The Socialism of Fools (Fools Please Read This)

The socialism of fools, or “socialist anti-Semitism,” is as stupid as any other variety. It relies on childish and immature thinking, with a lot of ill-thought out observations and conclusions along the way.

1. I hate capitalism.
2. Jews are capitalists.
3. Get rid of the Jews, get rid of capitalism. Doh!
4. Fail! Gentile capitalists take over for the Jews.
5. But the Gentile capitalists are different, they are “good capitalists.”
6. Yeah right!

Truly idiotic! It’s so retarded, I can’t believe that anyone falls for it. But taking it apart requires some real thinking, and especially a grounding in Marxist studies. Once you grasp the nature of class, class interests, and class struggle, all this crap about “Jews as capitalists” fades away. Jewish capitalists are bastards. Well, maybe so. But not because they are Jews, only because they are capitalists!

There is another “reformist” line that says that there is some real, pure capitalism, which is real nice. Tastes great, less filling, only 300 calories per serving! On sale today while it lasts!

But this really cool, nice, groovy capitalism got all fucked up by some “Jewed-up capitalism” like we have here in the West.

This relies on a faulty understanding of political economics. There is no nice Gentile capitalism. There is no Jewed-up evil capitalism that deviated from the true religion and caused the glorious true blue good capitalists to be tossed out of the garden, bringing death into the world, and all our woe.

Capitalism is capitalism, folks. It works the same way all over the world. The capitalists all work together. The Jews, the Gentiles, everyone. They pursue similar or even identical capitalist interests.

By the way, Jews don’t run the banks anymore either. Even David Dude admits that. They used to run the banks in Europe, but a little event in the 1940’s pretty much ended that matter.

Henry Ford, in The International Jew, documents how uber-tribal Jews in the US made a run on investment banking, which was partially penetrated, before Gentile solidarity stopped them. While the Jews are quite strong in US investment banking, to this day, they don’t control it, as there are probably more Italians than Jews on the floor of the NYSE.

They next made a run of commercial banking, which was stopped cold by Gentile solidarity.

When Jews act like this and make runs on industries (not sure if they do it anymore), only Gentile solidarity will stop them. For Gentile solidarity, read racism or discrimination. All the Gentiles get together and agree not to sell to any Jews and only sell to Gentiles. This strategy is necessary because the Jews are trying to buy the Gentiles out, then the Jews will only sell to other Jews.

Fight Jewish ethnic warfare with Gentile ethnic warfare. Don’t wage warfare any worse than the Jews do. Limit it to discrimination. Don’t harm the Jews in any way.

Problem is that once a society becomes “Jewified” as the US is now, it’s going to be hard for Gentiles to be racist enough to stop any future Jewish runs. But the Jews now are a lot more deracinated than they were in 1910. Yet the Russian Jews nowadays probably still act like 1910 Ellis Island Jews, so that’s a problem.

The solution to this, as with any aspects of the Jewish Question, is the assimilation of the Jews. Assimilated Jews won’t make runs on industries or institutions.

Thanks, fools, for reading this post. The unexamined life is not worth living. He who is not busy reading, is busy sleeping. Education lasts for a lifetime. Consider this a brief tutorial. Like good socialists, we didn’t even charge you!

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15 thoughts on “The Socialism of Fools (Fools Please Read This)”

  1. Robert, have you ever heard of Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers? Have you heard of Ben Shalom Bernanke of the Fed? What the fuck do you mean the kikes don’t run the banks anymore? Did you hear that Obongo appointed another hebe to be chair of the Office of Budget Management? And where is the link that David Duke thinks they no longer run the banks?

