Stalin Speech in Moscow November 7, 1941


Stalin’s famous speech in Moscow, while the Nazi Orcs were only 6 miles outside the city limits. Most people don’t know this, but the Orcs nearly overran the capital of the USSR! Rightwingers talk about this nowadays as an example of “Stalin’s failure.” Why no talk of the failure of the Poles, French, Norwegians, Dutch, Danes, Belgians, Finns, Greeks or Yugoslavs? Rightwingers are such shits.

This is rare footage. What’s interesting is his composure. After the Orcs first invaded, they made some very significant gains. The Red Army retreated, generally tactically, often destroying everything behind it so the Orcs could not use it. Stalin sunk into a deep depression, and retreated to his dacha in the countryside, giving over command decisions to his generals. In his dacha, he was silent and terribly depression, almost mute. He would sit in his chair and not speak for hours on end. This depressive phase lasted for a few weeks before he came out of it.

Very large numbers of Soviet citizens went over to the enemy. In Stalingrad alone there were 50,000 who went over to the other side. When they were captured, traitors were often executed. What else were the Soviets supposed to do? Your country gets invaded by a foreign power, you are fending off the enemy, the enemy has captured territory, but some citizens are going over to the enemy? You need to kill them.

It’s interesting how calm Stalin is in this speech. He also has a rather soft or even high-pitched voice, which is also interesting.

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105 thoughts on “Stalin Speech in Moscow November 7, 1941”

  1. Goddamn it! Why didn’t Stalin just surrender and let his country fall to the more competent, less murderous National Socialists!

    1. The Nazi plan was to kill 75% of the Russian and other Slavic population, so that was not an option.

      Generalplan Ost:

      25% to be killed outright
      50% to be slowly worked and starved to death
      25% to be Germanized.

      You have a 75% chance of being killed.

      I don’t know what the casualty rate in the Red Army was, but no way was it 75%. You’re better off fighting the Nazis rather than sitting around waiting for them to come kill you.

      1. I don’t know what the casualty rate in the Red Army was, but no way was it 75%. You’re better off fighting the Nazis rather than sitting around waiting for them to come kill you.

        Yeah, especially if they had an NKVD machine gun battalion behind you with an itchy trigger finger if the poor, hapless Soviet soldier even so much as turned around or looked for cover when they were thrown against the Germans (sometimes even for the “honor” of “clearing” a mine field!).

        C’mon Robert, stop making stuff up or grossly exaggerating things to make your emotional points.

  2. The very fact that so many Soviet citizens went over to the Germans shows how shitty Bolshevism as a system was.

      1. Not that many went over, % wise. But it was some all right, that’s for sure.

        Approximately 1,000,000 “Soviet” citizens volunteered for service in the German armed forces.

        Absolutely unprecedented in world history — the number of a former ‘enemy’ who willingly wore the uniform of their former opponents.

  3. Robert, were you always pro-Soviet? And how did you live through the Cold War era without getting into trouble for your pro-USSR views?

    1. No, not really. My politics was pretty incoherent in the 1970’s and 1980’s, although I was a member of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden’s Campaign for Economic Democracy in 1980-1983. I was always sort of a liberal-Left type, and I called myself a socialist from way back, but I didn’t start going pro-USSR until 1987 or so, and even then it was lukewarm.

      I joined the Communist Party in 1997 or so. I’ve also been a member of the Green Party, Socialist Party USA, etc. And longtime Democratic Party activist.

  4. That’s a history that paralells my own. A kind of gigolo of the Left. I even tried the Trots. Stalin would definitely have had me killed. CPGB Left dissident, 1970s, French Communist Party 1977-1978, Labour Party 1980s, rejoined CPGB 1990, Democratic Left, 1991, adrift after I discovered that Democratic Left were really Demos in disguise, and like Lafayette said, into consumerism and capitalism, 2000 Socialist Workers’ Party, 2010 Green Party fellow traveller. Pretty hopeless really. I am too independent to follow a party line.

    The Socialist Workers’ Party – 5,000 or so members – are the most hopeless and clueless of the British Left, with the Zionist Alliance for Workers’ Liberty (200 members?) a close second. The SWP are of course for open borders. The SWP whore around every single issue campaign in an attempt to increase their membership. There’s a good analysis of their incoherency here:

    British Green Party (10,000 members)manifesto here:

    I don’t know if the Green Party have a future but their policies make a degree of sense. What do others think? They lack the ideological purity of a Marxist organisation, and that’s probably a good thing. The Morning Star these days also lack ideological purity, and that’s probably a good thing. I’m tired of self-appointed revolutionists like Alan Wood calling Chavez a “Bonapartist”. Does Wood even speak Spanish? I do.

  5. Apologies. Mr Alan Woods of the International Marxist Tendency is an enthusiast of the Chavez regime and a friend of Trotsky’s surviving grandson,
    ( St Persburg Times on the last Trotsky. This is good!), Estaban Volkov, who regards Ted Grant and Alan Woods as the true inheritors of the Trotskyist tradition! It seems to be the AWL who are calling him a Bonapartist.

