The Internet: A US-owned and Controlled Asset

A stunning claim, yet that is what is proposed in an incredible new Senate bill announced by Jew Lieberman, I mean Joe Lieberman, formerly a Democrat, then Independent Senator from Connecticut, now a National Socialist Senator from Tel Aviv.

The bill breathtakingly declares the entire Internet all over the world to be a US asset, and would give the President the right to seize it and shut it down in a national emergency. The purpose of the bill is supposedly to prevent a Cyber 9-11, but it looks like the cure is the same as as the disease it claims to prevent.

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12 thoughts on “The Internet: A US-owned and Controlled Asset”

  1. What do you expect from a fucking KIKE like Lieberman. The stunning arrogance and hypocrisy of ZOG makes me want to throw up. And you shouldn’t call this kike a National Socialist, that’s an insult to all the brave Germans who fought for their country against these filthy inbred degenerate Hebrew rodents.

    1. Like all fads, it goes in and out of style. We seem to be going through an anti-Semitic phase of the cycle here, tragically. Even in the US. As in so many cases, there’s a considerable self-inflicted wound aspect to it.

    1. I don’t think you understand. I’m a Leftist. We don’t like anti-Semitism. We call it The Socialism of Fools. We generally have no interest in it at all, and it’s usually the siren song of our enemies, the fascists. As a Leftist, our worst enemies are the fascists. We hate Nazis and fascists of all stripes. The reason we hate Zionism is because it is Jewish fascism. They’re Jew-Nazis. We don’t like real Nazis, we don’t like Jewish Nazis, we don’t like any kind of Nazis. In fact, we don’t even like nationalists all that much.

      Study up on the history of WW2 when Comrade Stalin and his forces fought the Great Patriotic War against the Nazi Orcs. This is where I am coming from.

      1. How is it a siren song? Are international finance Zionists also your enemy? And as a leftist, surely you know that Comrade Stalin turned on the Jews after WW2 and that the Jews, through their refusenik movement, sabotaged and subverted the USSR, causing it to collapse. Did you also know that the oligarchs who looted post-Soviet Russia were all of the yid tribe?

        1. The International Zionist bankers, whoever they may be, are an annoyance. They are just capitalists. If we got rid of them, they would quickly be replaced by Gentile capitalist bankers, with their own tribal interests (the International Globalist Imperialist Capitalist tribe) as opposed to the Jewish tribal interests (the same, except they also support the Jews worldwide.

          Who screws the people? The capitalists. The capitalists are the enemy. The Jewish capitalists are a bit annoying with their tribal Jewish interests messing around with national sovereignty, but most of the Gentile capitalists are in bed with them anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

          The Jewish capitalists are actually ok on balance because they are pretty liberal as far as capitalists go. Gentile capitalists are much more reactionary and even murderous.

          I’m no Stalinist. Stalin was a *killer*. He killed a good 4 million Soviet citizens, mostly Communists, in cold blood. A very paranoid man. He killed a lot of innocent Jews during that period you discuss. That was horribly wrong.

          The refusedniks were a problem, but they were a response to Soviet anti-Semitism.

          The Russian Mafia is a problem, and it is heavily Jewish, but they have tons of partners, who are typically Russian Gentiles. They helped them every step of the way. If you study the issue, you will be shocked how many of the oligarchs nowadays are Russian Gentiles. The oligarchs are not all a bunch of Jews anymore.

          Anyway, Putin is going after the Jewigarchs, which is a good thing, because they are scum. But he is stealing their money, and giving it to Gentile oligarchs. This is progress? And some Jewigarchs are in bed with Putin, so they are ok. Come on man.

        2. Study up on the history of WW2 when Comrade Stalin and his forces fought the Great Patriotic War against the Nazi Orcs. This is where I am coming from.


          I thought “Comrade Stalin” was — or became — a “nationalist orc” himself, and an “anti-semitic” one at that.

  2. Yes, empowering patriotic Gentile capitalists is progress. I thought you supported Stalin when you wrote Greatest Humanitarian. And I never said that I excused the behavior of goyim collaborators of the Jews, but Jews are still the main drivers while the shabbos goyim are powerless tools.

  3. Intertesting article on this subject from Gregory Hood of Occidental Dissent:

    National Bolshevism, Russia, and the role of ideas

    National Bolshevism is an attempt to combine elements of communism with nationalism. It strongly rejects both free market capitalism and universalist socialism in favor of an interesting brew of radical traditionalism, modernist aesthetics, militaristic imagery, and a strong emphasis of geopolitics and economic autarky as opposed to free trade. Not surprisingly, the movement today is centered in Russia, with influences as diverse as Gregor Strasser, Alain de Benoist, and Joseph Stalin.

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