Weirdboy Spider on My Indoor Hall Doorway

A Zebra Spider (Salticus scenicus ). This is a common jumping spider found across the US. Often found indoors in warm weather.

I found this little weirdboy on my indoor hallway door frame. They are very curious and inquisitive and often do not run away when confronted. Instead, they will turn to face you and check you out with their gigantic eyes. They are mostly harmless, but apparently they can bite sometimes if you handle them. The bite is about as painful as a bee sting. This is part of a group of spiders called jumping spiders.

I looked him up on the Net and was surprised to find whole Internet communities full of bug lovers . Some of them even keep little guys like this for pets. There are even some girls and women who keep them as pets. Girl power! Down with arachnophobia!

He sure is a cutie, though, huh?

I got a measuring cup and put it underneath him and poked him a bit. He jumped down into the cup and then I took him outside and released him, since I usually don’t kill bugs except for pests. I often rescue them with my hand so I can release them outside if I am sure they are harmless.

I’ve never seen this weird spider before!

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4 thoughts on “Weirdboy Spider on My Indoor Hall Doorway”

  1. I’ve seen these spiders many times too and find their reaction to your movement interesting too. The ones I’ve seen are brown though.

    Unfortunately, the spiders I see most commonly around here are black widows.

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