  2. That’s just what I was going to say -what anon said. What planet is it you’re from again Robert?

    The trouble with jewish capitalism is that it privileges jews, and most of us aren’t jews! It is not just capitalism; it is capitalism plus a racist conspiracy against democracy and law. If you can think of some special reason that the jews should be exempt from the laws of the land then please let us know. The patterns and concentrations of jewish ‘success’ are not statistically possible by accident; they can only be explained by jews co-0perating AS JEWS AGAINST GENTILES, not just acting as individuals to make as much money as possible; and there are ample reports of this – jewish judges and bankers co-operating to help jewish businessmen against gentiles, like in that piece about Walt Disney Heg linked too – the insider trading, and the rest of it… This is a conspiracy, almost complete, to take hold of all the levers of power and exclude YOU forever. Wake up!

    1. I live on Planet Bob. I live in my own world. Everyone says that.

      Yeah dude! Let’s get rid of all the Jewish capitalists! And replace them with Gentile capitalists! Then I will get a fuckin check every month from Gentile Capitalist Central! Cuz they are so nice to their Gentile class enemies, you know?

      You guys are tools, lol.

  3. So you wouldn’t go to the police if someone burgled your home – ok, maybe not a good example if like here the police just laugh if you expect them to help. But the general principle is are you saying like lefties always do when it comes to the subject of jewish power ” Oh, I’m not interested in tinkering with the system, what does the composition of the capitalist class matter ( yes you said that), I’m a revolutionary – if someone murders my wife and kids and buggers me to boot I know that it will only be sorted out by a ‘simultaneous worldwide workers revolution!” Funny they’re interested in tinkering with the system when it comes to ‘nazis’, ‘hate speech’ and so on – they always figure they might as well use the system as it is when anyone dares to mention ‘the jews’ for instance – they always welcome some new laws against that. If the entire board of the Fed was openly made up of members of the Italian Mafia, would you be so relaxed about it? If all the sources of information, all the levers of power were in the hands of the Arabs or Mexicans? Where’s your ‘race realism’ now? ‘Socialists’ are always against racial discrimination except when it’s practiced against white Christians, especially WASPs, because we’re not ‘oppressed’! That IS the socialism of fools. Why? Because socialism is the democratic expression of working-class power, only achievable through the power of organised labour; if your ‘socialism’ contains a hierarchy of worth in which the majority of the working class rank lowest, they’ll have nothing to do with it and it can’t succeed, so it just serves the interest of the class enemy. But here we go retreating into abstract ‘class’ concepts again. Back to the specific matter. I heard the other day that some poll had showed there was 95% support for racial equality in the USA. I think that’s exaggerated, but it’s plain that a sizeable majority are no longer racist, understand the practise of racism and support laws against it. Do you think that this is the socialism of fools? Why do you call it ‘antisemitism’ to ask that jews be asked to adhere to the same standards as everyone else? And of course, I should point out that I’m not talking about ALL jews, just organised jewry (which is 100% zionist) and the banksters and business hustlers; these don’t represent ALL jews any more than the mafia represents all Italians. But there’s a difference; a far bigger proportion of jews are implicated including the entire rabbinate. But most importantly, organised jewry also has another state, Israel, a viciously racist, criminal, nuclear-armed nightmare, and they are constantly drawing the US into dangerous and counter-productive wars on its behalf.

    ” The solution to this, as with any aspects of the Jewish Question, is the assimilation of the Jews. Assimilated Jews won’t make runs on industries or institutions.”

    Yes, wouldn’t it be nice.

  4. No sé que pensar. Soy de acuerdo con Roberto.
    Lafayette puede despotricar pero no me convence.

  5. You seem to have an argument with Karl Marx himself on Jews as capitalists. Nazbols are fond of quoting his treatise.

  6. At any rate, another term for the vast majority of leftist bloggers and commentors using pejoratively the phrase “socialism of fools” these days:

    Soft Zionists.

  7. Oh I get it…that’s a Zionist with a limp dick.
    A real Zionist has a permanent hard-on, right?
    Why are the Arab wombs much more fecund then?
    Are Zionist pricks firing blanks?

  8. For those really interested in contrasting the soft Zionist “pro-Palestinian” politicking with that of
    the spiritually dynamic anti-Zionist, one might research the details of Gilad Atzmon’s work and how he is treated by the softies.

