Maher Versus Sheuer on Israel


Straight up truth, 100 proof. Maher is just a typical liberal Jew. Yeah he supports Israel, sure, most of them do. What do you expect?

I read Sheuer’s book, Imperial Hubris, and it was very good. Highly recommended. Head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Station from 1996-2005.

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34 thoughts on “Maher Versus Sheuer on Israel”

  1. Bill Maher is scum.

    He’s a self-righteous, bleeding heart liberal on all these other issues (including the occasional self-loathing white guy bashing), yet he supports the apartheid, genocidal state of Israel.

    Neither he nor most liberal Jews actually give a shit about human equality or dignity. They just do what’s in their best interests.

    I’m not saying that other groups are any more altruistic, but at least they don’t go around preaching equality and tolerance.

  2. Also, just so you know, Maher has jungle fever.
    And unlike my immature attack on Natasha, this is a fact.

    Why do I bring this up? I just think that this supports my belief that Bill Maher suffers from little man’s syndrome.

    From what I’ve seen of him, he’s rather pathetic in terms of physical stature, and even looks pretty boyish for his age.

    He’s also one of those America as the Great Satan type liberals, yet he has no problem with supporting the murderous state of Israel, which owes its very existence to the Great Satan.

    He’s a pathetic hypocrite with a fetish. Simple as that.

    Liberal Jews like Maher go around enforcing PC and making sure that we don’t say anything they deem offensive against “protected classes.”

    Yet you say even the slightest negative thing about Israel, and look out, you’re on the ADL’s hate list!

    If only someone would actually make a movie that tells the truth about Israel. Then maybe, just maybe, we would stop supporting Israel and start saving ourselves.

    Oh wait, too bad, Jews run Hollywood!

    -As well as 1/3 of the Supreme Court (if Kagan gets confirmed, that is)
    -As well as top positions in government (Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke, etc. These are all off the top of my head. If you have more, please telle me)

    And the list goes on. This is all just off the top of my head. Again, if you have more information, please tell me.

    I’m certain that someone somewhere will call me an anti-semite for this, but guess what? I don’t give a crap.

    The holocaust happened decades ago on another continent. Get over it, American Jews. I’m certainly not an apologist for those atrocities or a holocaust denier, but seriously, get over it.

  3. Also

    -45% of this country’s public intellectuals
    -30% of college professors
    -40% of top lawyers
    -26% of its print and broadcasting media personnel
    -50% of directors or major motion pictures (as well as controlling the 8 major film studios)

    I think we all get the idea.

    1. To clarify, this doesn’t necessarily indicate a great conspiracy (at least when it comes to intellectuals and lawyers), for Jews could simply be more intelligent and more academically oriented than everyone else.

      Still, whether it’s fishy or not, one cannot deny that they exercise wildly disproportionate influence.

  4. Why are Jews the only smart Semites in the world? You don’t see Syrians and Palestinians taking over countries in this manner.

    1. I think because Jews look more white, unlike Syrians and Palestinians, it’s easier for them to blend in, while still being Jewish. While still distrusted, they’re a less noticeable target.

      1. But what do you think makes them, unlike their closest genetic cousins, so high IQ? And a lot of Ashkenazis I’ve seen looked pretty Turkish, which is basically a lighter-skinned version of Levantine Arabs.

      2. I personally know plenty of VERY rich Levantine Arabs here in the U.S. In fact, I read somewhere that Palestinians, as an immigrant group, have or had one of the highest proportions of doctors among their ranks. Higher than Jews or Indians perhaps.

        It is just that they lack the sheer numbers here in the states, as well as the cohesion.

        Most are pretty damn white, to. Think Casey Kassem.

    2. To Anon:

      Why are Jews the only smart Semites in the world? You don’t see Syrians and Palestinians taking over countries in this manner.

      Not true.. look at the Lebanese in Latin America…
      Carlos Slim (original family name Salim..) is the richest man in the world. Lebanese are very influential in Mexico The current President of Brazil is of Lebanese decent as is 20% of the Brazilian parliament. Also from Brazil Carlos Ghosn: President of Nissan Motor Company is of Lebanese descent.

      I have read that Chinese descendant Filipinos (some of who married into the Filipino upper class..) control more than 85% of the large corporations in the Philippines. Chinese also have outsized influence in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

      Asian Indians have controlled a good portion of the business activity in multiple African countries. (I know they were booted out of Uganda.. not sure about other countries..)

