Good Audio Session on OCD

Voices of those who have OCD.

Pretty good program. Six audio segments of six neurotics afflicted with an anxiety disorder called OCD. All are high-functioning people, and none appear to be insane in the slightest. It always bothers me that people think we are nuts. I know people with this illness who are always getting accused of being crazy, of being psychotic, of being schizophrenic. How stupid can you get? How could anyone possible confuse the people in this audio with true crazies, psychotics or schizophrenics? I just don’t get it at all.

It’s also amazing how many people think we are dangerous. You don’t have to think about this disorder or the people who get it very hard to realize that these are some of the least dangerous people on the planet. All it takes is a basic understanding of human nature of the sort that any smart person in a primitive or tribal society might have.

Among all of the scales of the human personality, two of the scales are the guilt scale and the aggression scale. The scales actually run in opposite directions. The greater the guilt, the less the aggression. The greater the aggression, the less the guilt. It’s not a pure relationship, but it’s as good as any. Once again, any smart shaman could tell you this in a New York instant. Why can’t modern people figure this out.

Highly aggressive people are so in part because they feel little to no guilt. Guilt is a brake on the gas pedal of aggression and antisocial behavior.

Highly guilty people are so in part because they commit so little aggression or do so little wrong. They commit so little aggression and do so little wrong in part because they are driving with the breaks on all the time.

As a prominent psychiatrist said, “Antisocials commit tremendous aggression and feel little to no guilt, and obsessionals feel tremendous guilt and and commit little to no aggression.”

Well, of course. It’s as clear as air. We can’t people see the obvious?

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