  9. Gilad’s not an anti-Zionist. He’s a Palestinian nationalist. I’m sure he’d agree with me. He has even described himself as a Hebrew speaking Palestinian, negating his Ashkenazi bloodline (his mother was born in Jerusalem in 1939, his grandfather was in the Irgun). In addition he has an extensive critique of Jewish identity politics, much of which makes sense.

      1. It’s more complicated than that. Anti-semitism for me equals hatred of Jews. Hatred. You have to hate. Now Atzmon has Jews in his band. Plus, he doesn’t come over as a hater.

        I have accused Atzmon of anti-semitic behaviour on his public forum palestinethinktank, and I got nowhere with it, because when I searched his writings I couldn’t find the classic stereotyping, the ethnic and religious hatred of Jews. It simply wasn’t there. He’d given me a week to find it or apologise. In the end I had to climb down and give him the apology he demanded. Atzmon has said a lot of very dodgy stuff – particularly on the German genocides, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the murder of Christ, the International Jewish control of the fucking universe, anti-matter and all the paralell universes besides
        (You didn’t know Robert? Get with reality, man!) – all classic tropes of anti-semitic discourse, plus kooks like David Duke love his work…case closed?

        Not quite. Gilad argues that there isn’t a Jewish racial continuum, but that Jewishness is an ideology, and anyone can join up. In other words Jewishness is not about ethnic Jews exactly but about behaviour that could be characterised as Jewish, something a lot of Jews, but also other groups engage in. it sounds like “Jewish ideology” equals ethnic hatred plus capitalist behaviour! It feels pretty confused to me. I had this out with him in emails. He does have things to say about Jewish hatred, Jewish separatism and Jewish exclusionism which are pretty much bang on the nail.

        I’ve come across nationalists of Palestinian origin like Ghada Karmi who keep Atzmon very much at arm’s length. I overheard her saying indignantly: “I’m not allowing an Israeli (about Gilad!) tell me what to do!” An Israeli! She wasn’t fooled by the “Hebrew speaking Palestinian”.

        Gilad referred to her, slightingly, as “a politician”. I don’t think Atzmon is a politician, or even a political animal, or even a consistent thinker, ‘though he’d like to be. It would be interesting to know what the PFLP think of Atzmon. Given his anti-communism, not much I guess. I wonder what Palestinians really think of him. He claims he’s loved throughout the Arab world…

        Ken Gilad’s stated position is for a one state solution, a state of all its peoples, full civic equality for Pals, full Right of Return etc. But I think he expects the Israeli Jews to run away if this ever seems remotely near to fruition. In reality he regards Palestine as stolen and therefore the palestinians are entitled to it lock, stock and barrel. Have a look at his essay “Living on Borrowed Time In a Stolen Land” (, written during the massacre of Gaza. You’ll find that view there, and the kind of hyperbole you certainly found in the PLO in the 1960s (every mission was an unqualified success, etc.) but not now.

        1. The guy peddles anti-Semitism. Whether or not he dislikes Jews personally, and he doesn’t, doesn’t matter. He’s peddling the stuff, and he’s contributing to anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is racism. Racism is animus. Gilad’s writings display animus towards Jews, in spades. And he accuses them of all the bullshit that normal anti-Semites accuse them of. Case closed.

          I don’t peddle classic anti-Semitism on this blog here. Homey don’t play that. We don’t do Holodomor, Judeo-Bolshevism (an Atzmon favorite!), Jews caused the Depression, Holocaust Denial, the Deicide, the Protocols, Jews control the world.

          There is no “Jewish behavior” that is the problem in the whole world. It’s simply madness.

          Gilad is a Jew who peddles anti-Semitism of the most base and primitive variety. He’s wrong on many things. He’s a political amateur and is not to be taken seriously.

          BTW, you can tell him I said that too! Up yours, Gilad!

  10. I assumed he wanted “Israel” to cease to exist as a rabbinally run state and for the area to be governed by Palestinians to the extent possible.

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