    Chavez is a social democrat and he is very good news for the Venezuelan working class. He’s isn’t out to smash the state. But the confidence, literacy levels and organisation of the Venezuelan working class has increased under his leadership, so says
    squirrel communism:

    “At the very least we need to ask – has Chavez opened a space for the emancipation of the working class? So, rather than just shout ‘Bonapartist (!!!!)’ we need to ask ‘who benefits’ from the Bolivarian revolution, and we need to enquire if it has benefited the working class.

    And surely on this level we can say (at the very least) ‘yes’. Chavez has firstly put socialism and the working class on the agenda in Venezuela and indeed the world stage. This must be a good thing for the perspective of the working class. I think the work of Mike Lebotwitz has been instructive here. Even if we disregard Chavez’ concrete policies relating to the economy it is pretty clear he has opened up a space for the working class in a way that has never happened in Venezuela.

    He has opened up the political process to the working class, and indigenous people so that it does not lie solely with the oligarchs and its representatives. The ideas of co-management, no matter how limited their application, help smash the myth that the workers cannot do without he bourgeoisie. The barrio healthcare initiatives are helping the Venezuelan workers get back their confidence and dignity.

    I think the confidence and dignity argument is and important one, which ought not to be overlooked. In Venezuela the workers may not rule, capitalism may still not be overthrown, the old state machine may not have been smashed, but the working class and its organisations have grown, they are taken seriously, they are confident and organised. Surely this sort of empowerment is the key to any successful self-emancipation.”

  6. The era of raceless Marxism and internationalism
    in the Trotskyite guise has long been exhausted.

    Foundational Socialist tribalism incorporated into
    larger regionally cohesive geopolitics is another matter.

  7. Trotskyist Ken. Trotskyite is pejorative. Agree with you there to a point. I don’t what you’re talking about (why use coded language?) but clearly in the hands of Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and Rafael Correa social democratic meliorism and pluralism still have some life in them. None of these South Americans are Jewish, in case you’re still thinking along the lines of “foundational socialist tribalism”. What exactly is that Ken? Why is America so weird?

  8. Well, I have to admit that Stalin speech tugs at my hearstrings. Like the Russians themselves, I have a soft spot for Uncle Joe and I think the last word on him is still to be said by a long way.

  9. of course it’s pejorative. How did Stalin spell it in Russian?

    Now Jim Petras I trust on the neocons. Liked his debate with Finklestein; he won.

    But I don’t trust him particularly on populist-national leftism e.g. Chavez.
    He wrote some real critical things about him a while back, seemingly from a purist Trostkyite stance.

  10. That Stalin series looks interesting Paul, thanks.

    Ken Hoop (on Petras) ” But I don’t trust him particularly on populist-national leftism e.g. Chavez.
    He wrote some real critical things about him a while back, seemingly from a purist Trostkyite stance.”

    That doesn’t sound like Petras – he’s definitely not from the usual Trot mould of denigrating anything that doesn’t fit exactly with Marx’s prescription for working-class revolution. They always exempt Lenin’s Bolsheviks for some reason. I recommend going to Petras site and reading his essays again – I’ve a feeling you’re mixing him up with someone else.

  11. Petras isn’t a Trot. He wrote for Monthly Review. They’d never accept a Trot writing for them.

  12. Yes, they always praise October 1917. Supposing the Bolsheviks had gone into alliance with the Mensheviks and the Social Revolutionaries in a united front, not abolished the Constituent Assembly, and gone about things democratically?
    Would there have been another attempt at a White coup as in July 1917? We’ll never know.

    The Bolshevik substitutionists only set the working class movement as a whole back by 90 years or so. It started with the seizure of power and the abolition of the Constituent Assembly. We’re only just now recovering. But what happened happened. I go with Rosa Luxemburg on this one. And Pannakoek. Socialism equals more democracy than we’ve ever known or it’s not socialism. The Trots are wrong too. The SWP Trots keep the fetishism of the seizure of power, and don’t do internal democracy. A new breakaway group has developed since since the Marxism 2010 conference, Counterfire.

    I respect Lenin for Imperialism, for his stance on the war and for State and Revolution. Oh well, so much for the unity of theory and practice!

    1. I agree with the content of this post completely. The Great October Revolution was nothing but an undemocratic coup. What’s so great about that? Chavez says if people don’t want they socialist revolution, they can just vote it out and go back to the shitty old rightwing system. This is my position completely.

      Furthermore, if the people suffer, get ill, die, etc. under the rightwing system, as they will of course, it is their own damn fault. Also anyone can join Chavez’ party. The whole country could join if they wanted to. Why is it that only 6% of the country can be Communist Party members?

      We need to get away from Leninism altogether in most cases, if you ask me. Though even Leninism is probably better than the nightmare of capitalism in many 3rd World shitholes.

      And some places may need dictatorship. The only way to stop the Right from slaughtering the people, or the only way to stop the government from killing the people, in Colombia, is to have a Left dictatorship. A Left democracy will probably be overthrown in a coup, or their members will be killed, or the Right will go Contra.

      In countries where the majority wants the Left and the Right is so evil that it will never allow a peaceful democratic Left state, we may have to impose dictatorship on these fucks just to create a decent and peaceful society.

