Hey White People!

Hey White People! Mexicans want to know some shit about you!

Hey White People!

Why do you freckle in the sun? Why is your hair a color other than brown? Why do you make more money than brown people? Why do you love hot dogs so much? Why do you watch and play hockey? Why do you text and drive? Why do you pretend to like the World Cup? Why do you drink out of thermoses? Why don’t you cover you couches with plastic? Why don’t you throw big parties for your 15th birthdays?

Why do you hang out in the backyard instead of the front yard? Why do you pull boats behind your pick up trucks? Why don’t you mow your own lawns? Why do you all drink smoothies and Starbucks every day? Why do you park your cars in the garage and not on the lawn?

Why, when you go to Kaiser, do you go alone or with maybe one other person and not with the sick person, four children, two teenagers and three other adults? Why do you use salad dressings other than ranch? Why do you spay and neuter your cats and dogs?

Hey White people! Listen up! Mexicans want to know some shit about you!

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