Lenin on the Socialism of Fools


Lenin himself on the socialism of fools. Are you listening, fools? C’mon, listen closely, it’s The Man himself speaking.

Anti-Semites say he was Jewish himself. He was 1/4 Jewish on his father’s side. That’s not enough to be a Jew in either the Orthodox nor the more modern Reform tradition. He had a bit of Jewish ancestry. So what? A lot of us have ancestry of this or that, and it means nothing. At the time, Orthodox Judaism was the only real Judaism in Russia. So, Lenin was not seen as a Jew by anyone, neither Jews nor Russians. Lenin himself did not see himself as a Jew. Why should he, as Judaism at the time in Russia was defined religiously, not racially?

Karl Marx’s On the Jewish Question is brought up by many anti-Semites as evidence that Marx was an anti-Semite. Marx was fully Jewish and cared nothing for anti-Semitism. He renounced Judaism and condemned it as he condemned all religion.

In OTJQ, Marx attacks the Jews for demanding liberation for themselves only, when no one is Germany is free except for the rich. He saw this as self-centered. He also felt that Germany was still a feudal state, and was not going to give liberation to anyone anyway, Jews or not. That’s all the essay is all about, though admittedly it is very hard to understand. He also attacks Judaism as a religion, and says that anymore, the religion of Jews is simply capitalism itself, and that any real religion as since fallen by the wayside. This is an attack on Judaism as a religion.

The “JewSSR” folks need to explain why synagogues were closed all over the USSR the same way that churches were. The Jews were granted a state in Siberia to shut them up. Hebrew was forbidden there as the language of the Jewish religion, and Yiddish was promoted as the proper language of the Jewish people. It was an attempt to deal with the incessant demands of Jewish nationalists by giving them a state of their own. Still, I feel that giving them a piece of Siberia was a bit shitty.

The Judeo-Bolshevik crowd has some ‘splainin to do. The ethnic Latvians were just as prominent as Jews, in fact, more, from 1917 all the way through World War 2. Sure, many Latvians hated the USSR,  for some reason, lots of Latvians also joined the Red Army, NKVD, etc. No one quite knows why this is. I urge you to come up with a theory about Latvio-Bolshevism as quickly as possible.

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37 thoughts on “Lenin on the Socialism of Fools”

  1. What a find! Thanks for posting this. “Shame on those who foment hatred against the Jews” V I Lenin.

  2. In the video, Lenin says the majority of Jews are working-class! Ha! What a laugh! They are the very personification of the decadent, idle rich. And by the way, FUCK LENIN! HAIL THE WHITE ARMY!

  3. That only demonstrates the depth of your historical ignorance anon…you have no Tzedakah in you. Tikkun Olam will not come from the likes of you. The depth of your hatred and prejudice precludes this. You cannot even use your real name because you have to hide under a rock like a lizard or a toad. It is however, time to educate yourself. The huge influx of penniless Russian Jews into in the US formed part of the US working class. They had nothing to lose but their chains. For more, see http://www.tenant.net/Community/Les/vanetten.html

    1. First of all could you please explain what those foreign words mean? And I was talking about the present, 2010, not the late 19th century.

      1. Sorry anon (I’ll call you Yung from now on): Tzedakah צדקה = Charity . It contains the word Tzedek צדק = Righteousness, Fairness or Justice. Tikkun Olam תיקון עולם = healing of the world. They’re Hebrew words. My point is the world will not be healed through hatred and and envy, but through love and justice, and love of justice.

        Love drives out fear, including fear of the Jews. Remember Mao said that imperialism was a paper tiger? The reason I still listen to Gilad is that, although I disagree with him politically (he can’t prove that Israel started the war in Iraq, for example), these things motivate him:
        צדק and a desire for תיקון עולם. I’m not sure the Mullahs would enjoy his novels – I think they’d burn them! Here is his latest offering:

      2. Maybe there are some left in the Bronx…taxi drivers…I don’t know. Jews value education, network well among themselves, and their net worth rises as a result. It would surprise me if, out of New York’s 3 million Jews, there were not still Jewish working class neighbourhoods,
        but maybe they’re gone.