      Hopefully, that is not the case in most of the world, but the Venezuelan, Chilean, Haitian, Honduran, Brazilian, Indonesian, Mexico, Thailand, Iran, Nicaraguan, Guatemalan and Dominican cases are not comforting. In so many cases, the Right simply will not accept a democratic Left state. So then what to do but impose Left dictatorship on the shits?

      1. Actually I think Hugo Chavez is too soft on the neoliberal plutocratic fucks. He should have them liquidated.

        1. I don’t think he does. I know that they support the FARC all the way. I just don’t know how far that support goes. They have a Chavez minister on tape greeting a FARC leader and saying, “You know we always support your struggle 100%.”

          Colombia keeps saying that Chavez backs the FARC. They claim that the FARC camps out over the border in Venezuela and that FARC leaders hide there. Also that Chavez gives them arms. It’s hard to say what’s going on.

          The FARC has bases in all of the bordering states – Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru. They even operate all the way over in the Brazil-Guyana border in Guyana. They are also all through Peru and in addition have members in Paraguay. There are probably some of them in Bolivia.

          I’m pretty sure that the FARC hangs out a lot in Venezuela over the border and Chavez’ forces simply do nothing about it. Also their leaders spend time in Caracas almost openly. Chavez may well have given them Swedish missiles lately.

          Chavez has to be real careful about supporting FARC because that’s a deadly accusation. The US or Colombia could practically launch war on him over that. So they have to lie about it. The Colombian paramilitaries are in heavily in Venezuela lately, mostly killing FARC supporters and peasants. They are openly supported by the righting Chavez opposition governors in that area.

          The FARC does have an auxiliary in Venezuela called the FARV, but they are just a militia to protect Chavez in case the US or Colombia attacks it. The FARC also have auxiliaries in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil – FARP, FARE and FARB. They are simply a huge organization. There’s a lot of propaganda that they are being decimated, but it isn’t really true.

          But they are under very heavy assault, the worse attacks that any guerrilla group has been under in regional history. I’m sure they still have 18,000 men or so under arms.

          The Colombian state, through its military, police and paramilitaries, simply targets anyone and everyone on the Left. The accusation is, “Supporter of the FARC,” or “a relationship with the FARC.” Well, if they are breaking terrorism laws, arrest them. Most of those folks have nothing to do with the FARC. The FARC is an army with uniforms.

          According to Colombia, anyone in Colombia anywhere near the Left is automatically a “FARC member” or “FARC supporter.” If you or me were down there and did not shut up, we would be too. It doesn’t matter what relationship, if any, you have to the group.

          Basically, in Colombia, the state simply slaughters the Left. There’s no space anywhere on the Left there to do anything at all. If you’re on the Left, I guess you might as well shut up arm yourself, or just go join the FARC.

          If anything, the FARC protects the people. The paras come out to areas where the FARC is big and just start picking people up and killing them, especially Left leaders. Then often the FARC shows up with guns and drives the paras out of the area. So, if anything the FARC is protecting the people. I think if they were gone, the people would really get slaughtered.

          There are few options for the FARC. It’s fight or die. If they give up arms and form a political party, they will be decimated like the Patriotic Union was. 5,000 UP members were slaughtered over several years and the party is history. And FARC has now vowed to never disarm again. They’re just going to get killed no matter what they do. They may as well stay and fight.

        2. well Chavez urges the Farc to lay down their arms and give up the struggle AND their hostages. In Columbia, that’s like advising the Farc to commit collective SUICIDE.

      2. That’s why the balance of Stalin’s rule was
        positive. OK there was the Terror, but look at the forces range against the Soviet Union…and now Russia is a playground for billionaires who are buying up properties in Chelsea, and for some of the most criminal elements in the world, people who would betray their mother to get their hands on loot, people who would sell plutonium to al Qaeda. A propos of which, there was a new Russian authored play on Radio 4 yesterday which I thought captured the brave new capitalist world in Moscow rather well. Catch it here:

      3. Your penultimate paragraph points to the possibility that Lenin’s ”coup” on behalf of Russia’s workers and peasants MAY have been justified. The nature of the opposition was savage and Russia was a very backward country.
        In addition I do not know if a political alliance with the Social Revolutionaries and Mensheviks could have worked, especially when Russia’s small industrial working class was politically so far in advance of them.

        It is clear from Simon Pirani’s talk on his in depth study of class/party relations in the Soviet Union from 1920 to 1924 that by 1924 the Bolshevik party had substituted itself
        for the rule of the Soviets, and that there was a tight chain of command going all the way up to the top. The democratic potential of the Revolution had already been annulled, and the scene was set for the command economy of the 1930s, and a strict dictatorship over the new working class created by rapid industrialization. This was the cost of the October “coup”.

  13. My hypothesis is that if the Whites had won the Russian civil war and recaptured the non-Russian territories of the Russian Empire, the reconstituted Russian Empire would’ve been a fascist state.

    1. anon…I love it…fascism from the Urals to the West of Ireland and today I’d be speaking German…Heil Hitler! Breed for the Fatherland!

