Way Too Weird

Connections between ancient India and the ancient American Southwest and Mexico. The author, Gene Matlock, says that most of the world’s languages derive from Sanskrit. This is a lunatic Indian nationalist claim (incredibly, huge books of up to 700 pages have been written about this bullshit) for which there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

An Indian connection to the Philippines and the Australian Aborigines 12,000 YBP? I’m on board. An Indian connection to the Amerindians? I say prove it.

Way too weird, and some of the stuff is fishy.

About 5,000 BC or earlier, a brilliant deified Phoenician Naga king and philosopher named Kuvera (also Kubera) learned how to smelt copper, gold, and other metals. These activities took place in the kingdom named after him, Khyber (“Kheeveri”), which consisted of a group of craggy mountains in what are now Southeastern Afghanistan and Northeastern Pakistan (i.e. the Khyber Pass).

A Copper Age at over 7,000 YBP in the Indus River Valley Civilization? I’m OK with that. But the IRVC did not extend all the way up to the Khyber Pass. However, they were smelting copper at Mehrgarh, which is located in the Bolan Pass between Quetta and Sibi, an incredible 9,000 YBP (which indicates the extremely advanced nature of the ancient Indians/Pakistanis). That’s about 350 miles south of the Khyber Pass region.

Any evidence of Indian DNA in the Americas? Nope. Not yet anyway. At 7,000 YBP, Amerindians look like Ainu or Maori Polynesians, not Indians.

Interesting theory. All you can say about all this stuff (which is frankly a dime a dozen) is prove it.

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79 thoughts on “Way Too Weird”

  1. I notice the author cites British research into supposed Hindu texts from the 19th century. A lot of the texts “discovered” at that time–really, fed to naive British scholars by duplicitous high caste Hindus–were forgeries, and made all sorts of claims. Hindus discovered America. Hindus built the Eiffel Tower. Elvis was a Hindu. You get the idea. Ironically, similar claims for the Indian origin of Christianity were picked up by atheists and “freethinkers” of the time, who used it to “prove” that Christianity was derived from other mythologies and religions.

    Given how anti-Islamic Hindu nationalists are, I LOL at their claim to have invented Islam. “Islam sucks, and we invented it!”

        1. Robert is right. And you know nothing about me at all. Thanks for combating the racist myth about Asians being intelligent. Kiss my Semitic ass.

        2. It looks like Mort and I have the same view on Islam. It exists…Oh, well. What’s on USA tonight?

          Oh, and if your Semitic ass is as harry as my Iranian one, he best bring a weed-whacker before trying to kiss it. 😀

        3. It looks like Mort and I have the same view on Islam. It exists…Oh, well. What’s on USA tonight?

          This is my view too. I am not too keen on large numbers of them coming to the West though. I honestly think they do best in their Islamic countries. I feel sorry for the minorities in those countries, but oh well. Islam has never treated minorities very well, and recently they don’t do well as minorities in non-Muslim places.

          Just leave them alone in their sandboxes and don’t bother them and let them limp to modernity or not at their own pace. Whether they do that or not is not really our problem. Trying to shove democracy and the West down their unwilling throats is like trying to domesticate a wild animal. It never works, and you just get attacked for even trying.

    1. You know Mort, I was figuring that it had to be the case. I mean, in recent years, the fucking Hindu nationalists have claimed everything! From just about every mathematical theory I come across, to just about every invention in the ancient world.

      I still do not, and never will believe they created Chess. That is a strategic military game. The military history of South Asia is just too lacking to produce something like that. It is a requirement for training officers, that happened to become something “fun” for the rich and elite.

      So it was naive Brit’s in the 19th century that fueled this mess. Figures…I would argue naive Americans are buying into this bullshit, as we speak.

        1. Thanks man. I appreciate it. More ammunition to fight the crazed Hindu nationalists with, when they break into my house at two in the morning, looking to strongly lecture me on my Robert Lindsay blog postings.

        2. It doesn’t bother me too much. It would even be sort of charming if it didn’t make people crazy.

    1. Anon, Mort kicks ass on the anti-Semites on here. If you want to be an anti-Semite on this board and avoid his wrath, just never address at all for any reason. You blew it by asking him a question, a fairly dicky one at that.

    1. Dude, what comes around, goes around. C’mon man. If you hate one group, they might start hating you back. Think about it. If you’re going to throw rocks at people, expect a fight at some point.

      Mort ain’t no wimpy Jew. He’s a mean, badass Hebe and he kicks ass on anti-Semites on here all the time.

  2. I wasn’t even talking about sex, but this guy somehow brought this up in a conversation about Hindu nationalism? Must be some projection issues
    here with this hook-nosed desert vermin.

        1. Koreans don’t have 40% Ainu genes like the Japs do. You’re pretty much identical to the Palestinians your people are slaughtering everyday.

        2. I’ve slept with a Palestinian girl, and a few Jewish girls along the way.

          You guys want a comparative run down? I took plenty of pictures.

    1. Really? No way! I am pretty sure that one is in the Koran, to! More grounds to base a lasting and never ending Arab-Israeli peace accord on!

      You write that one down, and I’ll go call up Bill Clinton!


