What Is Pan-Aryanism?

A friend of mine went over to the Skadi Forum (basically Nordicists or Germanicists) and read an essay on Pan-Aryanism. I don’t know what sort of Pan-Aryanism they referred to, but I doubt it was the kind that I subscribe to. They were upset that the essay opposed race-mixing. Well, I’m a Pan-Aryanist, and I don’t oppose race-mixing.

Pan-Aryanism just means taking pride in your racial family. Just as the Blacks, various Asians, Amerindians, Arabs, East Indians, Hispanics, etc. take pride in their various racial families, such as they may be. Most folks you meet in the US, who are “Priders” of this sort, while often strongly ethnocentric, are not opposed to race-mixing or inter-ethnic breeding. So support for race-mixing can and does go hand in hand with ethnocentrism, even extreme ethnocentrism. In fact, that has probably been the tribal human norm for a very long time now.

The Pan-Aryanism that I subscribe to is found on the Pan-Aryanist Forum (now members-only I think). They say that all natives of Europe are White. Also that there are White Turks (35%), White Arabs and White Berbers. Also a few Whites in North India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

They also hold that all Georgians, Armenians, the Caucasus and Iranians are White.

I just like it for their expanded definition of White. It would be like, say if you were Black, and some small group of Blacks decided that they were the only real pure Blacks. And they ruled out maybe 50% of Blacks as being some sort of inferior or mongrelized scum race. So the Pan-Africanists (the Black analogue of Pan-Aryanism) would be about uniting all of the Blacks into one Black Race and screw all the superior-inferior stuff. If you were Black, you would go along with that I am sure. In fact, if you are Black, I think you already do.

It’s all about being part of a family. In the last few years anyway, my race is my family. I simply want to extend the rather limited idea of my family to take in a lot more extended relatives. Why? Because I like having a great big family!

The other races: the NE Asians, SE Asians, Aborigines, Papuans, Oceanians, Amerindians, Africans, mestizos, mulattos, well, a lot of them are perfectly fine people. Often better than my racial family on an individual basis. But it’s the difference between friends (or lovers) and family. They can never be part of my family. They can only be friends, or at best lovers.

I expand the Net Pan-Aryanist definition thus such that most anyone who looks like they could have come from Europe is White.

Whites are:

All native Europeans
All Europoid Russians
All Turks
All Jews
All Assyrians and Kurds
Many Berbers
Most Arabs
All Georgians, Armenians, Azeris, Caucasus
All Iranians
Many Afghans (especially Pashtuns)
All Nuristanis
NW Pakistanis
Some Indians (mostly NW Indians)

All of the other Caucasian or quasi-Caucasian types are non-White Caucasians. They might be part of the family, but they are sort of like 2nd or 3rd cousins, so far apart they are almost more friends than family.

As far as the real Net Pan-Aryanists, they are a bunch of assholes. Sure they are against mixing, but they allow European Whites to mix with 100’s of millions of more humans! And most of them are a bunch of Nazis too. Bastards.

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35 thoughts on “What Is Pan-Aryanism?”

  1. People of other races can never be “family”?

    I think I get what you’re trying to say, but I have to disagree with that.

      1. If you’re going to go by genetics in determining who your family is, the definition of “family” can be expanded beyond your particular race.

        Of course, people can choose to limit their definition of family.

  2. You are a laugh riot, Robert. I like you, even though I consider you to be a lech.

    Eventually (probably already is), it won’t matter what Nordics think in terms of who is or isn’t white. No one else really cares who they include. It’s like bragging about having gone to Cal State Fullerton.

    1. Yeah, I hardly know any Nordicist Whites in meatspace. I know like 3 of them, and that’s it. Nordicism is dead among Whites. Your average California White thinks Meds, Arabs, North Africans, Turks, Armenians, Caucasus, Iranians and some Afghans are White.

      Once you get over into India, things get a lot touchier.

      Your average California White is basically a Pan-Aryanist, not that the subject ever comes up much. Any talk like that about the “White race” is almost banned here as subversive. You can’t even utter the phrase.

      If you tell a bunch of White people, “Italians are not White,” most of them would probably either start laughing or tell you to shut up or both.

      1. Really? I’ve never met a white person that thought Arabs and Afghans are white. In fact many liberal whites would say things like we have no problem bombing the middle east because those aren’t white people dying. And liberals generally tend to think that white Jews are racist against non-white Arab Palestinians.

        Even many white Latinos get cast in the non-white category because they are seen as Spanish-speaking foreign minorities.

        I don’t get the impression that whites view any of those groups as “one of us.”

        1. Gotta agree with Tulio on this one.

          I think most whites would definitely regard Italians, Greeks, and other Mediterranean groups as white, but not Middle Easterners. I also don’t think they would see most Hispanics as white, with the exception of Argentines.

        2. They certainly don’t view Muslims that way.

          However, I think the white status of “Meds” is pretty secure at this point.

