Growing Fascism in Israel, Part 3

Like I said earlier.

According to the article, Israeli National Socialist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (no relation to the US National Socialist Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman) wants most Israeli Arabs to be stripped of their citizenship and evicted from Israel.

Well, of course. This has been the trajectory of the conflict from Day One back in 1947, has it not? Lieberman is a nasty fellow, but he’s a Zionist through and through, just continuing the path first trod by Ben-Gurion, Dayan and the rest, on a trail first hacked from the wilderness by Herzl (“We shall spirit the penniless population over the borders…”, etc.).

It’s been a long, slow hike, with lots of twists and turns along the way, but in general, it’s been a path headed from Point A (Palestine full of Arabs) to Point B (Palestine with no Arabs), just as any reasonable journey does. The bits of backtracking here and there were mostly just temporary corrections, as the path from Point A to Point B is inherent in the very long of Zionism itself.

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9 thoughts on “Growing Fascism in Israel, Part 3”

  1. Jabotinsky’s the guy to read. A visionary, and Netanyahu is his heir. Artur Ruppin too. They both flirted with Nazism. There is something holding Israel back from full scale ethnic cleansing, or it would have done it in ’67, and I think it’s the ties with the US and Europe. “What others think of us” etc. So Israel really needs to go it alone on this one, cutting all ties with the West first. They need to show a bit of balls, like the Irgun terrorist gang. They could take a leaf out of Syria’s book. Syria just annihilates the opposition when it wants to. As in kill. Villages and towns razed. Problem sorted.

  2. I take it you’re being sarcastic about the rest, but this: ” They could take a leaf out of Syria’s book. Syria just annihilates the opposition when it wants to. As in kill. Villages and towns razed. Problem sorted.” Like when? Where? Are you talking about the Hama ‘massacre’ decades ago? Do you feel you really know what went on there? No-one else seems very sure. There was certainly a serious insurrection by a very murderous group, who had themselves killed a lot of civilians. Hama was more or less a civil war situation. There seems to be only one half-decent book on modern Syria, Patrick Seale’s ‘Asad: the Struggle for the Middle East’ – I haven’t read it, but I understand that Seale believes the insurrectionists at Hama were nurtured, financed and equipped by foreign intelligence services – no surprises there.
    But whatever, is there any evidence that wiping out villages of oppositionists is a recurring, or regular, practice of the Syrian regime?

    1. They don’t do it. They only did it in Hama, and left maybe 20,000 dead, I’m not sure. It was brutal all right, but Syria has not had an Islamist problem since, and that was 28 years ago.

  3. The repression of an insurrection, however brutal, can’t be compared with ethnic cleansing. The Syrian government has never taken the position that some minorities in Syria don’t belong there, which is Israel’s position with regard to the Palestinians.
    People who say that Jordan is really Palestine and that the Arabs in Israel should go to Jordan haven’t looked at the numbers. Jordan has a population of about 6 million and the Arabs in Israel number about 5 million. If they were all expelled to Jordan, then Jordan’s population would increase by 83%. How would Americans feel if they suddenly had to take in 250 million fellow Anglo-Saxons?

    Regards. James

  4. On a frigid morning in Munich, Germany, an American businessman was standing in line at a popular Cafe bakery. The Aryan-looking German in front of him turns to remark “Dieses ist einer der wenigen Plätze in der Stadt, in denen Sie einen guten Bagel finden können. ”
    “Yeah”, the American replied with thinly concealed annoyance ..”No thanks to YOU.”

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