      3. All jews ALWAYS ask themself: -ls that a jew? What this jew just did was asking you if your a jew. Only another jew would know Tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world.”

        And jew-wise people like heg. You see the jews don’t like the world as it is. The jews and their bullshit “religion” is telleing the jews that they are a Master race that one day shall rule the world. Of course the jews made all that up themself, but to get retarded “christians” to help the jews they call judaism a “religion”.

        Then the jews renamed their “religion” marxism and the reason is just the same, to get retarded non-jews to help the jews to take over their state, and by that enslave themself.

        The white race is the master race, hence the jews must extinct the white race and then replace the old white master race with a New Jew Elite Race. This is why the jew is behind the unlimited 3 world dump of countries mass immigration. The jews are promoting abortions wholesale. Make white people kill their own children.

        Multiculti is jewish codeword for white people race mixing. Just keep that up for a century and the white race will go extinct.

        Do you know what ALL jewish “holydays” Purim, Hannuka and so on are all about? How the jews wiped their enemies, man, woman and every child from the face of earth.

        The jews want another “holyday” and that is when the jew can tell the world that the jew is the white race. To get that goal the jew will DO ANYTHING. What the jews did in Sovjet-Russia is they killed off the entire old russian elite and replaced it with jews.

        Because here the REAL political power lays, being the elite and by that controlling the state. The highest worldly power there is to control the state apparatus. That and nothing else matter to the jew.

        The jews was planning to overrun and take over the whole west Europe right to the shores of the Atlantic. The only thing that was in the way was Germany. Had the jews made that they would have done the same thing in west Europe as they had done in Russia, killed off the entire old elite and replaced it with a New Jew Elite.

        To the jew controlling the state is everything and the jew want to rule all 200 countries in the world. That is why the jew took control of the American state dec 15, 1911. Then the jew took over FED 1913. What the jew did then to America is exactly what the jew did with Russia, the jew turned both into the jews private army for world conquest. Sovjet imperialism was in fact JEWish imperialism.

        Why do you think the jew used 35 percent of Sovjet GNP on the military? Because starving russian peasant wanted the world to live like they did?

        The jews gave up Sovjet in the 60s. There are a number of reasón but the main was that the jew realised that they could not conquer the world from Moscow. Because the jews screwed Russia up sooooo bad when the more or less shot the entire old russian elite in the neck. The jews had no´idea how to run a country.

        Another reason is that the jew had used up the jew fraud “Cold War” and the jew needed a new “world threat”. That is why we are told to hate arabs and the muslim world relentless in the jew owned and jew run “media”. That false flag op the jew pulled off after Munic 72.

        The “War on Terror” is a jewish fraud. Why? To make american patrioTARDS go to the other side of earth and destroy the enemies of the jews. America is the jews private army. American imperialism is in fact JEWish imperialism.

  4. Why were there so many Latvians in the Bolsheviks – because Latvians are gay and so was Lenin.

    My mate watched that film – he speaks Russian – he said the translation’s all wrong – Lenin’s talking about how he bought a pig of this jewish guy, took it home and it died half an hour later, and has anyone seen the guy.

  5. Robert, that’s because the Bolsheviks were a coalition of non-Russian minorities in the Russian Empire, with Jews as the leading group. Kevin Macdonald explained that the 1917 Revolution can be seen as Jews and other non-Russian hijacking the former territory of the Russian Empire and lording it over the majority ethnic Russian population.

  6. Olof Aschberg.Olof Aschberg (22 July 1877 – 21 April 1960) was a Swedish banker and businessman. Aschberg was a leftist sympathizer and helped finance the Bolsheviks in Russia. In gratitude, the Bolshevik government allowed Aschberg to do business with Soviet Union during the 1920s. Aschberg became head of Ruskombank, the first Soviet international bank[1].

