Mortalism: Definition

Definition: The belief that the soul lies dormant after the body dies.

Christianity believes that you die, go to sleep for a while, or a long time, or just about forever, and then you wake up, and then some Christian shit goes down, like a trial or something.

Even the trial’s probably not that bad; at least the judge is a nice guy, right, Jesus? After being asleep that long, Hell, I’d wake up for just about anything, maybe even torture, Fox News or Clear Channel radio (same thing anyway). And if I’m found guilty in the trial, oh well, most of us have gotten used enough to Earthly Hell so the real deal should be endurable, anyway. As long as they have lots of booze in dope in Hell to smooth thing out a bit for us immortal shades, I could be down for it even.

It’s like going to sleep. That’s all it is. No pain, nothing. Just sleep. It’s even supported by the Bible.

As far as a wedding of Christianity and science, it makes about as much sense as anything in any other religion. I’m on board.

And what’s so bad about it anyway? I like to go to sleep. In fact I could use some pretty soon.

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