ID the Med Hottie

For 20 points, ID the Med hottie above. Hint: She's still alive, she's 74 years old, and she's still very beautiful.

#1 reason why Nordicism will never fly. Nordicism says that chicks like the above are members of some inferior, mongrel race. Further, it states, against all obvious evidence, that the chick above is not even White! What is she then? Who knows?

But that’s not the reason why it won’t work. Sure, Nordic guys evolved in a cold climate, but evolution retained a supercharged male sex drive nevertheless, maybe to keep warm and not freeze to death at night. Anyway, Nordicism tells Nordic guys that no way can they ever, ever touch chicks like the one above, in fact, they can’t even think about it. Because she’s, like, inferior, you know.

Nordic men will fall all over themselves, commit deadly stampedes, start wars, commit serious felonies and do all sorts of fucked up shit just to get a chance at chicks like that.  They will collectively shout, “Fuck your racial theories,” as they fight Hell and high water for a shot at Miss Lovely above.

LOL! Won’t work tards.

Thanks for playing though!

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9 thoughts on “ID the Med Hottie”

  1. Northern Italy has nordics. As does Switzerland have french speakers who are nordics. This is the dumbest shit I have seen, today. Nordics have recessive genetic traits. That is why you see blondes coming from brunettes or brunettes being born with blonde hair. And sofia Loren is a couger. Nawt I laugh at you people.

  2. No problem with a Nordicist movement, guided itself, tactically attenuated and put to good use by a broader Euro-American Cultural Nationalist hierarchy.

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