  14. Robert, I think the reason why you are still philo-Semitic is because you still believe that Jews are on the “left.” That is not the case at all, and if you are an honest leftist, you would see this. Jews the world over are now aligned with the most reactionary forces around the world, including US imperialism.
    The genuine left, like the genuine right, has plenty of reasons to be anti-kike.

    1. I don’t know if I’d classify Robert as philo-Semitic. He’s been rather critical of Jews in the past.

      But yes, your point is well taken.

      To clarify, I in no way hate Jewish people just for being Jewish, nor do I think that they are innately devious and manipulative. I also recognize that Jews have made important contributions (I might not be alive had Truman not dropped the atom bomb, since my grandfather was set to fight in the Pacific).

      That being said, too many of them act like Abe Foxman clones who scream “anti-semite!” if you say the slightest critical thing regarding Israel, Jewish influence, etc.

      For greater insight on this topic, check the Paul Craig Roberts archive I posted on the watercooler.

      The problem with liberal Jews and Israel/neocon imperialism is that they are now being exposed as hypocrites.

      Many liberal Jews frequently portray themselves as pro-black Civil Rights types, and love to remind us that they marched and died with blacks during the 60s, and that they’re sooo much more enlightened than everyone else.

      And yet they support the apartheid and genocidal state of Israel.

      (As much as I may despise them, I have to give far left Jews such as Tim Wise, Howard Zinn, and others credit, because they at least are critical of Israel)

      Jews frequently talk down to whites for their racism and tell them that it’s racist and hateful to cultivate a sense of white identity and pride, and yet they have no problem with Israel being a Jewish state. In fact, to attack Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish state makes you a dirty Jew hater.

      So when liberal Jews promote pro-gay causes, pro-black causes, etc, they don’t do so out of any love for these groups, but rather to increase their own influence and standing.

      Read Malcolm X and Derrick Bell’s “Space Traders.” For Jews, non-whites and others are simply distractions and buffers used to divert white America’s attention from themselves.

      I think commenter Hacienda said it best: “In front of whites, Jews play the Great White Hope. In front of blacks, they play the Civil Rights liberal. In front of women of any race, they play the feminist.”

      Now, to clarify again: I do not hate Jews just for being Jewish. I also recognize that there are honorable Jews or ex-Jews such as Paul Gottfreid, Jew Among You, Lawrence Auster, etc.

      But anon, I think we shouldn’t be anti-Jewish per se, but rather anti-Zionist and opposed to the liberal hypocrisy of Jews such as Abe Foxman.

        1. I also don’t hate Jews just for being Jews. Otherwise I would hate other closely-related ethnic groups such as Palestinians, Syrians, and Turks. I hate them because of their behavior and mentality, and I don’t if its innate or not. By the way, Lawrence Auster is a rabid Zionist. The few Jews I genuinely admire are Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, Brother Nathanael Kapner, Henry Makow etc.

        2. You should listen to Brother Nathanael’s interview on The Political Cesspool.

          Although I wouldn’t call him a Jew. He renounced his Jewishness and gave it up a long time ago.

          I didn’t know that Lawrence Auster was a rabid Zionist. I always thought he was a paleocon.

          Well, that changes my opinion of him, but that doesn’t change the fact that his article critiquing 3rd world immigration is spot on.

        3. I agree.

          Many Zionist or far left radical Jews are not very religious, and yet they see themselves as Jewish.

          For example, Tim Wise isn’t religiously Jewish (he said he was agnostic), and yet he regularly identifies himself as Jewish. Thus, he sees himself as ethnically Jewish.

          I don’t really care whether or not a Jew is attending a synagogue. Whether or not they see themselves as ethnically Jewish is what concerns me.

          In fact, religious Jews (such as Orthodox Jews) are far less troublesome than neocons or far left radical Jews.

          That being said, Brother Nathanael renounced his Jewishness on both a religious and ethnic level. He clearly identifies himself as a white Christian now.

        4. I’ve actually studied the y-chromsome profile of Ashkenazi Jews, supposedly the whitest Jews in the world, and guess what, pretty damn different from white Gentiles, especially more northern Europeans. The closest Europeans to Jews are the Greeks, which makes sense if you think about it. Their genes by themselves show that they are not a “western” people like they portray themselves. There’s a catchy phrase about Ashkenazis I’ve heard somewhere: “Arabs in denial.”

        5. Well, the real Nazi White nationalist types hate anyone who is “racially Jewish” and ban them from their movement. This is normal among the Stormfront characters, as well as among the Nazis themselves. The Nazi view of Jews was racial.

          Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, Brother Nathanael Kapner, Henry Makow are Jewish anti-Semites. I don’t think I have a lot of respect for a Jewish anti-Semite.

          anon, that is very interesting, and goes along with Old European dislike of Jews as being “Orientals”. “The Jew is from the East! And it shows!” This is an old West European view of Jews going back 300-400 years. “Jew as Asiatic.”

        6. Anon, “Arabs in denial,” LOL!

          I laugh because I agree, at least on some level.

          I hope you don’t mind me using that line at some point? I am not sure how to credit you with it?

        7. Robert, I have read of Gilad Atzmon in the passing, at least vaguely.

          You see him as a “Jewish anti-Semite?” Is that similar to say a “self-hating White” in your opinion?