      1. Overseas Chinese don’t have a pro-China lobby in these southeast Asian countries that make those host countries fight for China. They also don’t make those nations feel guilty about whatever they may have done to the Chinese in the past. That’s what I meant.

        1. That is actually an excellent point, Anon. The Chinese keep their heads down, don’t mess with the culture, don’t have dual loyalty, and don’t try to take over the country politically. They’re just into business and making money, and that’s it.

    3. There’s quite a few influential Palestinians in South and Central America. Some are even Presidents and Prime Ministers. I think Robert has pointed out the Arab/Muslim nature of Latin America. The Spanish launched their colonizing missions just as formal Muslim power over Spain was ending, but these colonizing Spaniards still had Arab/Moorish culture.

      Arabized culture can be a technological spur to the recipient culture, but it also can have regressive social influence.

  5. What’s also strange is that most Jews in America are from eastern Europe, yet they don’t look anything like Russians, Poles etc. They look darker and more Mediterranean, perhaps Greek, Turkish, Armenian, not necessarily Arab.

    1. What’s also strange is that most Jews in America are from eastern Europe, yet they don’t look anything like Russians, Poles etc. They look darker and more Mediterranean, perhaps Greek, Turkish, Armenian, not necessarily Arab.

      Well some .. look at Kirk Douglas or Paul Newman. But that said.. yes.. Ashkenazim tend to be darker than Poles and Russians. Basically they closed ranks about a 1000 years ago and there was very little intermarriage out of the community. Now, however, there is a high degree of inter marriage so I suspect this will (or is..) changing pretty rapidly.

  6. Dear Uncle Milton
    The current president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, is definitely NOT a son of Lebanese immigrants. He comes from the poor Northeast, which produces a lot of emigrants but attracted no immigrants. He probably doesn’t have a single immigrant among his known ancestors. You must be thinking of former presidential candidate Paulo Maluf, who is indeed a son of Arab immigrants. So is Carlos Menem, the former president of Argentina.
    As to the claim that 20% of Brazil’s parliament consists of turcos, it is most certainly not true. In Latin America, the Arab immigrants are called turcos because they started arriving before WW1, when many Arab lands were still part of the Ottoman Empire. A disproportionate number of them were Christians and a lot of them went into business.
    Unlike the Italians and Japanese immigrants to Brazil, who were initially sponsored by fazendeiros to work as rural laborers, the turcos came on their own.
    Regards. James

  7. Bill Maher is such a hypocrite. Interesting you post a video of his because I watch some of his Realtime clips on YouTube and the guy is increasingly becoming more and more pro-Israel and his hatred for Muslims. Whenever someone on his show makes a point against Israel, he latches on and quickly comes to Israel’s defence – so much for impartiality, especially someone who is supposed to be a die-hard atheist.

    Then again, who cares about his views?

  8. Good for Bill Scheuer (whoever he is) – I’m sure he’s an a-hole but he was bold there. Oh, that Maher guy is a nauseating piece of slime. Watch him after Scheuer says ” it doesn’t matter to Americans if no-one ever votes again…” Watch Maher’s mannerisms and facial expressions – Spartacus, 12 Just Men, you name it – Sollywood sincerity! ” It matters to me, sir!” Vomitski!

  9. Technically, Maher is half-Jewish with a Catholic education. Obviously the Jewish side prevailed.

    Jerry the full Jew Springer is another Maher. Before his trash show he was Mayor of Cincinnati.
    He had the (phony Jewish eastern seaboardish) hippie-rad-lib veneer.

    Then he became a newsman with a twist.

    He was allowed to do news commentary soliloquies at the end of each newscast, kind of novel for that day. Wouldn’t you know it…rad to fashionably left-liberal on every social, economic
    and foreign policy issue…EXCEPT WHEN IT CAME TO ISRAEL AND AMERICA’S DUTY TO SUPPORT IT… wherein he turned into a Likudist
    right wing extremist.

    These guys are parasites, pure and simple.

    Of course on Air America, Springer pinpointed blame for the Iraq War on everybody..EXCEPT
    the Jewish Lobby.

    Pure scum.

