New Interview Released on Reason Radio

Reason Radio has done another interview with me. I was a guest on the Robert Stark show.

The video is now available for download.

The website lists the main topics as:

  • Third Positionism; the A3P Party
  • Fascism and US pro-White politics; US Southern history
  • The bankers who financed Communism; rich socialists
  • Defining fascism; the pathologization of racism
  • A comparison of how Communist and Nazi atrocities are treated and used for political gain
  • Fascism in Israel; whether Zionism is Nationalist or Internationalist
  • Islamic Imperialism

Feel free to listen and critique all you wish. I was a lot more relaxed in this interview and I was also drinking less (LOL). I made a great effort to try not to say “man.” I may be an aging stoned out surfer from Southern California, but I don’t need to sound like one.

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