Michelle Obama Message to Vets on the 4th of July


Excellent video! To all vets, we thank you for your service! To Michelle, damn you’re a beauty, honey. Michelle is one hot Black chick. I have pointed this out in supermarket lines a couple of times here to White and Hispanic guys and they all nodded their heads. I have a feeling that she is a lot more liberal than Barack is, too. But I don’t get the feeling that she has much impact on the politics of his Presidency, unlike Billary.

Obama’s popularity is at ~50%, which is not bad in the middle of a recession. I wonder what Michelle’s popularity is? Higher? Get her and the kids out there in front of the cameras more often, and Barack less often. My 2 pfennig.

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2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Message to Vets on the 4th of July”

  1. I must also say that she is one hot 46 year old woman! She’s more attractive and better looking than most young women my age.

  2. She needs to be more proactive. She is a big time attorney, is she not? She needs to put that to good use, and stop being like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. There is so much more that she could do.

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