  10. Dear accidentaldissent
    You are absolutely right. The Northeast and the North are the darkest regions of Brazil. In the North there is more Amerindian input and in the Northeast there is more African input. The Northeast is where Portuguese colonization began. Salvador used to be the main city in Brazil. Sugar was the main export product and the sugar plantations of course used African slave labor. Later that area fell behind because of water shortages and soil exhaustion. The white genes in the Northeast should be mainly of Portuguese origin.
    Acording to one genetic study, for Brazil as a whole, the gene pool has the following composition: European 52%, African 35%, Amerindian 12%, other 1%.
    The Brazilian census gives the following options with regard to race: white, brown, black, yellow and indígena (native). The results are therefore based on self-definition and show a bias toward lightness.
    Here are the results from the 2005 census in percentages:

    Center West—-49.1—45.1—4.3

    Cheers. James

  11. man, what Jew douchebag.

    this is a GREAT clip Robert! thanks for posting this. probably the first time that I heard something from Maher which I do not agree with.

    i can’t believe that Heeb gets to fuck Superhead. life is so unjust.

    toss him back in the oven. you’re with us or you’re against us. fuck Israel. fuck the world.

    U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A

  12. OK, after having seen this video can i ask what all the fuss is about? All i see here is a discussion between two people who have differing opinions on the role that America should play in the Israel/Palestine situation. Also,why is Maher a hypocrite for supporting Israel? Most Jews that support Israel most likely do so because its an “insurance policy” in case “antisemitism” rears its head again.

    I’m no Judeophile but IMO the real hypocrisy comes from people like Bay Area Guy who purport to be Pro White and speak out against “anti racism” yet when it comes to Israel they suddenly turn into bleeding heart liberals and start shedding tears for the Palestinians just like the anti racists and i find that extremely hypocritical, much more so than people like Bill Maher who I’m not fond of personally.

    1. No Marcus, I don’t shed tears for the Palestinians and I’m not bleeding heart in this regard.

      It is a fact that Israel is an apartheid state that’s practicing genocide. The evidence is pretty damning.

      Pointing that out doesn’t make me a bleeding heart. I’m certainly not an anti-Israel activist, nor am I going to sob over the plight of the Palestinians.

      I just pointed that out to reveal the hypocrisy of Jews like Maher, and to illustrate that they really don’t give a shit about the plight of over people, and that they only support leftist causes out of their own interests.

      Also, unlike Maher, I’m not some bleeding heart liberal who professes his love for equality.

      I’m just pointing out his inconsistencies.

      Most Jews that support Israel most likely do so because its an “insurance policy” in case “antisemitism” rears its head again.

      And judging by your surname (the same as Obama’s Chief of Staff), I’m not surprised you have this sentiment. No wonder I’ve touched a nerve!

      By the way, anti-semitism has increased as a result of Israel. Not only are you still loathed in the West, but now the entire Middle East as well. Also, it now clearly reveals Jews for the hypocrites they are.

      But don’t worry, I’m sure Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod will find some way to get Obama to come to your rescue.

      1. Erm , excuse me but I’m not a Jew. I don’t have any Jewish blood nor do i practice Judaism,in fact Marcus Emmanuel isn’t my real name its just a pen name. Emmanuel is also a French name as well as a Hebrew name and its the French name i was adopting.

        Anyway, i don’t mean to single you out personally BAG, its just that your comments remind me of some of the crocodile tears that a lot of the WNs shed regarding the Israel/Palestine conflict and i find their stance on Israel very hypocritical, that’s all.

        P.S In the future i’ll be changing my pen name in order to avoid any confusion.

        1. @ Marcus

          Thanks for the clarification.

          No, I am not shedding tears for the Palestinians or trying to come across as a bleeding heart on the Israel issue.

          I just think Jews are hypocritical for being liberal on racial and other social issues and constantly lecturing white Americans for their lack of enlightenment, but then supporting Israel, which is hardly a bastion of enlightenment.

          That’s all.

          @ Anon

          Are you sure jews are loathed in the West? It seems they get their asses kissed constantly.

          Excellent point. I guess I should have clarified that they are privately loathed. However, you are correct to insist that they publicly get their asses kissed.

  13. That’s a product of the fluke wherein the U.S.
    defeated Europe in World War Two the post-war colonization of which impressed a superficial philo-semitic attitude on the part of certain of the subjects, particularly the chief puppets.

  14. As for Emmanuel, it’s not crocodile tears that concerns him. It’s the possibility WN’s, in combination with any other American grouping can turn off Israel’s parasitical foreign aid spigot
    and quash fighting wars as in Iraq and Afghanistan and potentially Iran for his favored nation.
    He doesn’t actually worry about U.S. foreign policy turning actively and objectively pro-Palestinian.

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