Iraqi Men Won’t Let Their Women Watch the World Cup

It’s like, adultery or fornication, you know, for an Arab woman to admire any man not her husband, or, if she is single, from another culture and religion. So women are being beaten and divorced for watching soccer games or having a favorite movie star.

What’s the Hell’s the matter with these backwards Arabs, anyway?

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12 thoughts on “Iraqi Men Won’t Let Their Women Watch the World Cup”

  1. Well, I bet they could watch the World Cup when Saddam was in charge. 😀

    In all fairness, the Arab “mind” needs to be kept in check, preferably by other more modern and progressive Arabs…

  2. Robert, you should send this link to every ungrateful and bitchy Western feminist you know.

    Women in this nation and other Western nations don’t know just how good they have it.

    Yeah, I know, I’m using a variation of the “Arab Trader Argument,” but who cares?

    Am I wrong?

    1. Well, unless you are Kurdish or Iranian or whatever. 🙂

      But yah, he took care of the religious crazies real good.

      1. The guy was a brute to everyone who wasn’t a Sunni. He was even a brute to the Marsh Arabs, who might’ve been Sunnis for all I know….

        What good did his secular policies actually do Iraq, anyway?

        What good does it do Iraqi women to watch the World Cup?

        1. Marsh Arabs definitely = Shia.

          Well, his secular policies kept the place from exploding I guess.

          As terrible as Saddam was, the situation after the invasion has got to be way worse.

        2. Agreed Robert. In fact, I have heard the argument that the Marsh Arabs are the “original” Shia, for all it’s worth. Geographically, it does make sense.

          If it matters at all, and for all of Saddam’s faults in geopolitics, he was a socialist at heart. Medical care and education for all, free of charge. His goal was to bring Iraq, and the entire Arab world, kicking and screaming into modern times. He succeeded, to an extent.

          I lost family to the guy, but even I can respect his objectives, emotions aside.

          P.S…Sorry I did not respond to your posting about ten days back on Iran, as well as Saudi Arabia. I had some really serious legal stuff go down, and I have been distracted beyond belief. So much so that I was even ignoring people I see every day. My bad, man. Life can suck sometimes, and I mean it.

        3. So sorry to hear about your shit. I really do hope you can get it straightened out, to the best extent that it can be. I have been through some legal shit in my life too, as in being arrested, jailed and charged in court. It’s not so fun!

          As far as the other legal shit, it was just me suing other people, so it was no big deal really. 😀

  3. No skin off my nose if Iraqi women can’t watch the World Cup.

    Hey man, American Women in the 19th Century couldn’t watch it either, because it didn’t exist yet.

    Big deal.

    1. Well, now that the religious crazies have been let out of the box…By us.

      Under Saddam, women were for all intents and purposes were emancipated, at least as far as a dictatorship can let them. Hell, Saddam’s chief Bio-chem weapons scientists was a woman.

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