Moroccans speak Arabic.

          I was around a lot of Armenians growing up, as well as Italians, Greeks and Jews. All those Armenians I knew were originally from Iran. They spoke Persian. They acted like other Iranian-Americans, so I was left with the wrong impression about them. That they were just another kind of “Persian” or something. They used to call my Mom, and other Iranian Turks, “Good Turks,” to distinguish them from the Anatolian Turks, who they hated. They didn’t see much connection between the two, and nor do I.

          In later years, I encountered a lot of Armenians from the former Soviet Union, and the Arab World. They were both heavily Russified and Arabized, respectively. I thought both groups were dicks, for different reasons.

          The Soviet-Armenians were not the friendliest lot, aka the “Russian-Armenians.” What we call the Russian Mafia in Los Angeles is actually them, believe it or not. Hollywood is just to stupid to take note.

          (As of late, the “Russian Mafia” in LA, aka the Armenians, have decided Persians, aka Iranian-American small business owners, fall under their list of extortion victims. Just screwing there own people was not enough, I guess. Now they have to go after others.)

          The Arab-Armenians were just like Arabs. Demanding loud-mouthed bullshitters who were just there to make a profit anyway they could. Most were from Lebanon and Syria. Some from Egypt(Alexandria, I here.). They looked no different than other Lebanese and Syrians to me.

          In recent years, I have seen the sort of “Greek-Armenian” connection in LA, but I think that has to do more with modern politics, than anything. They are both Orthodox Christian groups who were slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks(and their Kurdish foot soldiers) during and after WWI, and their have leaders with modern agendas to promote.

          The Armenians from Iran were just like other Persians, literally. So they never struck me as different. Some Iranians would say they looked different, simply because they might have curly hair, and what Westerners might call a less “exotic” look(The eyes, mainly.). We just said they looked more “Greek,” without thinking much about it(Curly hair is a rather uncommon amongst Iranians and Central Asians, minus the extreme southern regions that have a heavy Arab influence, but their hair is a different kind of “curly”. More along East African lines.).

          Armenian-Iranians were and are big on owning small business, and making good money, so in that regard they are just like the Jews. So, are the other Armenians, as far as I can tell. A close-nit bunch they are. The ones from Iran are also famous for cooking Persian food better the Persians do. Hence, they own a shit-load of Persian restaurants in and around LA. All Iranians want to eat the Armenian-Persian cuisine.

          So, I don’t know if the Armenians looked like Jewish folks to me, but I am looking at this from a very different angle, as you can probably understand. You are seeing something from a different perceptive than myself. I am sure to look for it now, though. 🙂

      1. Probably more Asian, than anything, but I am sure they had a considerable Caucasian aspect to them. Maybe even an eventual majority competent.

        That seems to be the pattern with nomadic Turko-Mongolian peoples.

      2. I’m not really sure, but their genes are not the same as the Anatolian – Kurdish – Armenian type. They look a lot different. Some modern people who have Khazar-like genes might be the Uzbeks. So Khazarian genes might have looked sort of Uzbekish. They might also resemble some of those Jews of the Caucasus. I think they are called Judeo-Tats or something. There are some of them around places like Dagestan.

  9. Well Robert, the Arab meddling in Afghanistan goes back to the 1980’s, during the Soviet invasion. The best way I can think of to look at what was to become Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, aka the “Gulf Arab” influence, is through the transfer of money. They had money. Lots of it. They also had religion. In fact, a stranglehold on it, or so they claimed, being Arabs from Arabia and all.

    The money bought them everything in Afghanistan. Protection, influence, wives, and status back home in places like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They never actually did any fighting. Never. These were effeminate rich Arab boys. They had no notion of anything like getting one’s hands dirty at work, or doing manual labor. That was for other people to do. Foreigners and peasants. Not an Arab from Mohammad’s homeland. They lacked, and still completely lack, the very basic essence, social values and psychology of what is needed to make a good solider or fighter.

