Gore-y Photo

Spanish matador Julio Aparicio gored and nearly killed by a bull in a recent bullfight in Spain.

See that thing in his mouth, like he’s trying to swallow a thick beef jerky stick all at once? Believe it or not, that’s the bull’s horn. The bull’s horn went into his tongue and straight out of his mouth. Damn, nasty stuff.

This incident got a lot of play recently. The matador, Julio Aparicio, slipped, and that’s where he messed up. I hate these bullfights, so I should probably root for the bull in this case, but I did feel sorry for the guy. He survived the attack, but he was in extremely bad shape in the hospital right after the attack. He was back in the hospital on June 29, 2010 from an infection following surgery to reconstruct his throat, mouth and palate. His condition was listed as grave but stable. I don’t have any further updates on his condition.

This guy’s lucky to be alive.

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7 thoughts on “Gore-y Photo”

  1. That’s not his tongue- it’s the bull’s horn, stupid!
    Hold YOUR “tongue” (and “hold the lengua”- please!)

  2. Not to sound trite, but mess with the bull…you know the rest.

    I find the sport barbaric and stupid – had the misfortune of attending one in Mexico City once – never again! I’ll stick to baseball, thank you very much.

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