Male Birth Control Pills

Damn, I would so kill for a supply of those. Ever since I was, like, 17 years old, when I started needing them.

The research has been ongoing forever, but people are pessimistic. A lot of guys are saying it will never be made. I never knew this funny hydraulics system was so damned complex.

The failure has given rise to male conspiracy theories that the Evil Matriarchy doesn’t want to allow one to be made (you know, like the evil docs who have been preventing the cure for cancer for decades now). Reason? It would take away the biatches’ last sure means of control over us.

Have you ever heard of “happy accidents”? New phrase, especially with 30-something women with clocks winding down. They weren’t really trying to get pregnant or anything, oh no! It was just one of those happy accidents! He he. Uh-huh.

Latinas are notorious for this shit. “I got pregnant to hook the guy.” Hispanic guys take it with a grain. Babies are belt notches to them anyway.

Me? I’d be contemplating homicide.

Have you ever asked either member of a couple if their young kid was planned? I have. Typical answer? A shy head shaking no. Good God. How could anyone be so stupid? You know what that means? It means, while they were not trying to get pregnant, they were having sex without birth control. Forget that, “I wasn’t trying to get pregnant, I was just having sex with no protection,” is, like, an oxymoron. It’s like playing Russian Roulette without “trying” to kill yourself.

In high school and later, some of my friends were having tons of sex. I used to ask them if they ever used birth control. All my working class friends always said no. Amazing no pregnancies ever resulted.

But really now. What are you, retarded? In the White, tract home, middle class neighborhood I was brought up in, babies were always planned. All my friends, if they had siblings, were exactly X years apart from them. The friend would have 1, 2 or 3 siblings, all exactly 2, 3 or 4 years apart. That was, as they say, no accident.

No babies? That was planned too.

The only exception would be true accidents, which are quite rare with modern methods. In which case, the typical remedy was a casual abortion.

Birth control? Just leave it up to the woman. Yeah right. Bad idea. Real bad idea. Women in general are too thoughtless, incompetent or outright devious to leave such matters up to them.

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4 thoughts on “Male Birth Control Pills”

  1. I have 2 sons , each by a different mother. I know the old saying “fool me once-shame on you, — fool me twice-shame on me”. Well I was fooled, ( or rather controlled), in both cases.

    Yeah, I was a young horn dog and I was told by the first one she was on the pill but she admitted after the fact that she’d flushed ’em down the toilet to trick me. A couple of years down the road I gave in to a woman’s persistence to not use rubbers because medical tests showed she had a 0% chance of ever getting pregnant, to which she later admitted was a lie to trick me.

    My whole life plans were obliterated by my basic trust in humans, (my stupidity?), and the selfish desires of 2 people. I had plans. They didn’t care , they had their own plans and those irresponsible, stupid and selfish plans involved destroying my plans of a responsible and prosperous life.
    Why, oh why, should they have all the control? Oh, if I’d only had some male birth control pills ! I had the same desire for them back then as you, Robert. I know I’d have used them!!!

      1. Yes! This is my life. btw, I love my kids very, very much, but I wanted early on in life for my kids to come late in my life and in a planned way, ( planned means including me), as I could give them more and I also would have gotten more out of life!
        But here I am in my late 40’s and just getting to a grad school eduction- trying to play catch up with where I planned to be in my late 20’s!

        I don’t really feel like my situation is all that different from a woman who was raped by 2 different guys and forced to raise kids because of someone elses urges. I thought I had my life planned out as a ‘smart’ and ambitious teen, ( but a horny one!) and oh yeah, I have been told it is still my fault because I didn’t keep it in my pants but really, I would’ve never dreamed my plans would have been undone in such a way when I just thought we were having responsible sex.
        I believed RESPONSIBLE sex was a beautful thing to have! I believed sex was a normal thing, even a right and was under the impression that we were both agreeing to be responsible.
        It is a helpless feeling to be controlled and betrayed, and btw neither one would consider abortion, either (again, can’t a man have some say there?
        I agree with Robert on the conspiracy thing.

  2. If men are undergoing hormone replacement therapy (testosterone..) then their sperm count is dramatically lowered. Not really workable though for normal healthy adult males.

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