    1. I was going to say something also, but…It is a guilty pleasure to admit, but I think we were both enjoying the “mud slinging.” 🙂

      1. These are kind of fun in a voyeuristic way. In the sleazy illegal alien – gangbanger stripper bars I hang out in, when two guys start fighting, the owner wades in, picks up the chairs, move the looky-loos back and fades back into the crowd to watch. No one breaks up the fights. They just form a circle around the fighters and watch, lol.

        1. My kind of guy. I am sure you justify it by means of anthropological observation. 🙂

          I bet that is a good time to “accidentally” bump into one of the strippers, to!

      2. .Not when it’s so ruff. now the grammar wars that break out can be very amusing. The only thing I can find funny with these two is that they go on on like two brothers for 24 hrs.

        Robert, it’s uncivilized to enjoy watching people get beat down.

        I truly believe that sometimes people do things to deserve a little thumping but I can’t watch people get beat down and stomped out.

  3. I don’t hate them. Cause they don’t move to other countries and cause trouble and act like parasites like your tribe does. You said Koreans and Japs were identical, and they’re not.

      1. Hell, Dearborn, MI…That place is like my nightmare incarnate. Arabs just own all the liquor stores and slums in Detroit. They live in Dearborn. Sheesh…Same thing in Oakland, CA. They all live in Walnut Creek.

        1. Arabs and Punjabis run the liquor stores around here too. And Arabs run some other businesses too, like car repair. Arabs around here are Yemenis and Palestinians, and I really like them a lot! I love the Punjabis too. Fantastic people. The Arabs and Punjabis in this town are like model citizens. They cause zero problems, unlike the local Blacks and Hispanics. Hell, the Arabs and Punjabis are way better behaved than the local Whites. In fact, I like em so much that I am expanding my definition of “White” just to accommodate my Asiatic Caucasian brethren.

          That’s why I can’t get into Mighty Whitey stuff too much. I like anyone who acts good, and I don’t care where they are from.

        2. Yah Robert, that pretty much sums it up.

          Middle Easterners and South Asians(two very different groups, but like Americans can fucking tell?), for all the bad raps they have gotten(terrorists, sneaky businessmen, pathological liars, wife beaters, rapists, or just plain being mean), certainly “get” America in that regard.

          Buy a business(es) anyway you can, live in the suburbs at all costs, and don’t rock the boat. Be more American than your American neighbors.

          Your bratty snot-nosed spoiled-rotten kids will fit right in, regardless of their eventual cocaine problems, latent alcoholism and complete sexual dysfunction due to being stressed out for medical school(only the failures ever go to law school) since the age of four by you are your wife, half a dozen brothers, parents, cousins, childhood friends that you hate, etc. 🙂

          Ah yes, the other model minority has arrived. A challenger appears…

  4. I was just gonna have a friendly, intelligent conversation with Mort about this topic yet this arrogant little kike goes off randomly slurring my race for no reason.

    1. Anon! Don’t address Mort at all, ok? Mort kind of leaves the anti-Semites alone on here to some extent as long as they don’t talk to him. Most of them just never address him ever.

      Take a hint!

  5. By the way Mort, it’s hilarious when you try acting all tough cuz I lived in New York for 4 years and I’ve seen your kind everyday, cuz the city is infested with hebes. And they don’t intimidate me one fuckin bit.

    1. Looks like you shut the 58 year old KIKE up. Senile fucker. 58! Kike’s think they have all the brains, dicks, and looks! In front of whites, Kike’s play The Great White Hope, with blacks- they are the civil right vanguard, with Asian men they are the intellectuals, with Asian women they play the feminist. But you get to see what scum they really are on the internet. Fuckers like Goldman. Tough on the net, weasels in real life.

      1. No, I have a life. I had to go to bed with my girlfriend. But you wouldn’t know about stuff like that.

        1. And speaking of which, maybe you and Hacienda should get together. She’d be your first girlfriend who doesn’t deflate when you perform acupuncture on her! Ancient Chinese secret, huh?:)

        2. Like I said, you don’t know shit about me, so you can lay off the immature insults. By the way, the last time I heard someone say to me “that’s not what your mom said” was in the second grade.

        3. 58, and your bragging about bagging it with your “girlfriend” with anon, whose probably 22. That’s not just pathetic, that’s gross. She must be quite the catch, bagging it with you. Listen idiot, 58 year olds do not have “girlfriends” in the way you use this word. And they don’t brag about it. At least toilet trained Nordics don’t. They have partners or companions. Even “significant others”. Do not make the readers here picture your skanky pockmarked kike body with your clammy claws groping in bed your underdoubted broom haired, fish scaled, blister chafing obese (Jewess?) “girlfriend”.
          I write this as a public service, kike. Even neo-nazis should be spared suffering a kike’s disgusting tastes.

  6. Seriously since Israel is now the “homeland” for all you persecuted, poor Jews, why don’t you fuckin kikes all move there. Christ, you have your own country yet you still feel the need to parasite off of other nations.

    1. Why don’t you go back where *you* came from? The economy’s booming there, I hear. You can get a position with the cabinet level Ministry of Internet Scams, Fraudulent E-Commerce, and Gold Farming.

        1. That’s right! This senile k*k* is occupyin’ your government, fetishizin’ your women, and making it impossible for you to get a date, and all before lunch! What does that say about *you?* Think about it. I have to go back to my life.

  7. I was wondering how the comment section got so large; now I know why.

    I’m actually enjoying this.

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