    He was already a successful banker and businessman …

    Due to his Jewish background


    l don’t like to link to JewiPedia but this will do. Now, tell me in what way Jew banker and Jew capitalists was the enemies of the jews?

    Trotzky used to play chess with one jew Rothschild in Wienna. lf you don’t know what the jew clan Rothschild is do your homework. Just search Rothschild and there the jew will tell you on their About Us page that Rothschild is the biggest private owned bank in the world. And that Rothschild has been in the front of international finance for over 200 yers.

    This video is pure jewish propaganda BS. Lenin was just a stupid nobody that the jew poster up as figurehead. Just the same as Bush and Obama NoBody.

    Why? Because the jew want to HIDE that they control the state. The jews was in TOTAL control of the Sovjet state. Period

    The jews could have run Sovjet as a jew run state, but they didn’t. lnstead the jews did everything to HIDE that they were in charge of Sovjet. They changed their names to russian sonding names. That Latvia is just more jew BS to HIDE the fact that it was the jews who was in control of Sovjet.

    The FIRST law in Sovjet was death penalty for the phony jew accusation “antisemitism”. Who the fuck except jews could come up with such a law?

    What really happened in Sovjet was that the jews took the phone book and there the entire old russian elite was by name, adress and occupation. Then the jews went to their homes, took man, wife and children and shot them in a mass grave.

    Next a jewish family moved into the empty house. What the jews did was they exchanged the old russian elite with a New Jew Elite. That is what really happened. The rest is just more jewish propaganda BS.

    1. Hegma, just one thing:

      The law against anti-Semitism was not the first law passed. That law was passed in 1926 when Stalin was in power.

      Communism is really bad news for bankers, as it is for all capitalists. What do you think happened to the Russian bankers after the October Revolution? Yeah, it was great for business.

      The bankers, along with the capitalist class of the world, have always opposed not just Communism but any kind of socialism, including social democracy. The bankers have been enforcing radical free market neoliberal capitalism all over the world for decades now. The bankers run the IMF and the World Bank, pushers of radical neoliberal capitalism, destroyers of socialism everywhere and wreckers of the 3rd World. There is nothing progressive or socialist, much less Communist about them.

      1. Here is a pic from Moscow 1948, outside the sinagogue. According to Golda Meir’s diary she was mobbed by 50.ooo jews.

        Mid page. That pic is on the back of the 10.ooo sheklim not.


        The bankers run the IMF and the World Bank, pushers of radical neoliberal capitalism, destroyers of socialism everywhere and wreckers of the 3rd World. There is nothing progressive or socialist, much less Communist about them.

        heg: No, because the jew banker don’t give fuck if you call it communism or capitalism as long as the jews run the show.

        Basic What ls Communism Really for dummies.

        Communism is all about one thing, the jews taking TOTAL control of the state.

        That’s it. That is all there is to communism. This is why 99 percent of all jews a commies. But to HIDE that communism is all about jew-power the jew Karl Marx wrote a stockpile of jewish BS and called it marxism. Everything in marxism is jewish codewords. Worker really mean “The jews Slaves”.

        Bourgouise, kulak, enemy of the state and whatnot smear-slander words all mean one thing, Enemy of the Jews.

        The reason the jew Karl Marx wrote that stockpile of jewish BS was to HIDE that communism is all about jew-power. And to get stupid and ignorant non-jews to help the jew take over their state. The (m)asses that helped the jews in Russia before the jews renamed her Sovjet actually enslaved themself.

        On top of that the jews came up with the idea that we are all equal. Well, try to tell that to the palestinian people. What the jews are doing today in Jewistan is just the same as the jews did in Sovjet. As a matter of fact it’s the very same jews that run the Jewistan state that ruled the Sovjet state.

