Abu Daoud 1937-2010

A Palestinian Black September member who plotted the taking of the Israeli athletes hostage in Munich in 1972, he died in Syria on July 3 at age 73 of kidney failure. Mossad had been hunting him in order to assasinate him for 38 years, but they never caught him. However, in a Warsaw hotel lobby in 1981, a Mossad agent shot him 13 times. He had spent most of his last years in hiding in Syria.

Shortly before he died, he issued a message to the Israelis, “I cannot fight you anymore, but my grandsons will fight you and their grandsons will fight you.”

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One thought on “Abu Daoud 1937-2010”

  1. I truly believe the Palestinians have no viable future. In the near future, Israel will genocide the Palestinians in the midst of a regional distraction, perhaps war with Iran, and the world will ignore it.
    Of course the Holohoax will still be held up and weeped over. Israhell is simply too strong for the Palestinians to handle.

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