Nazi Race Science – A Cynical and Realpolitik Endeavor

Commenters on a recent post are asking about Nazi racial science. The science was actually pretty good in its cynical terms. Nazi race science was subsumed to political aims. It was all about figuring out who was a Jew and who was not. There was earlier, excellent work done by proto-Nazis on European racial types – Nordics, Meds, Dinarics, Norics, Alpines, etc.

Hitler decided that Slavs were a slave race for obscure reasons, possibly because they had allowed themselves to be enslaved by Jews, but also probably dating back in time to the ancient Russian forest people’s habit of melting into the woods and not fighting the enemy and just allowing their cities to be conquered, as in the case of the Scandinavian invasions. This hiding, retreat and secrecy was the secret of their survival, and as such it was adaptive.

The Scandinavians who settled the pre-Rus simply threw up their hands and blew off chasing the secretive Russians into the woods, set up some cities, and taxed the Russians.

Robert, did the Nazis include the Jews in the Med race?

That is a actually a damn good question.

In fact, how did Middle Easterners in general fit into the Nazi view of “race.” Obviously Arabs are Semitic, and I know that Hitler was fermenting the then Shah of Iran’s favor rather aggressively, with the whole “Aryan” angle and all. The Germans and Turks have had close relations going back to the 19th century. Strange bedfellows they have been all this time.

The Nazis declared that the Amir Husseini of Palestine was an “Aryan.”  If you read their race science, it’s pretty cynical. They simply do not talk much about the Arabids. The Arabids were against the Jews, so they are racially OK.

The Nazis didn’t even say much about Blacks. The few references we have say that they didn’t think much of them as a race, but they just didn’t talk about it much. In the Nazi years, Blacks were not allowed to marry German women, but in general, they were not killed. The Nazis persecuted them to some extent, but they did not kill them. And yes, there were a few Blacks in Germany. The Nazi attitude was the less said about Blacks, the better.

Hitler also thought that Amerindians were an inferior race, and he liked the way that Whites conquered the Indians and he thought it was a model for racial genocides – the stronger races should conquer the lesser races.

The Nazis felt that the NE Asians were a very highly evolved race. Whether they were better than Nordics, they did not discuss that.

150,000 partial Jews (many half-Jews) served in the Nazi Army, even in the SS. There is an old German saying: “There is a little Jew in every German.” There is a truth to this, and the Nazis were hip to it, so they were cynical. To kill everyone with a trace of Jew would be to exterminate the German people. And, in killing the German Jews, the Nazis were also killing themselves. The German-Jew thing was very much a family affair.

The Nazis just did not dig Jews. They thought they were a degenerate, fucked up, evil race all of their own. They did not tie them in with Meds or Arabids or Armenids or any of that. They just singled them out as Jews, said they were fucked up for whatever reason, and said we’re going to be rid of them. Jews period were just no good.

They did not go after relatives of the Jews (Turks, Armenians, Arabs) at all. In fact, in some cases, they spared Jews who they felt were not racially or culturally Jewish, as in the Caucasus. Though they were scumbags, the Nazi race scientists were scientists.

There was a lot of controversy in the Caucasus over who was a Jew and who was not.

The Nazi anthropologists said some were Jews, and they were wiped out totally. Others they said were not Jews. The Nazis were literally getting ready to kill them in 1944, when the Nazi leadership said, “Wait a minute! Call in the scientists!” The anthros said that most of that group were not Jewish in Nazi terms, hence most of them were spared. So the Nazi race scientists actually saved some Jewish lives.

I forget the name of the peoples involved, but they are obscure Jewish groups down by the Crimea/Caucasus. Karaim is the name of one of them.

The Nazis were also quite clear that Turks, Bulgarians, Italians, Armenians, Georgians and the Caucasus were Whites of some sort or another. Many of these folks fought in the Nazi Army, and the Nazis said nothing about their purported racial nature – it was just not discussed.

You have to understand that these guys were totally cynical about all their race stuff – all science was subsumed to politics.

