Do White Males Own America?

Among Blacks, the PC liberal-Left Whites, and crazy feminists of all hues, it’s a common notion that White males run the country. However, a recent study has called that notion into question.

Apparently, White males do not own the country at all. In fact, they don’t own shit.

It’s their ex-wives, now married to Black men, who own the country.

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22 thoughts on “Do White Males Own America?”

  1. Well, let’s see

    -President: black man
    -Attorney General: black man
    -Secretary of State: white woman
    -Obama’s Chief of Staff and Senior Adviser: Jewish
    -Supreme Court: Not a single WASP
    -Mayor of my home town: white woman
    -Mayor of the city next door: black man

    This is just off the top of my head. I’m sure you could add more.

    I know, I know, they’ll say “yeah, well look at the senate and fortune 500 companies.”

    Fair enough. But all I know is that those white senators and executives are not doing a lick of good for their people.

    The face of power may be white, but to suggest that all or even most whites are powerful is fallacious.

    1. To clarify, I’m not claiming that Jews are not white, but they aren’t exactly white white either (although I’m willing to accept Jews like Jewamongyou as such).

        1. Well, I’d say that they exercise a disproportionate amount of influence.

          However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they own America, case closed.

    2. If you think whites have it bad, god help you if you woke up black. You’d be ready to commit suicide.

        1. Tulio, we’ve been over this before, but I’m not trying to deny that blacks have it worse. I’m not denying that there’s black disadvantage and that I would be unhappy if I woke up black.

          However, what annoys me is the constant implication that all white people, in absolute terms live easy, privileged lives and just have every good thing come to them.

          One’s disadvantage doesn’t necessarily mean another’s privilege. Just because blacks have it worse than whites and that whites have it better in relative terms doesn’t mean that being white is all ice cream sundaes, as blacks would have it.

          We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

  2. Whites never really owned anything. Ownership is a fraudulent and self-deceiving idea. Whites occupied and continue to a large extent occupy and maintain pipelines (infrastructure) over the land that is called America. Whites actually derive very little pleasure and actually NEVER commune with the lands over which they commute. This is this a native sense of ownership that whites will never know or understand. A LIVING relationship with the land.
    With each innovation in medium- roads over land, TV over roads, internet over TV, (ESP?) over internet, whites lose more and more actual contact with the original sense of ownership and actual LIVING.

    1. Interesting point. Different groups have different conceptions of ownership.

      However, are you then willing to reject the notion that Indians had “their” land stolen?

      1. It was an unprecedented land displacement or “theft”. A territorial removal of racial and continental proportions. A theft of natives’ past memory, present reality, and future potentialities. So yes, a theft that is ongoing in the sense that each moment passed in “white” America is a denial of native moments. It is impossible to understand completely for we are now talking about a metaphysical “theft”. For me or you to “reject” the notion is meaningless.

  3. Don’t confuse mass-miscegenated California with the rest of the USA Mr Lindsay.

    California represents the ‘far West’ of The West, so of course it was the first domino to fall, but other (Whiter) portions of the USA – notably in The South and Midwest – are still humming along fairly well and will in perpetuity as long as we get a handle on the racial situation in our territories in the coming decades.

    It is clear that The South, The Midwest, and probably the Northwest will secede from the increasingly degenerate rest of the USA, and they will become White ethnostates formed in a confederation to prevent the non-White hordes from swamping them, to stop the Jews from subverting them, and so on. Cali will probably secede and balkanize too – hopefully Whites can retain control of the northern half of that state and most importantly the prime agricultural regions of the Central Valley…we’ll see. Southern Cali, Southern Florida, large portions of southern Texas, are probably already lost to the Hispanics. But their further spread can be contained, and it will.

    1. The world is not a game of Risk, Stratego, chess, or checkers. LOL. And there is no central command of whites, blacks, or Hispanics, or Asians. Believe it or not. Arizona is “doomed” because some Arizonans actually believe they are the anti-California and wish to create a rampart. All the while Arizona is subverted by New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Texas.
      “For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. ” True in physics, true in geopolitics.

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