Andy Grove Takes on Tommy Friedman

Andy Grove (Jew – economic populist and US nationalist), captain of Intel, takes on Tommy the Traitor Friedman (Jew – rootless cosmopolitan and neoliberal traitor). Grove advocates protectionism, trade wars, economic populism, state economic planning, the whole nine yards. Tommy the Traitor is the spokesman for the entire US plutocracy, both traitor political parties, and the entire US media.

Calling the Jews rootless cosmopolitans is absurd nowadays. Every neoliberal capitalist on the face of the Earth and the ruling classes of most nations are all rootless cosmopolitans, traitors to their homelands, loyal to no one but the Kali-like destroyers of the internationalist investor class. Singling out the Jews misses the point. In most nations, your own plutocracy and neoliberal class are the internationalists, the traitors, the rootless cosmopolitans with no blood or soil ties to the land.

Grove may be a capitalist, but he’s also what few capitalists ever are, he’s a patriot. Capitalists go where the money is. If that means wrecking your own economy or sinking your own country in the shit, so be it, as long as your margins widen. Just move to some fortified neighborhood, invest in a 4-wheel drive, fund an oppressive state security apparatus and fuck the homeland.

Tommy the Traitor says that we need to stop funding old manufacturers and start funding startups, because startups are where the money is these days. Grove points out that US startups are as shitty at creating jobs as the National Association of Manufacturers. The computer industry in the US now has fewer manufacturing jobs than it did in 1967.

Everything, I mean everything, in IT is made overseas. Great for the bottom line, shit for the nation. For every one Apple job in the US, there’s 10 in China. Foxconn in China, computer manufacturer for the world, was unheard of until a recent spate of horrible worker suicides brought on by nightmarish work conditions. Now the lights are on: Foxconn isn’t a corporation. It’s a fucking mega-city. Foxconn employs over 800,000 people, more than the combined worldwide head count of Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Sony.

Take photovoltaic cells, one of the latest “green jobs” hypes. Green jobs may be green, but they sure ain’t American jobs. The photovoltaic cell industry in the US hires a whole 10,000 workers. 97% of such cells are made overseas, mostly in China. Such will be the case with almost all green jobs manufacturing jobs. As you can see, much of the “green jobs” hype is a bunch of crap.

Lithium-ion batteries is another one. A green job that even fights global warming. It’s taken forever to get it going, and the advanced battery industry is finally taking off. But about 97% of such batteries are made overseas. China looks to be the world manufacturer of these things.

The truth is that the US can’t make batteries anymore because we have forgotten how. The US ditched that 30 years ago when we quit making consumer electronic devices. The entire US ruling class, both parties and the entire MSM cheered as this venerable US industry went the way of the Titanic. What’s so great about the fact that televisions, invented and initially made in huge numbers in the US, are no longer made here? There are now zero US jobs in making televisions.

Let’s hear internationalist Princeton University economist Alan S. Blinder (Jew – rootless cosmopolitan and neoliberal traitor):

The TV manufacturing industry really started here, and at one point employed many workers. But as TV sets became ‘just a commodity,’ their production moved offshore to locations with much lower wages. And nowadays the number of television sets manufactured in the U.S. is zero. A failure? No, a success.

Blinder isn’t even a hardline economic neoliberal. He’s called, incredibly, a neo-Keynesian! Wow, this is what it means to be a Keynesian nowadays. The rest of the community are Chicago-school guys, way worse than he is. In the economics profession, appallingly, Blinder is what passes for a liberal! Blinder even served on Bill Clinton’s Board of Economic Advisers. He’s the economic voice of the Democratic Party, a party with a deadly spear aimed at the heart of American workers.

In consumer electronics, all of the knowledge and the accumulation of contacts between manufacturers and suppliers went overseas and stayed there. That knowledge and experience and those contacts are not something you can get back by waving a wand. Now that it’s gone overseas, the US industry can probably never catch up with the foreigners. The US battery industry is gone because the US consumer electronics industry is gone. Because the US battery industry is gone, we can’t make lithium-ion batteries either.

Another thing has gone almost entirely overseas in IT is something called scaling. This used to be done in the US. The product was invented and designed in the US. Then the corporation gradually scaled up. For Intel, a new chip plant costs several billion dollars. Intel has to authorize the money for these plants years before they even make the product, without any idea of whether and how well the product will sell, if at all. That’s scaling.

Grove points out that excellent new evidence is now emerging that neoliberalism doesn’t work as well as state corporatism, as in Asia. The Asian economies boomed in the last 40 years in part due to heavy state involvement in the economy, particularly in terms of helping to create jobs. The “state capitalist” economies of Russia and China are doing very well, and were shielded from much of the World Depression that the US bankster-criminal class created. Yes, the US bankers actually blew up the economy of the world. Amazing that they have that much power, no?

Grove advocates for a job-centered economic policy in the US. Both traitor political parties talk the talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, but really the economic project of both parties is anti-US jobs. Of course it’s anti-US workers, that’s usually the case.

That state-capitalism model of Russia and China is starting to look better and better. At least Russia and China’s economies are run by patriots. Neoliberal structural adjustment policies, like the ones advocated by both US political parties, the whole US media and the world ruling class at the recent G-20 economic summit on Toronto, have never developed one single economy on Earth in recent years. In contrast, the nations that told the bankster crooks at the IMF and World Bank to stick it have done much better.

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2 thoughts on “Andy Grove Takes on Tommy Friedman”

  1. Hey Robert, that’s what Hitler and National Socialists were all about! Patriotic state-capitalism. .

  2. Very good read. Very sad, to.

    Am I the only person who feels that America is a sinking ship? That Pax Americana has already come and gone?

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