3 thoughts on “What An Idiot”

  1. Why on earth would anyone wish to have a hydrofluoric acid enema?

    An enema, perhaps – but hydrofluoric acid? Did he grab it by mistake or something?

    Does cocaine intoxication cause people to do weird things like administer hydrofluoric acid enemas to themselves?

    So many questions…

    1. No, I have been on coke many times. All sniffing, once smoking. Cocaine does not cause you to do strange shit in any way, shape or form. I have been at huge parties of hundreds of well-dressed people on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. No one had a clue except the food came around the table and all of us coked-out folks respectfully declined. I’ve never seen anybody act all that weird on coke either. Except for the shooters and smokers. The shooters get paranoid. They demand that you close all the shades because of the cops you know. Once after a lot of sniffing, one guy accused me of stealing something of his. Then he immediately took it back.

      The drug is very hard to explain. The cocaine user is normal. He is “cool.” I have seen people who are total assholes, but when they get on coke, they are Joe Cool. Strange transformation.

      I’ve never seen a coked out person do anything the slightest bit nuts. The drug simply does not work that way. If you’ve never taken it, you would not understand.

      Crack is a different story altogether. I have seen some crack users act a little weird and mostly just fiendish or burned out.

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