    In fact, in this book, which is literally a battle by battle account of the Soviet War from 1979-89, the Arabs are only mentioned once.


    (*Note, this is the best book you will ever read about combat operations from the Afghan side of the conflict. Why the won becomes very obvious.)

    The Mujaheddin contacted and Arab “unit” in the area for help with their wounded, as they were pulling back from contact with Soviet forces. The Arabs refused to go anywhere near the fighting. Not even to help the wounded “Mujaheddin”, there “Islamic brothers.” It was reported that they were to busy video-tapping each other holding weapons and Korans, while on “Jihad.” These are disgusting people, these Gulf Arabs.

    What violence the Arabs did inflict was generally on Afghan civilians, and only when of course the native Mujaheddin were not around. This is one of the reasons Al-Qaeda, and Arabs in general, had lost favor with the Pashtuns, even prior to 9/11.

    The Arabs greatly feared the Pashtuns, and Afghans in general. Probably more so than they feared the Soviet soldiers. As you can imagine, this is with good reason. The Afghan tribes men of any ethnic background are the real deal. They are not out to play “Jihad” so the folks back home can relish in the VHS video taken, with Koranic hymning in the background. No, the Afghans are fighting in and for the home turf, village, tribe, and family. Religion is only an excuse. Any video they take is generally of close quarter combat with the Americans, who they have only come to detest in the last few years. Not Al-Qaeda style demagoguery. See for yourself:

    (You need to log into Youtube for the first video)



    The second video is particularly telling. Get used to it. Especially with the U.S soldier breaking down and crying at what he is witnessing. It will go on for years. Probably never end. Just go in cycles, sort of like seasonal hurricanes. It is a lot like the Caucasus region in that regard, but worse. A lot bigger, and with a more oriental twist…You kill them, they will kill you. Afghans are notorious for this. They believe in revenge. Ask any Iranian about Afghans. It is just the way they are. No one has really ever “conquered” Afghanistan. Oh, people invade and “win” at first. Years my go by. Then they leave with a bloody nose, and their tail between there legs. This has happened to everyone. Even the Mongols. 🙂

    No, I suspect that any of the current “Al-Qaeda” influence in Afghanistan has more to do with the ISA in Pakistan, than anyone else. The Pakistanis fear the Pashtuns more than the Arabs do. They have not been able to control the Pashtun tribes in their own country. A Punjabi is even less eager to lock horns with an Afghan as any Gulf Arab is. No, they choose the soft approach to matters. Create “movements” though finance, preferably with forging Saudi money. Have the Americans stay, and fix your problem for you, with their predator drones. Let others do the dying.

    Have you noticed how unwilling the Pakistani Army is, to even venture into its own “Pashtun” regions, to supposedly deal with the “terrorists?” They send in a brigade of 5,000 men, and with two or three days, have 500 to 600 causalities. That is a fact, and they know it. Their country, Pakistan, is about as “real” as Iraq is, and the Pashtuns know it.

    There is nothing to win in Afghanistan. Nothing to fix. They did not commit 9/11, and we are in their home, telling them what to do. Every time a fat American DEA agent burns the poppy crops of an Afghan village, or a fat American Air Force officer kills Afghan women and children from an air-conditioned room somewhere in the Mid-West, another Afghan wants revenge.

    Afghanistan is a place interfered with by outside powers for sometime now. The Afghans, namely but not only the Pashtuns, are getting better at handling American technological advantages. They may lack the foreign support of the 1980’s, but they still are managing to find ways.

    You do not win in Afghanistan by conquering it with armies and weapons. Culture is the only way I see fit, and in that regard, we Americans fall way short in understanding this simple concept.

  10. Sorry about that, Robert. I just posted a really long reply to your article, and I misspelled my required email address. Now it requires you to moderate it.

