It Was Too Much, Man, Too Much


Movie: Pulp Fiction, second movie by one of the greatest directors of all time – Quentin Tarantino. Pulp Fiction was one of the greatest movies of the past 20 years.

Song: Misirlou by Dick Dale and the Deltones (1962), with a nice, clean, modern production. One of the greatest songs of the last 50 years. This is where I am coming from: Southern California surf music. Dale moved to Orange County, California in the 1950’s (not sure where). That is where I hail from. He’s been living in Palm Desert since 1983 (a lot of Orange County people like to vacation in Palm Springs). Dale is one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. The song Misirlou is actually a Greek song redone. Dale himself is 1/2 Lebanese, 1/2 Polish/Belorussian. Clearly a non-White, right, White nationalists?

There are so many great Italian writers, singers, songwriters, directors and actors, it got me to thinking whether the Nazi race scientists were right. If you study Nazi race science, a lot of it was pretty well done. The Med Race (limited to Europe) was considered to be one of the highest races of mankind. In many ways, they were better than Nordics (Nazis). Nazis being Nordics though felt that they were just a bit better than Meds. However, they had immense respect for Meds. All of this is lost on the Nordicists of today, who hate everyone south of the Po.

The Nazi take on Meds was very interesting. They said that they were the most creative race that had ever lived. Listen to Maria Callas or watch Bertolucci if you don’t believe me. You can find webpages by Italians that make a case for this. I have seen modernist paintings by Romans that could have been painted yesterday.

The Nazis said that although the Meds were brilliant in their own way, they were also somewhat chaotic. Sort of like crazy, undisciplined, fun-loving artist types who sometimes show up for work late and hungover. Surely this fits in with our stereotype of Italians. The Nordics were far less creative, but they were more logical and sensible. Sort of like boring accountant types who get shit done.

The Nazis had immense respect for European Meds, which is odd considering the contempt that modern Nordicsts shower on them. Modern Nordicism has to be seen as coming out of UK, US and Australian Anglo culture that has always looked down on the Continent, especially those wogs down by the Mediterranen.

Look at the US. Some of our finest directors and actors are Italians. In Italy, they continue to pump out great cinema and literature as if they were doing it in their sleep.

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18 thoughts on “It Was Too Much, Man, Too Much”

    1. That is a actually a damn good question.

      In fact, how did Middle Easterners in general fit into the Nazi view of “race.” Obviously Arabs are Semitic, and I know that Hitler was fermenting the then Shah of Iran’s favor rather aggressively, with the whole “Aryan” angle and all. The Germans and Turks have had close relations going back to the 19th century. Strange bedfellows they have been all this time.

    2. Not sure. The Nazis just did not dig Jews. They thought they were a degenerate, fucked up, evil race all of their own. They did not tie them in with Meds or Arabids or Armenids or any of that. They just singled them out as Jews, said they were fucked up for whatever reason, and said we’re going to be rid of them. Jews period were just no good.

      They did not go after relatives of the Jews (Turks, Armenians, Arabs) at all. In fact, in some cases, they spared Jews who they felt were not racially or culturally Jewish, as in the Caucasus. Though they were scumbags, the Nazi race scientists were scientists. There was a lot of controversy in the Caucasus over who was a Jew and who was not.

      The Nazi anthropologists said some were Jews, and they were wiped out totally. Others they said were not Jews, and the Nazis were on the verge of killing them. They were literally getting ready to kill them in 1944, when the Nazi leadership said, “Wait a minute! Call in the scientists!” The anthros said that most of that group were not Jewish in Nazi terms, hence most of them were spared. So the Nazi race scientists actually saved some Jewish lives.

      I forge the name of the peoples involved, but they are obscure Jewish groups down by the Crimea/Caucasus.

      Karaim is the name of one of them.

      1. Yup. The Crimean Karaites claimed to be, and probably were, actually a Turkic people, aka “Tatars.” They spoke it.

        Their leaders played that angle up, big time. That they were just Jewish in religion, not “race.” Funny thing is, maybe they were right. Maybe they were a bunch of Mongols who converted to Judaism at some point, instead of the usual Islam. Maybe they were two separate groups that just “merged.” God only knows.

        I know one way to find out. Turks the world over get drunk really easy, like Russians, East Asians and native Americans. By these guys a shot or two, and see what happens.

  1. Sort of like crazy, undisciplined, fun-loving artist types who sometimes show up for work late and hungover. Surely this fits in with our stereotype of Italians.

    Actually Italians aren’t much into drunkeness. They may have some wine with dinner, but that binge drinking that you see in England and Ireland isn’t part of Med cultures for the most part.

    1. No one in the Mediterranean really is, for all the wine, ozuo and arak they drink, at least from my experiences. Alcohol goes with the food, and food is social thing. Alcoholics are viewed on par with drug addicts it seems.

  2. The Italians have done a lot for cinema. They made a lot of cool Westerns like “Once Upon a Time in the Wild West”. They’re not like their stable northern brethren in many ways. They like to build without studying the instructions first, blaze new trails, break laws and rules, and swear a lot: apparent in Italian there are literally hundreds of words for prostitutes, sex. I wouldn’t doubt if they had a very high “verbal intelligence” although I haven’t seen it verified. Compared to Germans their humor/insults are more sexually charged, while the Germans are supposed to have more fecal humor. The English and the French are gradients in between. I’m not pulling this out of my ass by the way, I read some linguistic study on it.

  3. The tendency toward alcoholism of Northern Europeans and Amerindians as opposed to Southern Europeans and East Asians may have a genetic basis. At least in East Asians the “flushing effect” seems to deter alcoholism as their bodies know that too much is bad for them and naturally reject large quantities. Races which can handle a lot, like NEuropeans, don’t have the “benefit” of bad reactions such as that and are more prone to becoming addicted. So if you handle it well, you’re more likely to drink a lot, even though the long term damage is just as bad.

  4. kyaaa! Quentin Tarentino, that man knows what is good quality and In 2009 Quentin Tarantino listed Battle Royale (a japanese film and novel and manga) as his favorite film released since he began directing in 1992.
    and according to a page he is quoted as saying this: “I want to have the fun of doing anime and I love anime, but I can’t do storyboards because I can’t really draw and that’s what they live and die on” >.<
    besides not only the Italians are good for cinema, i didn't realized until few time ago that chinese are probably the best asians with talent in cinema (just like the japanese are apparently the best at drawings) read this: Hollywood’s Infatuation with Hong Kong Cinema

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