          Ironically, I can name off perhaps half a dozen “self-hating Arabs” off of the top of my head, so I imagine this form of psychosis is inherent in the human psyche.

        8. Well Anon, Turks in Turkey, despite their government, are not the biggest friends of the Jewish people. Trust me on that.

          It really is a huge irony.

        9. There is nothing wrong with being critical of Jews. I see myself as a Jew, actually. I am a White Gentile with a Jewish identity. I want to be a Jew, and I always have. Nevertheless, I do slam them, as you can see. But that is normal with Jews. Jews are their own worst critics, and always have been.

          If read the Jewish or Israeli press (especially in Hebrew) they Jews really go it and beat themselves up, especially when they think the door is shut and the Gentiles are not listening. But they don’t hate their people. They are just patriotic self-critics. There is a long tradition of such things. Do the Peruvian, Indian or Nepalese Maoists hate the Peruvian, Indian or Nepalese people?

          Come on. The Left is all about cultural critique. Get rid of that, and you’re on the Right, pretty much.

          There is something really wrong with Jewish anti-Semites though. They have gone over to the enemy. Like an Iranian who thinks Iran sucks and goes over to work for the enemies of Iran (like these Iranian traitors in California).

          Sure, every race has its traitors, as my late father said once. I don’t have a lot of respect for traitors in general. In most cases, it’s love your people, love the homeland. Though not always of course. Sometimes your people or especially your state goes evil.

        10. Hey Robert, those “Jewish anti-Semites” proved their loyalty to mankind by shedding their Jewish identity.

        11. I don’t think I respect self-hating Arabs all that much. I used to be on an Arab nationalist list. They were very critical of the Arabs (PFLP supporters, mostly) but they loved their people and loved the homeland. “After the homeland, there is nothing.” Famous Iraqi Baathist Arab nationalist.

          What’s so good about being a race traitor anyway. Nowadays the Left says that Whites must be race traitors, otherwise we are racist. A White Marxist ex-friend told me this. But why? I don’t respect Black traitors, Hispanic traitors, any kind of traitors. We had some Black Afrocentrists on this board for a while.

          The one guy didn’t exactly hate Whites, he just wanted us to act better and quit mistreating his people. I have a lot of respect for Afrocentrists in a sense because they are Black and they truly love themselves and their Blackness. Also they really love their people. That’s good. You should love your people. Black traitors are a dime a dozen. Who needs em?

        12. That’s why I hate self-hating Asians like the gook whores that marry whites.

          I have a similar opinion of slutty/wigger/wanna be hip white girls who go for black and Hispanic guys.

          Of course, if the white girl is ugly, then I don’t care. They can have her.

          Don’t worry, I’m currently single and never really developed yellow fever. You don’t have to worry about me stealing Asian women! 🙂

        13. In that regard Robert, I completely then understand what you are saying.

          For instance, if I were Jewish, I would no doubt be a major supporter of Israel. I would be critical of it’s government, but I could not see myself saying many of the things the “self-hating types” are stating, such as all Jews ought to return to Europe, and what not.

  15. “‘Inciting hatred’
    The defendants were convicted of “inciting hatred” under a tougher and broader version of Western hate-speech laws. Alexander Dugin, one of the leading intellectuals of Russian nationalism, defends the court decision as standing up for Russian values.

    “In Russia we consider [religion] a public matter, and take any mockery … or profane expression as a crime against public opinion,” says Mr. Dugin. “These are our standards, and Samodurov and Yerofeyev are Russians who committed their acts in Russia.”

    But Mr. Samodurov, former director of the Andrei Sakharov Museum in Moscow, says the social atmosphere is deteriorating, while hard-liners in government and the Russian Orthodox Church appear to be gaining.

    American cretins like Serrano and Mapplethorpe
    should have been dealt with summarily.

  16. Thanks Ken. Gennady Zyuganov’s My Russia is previewed on googlebooks – they show the first 12 pages. It looks interesting.

  17. Robert, wouldn’t you agree that the Latin American right-wing ruling class are one of the most evil fucks to walk the planet? They are never gonna allow a democratic left to take power. Look what happened to Arbenz in 1954 and Allende in 1973. That’s why Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales should take care of the bastards once and for all so the greedy, evil shittards can’t regain power and loot the economy and murder peasants like they did during the Cold War.

    1. Is anything I said untrue? Everything I’ve said is factually true, and the traditional Latin American elites are absolute scum.

      1. No. Remember Venezuela has already defeated an American backed coup in 2002. No doubt there will be other attempts, including attempts to murder Chavez. How many attempts have there been on the life of Fidel Castro?

        1. My point is, if these patriotic leaders want to escape the fate of Allende, they need to clamp down hard on the bastards while they still have power. It’s not like the right-wing bastards would shy away from oppressive behavior, murder is routine with them.

  18. With all due respect Robert, how you can even mildly admire or remotely respect such a tyrannical, savage murderer like “Uncle Joe” Stalin is beyond comprehension.

