Idiot Latino Politician Wants to Boycott Arizona, But Can’t Find it on a Map


I actually feel sorry for this woman, because, her stupid Latino tribal politics aside, she’s a good liberal Democratic Supervisor from Milwaukee. There are also a lot of comments calling her fat, but for an Hispanic woman of her age or so, she’s not really fat. She’s just normal. Past a certain age, fat is simply normal for US Hispanic women. The Hispanic guys could care less, and past a certain age, most of them are fat too.

Latino bullshit politics aside, I like Latino politicians, and here in California, I usually just go down the list on my ballot and vote for all the Latinos and against all the Whites, because the Latinos are always liberal, and the Whites are usually conservatards. If she was running in my area, I would probably vote for her, in spite of the fact that she’s stupid. Have some sympathy for stupid! Come on! If you start hating all the stupid people, you’ll hardly have anyone to talk to, and you’ll be home alone, smarty pants! And what’s so smart about being a shut-in?

On the other hand, I want to whop my liberal sister over the head with something, maybe a frozen burrito.

Here she is at a Milwaukee county meeting arguing that the county should boycott Arizona because Arizona is being all mean to her good folks. And hey, it’s true.

But halfway through the spiel, she has a stupid attack. She declares that Arizona’s law would make sense if Arizona was on the border with Mexico, but since Arizona is quite a ways from the Mexico border, the law is simply outrageous. Yeah, Arizona is quite a ways from the Mexican border, sure. For hundreds of miles, it’s like zero inches from Mexico! She even suggests that people use Google to check out about the law. She should have used Google herself to figure out how to read a damn map of her own damned country.

Later, a Republican White dude chimes in to give her a geography lesson and say that he supports Arizona Whites cracking down on Mexican burrito-biters, I mean illegal aliens.

I wanted to do a face palm when I saw that. I actually cringed. This is so embarrassing. It’s like someone went down to the local Taco Bell and picked up some random Latina, threw her in front of the podium and asked her to give a retarded speech. OK, so she’s fat, stupid and liberal. It could be worse. She could be fat, stupid and conservative. Then she could change her name to Rushette Limbaugh and get her own radio show.

My dear liberal politicians, please do your homework if you’re going to give a speech. The conservatards have practically cornered the market on stupid, so how are we going to beat them? Do stupid at a loss and drive them out of the stupid business? Give it up.

I wonder why she couldn’t find the state of Arizona on a map. Maybe it wasn’t on the map. Just look at her. Maybe she ate the state of Arizona. She looks like she could have.

There, I made a fat joke!

Sorry hun. Lay off the chimichangas hermana, and keep the liberal faith. Si se puede!

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24 thoughts on “Idiot Latino Politician Wants to Boycott Arizona, But Can’t Find it on a Map”

      1. Yes, Tulio, I’m aware of that.

        I know of Dubya, Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter, and other white airheads.

        But still, with perhaps the exception of Dubya, I don’t think that even they said anything that stupid.

        As for Miss Teen South Carolina, yes, what she said was idiotic, and am embarrassment to whites everywhere.

        But there’s a difference: She’s an idiot teenager, and the individuals I mentioned are elected officials with power and responsibility.

        1. Btw, this Latina women looks pretty much Caucasian to me. She doesn’t even look mestizo to me. I think we are falling into the trap of discussing “Latino” like it’s a race when it’s just a language/cultural designation. So this video is of a stupid white woman saying something stupid.

        2. Actually, she kind of does, albeit less so than other Hispanics.

          However, as you’ve said before, racially mixed groups have a variety of appearances. For example, in “The Cosby Show,” you have Theo (dark-skinned) and Sondra (could almost pass for white).

          Also, most white looking Hispanics and Middle Easterners (at least in my own personal experience) hate to identify themselves as white. They see it as an insult.

  1. First the Hank Johnson Guam incident

    and now this. Non-white lefties have been on a roll lately.

    For all you anti-racist types who love to use Dubya as evidence of white stupidity and anti-intellectualism, I’m afraid that argument will no longer work.

    All of that aside, I do think that many Hispanics are beginning to wear out their welcome. Frustrated white Americans are finally saying “enough is enough!”

    I don’t care if they “do the jobs Americans won’t do.” Fuck it. I just want this nation to remain the U.S, not Mexico. And no, spare me the whole “America could become 100% Mexican and it would still be America” cliche. This diversity experiment is already failing as it is. We don’t need to add even more social and demographic problems.