        What the jews does is that they steal all the land and bulldoze everything that remind of the people who lived there before. Just the same as the jew stole all the land in Russia. The first point in Commie Manifesto is that everything belongs to the jews. Who controls the state owns everything and the jews was in control of the state.

        What the jew did next was toi turn Sovjet-Russia into a jew run proxy war machine, Sovjet was the jew’s private army for world concuest. The jew used like 35 percent of the GNP on the military.

        Everything the jew have ever told you is lie. And everything the jew have ever done is not good for non-jews.

      2. The law against anti-Semitism was not the first law passed. That law was passed in 1926 when Stalin was in power. RL

        heg: Wrong, the jews killed millions of russians that resisted the jews take over their contry, from day one in 1917.

  7. lt’s probably not even Lenin who speaks. More likely a jew. A jew wrote that speech, just the same as jews write all Obama NoBody’s speeches.

  8. Hegma Smegma
    Peeping in fear out
    Of his own foreskin
    Wondering whether
    The International
    Capitalist conspiracy
    Will cut it right off.
    Ah! It has come to pass,
    And Hegma Smegma
    No longer stinks
    He is as clean as a Jew.

  9. First and last, communism is a jew fraud. Communism is all about he jew taking control of the russian state lock, stock and shekel. And that the jew did 1917.

    The jews was in TOTAL control of the Sovjet state. The jew was the Secret Police in Sovjet. The jews was in TOTAL control of the propaganda office.

    Trotzky used to play chess with one Rothschild when he was in Wienna. The first banker in Sovjet was one jew, Olof Aschberg. That the jew capitalists are enemies of the jews too, is just plain jewish propaganda BS.

    The jew capitalists, Rothschild and Jacob Schiff FINANCED the jew takeover of Russia.

    The jews financed, the jew planned, and jews lead the well planned state coup. Period The jew run Sovjet loock, stock and shekel. Period


  10. Israel Shamir used to defend Lenin to the point I believe of denying even one-quarter Jewish ancestry. Hitler and Stalin both showed heavily influenced if not Jewish-dominated nations could
    free themselves rather quickly if they had the will.

    Not surprising since Jewish power never comes to dominate a nation unless that nation is already in weak cultural condition.

    The heg-created Jew construct is an unbeatable superman. The actual diaspora Jew is historically, necessarily, on the defensive and can destroy but never create as a group.

    1. “Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.”

      (The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935).


      So just who was RABBI Stephen Wise? One of the 25 top jew dogs at his time.


      “The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.”

      (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 143-144).

  11. Anyway, what happened to Lenin’s glorious undemocratic revolution? 6 jews and one of their toyboys made off with the accumulated wealth of the Soviet peoples. All the effort, the 5 year plans, the collectivism, the great communist industrialisation, the heroic struggles of Stalingrad and the rest, all transferred by an accountancy trick to the kitty of the inernational vampires, while 1/3 of the Russians starved to death.

  12. Name them Lafayette…Abramovich and…is he one of them?

    Indeed! Lenin was anything but a democrat. He was essentially an opportunist – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQsceZ9skQI. First thing he did was militarise the working class. Trotsky was equally enthusiastic. Lenin admired Henry Ford for his factory organisation techniques. Apparently marxist Simon Pirani has written about the 1st 3 years of the Bolshevik revolution in great detail, showing how the Bolshies deprived the Russian working class of all autonomy and independence, but the book’s 60 quid, so forget it. However here is Pirani talking about “Bolshevik reality and its lessons”:
    http://vimeo.com/6215933, and it’s free….

    1. Lenin admired Henry Ford for his factory organisation techniques.

      heg: At least 80 percent of all factories in the jew run Sovjet was build by american companies.


      First thing he did was militarise the working class. Trotsky was equally enthusiastic.