  19. Prole Stalin was a mass murderer, but the history of great leaders seems to be written in the blood of others. In addition many of those whom he put to death were White Russian traitors, fascists or Trotskyites who would have put the clock back in Russia to the nineteenth century.

    Russia has a long, long history of dealing with oppositionists by administrative means. Unlike the concentration camps of Hitler, the Gulag camps did not put people to death however. The vast majority survived the Gulag to tell the tale. People did die of cold and disease however.

    Many of the world’s greatest leaders were also tyrants responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings. Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Peter the Great come to mind. Peter the Great is not viewed as a mass murderer, but look at the cost in human life of the building of St Petersburg. Napoleon I believe is quoted as saying “What is a million Frenchmen to me?”

    Stalin was such a flawed tyrant, and the technology of tyranny at his command had been refined by his day. Stalin’s death toll is proportionately higher, per capita of population, than that of any other Russian depot, I am sure.

    But CPSU policies under Stalin’s leadership saved more lives than any other despot apart from Mao, as Robert himself has pointed out in an article provocatively entitled “Stalin the Great Humanitarian”.

    In addition to being personally responsible for the deaths of possibly 1.5 million Russians (he could not avoid the war with Nazi Germany, and the Ukrainian famine was not his fault) Stalin also lifted Russia out of extreme backwardness and SAVED many millions of Russian lives, as many as 25 million between 1929 and 1953. Life expectancy on Russia doubled between 1929 and 1953. Stalin won the war on the Eastern Front against the mightiest military machine the world had ever seen. Millions of Russians experienced education for the first time, went to university, and got degrees.

    Case closed, I think.

    If you have studied Russian history, as I have, and recognised the degree of barbarism and the cheapness of human life in Tsarist Russia, you will not look on Stalin so severely. Neither do the Russians today. He is still a popular figure in Russia today, and not without reason. I became an appreciator of Stalin’s achievements while studying two centuries of Russian history for A level, at the age of 17…

    1. Don’t listen to Prole. Prole is a Nazi and fascist sympathizer White nationalist. His ravings against “murderers” need to be taken with a grain of salt! In an earlier thread, Sean, who railed at Stalin as a killer, is also a White nationalist who is a fascist sympathizer. A *lot* of the Stalin haters are fascist symps and Nazi symps. Really tends to detract from that great argument of theirs!

      1. Prole why don’t you change your pseudonym to reflect your politics…how about fascist c–t?

        1. Prole why don’t you change your pseudonym to reflect your politics…how about fascist c–t?

          Maybe “Paul”, but hasn’t your mom taken that name already.

      2. Prole is a Nazi and fascist sympathizer White nationalist. His ravings against “murderers” need to be taken with a grain of salt!


        What’s wrong with you man?? Stalin and other various leaders of Communism killed untold millions of people… millions — and guess what, most of them were innocent victims — either of any legitimate crime or of some kind of bogus (and trumped up/exaggerated) “revolutionary” “crimes”.

        For you or anyone else on this thread to stick-up for such an evil and depraved “man” like Stalin and his henchmen and the system they represented speaks volumes about your character — or rather lack of it.

        Robert – if you are really indeed a Christian, I strongly urge you to reflect upon these truths and reconsider your flirtation with Evil.

        1. 3.7 million were killed over a period of 33 years from 1921-1954. There were no untold millions killed. And most of them were guilty all right, of something or other. Half of them were just common criminals who died in the gulags. They were just ordinary murderers, rapists, robbers, etc. If you want to weep for criminals who die in prison, by all means, be my guest.

        2. 3.7 million were killed over a period of 33 years from 1921-1954.

          Good Lord Robert, just where did you come up with this ridiculously low number???

          Source, por favor?

          Even the Russian State government, when it opened up the former Soviet Archives, admits there were far, far more than “3.7 million” that were killed or died under the auspicies of the Soviet government.

          I agree that while the high figures of the Soviet death toll has been often exaggerated (sometimes grossly) by some anti-Communists and Trotskyist Jews (the 60 million figure popularized by Alexander Solzhenitsyn is indeed way over the top) but most reliable estimates, even by the Russian government, put the accurate numbers at approximately 20 million.

        3. The number Stalin actually killed during his rule was according to Soviet archive material Soviet archives was Executed: 642,980, Imprisoned: 2,369,220, Exiled: 765,180.

          That’s from the opened archives. It’s not true at all that the archives found a lower figure. Simply false.

          I actually think that figure is a bit low, since the executed should be ~900,000, not 640,00.

          So the true number should be 4 million. And 1.8 million of those were simply common criminals like rapists, robbers and murderers. So there’s only 2.2 million of your lovely political prisoners.

    1. Worse. Much more hostile. Especially in Poland.
      Non-Catholic and non-Orthodox Northwestern European countries have in the twentieth century at least given the Jews less of a hard time. Hitler was a Roman Catholic. The picture’s very mixed. it varies from country to country. Romania and Hungary. Bulgaria saved most of its jews from execution in WWII. That’s a great story.

  20. Cyrus, isn’t the current Erdogan government in Turkey no longer friendly to Israel after the flotilla massacre and is riding the wave of Turkish popular opinion?