        3. Dude, i was in the army and when i was in iraq for 13 months, arabic people are 100% more white than black, there like white people with a tan. I think that White people look like White people, such as Indians are like white people and so are hispanics, the people that look most off from white people are Black “not Hybrid black” and Asian’s. other than that Native people are more white than some “white Hybrids” but Arabic People are For sure WHITE. lmao go to Iraq before you start making claims that Arabs are not white.

      2. Turks and Middle Easterners are white ?

        With the exception of some Lebonese, Iranians, Syrians and Israel the Mid East is not white.


        All the pictures I have seen of Iraqs show them to be non white.

        1. The Khaleeji (Arabian peninsula) Arabs aren’t white, whereas the Shami arabs certainly appear to look that way.

      3. I would say that if anyone deserves to be called Caucasian, the scientific name of the white race, are those from the Caucasus which is where the white race originated (hence the name Caucasian).

  3. I’ll third tulio with this, though I’m speaking for the upper South and Mid-Atlantic. Meds and Jews are definitely considered white, but most Middle Easterners aren’t.

    There are groups that most US Whites barely know anything about like Levantine Christians, Georgians, Iranians (besides the fact that they’re evil), etc. who might be considered White or just tough to classify. Any American would say Ralph Nader is White but then be surprised to learn he’s descended from Lebanese Christians and wonder whether he really is white or not.

    Muslims, excluding some recent converts are almost universally considered nonwhite even if they look very White.

  4. Obviously, when the U.S. government suffers its takedown, there is going to be more than a generation of revamping political structure on this continent.
    Meanwhile the racail definitions, ideal and practical, are more likely to be decided in areas which become the center of Power Play.

    Like Eurasia, spanning the Dugin heartland and
    the Lauter River or thereabouts.

  5. I think mestizos, mulattos, Eurasians, and half-castes are not just friends, but cousins to pure whites. Even more so for people like mestizo Mexican Americans (especially non-California mestizo Mexican Americans) who are within the range of 60%-70% or even more white. I say that the whiter they are, the closer they get. So northern/western Mexican mestizos, Argentineans, and Chileans are almost brothers. For one, most of them look white, and they would be accepted as white by anyone except crazy PC or one drop fanatics (hopefully you aren’t one). I think most people think “pan Aryanism” is racist because it has the word Aryan in it. It makes it sound like some sort of supremacist thing since the word is often associated with Nazis and white nationalists/supremacists and nordicists (the real Aryans are the ancient Indo-European invaders of India and their descendants and/or spiritual Hindus).

    1. Yes! When I see mostly White mestizos, I think this person is a part of my family! Maybe not quite immediate family like other Whites, but for sure maybe a cousin.

      Good comment!

      Plus a lot of those kind of Mestizos think and act a lot like us Whites too. Not sure why, but they are mostly White genetically. That may have something to do with it, and they may identify quite a bit with White culture too.

  6. I am Brazilian, my mother looks southern Europe but is mixed. My grandmother seems to be light-skinned mulatto and European traits, my late grandmother, has de Andrade surname (very common surname used by Portuguese Jews) and had a look at Middle Eastern Semitic. My father’s family seems to be 100% Iberian Portuguese, but it is likely that mixed blood can be tracked. I am pan-caucasian, I believe that anyone who looks ”white” is white regardless of ancestry.
    I look south of Europe, some say i have traits that may be common even in the south of France. My brothers look white.
    I believe that if it is to Portugal, Spain, Italy or Greece I may be mistaken for a site. My nephew has a look half Asian half white.
    I think white people as relatively distant familiars without excluding people from the Middle East or North Africa who look white.
    Actually to be honest I identify more with racially speaking Mexicans, Colombians and Cubans white (white mestizos), Argentine, Turkish or Iranian than the Europeans themselves because of mixed heritage of these groups.

  7. This guy does not know who he is talking about East Indians are historial Aryan people. Their complete culture, religion and racial identity is about Aryanism

  8. India is the homeland of one of the greatest Aryan warriors of all time Arjuna . This great Aryan warrior drove the Chinese off of Aryan lands He is up there with Charles the Hammer Martel as our greatest hero. Lindsey stop this non-sense talk about Mestizo cousin etc and start talking about the greatness of Aryan peoples.

  9. So you don’t oppose race mixing, fine, but other people do because they’re concerned about the existence of their races, the opposition of race mixing is a legacy of the germanic peoples, read germania by tacitus and you’ll see, the fact is that if people don’t be concerned about race mixing, whites will disappear, this is happening today and will get worse if someone don’t do something about it, you may think that they’re assholes but at least they’re doing something, you may not believe it but the whole media is controlled by jewish supremacists whose interest is the destruction of the european civilization, don’t you think it’s strange how the western society passed from moralistic and religious to the decadence of today, with pornography and other sexual perversions, drugs, race-mixing being widely accept by the minstream society, in so little time? the popular culture was obviously manipulated, that’s why any white person who shows a minimun of nationalism is persecuted as racist, fascist, nazi and other stupid labels. Just to fefine, Aryans are the members of the Indo-european ethnic group, which include the modern eurpeans, persians, other iranian peoples in the middle east…

    1. Doesn’t race mixing produce better looking women? A lot of great looking women in South America (region with a ratio of the best looking people) are of mixed race heritage. Leave Europe from race-mixing and let America make a choice on the matter.