      Hoff: What did l just tell you? The jews turned Sovjet-Russia into a jew run private army. Of course the jews first thing was to ” militarise the working class. ”

      “Worker” is jew codeword for “The jews slaves”.

      “Trotsky was equally enthusiastic.”

      Guess what. Trotzky was a jew. Of course he wanted to ” militarise the working class. “Read, ” militarise the slaves of the jews. ”

      “in great detail, showing how the Bolshies deprived the Russian working class of all autonomy and independence, ”

      Of course the jews did that. Just look at the palestinian people. That is EXACTLY what the jews did to the russian people.

      Do you know what all non-jew comie scumbags have in common? You are all so fricking retarded that if 100 jews took you and your whole family to a forest and there was a jew made mass grave with 1000 upon 1000 dead, and every single of the 100 jews told to you face that they are all jews and they will kill you and your entire family because your a non-jew and an enemy of the jews.

      Do you know what you will be your last word? -Why me? What have l done?

      Read any written piece from anyone that survived the jew run Gulag death camps all over Sovjet and the last word they ask when they are done telling their story is: -Why me? What have l done?

      lt’s the JEW – retard.

  13. Dear Robert
    Anti-Semitism, which is not to be confused with old-fashioned anti-Judaism, is an ideology which tries to explain where much of the evil in this world comes from: from the Chosen People. Some types of socialism are akin to anti-Semitism in that its adherents also attribute much of what is wrong in the world to one class of people: the capitalists.
    All ideologies which hold that evil is concentrated in one class of people are foolish, whether those people are Jews, Muslims, capitalists, communists, the Catholic clergy, the Freemasons, the Illuminati or the Americans. To explain anti-Semitism by the manipulations of capitalists, as Lenin comes close to doing, is just as foolish as explaining wars and depressions by the machinations of Jews.
    Capitalists may exploit pre-existing anti-Semitism, just as they may exploit religion, nationalism or racism, but they didn’t create it, any more than they created religion in order to sedate the exploited the masses. Capitalism in Russia was destroyed but anti-Semitism remained.
    Only people who feel like outsiders become revolutionaries. Members of minorities are more likely to feel like outsiders than members of the majority, and that must partially explain the overrepresentation of Jews and Latvians in the Bolshevik revolution.Why Latvians were more overrepresented than Lituanians or Estonians, if they indeed were, is a mystery to me.
    The Jews, Baltics and Germans were the most literate ethnic groups in tsarist Russia. That may have something to do with it too.

    Regards. James

    1. just as foolish as explaining wars and depressions by the machinations of Jews.

      heg: WTF started the destruction of lraq? The JEW. Who is starting the next war on lran? The JEW.

      Here is the JEW who started the destruction of lraq, and now he is DEMANDING that America start the destruction of lran.

      Just show me ONE non-jew that is demanding that America go to war at lran. You can’t because ONLY THE JEW is the warmonger. The JEW have started every single major war at least the last 100 years.


  14. Charles Lindbergh in his famous America First speech named three forces goading the US into World War Two, accurately spreading the blame
    around with a little more nuance than those who believe in unbeatable supermen are capable thereof.

  15. http://bobrowen.com/nymas/americafirst.html

    “The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war,” he told a Des Moines audience, “are the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt administration. Behind these groups, but of lesser importance, are a number of capitalists, Anglophiles, and intellectuals who believe that their future, and the future of mankind, depends upon the domination of the British Empire …These war agitators comprise only a small minority of our people; but they control a tremendous influence.” Of the Jews he said “it is not difficult to understand why Jewish people desire the overthrow of Nazi Germany… But no person of honesty and vision can look on their pro-war policy here today without seeing the dangers involved in such a policy, both for us and for them. Instead of agitating for war, the Jewish groups in this country should be opposing it in every possible way, for they will be among the first to feel its consequences. Tolerance is a virtue that depends upon peace and strength. History shows that it cannot survive war and devastation… Their greatest danger to this country is in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government.”

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