  2. She’s Latino…? Plop her on the Iberian peninsula (after a year of Jenny Craig, her obesity marks her as an American….) and I doubt she would seem out of place. EG she’s a European descended Latino.

  3. “Tribal politics” is a key phrase. I have a lot of Latino friends and I see this very much. I’d say the majority of my friends and associates are Latino. I love and care about them, but I also see the handwriting on the wall. I think it’s only a minority of them that have any strong sense of loyalty or love for the United States. Even the ones born and raised here. Many of them end up with a left-wing Oliver Stone view of America as the great Satan that is supposedly behind everything that’s wrong with Latin America and that’s why they had to move here to escape poverty in their parent’s home country, because the U.S. is to blame for it. I don’t deny that we’ve meddled in affairs down there, but I sure as hell don’t believe that we are primarily responsible for their problems either.

    I’ll tell you one thing, if there was a World Cup game with the U.S. versus Mexico, you’d be hard pressed to even a handful of Mexican-Americans/Chicanos in this country that would root for the USA.

    1. Many of them end up with a left-wing Oliver Stone view of America as the great Satan that is supposedly behind everything that’s wrong with Latin America and that’s why they had to move here to escape poverty in their parent’s home country, because the U.S. is to blame for it. I don’t deny that we’ve meddled in affairs down there, but I sure as hell don’t believe that we are primarily responsible for their problems either.

      That’s very interesting. Of all the Hispanic friends/acquaintances I’ve had, I never really noticed that attitude. I went to the house of one of my friends from El Salvador, and his house was adorned with American flags, “united we stand” stickers, and other patriotic paraphernalia.

      While most I know don’t exactly piss red, white, and blue, I also didn’t detect a ton of anti-American hostility either.

      Of course, this could all be because I never really brought up the issue with them. Push comes to shove, and I don’t know how loyal my Hispanic friends would have been to the U.S.

      But yes, I too sense the attitude you have. I think the problem with Hispanic immigrants, unlike European, Asian, or African immigrants, is that while those three groups I mentioned come here from across the ocean, Hispanics come from a country right next to our border. That means that their heart is always in Mexico and that they always have Mexico to fall back on. This is unlike Europeans, Asians, or Africans, who are more geographically and culturally severed from their countries of origin.

      By the way, did you hear about how Mexico is planning to bring up a lawsuit against Arizona? That made my blood boil. I know Mexicans here shouldn’t necessarily be blamed for what Mexico does, but why would Mexico care so much about Mexicans in the U.S? There’s something very fishy going on here.

      But anyway, I agree with your view in many ways. Based on what Hispanic leaders, activists, and protesters say and do, I don’t think that many of them are loyal. I also highly doubt that they would root against Mexico in a USA vs Mexico game.

      However, based on my own personal experience, I never really noticed much hostility towards the U.S. Of course, then again, maybe it’s because the issue didn’t come up.

      By the way Tulio, when you mentioned Oliver Stone, are you sure you didn’t mean Howard Zinn?

      I think you mentioned this a while back on Abagond, but I agree with you that while the right has its own negative sense of American exceptionalism (ie. my country right or wrong, fuck the French and Arabs, don’t question the war in Iraq of you’re unpatriotic, America is superior to everyone else, etc), the left too has its own brand of American exceptionalism, only from the other extreme.

      They believe that the U.S/Americans are uniquely evil, ignorant, delusional, unsophisticated, and that all other countries in the world are sooo much better than we are (perhaps it’s just me, but have you noticed how many Americans, particularly white liberals and leftists, have a thing for Europe? It’s like they worship Europe. It drives me nuts!) To the extent that countries around the world aren’t better than we are, it’s only because we managed to screw them up somehow.

      And yes, I acknowledge that the U.S has done some shitty things (occupation of Haiti, overthrowing democratically elected leaders in Latin America and the Middle East, Vietnam, imperialism in the Pacific, etc), but if you’re not allowed to be proud of your nation because it has warts, then no country is allowed to feel proud.

      I sincerely believe that the left simply doesn’t get how alienating and unpatriotic they can come across. They say that true patriots are willing to criticize their country, and that those who truly love a country are willing to be honest. But still, the rhetoric they use doesn’t exactly show any love.

      Radical leftists (whether they’re anti-racists or anti-American) like to think of themselves as tough lovers.

      Well, I’m getting the “tough” part, but I’m not feeling the love.

      Anyway, that’s my rant.

      1. Oliver Stone popped up in my mind because of this film he’s about to release called “South of the Border” which is basically a Chavez/Castro/Morales hagiography.