  11. Robert, do the Palestinians also come from the Anatolian genetic stock? I’ve read somewhere that Palestinians are basically descendants of ancient Hebrews who later converted to Islam and adopted an Arab identity, but still Jewish genetically. If Palestinians are basically Jews, wouldn’t they also be close to Kurds, and Anatolian Turks?

    1. No, but the Palestinians are close to Jews. It’s just that the Anatolians are closer. The Palestinians look like the Levant. The entire Levant looks like the Jews, but Anatolia looks more like the Jews.

      1. If the Palestinians are descended from ancient Hebrews, wouldn’t that mean they are descended from Anatolians, since the Jews originally come from the Kurdistan area?

      2. Fascinating, Robert. So Turks, Kurds, Jews and Lebanese are then cousins? Look at all the different language families represented. Semitic, Altaic, and Indo-European. Shows how fluid language is.

        Not to then bug you about this, but how do other Iranian language group speakers then relate to the Kurds, and each other? What of other Turkic groups around them?

        1. Lebanese secondarily related to the first group via Jews.

          Groups like Kazakhs and Uzbeks are pretty far away from Turks.

          Iranians are fairly close to Turks, but separate from that Anatolian cluster. All of those groups are sort of borderline Caucasian-Asian types.

        2. Okay, so of course by Turks, we are meaning the Turkish.

          For instance, I can’t imagine that Azeris cluster all that far from other Iranians or Afghans, even though they speak a “Turkic” language. Mind you, I am thinking of Iranian Azeris, and not Azeris from Azerbaijan. Kazakhs are pretty obvious. They are very Asian, and least in their truest form. People from the North Caucasus, like Georgians and Chechens, don’t look anything like the Azeris I know. Just like their languages, they must an isolated bunch.

          Terrain must have a lot to play with this. Impenetrable mountains restrict the genetic flow. Hence, localized inbreeding.

          It is funny, as I’ve known plenty of Uzbeks. Some of them look “mixed” Asian, others look a lot like Afghans and Iranians. I am left with the notion that like the Kurds, those group’s designations are rather arbitrary. A mixed bunch of nomadic people, who when settled or simply when interacting with a more advanced civilizations, simply get lumped together out of convenience.

          For instance, Kurds in Iran didn’t not particularity stick out from other Iranians. Kurds in Turkey, at least to me(Istanbul is crawling with them), looked a lot like their fellow “Turks.”

          Anyway, I really went off on a rant, here.

        1. Well, they were originally, but then they converted to Christianity and bred in with Levantine Christians for 700 years, then they converted to Islam and bred in with other Arabs, primarily Levantines, for 1,300 years.

        2. But I’ve read that outside contribution was minimal and that 90% of present-day Palestinians, ironically, are probably even more related to the ancient Hebrews than current Ashkenazis are.

  12. By the way Cyrus, you’re right about the Gulf Arabs. A bunch of decadent cowards. Persians have every right to feel superior to the Gulf Arab cockroaches. Levantine Arabs however are respectable.

    1. I think anyone has a right to feel superior to them. They happen to sit on lots of oil. That is it. Oh, and they have Mecca and Medina. Great. Even Mohammad thought they were assholes, 1,300 years ago.

      The Lebanese actually have to work and think for themselves to to survive. They have no oil. That, and they are not the “true Arabs.”

      Personally, I just wish the Gulf Arabs would just leave other people alone. Doesn’t matter if it is in Afghanistan, the Sudan, or the United States. They contribute nothing, and retard the progress of anything they touch.

        1. Well, if you want to make the argument that the “neo-con” movement was largely led by Jewish-American Zionist, I concur. It was, and for their ideological interest. Namely Israel.

          I don’t blame them though. I blame my average fellow dumb-ass redneck American for eating up what they had to sell. Hook, line and sinker.

          Sometimes, I think America is nothing but a big, wet pussy…Just waiting to get fucked. – To steal a line for Mr.Montana.

