Vote For Joe

Vote For Joe

Joe who? Joe Shmoe? Joe Blow? No, not them. Joe, the man of Steel. Oh, him! Sure, I’ll vote for him. He’s my uncle.

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28 thoughts on “Vote For Joe”

  1. If Stalin came back to life and stood in the next elections in Russia he’d still be a popular figure.

  2. Personally recommended, as an account of Stalin’s life to 1917: Simon Sebag-Montefiore’s The Young Stalin. I couldn’t put it down. Vivid and fascinating. Here’s a brief review:

    This is a great biography. It’s fast moving, full of action and Montefiore really brings the young Stalin to life as you flick from page to spell-binding page.

    You find yourself at turns liking the passion and charisma of the protagonist, and then repelled by his nascent cruelty and emotional coldness.

    This book really explodes the myth that Stalin was simply a “grey blur” before he began to seize power in the 1920’s. He was a competent, intelligent and experienced revolutionary, who was important to Lenin and popular with the party grass roots. His drive and personal magnetism are awe-inspiring, and Sebag Montefiore’s book is an exercise in demonstrating how true greatness is born.

    I can’t wait to read the author’s book on Stalin’s later life, “The Court of the Red Tsar”.

  3. I read somewhere that it is rumored he was half Ossetian, as you mentioned the group in another thread…Cool thought to think. 🙂

  4. I prefer Stalin to Trotsky definitely. But it would’ve been even better for the White Army to triumph in the Russian Civil War.

  5. Fuck Stalin. Hear that Stalin? Fuck you, you piece of shit. That’s for murdering so many people, you asshole.

  6. Critical, but acknowledge Stalin as the greatest Soviet leader after Lenin. Zhores Medvedev’s biography gives you some idea of his stature. Read Edvard Radzinsky too (non-academic). These are based on primary sources. Don’t bother with Service. To compare Stalin to Hitler is simply propagandist. Many Western historians have done so. Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Chernenko, Andropov and Gorbachev simply do not compare with Stalin. For a decent short history of the Soviet Union go to Geoffrey Hoskin. E H Carr, if you want to read thousands of pages, will take you to 1929. Check out Soviet History archive too. Ciao.

    If I had to pick a revolutionary leader I would pick Fidel every time. He has less blood on his hands.

  7. For all my cursing Stalin, I feel a little guilty — sorry. I dislike what you did (e.g. kill a lot of people). I hope you asked forgiveness like everyone has to for their sins…

  8. Stalin’s last words:

    “Of course it’s time for another purge; it’s only a question of who.”

  9. “Stalin’s evolution was similar. Although he could not even speak decent Russian, he adopted the standpoint of the crudest Great Russian chauvinism – a fact that was understood by Lenin who denounced Stalin’s Great Russian chauvinism in the harshest terms and even broke off all personal and comradely relations with him.”

    I didn’t realize this had occured and so early, i.e. by 1924. If this is true of course, it bolsters the view there would have been no powerful USSR formed without Great Russian Nationalism.

  10. I GO WITH JOE!

    Labour, Tory, Lib-Dem, or the UNCLE JOE PARTY?

    Free healthcare, education, housing, education, full employment, independent nuclear deterrent, no more Murdoch press, BBC = Bolshevik Broadcasting Corp., the doctors work for the NHS or they get a bullet in the back of the head – no more pussyfooting, space program, COOL classical composers instead of the 12 tone shit, the jews cut down to size, NO FAMINES cos Joe don’t do that shit, and of course GULAGS but only for the kleptocracy, the zionists, and their agents, and – nearly forgot – healthy athletic and acrobat culture and compulsory nudism!

    Hard choice! Joe never purged nobody wot didn’t have it coming to them! I GO WITH JOE!

    1. LOL, yeah, I like this project. What’s with the compulsory nudism?

      I would like him to run in the US. Set up huge gulags up in Alaska and throw 100,000’s of Black and Hispanic gangbangers up there! Yeah! See how they like it. A few hard years labor in the tundra and I bet they give up the gang life for good.

  11. Only a compleat retard would believe that the RETARD Stalin was running USSR. The JEW was in charge of USSR from 1917 to 1990.

    The JEW could openly have run Sovjet as a jew run state, but the JEW diden’t. Because the JEW do everything in his power to HIDE that it’s the JEW that runs the state.

    The JEW is in TOTAL control of the American state 2o1o, lock, stock and shekel. The JEW Rahm “Ramhbo” Emanuel has the MasterKey to the Whore House (aka former White House).

