Y B Normal?

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Someone on another blog said that, after reading my blog, he thinks I’m “fucked in the head.”

Well, good Lord, I certainly hope so!

I’m one of those people who is actually proud to be fucked in the head.

Keep in mind that I grew up on the beach with a bunch of surfers, hippies, potheads, acid heads and dope dealers, later getting into the glam rock scene and the disco scene, later moving on to the early LA punk rock scene, the LA lit crowd, the very early LA goth scene and the LA art crowd.

In a lot of these scenes, most everyone was crazy, weird or creepy in some way or another.

In the glam and disco days, I was wearing four-inch blue platform heels with velvet pants and silk scarves. Fine, so call me a fag.

In the punk days, I wore leather studs, a beat up old leather jacket and a permanent snarl.

So I don’t particularly consider it an insult to be called crazy, weird or creepy. To me, that’s a compliment. I would start to worry if people stopped calling me that stuff.

Truth, we never wanted to be accepted by society, and a lot of us still don’t. We were outsiders, rejects and outcasts then, and a lot of still want to be. I want to be an outcast, reject and outsider in this society forever. I never want to fit in, be normal or be accepted.

Keep in mind that I don’t use words like crazy, weird, creepy, or whatever, to describe other humans. Those are just insults to describe people who mostly can’t help being what they are. Using them is like calling Black people niggers. I’m into Weird Acceptance.

Instead of saying something stupid and retarded like that, I would be specific: I would say that such and such person is either cold, unfriendly, shy, extremely shy, neurotic, borderline, goes off on tangents, up and down or all over the place emotionally, overemotional, borderline, out there, paranoid, narcissistic, depressive, nervous, anxious, has nervous habits, mercurial, self-involved, distracted, difficult, sociopathic.

In a lot of those cases, I’m going to go beyond a single word to describe the person’s behavior in a lot better depth. To just say someone is weird or crazy without going into specific reasons for insulting them that way is the definition of shittiness.

I don’t think I have ever described another human being as “creepy”. What the Hell does that mean, anyway? What does a creepy person act like? I’ve never met one.

In other words, be specific. When someone gives me a weird, disdainful look and snorts, “So and so is weird!” or “So and so is crazy!” I just look at them like, “OK, so? Now why should I not associate with this person?”

Those words don’t mean a damn thing. Using them is just a way for the silly boring “normal” people to feel like they are superior to those of us who have moved way outsides the confines of normalness and boringdom into some truly revolutionary ways of thinking, feeling and living.

Now, if you were to describe the person in such a way that that appellation actually makes sense (usually to me this means that the person is really mentally ill in some serious way), then I might listen to you.

You’d be amazed at the stuff that doesn’t warrant a DSM diagnosis. Being a space case, being out of it, being trippy, being self-involved, being distracted, having weird nervous habits, having a weird look in your eyes, none of that stuff in and of itself warrants a fucking thing psychopathologically.

You go to a psychiatrist, and if that’s all that’s the matter, the doc will be forced to check “no mental disorder.” Assuming that’s all that’s the matter with you, I say, “Come on over, freak!”

Furthermore, an obsession with the notion that everyone “act normal” shows that one has a limited imagination and an unadventurous mind and spirit. Just as an example, many of our greatest geniuses, thinkers, writers, artists, etc. were pretty damn out there people.

So what you’re saying is you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with the greatest geniuses that have blessed our species. Fine, you just proved to me what an asshole you are. So I say screw you.

I saw Ray Bradbury on TV once. I don’t know how to describe him, but he had that typical artist personality. Other people would say he’s “odd”, but I don’t use weasel words like that. One thing I’ll tell you flat out is that the guy wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes in any US corporation. And this means what? He’s a loser. Fine, fuck you. I don’t want you in my world.

Long live the weird!

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2 thoughts on “Y B Normal?”

  1. You missed out by not getting into the Gram Parsons, Bryds country-folk hippie roots scenes, much more healthily decadent even when so, American than glam. But I guess it had matured too early. I heard David Bowie once glibly say he related to all forms of modern music and took from them, except country, which made me respect him even less.

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