Like Rice? Eat Brown, Not White

These healthy Asians love to eat this White rice, but increasing evidence indicates it’s not even good for them, much less for the rest of us. Just forget White rice altogether as much as possible, and eat the brown instead. I almost live off rice, so this is good advice for me.

The brown lowers the risk of diabetes 2. Know anyone with diabetes 2? I have known many. As a disease, it sucks. Really, really, really, really sucks. You do not want to get this disease! Bottom line: don’t get it. Life is fucked up enough as it is. No reason to add to the misery to the extreme.

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6 thoughts on “Like Rice? Eat Brown, Not White”

  1. Unfortunately, I have several large bags of white rice that I need to go through before I buy brown rice again. I do love the taste of jasmine rice so it could be worse.

  2. But it takes so long to cook. A pressure cooker speeds it up, but it’s still a pain in the ass. I thought it was that white rice isn’t bad for you, but just lacks dietary fibre like white bread. As long as you get enough fibre from something else it’s no big deal. Not right? Where does diabetes come into this?

    1. White rice probably elevates blood sugar, like potatoes.

      I’m a believer in the eat whatever you want, just in moderation philosophy. So I’ll keep having a little white rice here and there. Don’t eat it every day by the pound and you should be fine.

  3. I’ve gone in and out of Macrobiotics over the years, and brown rice is a big part of that. But I really, really hate brown rice. I eat a lot of Chinese restaurant white rice, and at 58, it hasn’t harmed me much.

    I read somewhere (okay, it was in a bodybuilding mag in the 1980s) that unless you live days or (better yet) minutes from a rice patty, a lot of the benefits of brown rice are gone before you get to it. The germ and the bran have gone slightly rancid, and there’s nothing worse for the body than rancid *anything.* I’m sure that this definitely goes for the big bag of brown rice one bought to prepare for Y2K.

    My personal experience somewhat backs this up, because Macrobiotics people were always telling me that brown rice was good for digestion, but when I tried to eat it as a staple, I felt like there were gladiatorial combats going on in there. So… It may well be good for digestion if fresh, but not after making the long journey from the Land of Rice and sitting on the supermarket shelf for months like an ugly girl at an ancient Babylonian religious ceremony.

      1. No, I’m 58. I look younger IRL too. I’m always argui ng with this conservative guy at work who’s 46, and he always acted like I’m the Angry Young Man Who Needs To Be Set Straight By His Elders until I pointed out that I was *his* elder. I still haven’t been able to set him straight though.

        One more thing about brown rice: to get max benefit and digestibility even in the best circumstances, you need to soak it around 8 hrs. or so in room temp. water. It brings out the vitamins and nutrients. This actually holds true w/ most grains, etc., even mundane stuff like oatmeal.

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