        2. You’re absolutely right! But also don’t forget their financial mischeif that is bring the world to economic ruin.

  13. Neocons and zionists are scourges that must be dealt with.

    Otherwise, shit like this will continue to happen.

    1. Randy, lets examine that. I am a former Army guy myself, and have had the wonderful privilege of watching guys try and kills themselves, and on occasion actually do it, more times than I want to remember.

      So, lets crunch some numbers:

      The current active U.S Army is 549,015 personal. The current reserve force(both Army Reserve and National Guard) is 563,688. The Marine Corp is currently 203,000 active, and 40,000 reserve. In both forces, a good portion of their reserve element is active at anytime. In other words, we have 3/4 of a million active duty “ground-pounders” operating somewhere in the world, and God knows how many activated part-timers.

      We have a HUGE ground force(s), and many of them rotate through, and are currently in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not just the combat units, either. Everyone.

      Now for the causalities and suicides:



      32 U.S Army active duty soldiers oft themselves in June. 22 of those guys were combat vets. So you have to figure the rate is directly rated to their service. For Afghanistan, the rate should have doubled as a result, though that is a guess.

      Evidently, the Marines only had 1 suicide in June, which I find shocking, since the Marines are famous for having the highest suicide rate in the service(Full Metal Jacket, anyone?). Maybe they have clamped down some how? So, the total number is 33 for ground forces, of which at the most 23 where in Iraq or Afghanistan. In all honesty, I give shit about the Marines Corp. Never could figure out why they exist. They are like the American SS or something.

      In June, “Coalition” forces lost 102 killed, of which 60 were Americans. So, you have to figure, 33 suicides total, compared to the massive size of the active duty forces, against the 60 killed in combat.

      I have no idea how many other “Coalition” soldiers are offing themselves, or Afghans for that matter. No body counts the casualties of Afghan government forces, it seems. I guess nobody in the West seems to care.

      Oh, well. Hope those numbers help. I do expect both U.S losses to continue to rise, as the Euro-Trash begins to leave Afghanistan, and the Taliban gets more eager and self-confident in the fight. My guess is the suicides numbers will rise, to.

        1. Yah, they have a reputation of bitching like nagging old women anytime anyone says anything about their “beloved” Corp. They come out of the woodwork like Florida cockroaches in the middle of July. No can of Raid can save you the migraine headache to come.

          Are they a government agency, or an offshoot of the Moonies?

      1. I give shit about the Marines Corp. Never could figure out why they exist. -Cyrus-


        heg: The whole US military is the jews proxy war machine, the jews private army.

  14. Come Alpha. Seriously. 🙂

    The Nazis had the SS. Napoleon had the Imperial Guard. The Soviets had their Guards Units. The Islamic Republican of Iran has the “Pasdaran.” Saddam had the Republican Guards…Ever wonder why the Marines guard the President, and every embassy? Ever wonder their purpose for existence in this post WWII world we’ve lived in? Power projection? Empire, perhaps?

    I can go on and on and on.

    We have an Army. Armies are the primary tool to “defend” nations, and hold land. Any nation. You have an Army before and Air Force or Navy, if you can afford anything at all.

    Then “we” have the Marines. The Marines are our “Stormtroopers.” They are redundant, brutal by design(read brainwashed), and I’ve known way to many women who won’t dare date one, because they have been beaten and or raped by these taxpayer funded psychotic assholes.

    They are just another element of our ugly, decaying empire, that is bankrupting us dry…

  15. Thank you for that post, Cyrus. What’s your view of the Afghan occupation? What are its objectives and has it achieved them? Do you feel safer as an American nine years after the invasion?

    1. Well, this post I made earlier in the thread in responding to Roberts interesting article, pretty much sums up my view of it.


      I am not rationally aware of how any U.S operations, minus the potential of the initial shattering of Al-Qaeada, has or could have made us safer. Most likely the opposite is true. God help us if any Afghans ever commit a terrorist attack against us in the U.S. We brought it on ourselves for fucking with those poor people for nearly a decade.