    “Worker” is a JEW codeword for The JEW’s Slaves. The JEW run all the “workers” Unions for the benefit of the JEW.

    Joe Cortina: MANDATORY READ! The Jew run Unions.

    What did l tell you about the Jew run Unions?

    1. The JEW is in TOTAL control of the American state 2o1o, lock, stock and shekel.

      OK that’s funny heg.

      The JEW Rahm “Ramhbo” Emanuel has the Master Key to the Whore House (aka former White House).

      This too.

  12. I read that stuff about Hollywood Heg. I’m definitely going to get that book – Empire of Our Own. Fascinating, though the synopsis was a bit garbled, and I didn’t like all the loony-toon homophobia at the end. Jews have their good points – they’re mostly atheists and they have a healthier attitude to sex, I think. Trouble is their distinctive behaviour is this business/finance ‘swarming’ – like locusts they home in on everything and pick it clean of anything that will sustain life – ” Man cannot live by bread alone” Do they not realise that there is something in the European spirit that just won’t live with subjection or slavery? From the Greeks repelling the Persians onwards, all the great products of our civilisation have been the work of people who believed they were free, or at least believed that if they had to serve then they served only their God. They may have got the movie world wrapped up, but all they’ll produce now is shit, which the world is ceasing to pay any attention to.

    Is ‘Heg’ short for ‘Hegemony of the Ubermensch’?

  13. It’s a shame Japan attacked Pearl Harbor instead of the Soviet Jewnion. America would’ve stayed out of the war and with Germany to the west and Japan to the east, Stalin wouldn’t have stood a chance. Japan and Germany could’ve then divided the USSR between themselves.

    1. Are you joking? Haven’t you ever heard of the “Mississippi Banzai” scenario? The Japs and Krauts would have divided us up right down the Mississippi, and then fought each other over the remains.

      Fuck that.

      (For the record, my money would have bet on the Germans in such a war. The Japanese would have had the clear naval advantage, hands down. Their victory would lay in stopping German supply and re-supply from Europe in the Atlantic. Tough to do, but within their means. The Germans would have had a clear ground advantage. Their Army was just plain better in every way. The Germans beat the shit out the Russian Army, and the Russians beat the shit out of the Japanese Army in the 1930’s. Japanese air power and technology was good, but the Germans were at the cutting edge. More advanced by a long shot. Just look at the V-2 and Me-262. The Japanese may have had a higher production output though, and they did have a greater population than Germany.)

        1. The Japanese could not and would not fuck with the Russians. The Soviet Union literally raped the Empire of Japan in their 1939 ground war in Mongolia. After that, the Japanese feared anything with a hammer and sickle or red star on it. Literally feared them.

          Even if they did not, it would not have mattered. The Soviets could have handled the Japanese, while fighting the Germans, I believe. The best bet for the Japanese would have been to finish the conquest of China, and then concentrate on blowing the British Navy out of the water. No problem for them.

          Only the Germans(and maybe the Americans) could have taken on the Soviets in a land war. Without the Americans to tie up their air assets and ruining their industrial base, the Germans probably could have beaten an under supplied Soviet Union. Maybe. Just maybe.

          The Russian bear is still a beast. Even for the Nazis bringing 100% of their assets to bare. Of course, the Germans still would have to deal with the British in their backyard…That is where the Japanese would have been very useful.

          In WWII, the British were nothing more than effeminate, unmotivated, post-industrial assholes without American support.

          Maybe the Japanese could have invaded India…

  14. Robert I got info on capitalist propaganda regarding Che Guevara for you:

    “Che died begging for his life during his own execution, wailing “Don’t shoot – I’m Che! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!””

    Actually he did not say that when he was being executed. he said that when he was captured. During his execution he said this:

    “Moments before Guevara was executed he was asked if he was thinking about his own immortality. “No”, he replied, “I’m thinking about the immortality of the revolution.”[184] When Sergeant Terán entered the hut, Che Guevara then told his executioner, “I know you’ve come to kill me. Shoot, coward! You are only going to kill a man!”[185] Terán hesitated, then opened fire with his semiautomatic rifle”

    I am so pissed off by that capitalist lie Robert… the capitalists have my blood boiling now. they suck so much.

  15. It was have been ultra self-hating Jews “in charge of the USSR” during the time period of “self-imposed” quotas and synagogue shut-downs and
    the outlawing of religious training, etc.

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