  10. Two things I observe, Neanderthals and Cro Magnon interbred producing ancient Aryans who quickly, perhaps due to increased brain and muscle size dominated the world. Today, their descendants have interbred with all races from all over the world in the melting pot we call the United States and these people rule the earth.

    Shouldn’t it be in one’s own interest to attain as many traits as possible for survival?

  11. Hello. Very interesting article.

    How should do, those ethnic groups that have
    both Mongoloids and Caucasoids? For example we are the Bashkirs, and we have both Caucasoids and Mongoloids.
    The first president of Bashkortostan (Murtaza Rakhimov) , was very East Asian (mongoloid) looking person. Look at his photos. The second president of Bashkortostan (Rustem Khamitov) , very European-looking man, with blue eyes. Mr. Lindsay, based
    on your logic, then Europoid bashkir, akin to someone to be – European, Tajik, Pashtun, Arabic and so on. and Mongoloid bashkir, akin to someone to be – Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Thai, Filipino, Amerindian, and so on. But most of Bashkirs never agree with this. For Caucasoid Bashkir the Arab, Pakistani, Tajik or Romanian are – strangers or foreigners. The same goes for Mongoloid Bashkir. Mongoloid Bashkir, too, has nothing to do(and do not want to have anything to do), with Chinese, Japanese, Thais and so on.
    At the same time, Caucasoid Bashkir feels’ great kinship “with Mongoloid Bashkir. And Mongoloid Bashkir, feels” great kinship “with Caucasoid Bashkir.

    What do you think, Mr. Robert Lindsay? How should Bashkirs refers to your idea?

    1. I think you guys feel great kinship with your own people. Do you speak Bashkir? I wanted to ask you some questions about the Bashkir language if you do not mind.

  12. Hi Robert,

    I see you’ve listed NW Pakistanis and NW Indians, but what about SE Pakistanis? Apart from religion and minor linguistic variables, they seem more or less identical to NW Indians.


      1. Yeah, Sindhis are, on average, darker than Punjabis and Kashmiris, who, along with Pashtun Pakistanis, are among the lightest South Asians. However, I’ve come across Punjabis and Kashmiris who were quite dark as well. I’m assuming you would consider these “non-White Caucasians”? North Indians and Pakistanis fall under your definition of white only on a case by case basis, rather than as a whole.

        Slightly unrelated: are you familiar with the racial types of Bangladeshi people? If so, have you got any information on that? From what I’ve observed, most of them look quite Mongoloid and Australoid influenced, but there are predominantly Caucasoid types who wouldn’t look out of place among a bunch of NW Indians or SE Pakistanis – these are a numerical minority, however.

  13. Since the advent of commercial DNA testing Nordicism has been severely discredited, but there is significant confusion when it comes to race in the USA.

    The US Census of 2010 shows that the percentage of Whites in the USA is 62.7%. There are three Spanish speaking countries in this hemisphere with similar percentages: Argentina, Cuba, and Uruguay. Cuba’s % dropped some points after 1959 as the vast majority of those who emigrated were white.

    I recently had my DNA tested with three different commercial DNA companies and they all show 100% European: a combination of Spain, France, and Northwestern Europe.

    But what really determines race (to the Nordicists chagrin) is really the haplogroups/subclades in your DNA. My paternal (yDNA) is R-DF27 and my maternal (mtDNA)is H1, with the > 2% Neanderthal and so forth.

    I have no contributions to my DNA from any haplogroup/subclade other than European: No Arab, no Berber, no African, no Middle Eastern, no Mediterranean and, of course, no Native American.

    My parents were born in one of the three countries mentioned above in the 1920s from European immigrants.

    I think the discussion on “whiteness” can be put to rest with one simple tool: a DNA test.

    Noridicists have several major challenges of late, one is DNA, the other is that the scientific name of the white race is Caucasian. The name Causcasian is derived from the region where the white race originated in the Caucasus Mountains located in the border between Southern Russia and Georgia.

    A quick look at the phenotype of people from that region indicates that they don’t look anything like Nordics or Scandinavians. They look much more like the phenotype found among white Europeans in Northern Spain, France, and Northern Italy.

    Perhaps this is the reason Herr Himmler had to contrive some theory about a pure Germanic race whose members were direct descendants of survivors from Atlantis.

  14. Robert, would a 120 IQ student in High School who is more big picture oriented, and bad with details have to work hard in school?

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