      People forget. The Taliban offered to hand Bin Laden over to us after 9/11. The just wanted proof of his involvement in the crime. It is part of their tribal code, called Pashtunwali. I really think they just wanted to be treated like a real government. So what? We should have done it. We would have saved $1,000,000,000,000 and nearly 2,000 Western lives. Alas, things did not work out that way.

      The objective of the initial U.S “invasion” of Afghanistan in 2001 was largely two-fold. Forget the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. The Taliban was not very cooperative with anyone(they actually thought they were a real government, LOL!), and Al-Qaeda was really just a wonderful excuse no American on 9/12/01 would dare question.

      The U.S wanted to bottle-up it’s old nemesis Iran by positioning bases right on it’s open flank, and more importantly secure it’s foothold and route into the energy rich former Soviet Republics, aka the “Stans.” The wanted to block a re-emergent Russia or energy hungry China from cutting the U.S out of the region. They wanted to control it.

      Every wonder why we have a base in Kyrgyzstan? Seriously. Why? What the hell does that have to do with Afghanistan? You actually have to fly hundreds of miles East, and then turn around. Or go through Russia from Germany. No logic there. Just think of the pathetic range of a C-17 when you do the math. There is no point. Better to fly from Qatar. Just look at a map.


      Then look at all those juicy countries around Kyrgyzstan, with their sensuous oil and voluptuous natural gas, just waiting to be pumped into our ample bosom.

      Reminds of that feel of fine, soft Corinthian Leather…


      1. Every wonder why we have a base in Kyrgyzstan? Seriously. Why? What the hell does that have to do with Afghanistan? You actually have to fly hundreds of miles East, and then turn around. Or go through Russia from Germany. No logic there. Just think of the pathetic range of a C-17 when you do the math. There is no point. Better to fly from Qatar. Just look at a map. -Cyrus-

        heg: Well well … that’ll be the day. A commie that actually knows something about air logistics.

        But in what way is “the C-17 has an unrefueled range of approximately 2,400 nautical miles (4,400 km)” a pathetic range?


        London – Jew York: Miles: 34oo

        Kilometers: 5500


        A C-17 can make it over the Atlantic, that would be the distance Jew York (New York) to Robert in Ca. ls that a” pathetic” range?

        1. Commie, eh? Boy, you’re really fucking cleaver with that one.

          You suck at math.

          You claim the C-17 has a range of 2,400 miles. You then say it can make it to London from New York(why the fuck would a military cargo aircraft do that?), which is a distance of 3,400 miles(3459.34, to be precise). That means it’s maximum range is 30% short. It ends up ditching in the Atlantic, less than 3/4 of the way there. About 120 bald faced corn fed American paratroopers drown in the freezing North Atlantic water. If they are lucky, the end recycled as fish shit a few days later.

          It’s just like the ending to Titanic, ain’t it?

          The C-17 specifically can not make it across the continental United States non-stop without mid-air refueling.

          Ironically, the C-17 were and still are made in Long Beach, California. Not very far from where our friend Robert grew up.

          The C-17 is an example of inefficiency and government waste. It is a big employer her in Southern California, and that is it’s only plus from my perceptive. It rode the congressional cancel wagon for nearly a decade. There is a reason the Air Force never wanted it.

          They should have bought 747’s and the like. Just look at the range on them.


          About three times the distance, with over 40% more cargo, and about half the airframe price.

          How’s those beans for ya?

  16. I have come to the conclusion that hypocrisy, (with a capital H) is a fundamental and irremovable characteristic of kikedom. The reason why the U.S. today is so hypocritical to the point of looking like a lying, murderous, thieving psycopath to the rest of the world is because of Jewry’s chokehold over this nation and its institutions. America supports hundreds of corrupt, brutal, parasitic dictators and spies on its own citizens while lecturing nations like Russia, China, and Iran, who are too proud to submit to Uncle Shmuel’s diktat, about their supposed “human rights violations.

