Best Comment Ever on Robert Lindsay

the animal shredder is the most crul disgusting thing i have ever seen i would be ashamed to have invented it!!!! also who ever made it is a nasty BITCH and i hate you for even thinking about thinking about even talking about thinking about it!!!!! AND WE ARE SOOOOO SERIOUS !!!!!!

From kristen long and brittany fitzgerald

Thank you Kristen and Brittany! And if you girls, I mean young ladies, are over 18, please check out the email link at the top.

The video they are referring to is the Animal Grinders video. It’s really cool! If you haven’t seen it yet, please do! I love it. Shows a bunch of dead farm animals getting totally shredded in a grinder at a rendering plant. Yeehaw! It’s really fun to watch, but not while you’re eating.

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