National Bolsheviks of Russia


These are the National Bolsheviks. People keep telling me that I am one myself. Others keep trying to recruit me to them. I don’t know why they are doing this. Maybe because I reject the Western Left on race.

The Natbols are extremely confusing and hard to understand, as are most Third Positionist movements. Third Positionism is said to be “neither Right nor Left.” It’s also called Left Fascism. Goes by a lot of names. They are pretty socialist economically, but not on other things. Mostly they are just very hard to describe and make sense of. The group in this video is a radical split from the original National Bolsheviks under Eduard Limonov, who has since softened his stance. But I still don’t like Limonov, nor do I think much of his group or the split.

This stuff smells like fascism to me. I know there is Stalin worship in them, but Stalin has some fascist tendencies, so that’s not surprising.

Color me dubious.

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19 thoughts on “National Bolsheviks of Russia”

  1. We need National Bolshevism for this country. Hey Robert, you do realize that they and other Third Positionist movements are hell of a lot more progressive than anything the Jews come up with right? Economic autarky and state-corporation parternship along with anti-Anglo-Jewish imperialism. Sounds perfect. Communists and leftists have proven utterly ineffective in opposing ZOG and neoliberal globalization.

  2. I’ve been accused of being a national bolshevik too, several times on comment threads. One guy sounded mentally ill – really vicious stuff ” Die a slow painful death you National Bolshevik scum” I think I’d expressed some polite reservation about mass immigration. Probably a Trot zionazi – they interpret (somehow – don’t ask me) any notion of national interest or national sovereignty as being apologetics for the fictitious Stalin persecution of the jews, ‘persecution’ being understood as attempting to apply any law to any jew.
    I’d never heard of national bolshevism till I was accused of being one of them. I’m certainly not because I’m against bolshevism, i.e. leadership by an unaccountable vanguard. I’m pretty much for nationalist socialism ( have to watch what you call it) though, since it’s the only socialism you can vote for ( though of course I realise that you can’t really) – the only POSSIBLE socialism. Until there’s some prospect of a socialist revolution, social democracy is as good as it gets, and the nation state is the largest unit which is in any sense responsive to democratic input.
    Do you know ‘Lobster’ magazine (the journal of parapolitics)? It’s online now; current editions can be read for free, and the back editions are readable online for a fee, or you can buy them all on. It’s still good, but the older editions have the real groundbreaking research. Robin Ramsay who edits and writes a lot of it is a real expert on these fascist groups; there are some pieces on the third positionists. I confess I skimmed them, because these groups seem to me to get a lot more attention than they merit – by and large a mixture of football hooligans and occultist nerds.

  3. LOBSTER – you can buy a cd-rom with most of the back issues. I didn’t finish that sentence above.

  4. i see you’ve been reading the links i talked to you about. It’s idolizing Stalin and rejecting globalization. Stalin himself wasn’t really a nazbol, but a pragmatist.

  5. That is so genuinely fucked up you must be joking!
    Satanism as a political position? Like the opposite of Christianity, right? How would Satan’s representative be chosen in the marxist/fascist republic? Maybe a serial killer on death row would fit the bill? Or a pedo?

  6. There is a difference between devil worship which is christianity in reverse, and satanism, which is doubting the existence of “god” like satan does in the “bible.” And supporting the idea of rebelling against religion.

    We cannot solve the class question until we solve the opiate of the people. Hail Satan!

  7. Don’t you mean atheism? Feuerbach had already
    trounced religion in the 1840s. Isn’t satanism just another form of superstition?

    1. That’s a slippery slope. The current Jewish power structure is Satanic. We should be supporting Christianity to fight ZOG.

  8. Could be they’re afraid of pushing the real thing too soon. Closest thing to real third positionism
    in the U.S. was in the 1960s, Doug Kaye’s
    Yockeyite pro-Soviet white racialist organ “Trud.”
    The motto of which was “White Socialism Now.”

    1. Problem is that I know MacDonald (I’ve interviewed him and read his stuff for years). He’s basically a hard conservative, even on economics. He doesn’t seem to have any love for socialism in any form. I believe he described the health care bill as anti-White. I can’t see these guys ever promoting anything resembling a socialist project.

      Nevertheless, MacDonald’s party is light years more pro-worker than the Republican or even the Democratic Party. They are taking a hardline anti-corporate and pro-worker line on a few positions, but they seem to oppose social spending. The Democratic Party is just the left wing of the Corporate Party. The Republican Party is the right wing. There’s really only one party in the US – the Corporate and Rich Party.

      American 3P moves away from that, and I give them that at least.

      At this point, I would take those Trud guys as allies, though I’m not wild about their vision. They are socialists, and economics trumps everyone else 100%. I’d rather have racist socialists than PC multiculturalist capitalist Democratic Party liberal shits.

      No war but the class war!

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