A Painful Philosophical Dilemma

This is a difficult question, a moral dilemma, that speaks of a philosophical quandary you might find yourself in and how you would react to it. How you answer says a lot about your moral character, values and personality.

Suppose, assuming you are male and straight:

You are off on a camping trip in the mountains far away from civilization. You are alone in your tent. You wake up in the middle of the night and you feel very groggy. It seems as if you have been drugged. You can’t make sense of anything and you have no recent memory of anything untoward. You are very confused. You notice that your hands are tied behind your back. You also notice that for some reason, your pants are down around your ankles. And with horrified despair, you notice that your ass is really sore.

You somehow manage to work yourself free and you’re going to be ok. You make it back to civilization without any further strange incidents.

Here is the question:

Would you tell anyone what happened to you, or would you keep it secret?

Hint: You’re supposed to say you wouldn’t tell anyone.

Discuss in the comments.

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29 thoughts on “A Painful Philosophical Dilemma”

  1. All I know is that I would find those gay guys who did it and crack some skulls.

    Hey, since we’re talking about gays, here’s a joke (Just to clarify, I got this from “The Sopranos,” so don’t give me too much credit):

    Two fags decide to adopt a baby boy. They arrive at the hospital in order to pick him up. They notice that he’s very calm, composed, and comes across as strong.

    “See, look at how calm and cool he is. This dispels the whole notion that boys adopted by gay couples turn out effeminate,” says one of the gay parents.

    The doctor, however, replies: “He seems fine now. Just wait till you take the pacifier out of his ass!”

    Couldn’t resist! 🙂

      1. Thank you! Lol!

        Although you ought to send your thanks to the Sopranos writers.

        Here’s another Sopranos joke:

        A rich man and a poor man are having a conversation together. The rich man tells the poor man that he bought his wife a diamond ring and a mercedes.

        The poor man asks him, “why would you get her that?”

        “That way, if she doesn’t like the diamond ring, she can take a drive in her mercedes and go shopping for something else.”

        The poor man tells the rich man that he bought his wife a pair of socks and a dildo.

        “Why would you buy her those things?” asks the rich man.

        “Simple. If she doesn’t like the socks, she can go fuck herself!”

        And another:

        You ever hear about the Chinese godfather? He made them an offer they couldn’t understand!

        (sorry, anon, not trying to disparage Asians, but I couldn’t resist)

  2. To Robert:

    A Painful Philosophical Dilemma..

    Forced anal sex…. I am pretty sure that would be painful.

      1. To Robert Lindsay:

        Yep, so would you tell anyone if it happened to you, Unc?


        but I would never be in that exact scenario but I guess that is beside the point. (Camping by myself…)

        The more likely scenario would be being drugged at a party.. or something like that.

        For various reasons.. probably because of my height and appearance…. men have never behaved in a sexually aggressive manner towards me.

    1. To RiverInCambridge:

      LOL If somebody tried to butt buddy me i’d knock them dead!

      But in this scenario…. said buttocks buddy could have his way with you since you have been drugged and are unconscious. Not sure how someone is going to slip you a roofy in the woods though.

      1. Well i’d have an iron butt plug with an alarm sensor that alerts cops, ready for protection! LOL You gotta stay two steps ahead of the game!

  3. For what it’s worth, i’m a Nietzsche man.

    I’m not sure where he would stand on this though. LOL.

  4. LOL. I was wondering if there was a punchline. Can you imagine going into the cop shop and telling them that? ” Oh, don’t worry sir. It’s probably just the hillbillies. Did they steal anything? “

  5. If I did not know who the perpitraters were I would not report the crime (since rape cannot be proven then); if I knew who did not I would report the person(s).

    On to something else: if someone is conscious can they be anally raped?

    When I clamp down with my sphincter to chisel my shit in half, I imagine that it would take a crowbar to open it up. When someone clamps down with their sphincter muscle, can an erect penis enter?

    1. “On to something else: if someone is conscious can they be anally raped?”

      Of course, how do you think so many men get ass raped in prison?

  6. “Of course, how do you think so many men get ass raped in prison?”

    They are forced with the threat of violence to loosen their sphincter. Try clamping down with yours and imagine how a fleshy hard piece of man meat could enter. The person being raped decides to open his/her sphincter when under the threat of violence — a dick can not get in if someone unclamps.

    As to my punch line, what “ass” means in the context is open to interpretation!

    1. “They are forced with the threat of violence to loosen their sphincter.”

      How do you know? Maybe they are resisting and it happens anyway. That’s like asking how do women get raped when they can just squeeze their legs tight together.

  7. Is this some kind of fantasy? I don’t get what the purpose is.

    I would tell or I hope I would tell. there are plenty of str8 men being raped but since few tell, men who commit this type of crime roam free.

    Just think how bold it was for men to admit to being molested 20 or so years ago. One the first 5 stand up, others will become bold too.

  8. I got it robert. I sure you scared the hell out of your male friends when you’ve told them this joke. they probably didn’t get the punchline since they were still imaging the scenario.

    1. Nah, everyone gets it immediately. Plus you have to say the punchline in a really menacing, criminal type way, almost lunging at them when u say it. Most guys think this joke is hilarious, but that’s guy humor for ya.

      Amazing how quick people get the joke because you do have to think about it a bit. I guess average people are a lot smarter than we think they are.

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