A Strange Bioethics Case

A Bioethics site highlights a strange protocol engaged in by a pediatric urologist team. This team is involved in clitoroplasty of young girls. The girls have CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia), a condition that can produce an enlarged clitoris, among other masculinizing effects.

There is no evidence that an enlarged clitoris is harmful in any way, psychologically, socially or medically. Hence, there really is no need for the research. The surgery aims to reduce the enlarged clitoris to a normal sized clit. No one really knows what the effects of the surgery are, but the authors of the study aim to prove that nerve function is spared and the girls can have normal sex lives later on.

How they are proving this is rather strange. One of the doctors has the girls come in with their parents and strip naked in the office. Then she lies down on a table and he takes a vibrator-like object and places it on her clitoris. The girl is asked to report the intensity of feeling she experiences with the stimulation by the vibrator.

The gist of the article is that this study is bioethically dubious and should have at least gone before a committee for approval.

Some of the comments are saying that the doctor should be arrested for child abuse, but I think that goes too far. It would be best for the research to go before a committee to determine if it is appropriate. No one knows what long-term effects these girls will experience from this research.

Diddling lolis with vibrators in the name of research. LOL.

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2 thoughts on “A Strange Bioethics Case”

  1. What kind of name is Poppas? Is this guy a crypto or what?

    The influence of the anti-humanist muck and dreck of the middle east, means that as well as mutilating baby boys, what is next for The West is cliterectomy, as we continue to warmly welcome the wonderful J-daism and Islam(esp J-daism).


    The J-w and Muslim religions hate children, because children see things purely, and see what a farce their shit religions are.

    So the children are taught their place brutally and from a young age.

    I believe this genital trauma is behind a lot of the troubles over there, esp amoung the J-ws who force this trauma on the ultra-plastic infant mind… I consider it a psycho-emotional lobotomy.

    We should give the big fuck off to child abusers, and child abusing cultures. And Poppas needs a castration.

  2. “Clitoridectomy, like all sexual mutilations, is, I believe, an act of incest. If it is incest when a father rapes a daughter, it is also incest when parents assault their children by cutting off, sewing up, burning, flaying or gashing their genitals. In all these cases, the child is being used for the sadistic sexual pleasure of the parent. In fact, circumcision ceremonies are often followed by drinking parties that end in intercourse, so sexually arousing is the circumcision—in some areas, the traveling circumcizer is actually accompanied by some prostitutes, who know how sexually excited villages become after the ceremony. Therefore, the practice of sexually mutilating children’s genitals—one of the most widespread rituals in the world–by itself makes incest a near-universal trait.”
    this article is bending my mind. we’re definitely more bonobo than chimp

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