    1. Just look at Serbia and Kosovo. They are both nationalist movements. Serbia was bombed down to the stoneage by JewSSA, Kosovo the JewSSA was the first land to recognize as a national state.

      What is the difference? Serbia was BIG time nationalism, that might spread to Germany, hence the JEW would be in focus. Kosovo is SMALL time nationalism. Small time nationalism is no threat to the criminal jew, BIG time nationalism is.

      Take any jew run JewSSA foreigne politic and look at it from the jew’s point of view and it all make sense.


  17. Kosovo is just the same as the shithole “israel”, a safeheaven for criminals. A center for every crime you can ever think of, that is what ShitRael is.

    Most jews will cover for any jew no matter what crime the jew commited. And when the jew can’t get away with it he just run to ShitRael and get a ShitRael passport and a house.

        1. Tell me about it.

          Someone breaks wind in a elevator, and this “Heg” guy is already pinning the cause on an elaborate Zionist-Jewish plot to cloud his olfacotry senses of desperately needed oxygen.

        2. No, he’s a Swede. -RL-

          heg: How many times have l told you robert that l’m N-O-T a swed? Countless. What part don’t you get? l heg is NOT a swed.

    1. 😀

      Yah. Damn editor doesn’t recognize good ‘ole American slang. Not that it matters. Heg is a Swede. He won’t get it. 🙂

  18. Speaking of Swedes, they, along with Norwegians have a rather strange y-chromome haplogroup. While most of Europe is either R1b (west) or R1a (east), Scandinavia has a rather large concentration of I1. Haplogroup I split from haplogroup J long ago. Strange thing is, haplogroup J is primarily Arab, Jewish, Persian etc. Ironically, Scandinavians, with the exception of the more Asiatic Finns, are more closely related to Near Easterners than other Europeans! Should Scandinavians be considered depigmented Semites/Mediterraneans?

    1. Actually there is no Jewish Zionist conspiracy because it’s not a secret…it’s all out in the open…

      heg: BOINK BOINKBOINK. A jew “genius” at work here.

  19. Paul Grenville says of Atzmon “I never stop reading Atzmon as he is so much less boring than marxist philosophers and his heart is in the right place. A very intense man. “

    The most intense political activist I ever met in person was an Avakianite, an RCP member when they had bookstores throughout the Midwest.
    They guy couldn’t sit still in his chair when discussing politics. Very skittish too. But he
    had some intricate commie insights. Yeah, couldn’t be around him for long. I was interviewing him then for an alternative paper.

  20. Heg’s right about the Jew neocons e.g Bill Kristol, being gung-ho anti-Serb, pro-Clinton’s war crimes.
    They feared a Great Russian-Serb Orthodox pan-slav alliance forming. And hoped appeasing Islam’s encroachment in Europe would lessen Islam’s pressure on Israel.

  21. Hey Robert I just watched a German propaganda film from 1940 and for some reason, the Polish Jews shown there had heavily Arabic features. Do you know if they really looked like that back then or do you think the Germans chose them for the film to just make the point about how alien they are to Europe? A lot of them could’ve been taken right off the streets of Damascus.

  22. Obama might prove to be a bigger war criminal than Bush/Cheney (whose war crimes he wanted unpunished..”move along, nothing to see here..”)

    But the progs loved him and elected him… a good anti-elite Negro boy you see.

    I never considered voting for him after he (more honest than Bush about it) vowed to increase the war in Afghanistan. Kucinich I would have voted for; at least he attacked O on it, and vowed to get out of Afghan.

  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLLzbEx7gDg

    Paul Grenville (real name) is adopting his old pseudonym Abiezer Coppe, a writer of the Ranter sect in the English Civil War, song about him here:

    Re the US/Nato military occupation of Afghanistan, I was sent a peculiarly apposite link this morning. The American serviceman is talking about his time in Iraq, but it can stand for Afghanistan. This is really eloquent:

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