Race Does Not Exist

Click to enlarge. Nigerians or Africans (no such thing) in light blue. Europeans or Caucasians (no such thing) in green and red. Asians (no such thing) in purple and blue. The nonexistent entities called Africans, Asians and Europeans are demonstrated in this chart. These constructs do not exist, nor do they differ from each other. That they seem to be plotting quite distinctly on this chart is simply an optical illusion. If you disagree, you are a racist scum and hopefully soon we will even be able to arrest you.

As you can see from this chart made by some racist mad scientist, race is clearly a social construct. His research violated the new Law of Political Correctness, and agents are shutting down his lab as I write this.

Race is clearly a social construct. But it’s a social construct with some powerful attributes. There have been wild and violent wars and battles between various social constructs around the world. These are termed social construct conflicts, social construct wars and social construct violence. The old terms ethnic conflict, ethnic warfare and ethnic violence are no longer acceptable and use of them is de facto evidence of racism. Use of those terms is considered such strong evidence of racism that it is even admissible in a court of Race Law.

Occasionally US cities erupt with what are called social construct riots, in which various social constructs try to destroy and burn down their cities for unknown reasons. Research into these riots has been banned because the social constructs involved were undefinable and do not even in fact exist. Recently there was the Rodney King Social Construct Riot. Before that, there were the Watts Social Construct Riots of 1965 and other famous Social Construct Riots in Detroit, Newark and other places.

These riots can be violent. Sometimes persons of one social construct will even attack persons of another social construct during these riots. How they know how or even why to attack someone of another construct is unknown, because there is no way to determine anyone’s particular construct, since the whole concept is all imaginary anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Race Does Not Exist”

  1. Although I agree with your conclusion, I fail to see what this graph represents. What is each axis supposed to describe?

    Also, didn’t you get the memo? Per decree of the PC police, we are to refer to black social construct riots as “uprisings.” Referring to them as riots is racist.

  2. Class is a social construct, but that doesn’t stop the Marxists bitching and moaning about it. They wave signs like “I am the 99%”. But the 99% is a social construct, it has no biological reality. So they should stop being so classist, because class is just a social construct.

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