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12 thoughts on “Nazi Race Science – A Cynical and Realpolitik Endeavor”

  1. I didn’t notice this thread when I posted this on the last thread. It’s better here, so here it is:

    Just the other day, I read the first few pages of Alfred Rosenberg’s influential-on-the-nazis book ‘the Myth of the Twentieth Century’ – and that’s as much as I, or anyone, needs to read of it. He was one of the main architects of nazi racial theory, and was hanged at Nuremberg. The first few pages reveal a sort-of Dungeons and Dragons fantasy about a ‘great Nordic race’ whose origins are mysterious – he points to the fact that there are water marks 100 feet above the current shoreline on Novaya Zemlya, as an indication that the arctic lands may once have been milder. This race ‘must’ have been the origin of the Greeks and Romans because these were a qualitatively different sort of people from what had come before. He lumps the Etruscans, for instance, together with the Syriac world of the Phoenicians and Carthaginians as practitioners of ‘Satanic’ practices like child sacrifice and pederasty. He maintains that the Nord is a higher racial type, and that the Romans and Greeks (and the Berbers funnily enough) were Nords, but they were contaminated by their contact with the Satanic Syriac world, this influence showing in cruelties like gladiatorial contests. And he maintained that latent or hidden strains of this inferior evil culture kept popping up throughout Western history – witchcraft for instance.

    And that doesn’t even do justice to the first few pages, and there’s hundreds more. So, I think you can say really that as far as racial beliefs the nazis just made it up as they went along.

  2. Robert, your last sentence is, IMO, the only important one. How can anyone honestly investigate racial differences and conclude that (Askhenzic) Jews are an inferior one?

    Obviously, the “research” started with the result.

  3. The Karaites were excommunicated (by the Rabbinate) Jews because they rejected the Talmud.
    If you examine actual Nazi policy it relied on synagogue membership for decisive action (apart from war time chaoes) and hence a religious and not racial definition.

  4. If you study the history of Nazi exemption of the Karaites from Jewish status, you will discover amplification on the religious rather than racial

    That is to say, the Talmud comes to represent Jewish identity and the Nazis work their way backwards to assert Karaites were not Jews. Whereas the Karaites say they are the true Jews and the rabbanites are imposters for inventing the Talmud, itself an abrogation of the Torah or Old Testament used exclusively by Karaites. As for the actual significant physical “dissimilarity” between Karaites and Ashkenazi or German Jews, doubtful.

    1. The Nazis would probably have wanted to go for a more hardcore racial definition, but ultimately the religious criteria was all they had.

  5. It would be an interesting experiment if we sent a bunch of Syrians to live in Eastern Europe and Russia for several generations, if they turn out like Ashkenazis in phyiscal appearance and behavior. After all that’s what Ashkenazis are, a bunch of Levantine Semites who lived for a long time in Eastern Europe.

  6. Well, I’m not at all convinced that the Ashkenazis are of Mediterranean origin. I don’t trust anything that zionist-funded ‘geneticists’ come up with. We know there was a huge conversion of the Khazars to judaism, then there’s a gap in the record after the disappearance of the Khazar state – then a few hundred years later there’s a huge jewish population in Poland-Lithuania, not so far away from where the Khazars had lived.

  7. The Syrians sent to Europe would be Sunni and Shia Moslems in the main, and with a many generational history of rooted occupations, so the resulting dynamic would be different than diasporic Talmudic.

  8. The article is superficial and misleading. The National Socialist racial view of Jews, formed by racial anthropologist like Hans F. K. Günther, was that they are a mixture of the hither-asiatic (armenid) and oriental (semitic) race, with influences of European races like nordics, alpines, mediterraneans and east baltics and some influences of the negrid and ethiopid races too. The armenid genetics are prevalent in the Ashkenazis, the orientals predominate in the Sephardics.

  9. Hitler stood by his Jewish chauffeur to Himmler’s chagrin. Many exceptions were made if a Jew brought something of value to the table or married right.

    Of the racial ideologies Hitler was a Germanist. Nordicism was his least favorite. His international views seem more political than racial. Certain people like Himmler surrounding Hitler were more racial than he was, drumming up racial reasons for allies to be ubermench and political enemies to be untermench.

    With Slavs, I think Hitler’s camp loathed communists so much that Russians were guilty by association. It became racial but Hitler accepted Turks and Mongoloids if their politics aligned with the Reich’s.Turks saw France and Britain as the bad guys, Germany as good guys punishing them.

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