  21. Robert, you should listen to Brother Kapner’s interview with Political Cesspool radio. He is fucking awesome! He’s ethnically a Jew and he would put many “anti-Semites” to shame with the intensity of his opposition to the evil of Jewry. Kapner gets my “Jew of the Century” Award.

  22. Bob, you need to amplify…

    “The Nazi view of Jews was racial.”

    Really? An Aryan woman who married a Jew in, say 1870, and converted to Judaism, was retroactively considered a Jew as applicable
    to 1935 Nuremberg Laws and her progeny.
    Synagogue rolls were decisive.


    Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, Brother Nathanael Kapner, Henry Makow are Jewish anti-Semites. I don’t think I have a lot of respect for a Jewish anti-Semite.

    Well an Orthodox militarist Zionist Jew considers
    Noam Chomsky an anti-semite. I could name
    other examples. Meir Kahane types implied Reform Jews who married Christians and allowed their kids to be raised Christians were effectively anti-semites.

    Just saying you weigh your attitudes carefully, unless you believe Talmudism has intrinsic virtue for example and should not be escaped that escape resulting in the usual opprobrious terms from the usual suspects.

    1. Anti-Semitism exists. It needs to be called out. I’ve got my own definition of it, but it’s as good as any. I get called anti-Semite too. Just because idiots abuse the term, does not mean that anti-Semitism does not exist. Clearly there are anti-Semites in the world! Look at how many there are on this board alone for instance.

  23. Paul Grenville, if I’m not mistaken, despite the Nazi public propaganda about Judeo-Bolsheviks running the USSR in the 1930s, there is authoritative documentation the Nazi elite
    argued among themselves about the extent of Jewish influence there and many doubted
    it was anywhere near dominant.

  24. Robert, the modern definition of anti-Semitism is anybody who refuses to kiss the Jews’ ass or refuses to let himself be enslaved by them.

      1. Why are Jews to be placed on a pedestal so that being against their behavior and mentality is somehow morally reprehensible?

      2. Yeah, feel the hatred Robert. I can from six thousand miles away, anon, Jew hater. Shame because you’re not stupid at all, just a hater. anti-semites are haters, they can wriggle as much as they like, but it’s not complicated, that’s all there is to it. Haters and in your case, paranoid as well. A real shame…

        1. It’s a conceit to feel that anti-Semites are stupid. Actually, the truly stupid people are the philo-Semites who just swallow whatever the media tells them is true, while spending the rest of their time drinking beer and watching football and American Idol. In other words, typical stupid Americunts.

  25. I think I have come to the conclusion, as much as I like Robert, that he says a good deal of things merely to get attention — whether he may actually believe in what he is momentarily advocating for or not.

    Especially with this God-awful, Stalin-loving trash article.

  26. Hey Robert, go over to Occidental Observer Blog and read Kevin MacDonald’s latest entry about the post-war Soviet Union. You will see the hypocrisy of those commies in America who rationalized and excused mass murder of Slavic peasants in the early decades of the USSR, but cried out in horror as Stalin tried to purge the Soviet government of elite Jews.

  27. The Non-Jew “Elite” Wannabees – by Hoff

    What did the jew do to take over Russia in1917? The jew took the phone book and there the entire old russian elite was by name, adress and occupation. Anybody that could afford a phone in Russia 1917 was the elite.

    Then the jew run KGB went to their home, took man, wife and children to the forest and shot them in the back of the head. Then a jew family moved into the now empty house. With maid, butler and all.

    What the jew did in Sovjet-Russia 1917 was that the jew killed off the ENTIRE old russian elite over one night.

    This is what REALLY happened 1917 in the jew run Sovjet-Russia.

    The whole jew-crap is about one thing and one thing only -Take Control of The State.

    Once you control the state you can do anything you want. Anyone that opposes you taking control of the state, you just kill them. And to make sure you kill the whole family, man, wife and children. And that is what the jew did in Sovjet-Russia 1917, the jew killed off the ENTIRE old Russian elite, man, wife and children.

    Who controls the elite, controls the state. So to take back our states, this is about the whole western world, Australia, Canada, JewSSR (USA) and EU.

    So the Q is: Who is the elite? We must take control of our elite. Why the jew have so much power is because the jew turn us into mini-jews, non-jews that think and act as a jew. The jew fraud communism say that the world shall be ruled by a small selected elite. Not by a dictator – but by a choosen few.

    There is a lot of non-jew communist that think they are “intellectuals”, hence the think they belong to the New Elite that shall rule the world. l have spooken face to face with many of these “intellectuals” and what they all have in common is that they are diehard commies. They will do ANYTHING to get it their way.

    What they all don’t get is that communism is all about one thing – the jew taking over their state. They are all the jew’s Useful ldiots. Now, lf we can turn them around against the jew, then we have a forceful army.

    They have read and wrote all their life. They can speak and they can write, and they know a lot of people, we speek the top, the elite here. lf we can turn the non-jew commies around against the jew. Then the jew is fuck’d.

    We must make every single non-jew diehard commie to understand that communism is all about jew-power, the jew taking control of their state. Once this got momentum the jew power in all jew run organisatians as the Union is finished.