        Btw, I love meeting immigrants that don’t take the reflexive blame America first attitude and want to become Americans. I remember years ago working alongside this bitchy Mexican woman at a warehouse. The boss and her got in a conversation. She said, “I’m Mexican, not American.” And he said, “what about your kids, born and raised here?” and she said with this major attitude in her tone of voice, “they’re Mexican too.” Boss said, “well when are they going to be American.” And she didn’t answer.

        That’s the kind of shit that pisses me off. People who use the USA for it’s financial opportunities and stability, then turn around and spit on it. They will have loyalty for Mexico even though Mexico hasn’t done a damn thing for them or they wouldn’t have moved up here in the first place.

        1. People who use the USA for it’s financial opportunities and stability, then turn around and spit on it.


          Of course, they would argue that since we sucked their resources and meddled in their affairs, they have every right to come up here and seek opportunities. After all, if it weren’t for us wicked yanks, they wouldn’t have had to move in the first place.

          Like you said, Tulio, the Great Satan view of America.

          Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Well, say it’s time for the hand to close up into a fist. I say it’s about time we actually adopted Mexico’s own policies on immigration. From what I’ve heard, they have very strict immigration laws.

          Almost every other nation on the face of the earth is willing to show illegals the door and keep out immigrants they don’t want.

          Why should we be an exception?

        2. I might add that they also feel that since we stole the southwest from them, they’re only reclaiming what’s rightfully theirs.

          However, as you’ve pointed out before, Mexico itself is a conquered nation, seeing as how there wasn’t a Spanish speaking nation called Mexico before Cortes.

          Besides, for those who rail against our “artificial border,” they ought to learn some world history.

          Virtually all borders are artificial. That doesn’t mean that those countries that drew their borders through conquest and other artificial means ought to allow unchecked immigration.

          Let me put it this way: Istanbul, Turkey, used to be Constantinople, and it used to be Greek and Christian. And let’s say that a bunch of poor, uneducated Greeks (and considering the situation of Greece and Euro, you’ll see many more of them) decided to illegally enter Istanbul. And then let’s say that when the Turks sought to kick the Greeks out, the Greeks screamed “but this is originally our city!” Would the Turks stand for it, or would they show them the door?

          Like you said, even though the U.S won the southwest through aggression, that war has nothing to do with our current border policy. It’s over and done with. If Mexico wants it back so badly, then let them declare war on the U.S and take it back.

          Besides, I’ve read many stories of growing Hispanic populations in the South, Nebraska, and perhaps even Minnesota, all states which weren’t originally part of Mexico.

          So what claim do they have there?

          All of this just makes my blood boil.

          By the way, Tulio, did LA spend good money on a Lakers celebration like you said?

        3. Um. BAG, the Mexicans have the utter gall to that since the US SW used to be part of Mexico, the Mexicans have a right to the SW, but now that the US SW is part of the US, therefore Mexicans have a right to all of the US. LOL! WTF man, what a bunch of audacious dickwads. That kind of talk really pisses me off. These people need to understand the meaning of wearing out your welcome.

  4. Mexico’s immigration laws are far tougher than America’s. Those Mexican politicians are hypocrites of the worst sort. For example look at the way they go after S. American illegals who come to steal the jobs of Mexican workers. The nerve of these people astounds me. But the Mexicans do not want to have their money supply reduced in any way: illegals send over a ton of their money, a large boon to their economy.

    The Dems are fucking over the workers here in America with their support of illegals whereas many Republicans supports illegals to get cheap labor from certain capitalistic swine — at least the Republicans are leading what fight there is against illegal immigration, so they do deserve credit for that.

  5. Reminds me of the stories you read occasionally about people who couldn’t order something, because the mail order house only delivers to the USA, and they live in New Mexico.

  6. By the way, Tulio, what exactly qualifies Oliver Stone as anti-American? I don’t know much about him.

    Zinn, on the other hand, we all know as a lefty American exceptionalist.

  7. Funny fat joke, Robert! 🙂

    But yes, out of all the races, I’ve noticed that Hispanic girls tend to be some of the most overweight.

    (and yes, I know that Hispanics are not technically a race, but here in the U.S, they’re almost all Mestizos)

  8. BTW, what’s that flag in front of her (other than the two USA ones, of course)?

    Kind of makes you wonder if she pointed on a map the place she wants to boycott, where would that be?

  9. reminds me of the comments made by, was it Sheila Jackson Lee, when we had some hotshit new satellite examining Mars…she asked if they were going to photograph the spot where our astronauts planted the flag.

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