    Why have the jew been expelled 150 times during years? When the ELITE realised that the jew had taken over their state. When the elite realised what the jew was doing, the elite expelled the jew.

  28. Bob and others:

    I’ll tell you what a political “anti-semite” is.
    Or, if you prefer, a political anti-semite sans quotes.

    A political anti-semite is one who by overrating actual Jewish power (power judged in a Maenichean gnostic manner) and ergo inferentially over-crediting Jewish talent for obtaining power, vitiates the struggle against extant Jewish power and thus sidetracks the necessary struggle against deleterious power exercised by all negative forces which undermine Cultural unity in any given Cultural
    organism anywhere in the world.

  29. After the liberation of Crimea by the Red Army in 1943, “talks started among circles of the Jewish elite in Moscow about a rebirth of the Crimean project of 1920’s,” i.e., about resettling Jews in Crimea. The Soviet government did not discourage these aspirations, hoping that “American Jews would be more generous in their donations for the Red Army.” It is quite possible that Mikhoels and Feffer [heads of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, EAK], based on a verbal agreement with Molotov, negotiated with American Zionists about financial support of the project for Jewish relocation to Crimea during their triumphant tour over the USA in summer of 1943. The idea of a Crimean Jewish Republic was also backed by Lozovsky, the then powerful Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs (11).

    Meanwhile, during these very years the biggest event in world Jewish history was happening — the state of Israel was coming into existence. In 1946-47, when the Zionists were at odds with Britain, Stalin, perhaps out of anti-British calculation and or opportunistically hoping to get a foothold in the Middle East, took the side of the former.

    During all of 1947 Stalin, acting through Gromyko in the UN, actively supported the idea of a creation of independent Jewish state in Palestine and supplied the Zionists with a critical supply of Czechoslovak-made weapons.

    In May 1948, only two days after the Israeli declaration of nationhood, the USSR officially recognized that country and condemned hostile actions of Arabs.

    With the start of the Cold War, “the discrimination against the Jews in the Soviet Union “became one of the main anti-Soviet trump cards of the West. (As was the sympathy in the West towards various ethnic separatist movements in the USSR, a topic that had never previously gained support among Soviet Jews).

    Hoff: The jew creating it’s own opposition.


    The genuine Jewish culture that had been slowly reviving after the war was curtailed and suppressed in 1948-1951. Jewish theatres were no longer subsidized and the few remaining ones were closed, along with book publishing houses, newspapers and bookstores (50). In 1949, the international radio broadcasting in Yiddish was also abolished (51).

    In autumn of 1952 Stalin went into the open as arrests among Jews began, such as arrests of Jewish professors of medicine and among members of literary circles in Kiev in October 1952. This information immediately spread among Soviet Jews and throughout the entire world. On October 17th, Voice of America broadcast about “mass repressions” among Soviet Jews (57). Soviet “Jews were frozen by mortal fear” (58).

    Hoff: The jew creating it’s own opposition.

    An article from the 1960s states that “in spite of a pronounced anti-Semitism of Stalin’s rule … many [Jews] prayed that Stalin stayed alive, as they knew through experience that any period of weak power means a slaughter of Jews. We were well aware of the quite rowdy mood of the ‘fraternal nations’ toward us” (65).

    Hoff: Big Jewry scare the crap out of the jew (m)assas. They do that all the time. Big Jewry strategi page 1A. Keep the jew (m)asses in line.


    On February 9th a bomb exploded at the Soviet embassy in Tel Aviv. On February 11, 1953 the USSR broke off diplomatic relations with Israel. The conflict surrounding the “Doctors’ Plot” intensified due to these events.

    Hoff: Just another jew false flag op.


    After a public communiqué about the “Doctors’ Plot” Stalin lived only 51 days. “The release from custody and the acquittal of the doctors without trial were perceived by the older generation of Soviet Jews as a repetition of the Purim miracle”: Stalin had perished on the day of Purim, when Esther saved the Jews of Persia from Haman (67).

    heg: And Stalin “happened” to die on the jews Purim. Sure sure …

    lt’s like this, if you live all your life surrounded by communist jews as a non-jew, you one day realise that the jew bullshit marxism is nothing but a jew fraud. You realise that communism is all about jew-power, that the jew shall rule the state. Once you realise that, the jews kill you. The jews killed Lenin, because he too realised that communism is a jew fraud, hence the jews killed him. Most likely on a jeish “holyday” too.

  30. Stalin used Israel to leverage the Moslem/ Arab world into the Soviet camp. It was a pre-planned strategy. Beria helped kill Stalin. Then Zhukov, a real Russian hero turned the tables on Beria.

    Of course the cultist believer in Jewish supremacy
    usually believes the whole era where the Soviet supported the Arab rejectionist bloc against Israel, and stymied the Zionist dream of Eretz Israel, was manipulated decisively by hidden Jews.

  31. Interesting perspective…the usual view I hear is that
    Stalin thought the new Jewish state would be anti-Western, (since the Jews fought the British occupiers, this is understandable) and hence anti-colonial. Hence he backed the demand for partition. This view makes Stalin look rather stupid and misinformed, and is only slightly less credible than the view that he was a willing pawn of the Jews.

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